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Beyond Good and Evil: Side Quests Guide

Welcome to “Beyond Good and Evil: Side Quests Guide”! Embark on an exhilarating adventure through the vibrant world of Beyond Good and Evil by diving into side quests that enrich your gameplay experience. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll discover everything you need to know about side quests, starting with how to find them, which ones offer the best rewards, and strategies for completing them efficiently. Unlock bonus content and learn valuable tips to ensure your quest success. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, our guide will help you maximize your journey and uncover every hidden secret. Ready to elevate your game? Let’s dive in!

Beyond Good and Evil: Side Quests Guide#

Finding Side Quests#

Hey there, fellow explorer! So, you’re diving into the colorful world of Beyond Good and Evil and looking to uncover every sweet nugget of side content? You’ve come to the right place! Side quests in BGE are not just optional distractions; they offer amazing rewards and help you immerse yourself deeper into the game world. Let’s break down how you can discover all these exciting side quests.

1. Listen to the Locals#

One of the best ways to find side quests is by chatting with NPCs (Non-Playable Characters). Almost every person you meet in the game has something to say, and sometimes they’ll drop hints about hidden treasures or give you direct quests.

  • Pearl Collecting: Many locals will give you tips about where pearls are hidden. Pearls are vital in the game as they help you buy upgrades and progress further. Never skip a conversation; you never know what juicy info you might get!
  • Photographs: Some folks will request specific photos. You get paid for snapping pictures of animals for the Science Center. Aim your camera at anything that moves!

2. Explore Off the Beaten Path#

Venturing off the main roads and beaten paths is a surefire way to stumble upon side quests. Beyond Good and Evil loves rewarding the curious with hidden caves, secret tunnels, and unexpected events.

  • Hidden Caches: As you explore, keep an eye out for mysterious pathways that lead to hidden areas. These often contain goodies like pearls, health items, and more.
  • Mdisc Collectibles: Watch out for Mdiscs lying around. These are encrypted data discs that might offer mini-games or important story lore.

3. Check Your Map Often#

Your map is an essential tool. It helps you keep track of places you’ve been and highlights areas that might need more exploration.

  • Undiscovered Areas: Look at your map for unexplored spaces. Sometimes, the fog of war will clear and reveal new locations where side quests await.
  • Main and Secondary Missions: Flags and icons on the map tell you where the main missions are. However, often secondary missions (side quests) are marked too. Keep an eye out for them.

4. Visit the Akuda Bar#

The Akuda Bar is a hot spot for gossip and offers some of the game’s best side quests.

  • Pey’j’s Friends: Chatting up the bar patrons can lead you to new missions. Pam and the barman, Nino, are definite must-talks.
  • Races and Mini-Games: You’ll hear about different mini-games such as hovercraft races, which offer fun distractions and great rewards.

5. Hovercraft Challenges#

Hovercraft races and challenges are scattered across Hillys. These are side activities but can be highly rewarding with pearls and valuable upgrades.

  • Race Circuits: Participate in hovercraft races. Not only are they fun, but winning them nets you useful pearls.
  • Destroy Surveillance: Checkpoints often have surveillance robots. Taking these out usually rewards you with items and important upgrades.

6. Smart Use of Camera & Daï-jo Skills#

Your camera isn’t just for freelancing; it’s also a tool for unlocking side quests.

  • Animal Photography: Cataloging all the species on Hillys can be a quest in itself. Each unique photo earns you credits.
  • Hobbyist Reporting: Documenting DomZ activity or taking essential storyline pictures can sometimes lead to side quests or hints for them.

Pro Tips#

  • Constant Scanning: Always be scanning your environment. New areas or interactable objects might pop up this way.
  • Stay Curious: Curiosity is your best friend. Revisit old areas with new tools or abilities; you might find something you missed earlier.

By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll ensure you find and enjoy all the side quests Beyond Good and Evil has to offer. Each side mission enriches your adventure and makes for a fuller gaming experience. Now go out there, Hunter, and uncover all the hidden gems Hillys has to offer!

Best Side Quests for Rewards#

Side quests in Beyond Good and Evil are a great way to earn extra rewards and get more immersed in the world of Hillys. Many of these quests offer awesome rewards like pearls, credits, or exclusive items. Below, we’ll cover some of the best side quests to tackle if you’re looking to make the most of your time.

1. The Pearl Collection#

One of the major side quests in the game involves gathering pearls scattered throughout the world. Pearls are crucial because they’re used to buy essential upgrades for your hovercraft and other gear. Here are some key locations and tips:

  • Black Isle: Early in the game, explore thoroughly to find hidden pearls.
  • Race Tracks: Participate in hovercraft races. Winning a race often rewards you with a pearl.
  • Looters’ Caverns: Find these secret hideouts scattered across Hillys. Defeat the looters to grab the pearls they guard.

The best part is, the more pearls you find, the stronger and faster your hovercraft becomes, making other quests easier.

2. Animal Photography#

Jade can take photos of various animal species all around Hillys. This might seem like a small task, but it’s a great way to earn credits and pearls. Don’t forget to:

  • Use Zoom: Sometimes, you will need to zoom in to get a good photo without scaring the animal away.
  • Check Everywhere: Animals can be anywhere—fly, swim, and sneak around every corner to find them.

Each new species you document adds to your collection and gets you closer to those sweet rewards.

3. The Slaughterhouse Challenges#

Once you have enough gear and experience, heading to the Slaughterhouse can net you huge rewards. There, you’ll find:

  • Stealth Missions: Sneak past guards and security measures to reach hidden areas loaded with loot.
  • Combat Challenges: Battle through rooms filled with enemies for those valuable pearls and credits.

The risk is higher here, but so are the rewards. Be sure to bring your A-game and all the upgrades you’ve collected so far.

4. Save the Rescued Citizens#

Throughout the game, you’ll come across citizens being harassed or detained by the DomZ. Helping them out is not only morally right but also gets you some nice rewards:

  • Listen for Calls for Help: Sometimes the cries for help are subtle. Keep an ear out for unusual sounds.
  • Check Corners and Behind Obstructions: Often, the citizens needing assistance are hidden away from plain sight.

Rescuing these individuals will often reward you with pearls, credits, and sometimes even hints about upcoming challenges.

5. Hovercraft Races#

Racing might seem like a distraction from the main story, but it’s a lucrative one. These races are:

  • Located around Hillys: Look for the race tracks on your map.
  • Straightforward with Big Rewards: Winning races not only nets you pearls but also helps you practice your piloting skills.

Keep racing whenever you pass by a track—it’s fun and profitable!

Final Tips#

  • Explore Thoroughly: The more you explore the world of Hillys, the more quests and rewards you’ll find.
  • Upgrade Gear Quickly: Use your early rewards to upgrade your gear, making it easier to tackle tougher side quests.
  • Talk to NPCs: They often give useful hints and tips about hidden items and quests.

These side quests not only help you get better at the game but also offer great rewards that make your journey through Beyond Good and Evil smoother and more enjoyable. So put on your explorer’s hat and get out there—Hillys is waiting!

Completing Side Quests Efficiently#

In Beyond Good and Evil, side quests are a fun way to break from the main story, gather some extra pearls, and uncover hidden treasures. To make the most out of your time, here’s a step-by-step guide to completing side quests efficiently.

Prioritize Your Objectives#

Before you dive into every shiny distraction, focus on the side quests that offer the best rewards. Typically, side quests that give pearls or essential upgrades should be your top priority. Pearls are crucial for buying vehicle parts and progressing in the game, so keep an eye out for any quests that offer them.

Utilize Your Map and Compass#

Frequently check your map and set waypoints. This helps you avoid unnecessary detours and ensures you’re heading in the right direction. The in-game compass is also a handy tool to keep you on track. Remember, every second counts when you’re trying to be efficient.

Complete Nearby Quests Together#

If you find that several side quests are clustered in the same area, tackle them all in one go. This saves you from traveling back and forth across the map. For example, if you’re collecting animal pictures for the Science Center and you notice a friend needs help nearby, finish both while you’re in the area.

Upgrade Your Hovercraft Early#

Your hovercraft is your primary means of travel, so upgrading it early will save you a lot of time. As soon as you gather enough pearls, head to Mammago Garage to buy upgrades. Enhanced speed and maneuverability will make getting from point A to point B much quicker.

Use Your Camera#

Your camera is not just for capturing stunning vistas. Take pictures of every creature you come across. This counts as a side quest that rewards you with pearls, and it’s something you can do passively as you explore. Always be on the lookout for new animals to photograph.

Interact with NPCs#

Talking to non-playable characters (NPCs) can reveal hidden side quests and provide useful information. Don’t skip conversations, as NPCs can give hints about where to find collectible items or point you towards valuable side quests that you might have missed otherwise.

Save Often#

Nothing is more frustrating than completing a challenging side quest only to lose your progress. Save your game frequently, especially after finishing a side quest. This ensures you won’t have to redo difficult tasks if you run into trouble later.

Efficiently Manage Combat#

Some side quests involve fighting enemies. Make sure you use your abilities effectively and conserve your health items. Use Pey’j and Double H’s abilities to their fullest; their help can make encounters quicker and less painful, so you can move on to the next quest sooner.

Practice Puzzle Solving#

Several side quests include puzzles. Familiarize yourself with common puzzle types in the game. The faster you solve them, the quicker you can get back to completing other quests. Practice makes perfect, so don’t get discouraged if some of the puzzles take a little longer at first.

Stay Organized#

Keep a mental or physical checklist of the side quests you’ve completed and the ones you still need to do. This will help you track your progress and ensure you don’t miss any quests. Staying organized helps keep your gameplay focused and efficient.

In Beyond Good and Evil, side quests add depth and richness to the game world. By following these tips, you’ll be able to complete them efficiently and make Jade’s journey smoother and more rewarding. Happy questing!

Beyond Good and Evil: Side Quests Guide#

Unlocking Side Quest Bonuses#

Hey there, fellow Hillyans! Whether you’re a seasoned photojournalist or just starting out, you’re probably looking to get the most out of Beyond Good and Evil. Side quests are not only a blast, but they also come with some sweet bonuses that can help you on your main adventure. This guide covers everything you need to know about unlocking those juicy side quest perks. Let’s dive in!

Understanding Side Quests#

Side quests in Beyond Good and Evil are optional missions you can complete for extra rewards. These quests range from snapping photos of rare creatures to completing mini-games and helping out the locals. Each side quest you finish not only enriches your experience but also nets you bonuses like pearls, credits, and special items.

Photo-Hunting Quests#

One of the earliest side quests you’ll encounter is the photo-hunting mission from the Science Center. Your job is to photograph wild animals around Hillys. Here’s how you can maximize your gains:

  • Equip your camera: This is practically Jade’s best tool. Keep it ready!
  • Scan everything: Any creature, plant, or even machine can count towards your photo collection.
  • Check your progress: The Science Center will let you know how many species you’ve documented, and you’ll earn pearls at different milestones.

Hot tip: Rare creatures often fetch higher rewards. Keep your eyes peeled for anything unusual.

Raceway Challenges#

Hillys has a few racetracks that offer some exciting races. These racing challenges are a great way to earn pearls and upgrade your hovercraft. Here’s how to boost your chances of winning:

  • Practice makes perfect: Familiarize yourself with the track layouts.
  • Upgrade your hovercraft: Invest in engine and handling upgrades. You can find these at Mammago Garage.
  • Avoid obstacles: They’ll slow you down. Look for shortcuts and ramps to gain an edge over your opponents.

Winning these races not only gives you bragging rights but also awards you pearls, which are essential for further upgrades and progress in the game.

Looters’ Caverns#

Scattered across Hillys are the mysterious Looters’ Caverns. These caves are filled with traps and treasures. Beating these challenges can be tricky, so here are some tips:

  • Stay alert: The caverns are filled with traps like falling rocks and laser beams. Quick reflexes are key.
  • Be thorough: Explore every nook and cranny. Hidden passages can contain some valuable loot.
  • Combat ready: Enemies might be lurking around. Keep your Daï-jo stick and Gyrodisks handy.

Clearing these caverns not only gets you pearls but also some rare and useful items that can aid you in your main quest.

Boosting Morale with Mini-Games#

Sometimes the best bonuses come from just having fun! Whether it’s playing discs with Francis or a bustling game of “Three Shells,” mini-games are both entertaining and rewarding. Here are a few tips:

  • Play to win: Take each mini-game seriously. They’re not just for fun; they can yield pearls and credits.
  • Know the rules: Each game has its own set of rules. Familiarize yourself to maximize your chances of winning.
  • Challenge your friends: Some mini-games allow for multiplayer. Competing with friends can be a good practice.

Helping the Resistance#

Last but not least, aiding the IRIS Network is a crucial part of your side activities. These missions often involve more complexity but offer significant rewards:

  • Read your messages: IRIS will send missions via your communicator. Keep an eye on it.
  • Complete objectives: Some IRIS missions might be multi-step. Ensure you follow through each part carefully.
  • Stay secretive: The Alpha Sections are always watching. Move carefully and avoid drawing attention.

Success in IRIS missions brings you closer to valuable intel and powerful allies, enhancing your journey through the game.

Side quests in Beyond Good and Evil are much more than busywork—they’re brilliant opportunities to deepen your connection to Hillys, stock up on essentials, and maybe even have a bit of extra fun. Until next time, keep those cameras ready and your hovercrafts upgraded. Happy questing!

Tips for Side Quest Success#

Look, we all know main quests are great and all, but in Beyond Good and Evil, side quests are where the real fun and rewards lie! Here are some solid tips to help you nail those side missions like a champ.

1. Talk to Everyone#

Seriously, Jade is a reporter, so talking to everyone makes sense both in-character and gameplay-wise. NPCs often have crucial information or will give you side quests directly. That random person you ignored? They might be sitting on a treasure trove of pearls or a clue to something awesome. Open those dialogue options!

2. Photograph Everything#

Your camera is one of your best tools. Not only is it essential for progressing in the main story, but it also plays a big role in side quests. Anytime you enter a new area, snap pictures of any creatures you encounter. This helps you earn extra cash and complete the photography catalog side quest. Pro tip: Don’t forget to revisit older areas to find any new creatures you missed.

3. Use Your Map#

Your map in Beyond Good and Evil is pretty detailed. Use it to mark important locations, especially when an NPC hints at an interesting spot. Check your map frequently to avoid getting lost, and remember to mark places you might want to return to later when you have better gear or more info.

4. Upgrade Your Gear#

Side quests can sometimes feel tough. That’s because you might not have the right equipment for the job. Make sure you’re upgrading Jade’s abilities and gear regularly. Pearls are your currency for upgrades, and completing side quests often rewards you with more pearls, creating a helpful cycle. Check back with shops and see if you can snag anything useful before tackling that tricky side mission.

5. Diversify Your Activities#

Don’t stick to just one type of side quest. There are races, creature hunting, mini-games, treasure hunts, and more. Dabbling in a bit of everything keeps the game fresh and helps you gather different types of rewards. Plus, you’ll get better at the game as you try various activities.

6. Partner Up with Pey’j and Double H#

Your sidekicks aren’t just there for show. Pey’j and Double H can help you in combat and in solving puzzles. Use their unique abilities to your advantage in side quests. For example, Pey’j’s wrench can activate certain mechanics, and Double H’s brute strength can clear obstacles.

7. Save Often#

This can’t be stressed enough. Beyond Good and Evil doesn’t always make it obvious when a difficult segment is coming up. Save frequently so you don’t lose progress. It’s a small step that can save you a lot of headaches.

8. Follow Leads#

NPCs and hidden documents often drop hints about where to find hidden treasures or important sidequest locations. Follow these breadcrumbs. If someone mentions a hidden cave or a mysterious island, take the time to check it out. These leads often pay off with rare items or important clues.

9. Practice Stealth#

Some side quests require a stealthy approach. Practice sneaking around enemies and using the environment to stay hidden. Alerting enemies can sometimes make side quests way more difficult, so sharpen those stealth skills.

10. Track Your Progress#

Keep an eye on your quest log. It’s easy to forget where you are in a quest chain, especially if you’re juggling multiple side missions. Regularly checking your progress helps ensure you don’t leave quests half-done or forget crucial steps.

Give these tips a try, and you’ll be swimming in pearls and special items in no time. Side quests in Beyond Good and Evil add so much richness to the game, so take a break from the main story and enjoy the world Michel Ancel created. Good luck, Jade!

Beyond Good and Evil: Side Quests Guide
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