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Beyond Good and Evil: Story and Lore Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide for “Beyond Good and Evil,” where we dive deep into the captivating story and rich lore that make this game a timeless classic. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer eager to explore the universe Michel Ancel created, our guide will provide invaluable insights and tips. Join us as we unravel the main story, highlight key plot points and events, delve into the intricate backstory and lore, and reveal how to unlock all the hidden story content. Plus, we’ll share exclusive tips for an immersive gameplay experience. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure!

Understanding the Main Story#

If you’re diving into Beyond Good and Evil, you’re in for a ride filled with action, adventure, and mystery. The story is a bit complex, but we’re here to break it down for you.

The Setting#

The game takes place on the planet Hillys, a beautiful place that’s under constant threat from an alien race called the DomZ. To protect the citizens, the Alpha Sections, a militaristic group, claims they are there to defend the planet.

Meet Our Hero#

You play as Jade, a tough, resourceful photojournalist with a green eye for the truth. Jade runs an orphanage and looks after the kids with her Uncle Pey’j, a pig-like creature with a knack for mechanics. They’re just trying to live their lives when things start to go sideways.

The Trouble Begins#

One day, during a DomZ attack, Jade and Pey’j get pulled into a series of events that flip their world upside down. They get recruited by a resistance movement called the IRIS Network, who believe that the Alpha Sections are hiding something big – and dangerous.

Digging for the Truth#

Jade’s main goal is to find out what the Alpha Sections are really up to. Armed with her camera and some serious investigative skills, she takes on missions to gather evidence and expose the truth. The game becomes a blend of stealth, combat, and photography.

Uncovering the Conspiracy#

As Jade digs deeper, she discovers that the Alpha Sections might be working with the DomZ. The people who are supposed to protect Hillys are actually in league with the enemy! Jade has to prove this to the world, taking risks and making allies along the way.

Key Allies and Enemies#

  • Pey’j: Jade’s uncle and sidekick. He’s got gadgets and a big heart.
  • Double H: Another IRIS agent; he’s strong and loyal, helping Jade with tougher missions.
  • The DomZ High Priest: The big bad of the game. This creature is behind the DomZ attacks and has sinister plans for Hillys.
  • Secundo: An AI assistant stored in Jade’s inventory. He provides mission info and comic relief.

The Emotional Journey#

Beyond just being an action-packed adventure, the story also hits some emotional beats. Jade is doing all of this to protect her family and friends, adding a layer of personal stakes to the grand conspiracy. The journey is as much about uncovering the truth as it is about finding out who can really be trusted.

Final Showdown#

As the game climaxes, you’ll face off against the DomZ and Alpha Sections in intense battles. Jade’s determination and bravery are put to the test, leading to a final showdown that you won’t forget.

By the end, you’ll see just how deep the corruption goes, but more importantly, you’ll witness the power of standing up for what’s right. Jade’s story is one of courage, resilience, and the unyielding fight for the truth. So get out there, grab your camera, and uncover the secrets of Hillys!

Key Plot Points and Events#

Beyond Good and Evil is packed with adventure, conspiracy, and memorable moments. Here’s a rundown of the key plot points and events you need to know.

1. The Invincible Wall#

The game starts with the protagonist, Jade, living on Hillys, a peaceful planet plagued by alien attacks. The DomZ aliens are the main threat, causing devastation with relentless assaults. Players first step into action when a DomZ forcefield traps children at Jade’s lighthouse. Jade and her adoptive uncle Pey’j bravely fight off the invaders, setting the stage for the rest of the game.

2. Meeting the IRIS Network#

After defending the lighthouse, Jade is recruited by the IRIS Network, a rebel organization fighting against the Alpha Sections, who are supposed to protect Hillys but may be hiding some dark secrets. Jade becomes an IRIS agent and receives a camera to gather evidence against the Alpha Sections and their possible collaboration with the DomZ.

3. The Alpha Sections’ Secrets#

Throughout the game, Jade uncovers the shocking truth about the Alpha Sections. They are not the protectors they pretend to be; instead, they are collaborating with the DomZ. Jade captures photos of their sinister operations and smuggled evidence to expose them to the public. This serves as the backbone of the game’s conspiracy-driven narrative.

4. Pey’j’s Kidnapping#

Pey’j isn’t just Jade’s funny and tech-savvy uncle; he hides a past tied deeply with the resistance. His kidnapping by the Alpha Sections turns the mission personal for Jade. Determined to rescue him, Jade uncovers more layers of the conspiracy as she ventures deeper into enemy territory.

5. The Space Adventure Begins#

Jade repairs and upgrades her ship, the Beluga, enabling interplanetary travel. This marks a significant transition in the game, expanding the setting from Hillys to space, where more secrets about the DomZ and Alpha Sections unfold. It’s here Jade learns about the DomZ’s true motives and their connection to the people of Hillys.

6. The Grand Rescue#

One of the pivotal moments in the game is the rescue of the Hillyan people enslaved by the DomZ. Jade infiltrates the DomZ’s lair, fights off monstrous foes, and frees the captives, inching closer to uncovering the final truth about her own past and the enemy.

7. The Final Showdown#

The story culminates in a grand showdown with the DomZ High Priest. During this battle, Jade discovers her true identity and her unique powers that can fend off the DomZ threat. With all the gathered evidence and the defeat of the DomZ leader, Jade and her allies finally unveil the truth to the world, liberating Hillys from oppression.

8. Post-Credits Tease#

After the victorious final battle, don’t skip the credits – post-credits scenes hint at more adventures. Pey’j shows signs of a mysterious infection, setting the stage for potential future conflicts and mysteries.

Whether it’s fighting off alien creatures, uncovering hidden conspiracies, or taking on epic space missions, Beyond Good and Evil keeps players on the edge of their seats with its thrilling plot and unforgettable events.

Exploring Backstory and Lore#

Understanding the backstory and lore in Beyond Good and Evil is crucial to fully appreciating the rich world Michel Ancel and his team at Ubisoft crafted. In this section, we’ll dive deep into the history, the characters, and the key events that shape the universe you’re exploring.

The Planet Hillys#

Hillys is a vibrant, water-covered planet filled with diverse creatures, beautiful landscapes, and bustling cities. However, beneath its surface lies a mix of wonder and danger. The Hillyan people are under constant threat from the DomZ, an alien race bent on domination. The Alpha Sections, a militarized group claiming to protect the citizens, hold more sinister secrets than the average Hillyan realizes.

The DomZ Invasion#

The DomZ have been attacking Hillys for years, abducting citizens and extracting their life force. These attacks have led to widespread fear and distrust among Hillyans. But the true nightmare isn’t just the DomZ themselves. It’s the chilling realization that they may have deeper connections to Hillys than anyone first believed.

Jade: The Protagonist#

Jade, our fearless protagonist, is a photojournalist and guardian of orphans on Hillys. Her past is shrouded in mystery, particularly surrounding her parents and her own origin. As the story unfolds, Jade discovers her role is far more significant than a mere journalist. Her abilities and her connection to the DomZ start to become clearer, setting her on a path she never anticipated.

The IRIS Network#

The IRIS Network is a secret resistance group fighting against both the DomZ and the Alpha Sections. Through investigative reporting and covert operations, they aim to reveal the truth behind the seemingly protective Alpha Sections. As players, you’ll frequently partner with IRIS to expose corruption and protect innocent lives.

Alpha Sections: Friend or Foe?#

The Alpha Sections present themselves as the brave defenders against the DomZ invasions. Their propaganda is everywhere, ensuring that citizens believe in their benevolence. However, through Jade’s eyes, we uncover the dark underbelly of this organization. The Alpha Sections have their own agenda, one tightly woven with the fate of Hillys and the DomZ threat.

Pey’j: The Loyal Companion#

Pey’j is Jade’s uncle and a skilled mechanic. He’s more than just comic relief; his wisdom and care for Jade push the narrative forward. Pey’j’s backstory is deeply connected to the central plot, revealing layers of the war’s impact on Hillys and the personal struggles faced by its inhabitants.

The Lore of Moons and Prophecies#

Beyond the immediate conflict, Beyond Good and Evil is rich with prophetic lore and celestial mysteries. The game hints at larger forces at play, with mystical moons and ancient prophecies that Jade must unravel. This lore adds depth to your exploration, urging players to look beyond the surface.

Connecting the Dots#

As you progress in the game, piecing together the backstory and lore becomes almost like a detective’s job. Pay close attention to hidden messages, character dialogues, and environmental clues. Each piece you discover contributes to the larger puzzle, revealing the true history of Hillys and Jade’s destiny.

Final Thoughts#

Engaging with the backstory and lore in Beyond Good and Evil not only enriches the gameplay experience but also unveils the genius of its storytelling. The deep connections between characters, historical events, and the environment invite players to think critically and immerse themselves fully in Hillys’ world. So, keep your camera ready and your mind sharp—it’s time to uncover the truth.

Unlocking Story Content#

Ah, the intrigue of “Beyond Good and Evil”! Understanding the story is like peeling back layers of an onion—each one reveals something more fascinating. Unlocking story content isn’t just about progressing through missions; it’s about exploring every nook and cranny that Hillys has to offer. Dive in as we walk you through how to get all the juicy story bits in this classic game.

Talk To Everyone#

In “Beyond Good and Evil,” conversations are key. Interacting with NPCs can reveal important lore and sometimes even hidden missions. Don’t just stick to the main characters like Jade, Pey’j, and Double H. Chat with locals, soldiers, and even random animal citizens. Often, they’ll offer tidbits that flesh out the world and the ongoing conflict with the DomZ.

Explore, Explore, Explore#

The world of Hillys is ripe for exploration. Roam around as much as possible. Many side areas hold clues about the story that you wouldn’t get just sticking to the main path. Look for hidden rooms, climb ladders, and drop into pits—basically, if it looks suspicious, check it out!

  • Utilize your camera: Taking photos isn’t just for side missions—it can capture key story moments too.
  • Inspect environments: Press your interact button on suspicious-looking objects. You never know what you might find.

Complete All Side Missions#

Side missions in “Beyond Good and Evil” are more than just tasks to fill up time. They often unlock deeper lore about the planet Hillys and its inhabitants. Completing these side quests can also uncover secret dialogues and hidden cutscenes that further the story.

  • Main Missions: Stick to Pey’j’s highlights, but always make time for side missions.
  • Racing Challenges: Even races sometimes advance the story by introducing new characters and locales.

Collect Pearls and Scattered Lore#

Pearls aren’t just currency; they’re narrative keys. Some pearls come with snippets of lore attached to them, offering insights into the resistance against the DomZ and Alpha Sections. Make it a point to collect every pearl you come across. Also, keep an eye out for scattered documents and items that can fill in story gaps.

Take Note of Beluga Upgrades#

As you progress, you’ll need to upgrade your hovercraft with Beluga engine parts. These upgrades not only improve your travel capabilities but also allow you to enter new areas. These previously inaccessible zones often hide crucial story elements.

Utilize MDisks#

MDisks are “Beyond Good and Evil“‘s way of delivering multimedia storytelling. These disks can contain useful information, cutscenes, or even music that can enrich your understanding of the game’s world. Always play any MDisks you find; you never know what pieces of the lore puzzle they might hold.

  • Hillyan News Flash: Often provides updates on the state of the world.
  • Mission Briefings: Reveal backstory and upcoming objectives.

The Save Points Matter#

Pay close attention during save points. Many save points within key facilities, especially those related to the Alpha Sections, offer logs or messages that elaborate on the mission at hand. Reading these can offer additional context that enhances your understanding of the story.

Unraveling the DomZ and Alpha Sections#

Understanding the antagonists is vital. Both the DomZ and the Alpha Sections have a lot of hidden lore that explains their motives and history. Pay attention to any files, recordings, or bits of dialogue that relate to them. They’re often found in the most perilous parts of the game, so keep your eyes peeled.

Concluding Thoughts#

Exploring every aspect of “Beyond Good and Evil” ensures a richer, fuller experience. By talking to everyone, completing side missions, collecting important items, and thoroughly exploring every location, you’ll unlock deeper layers of the story that otherwise might be missed. So, charge your camera and hovercraft and dive deep into the mysteries of Hillys!

Happy adventuring, Space Reporters! 👩‍🚀📸

Tips for Immersive Gameplay#

Playing “Beyond Good and Evil” isn’t just about running through missions; it’s an experience meant to pull you into its beautifully crafted world. Follow these tips to make your time with the game as immersive as possible.

1. Take Your Time Exploring#

Hillys is full of hidden treasures, secret areas, and side-quests. Don’t just rush from one main objective to the next. Spend some time wandering around and soaking in the diverse environments. You might stumble upon a spaceship garage, a quaint village, or an ancient ruin. Plus, there are tons of collectibles that flesh out the story and lore of the world.

  • Pro Tip: Always keep your camera handy. Photographing different creatures for the Science Center is not only fun but also rewarding. It’s a neat way to engage more deeply with the environment.

2. Listen to NPCs#

Non-player characters (NPCs) in “Beyond Good and Evil” aren’t just decoration. They often have interesting backstories, useful hints, and engaging conversations. Take a moment to interact with them, even if they’re not tied to the main story. They add richness to the world and make it feel alive.

  • Pro Tip: Some NPCs offer side-quests or items that you won’t want to miss. They can provide pearls and other goodies that are essential for upgrades.

3. Use Your Hovercraft Wisely#

Your hovercraft isn’t just for getting from point A to point B. It’s a key tool in navigating the world and solving puzzles. Practice the controls to get comfortable with it. You can explore the open waters, find secret caves, and take part in races that can earn you valuable rewards.

  • Pro Tip: Keep an eye on your hovercraft’s health and upgrades. Upgrading it can open new areas and make battling foes much easier.

4. Pay Attention to the Soundtrack#

The music in “Beyond Good and Evil” is fantastic and can seriously boost your immersion. Each area has its own unique soundtrack that sets the tone for your adventures. Play with your headphones on and let the music draw you deeper into the world.

  • Pro Tip: Listen for audio cues as well. They can alert you to nearby secrets or danger, making exploration smoother and more engaging.

5. Mind the Details#

The world of Hillys is filled with small but meaningful details. Notice the graffiti on the walls, the way characters react to your presence, or the subtle changes in the environment as you progress through the story. These elements contribute to the game’s overall atmosphere and can make your adventure feel more real.

  • Pro Tip: Keep a journal or take screenshots to document your journey. It’s a great way to keep track of story elements and revisit key moments later.

6. Engage with the Lore#

”Beyond Good and Evil” has a rich backstory that you can uncover by finding documents, talking to NPCs, and observing the world around you. Engage with these elements to get a fuller understanding of the narrative and its themes.

  • Pro Tip: Keep track of the different factions and characters you meet. Understanding their motivations can provide deeper context to the story.

7. Experiment with Gameplay Mechanics#

Don’t be afraid to try different strategies when tackling puzzles and combat encounters. The game encourages creativity. Mix and match your tools and moves to see what works best in different situations.

  • Pro Tip: Experimenting not only makes gameplay more fun but can also reveal shortcuts or easier ways to complete tasks.

With these tips in mind, you’re all set to dive deep into the world of “Beyond Good and Evil.” Happy adventuring!

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