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Beyond Good and Evil: Photography Guide
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Welcome to our comprehensive “Beyond Good and Evil: Photography Guide”! Ready to dive into the vibrant world of Hillys and capture its stunning mysteries through your lens? This guide will help you master the art of in-game photography, a cornerstone of your adventure. Discover the intricacies of the photography mechanic, learn where to find key photographs, and make the most of your snapshots for rewards. We’ll also cover smart management of your in-game camera and film, and share expert tips for snapping those perfect shots. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, this guide will elevate your Beyond Good and Evil experience to a whole new level. Let’s get started on your journey to becoming the ultimate Hillyan photographer!

Beyond Good and Evil: Photography Guide#

Understanding the Photography Mechanic#

Photography in Beyond Good and Evil isn’t just a fun side activity – it’s central to your adventure. Whether you’re tasked with snapping shots of bizarre creatures or gathering evidence to bring down a corrupt government, mastering this mechanic can make a huge difference. Here’s how to become a pro photographer in the game.

The Basics of Photography#

Early in the game, you’re given the DAI-JO Camera. Jade’s uncle, Pey’j, encourages you to use it to document the world around you. Taking photos of different species earns you rewards and helps you progress in your quest. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Equip Your Camera: Hit the dedicated camera button (usually right trigger or R2 on controllers). The view changes, and you’re ready to snap away.
  • Focus and Zoom: Use zoom controls to get a close-up or wide shot. A good zoom level ensures a high-quality picture.
  • Framing the Subject: Position the creature or object in the frame so it’s mostly centered. The better the framing, the better the reward.

Capturing Creatures and Characters#

You’ll find an array of weird and wonderful creatures throughout Hillys. Every species you photograph gets cataloged and earns you units (the game’s currency) from the Science Center. Follow these pointers to fill your photo album efficiently:

  • Explore Thoroughly: Animals are hidden everywhere – don’t just stick to the main paths. Check behind crates, in dark corners, and even underwater.
  • Use the M discs: Throughout the world, you’ll find M discs that contain clues and data logs. These often hint at the location of rare species.
  • Be Patient: Some animals are shy or quick to flee. Approach slowly and be ready to snap a photo the moment you see them.

Photography Missions#

At times, Beyond Good and Evil tasks you with taking photos during missions. These can range from gathering evidence of corrupt activity to documenting specific events. Here’s how to nail those shots:

  • Listen to Briefing: Pay attention to details about your photo mission. Missing a critical shot could mean starting over.
  • Get Close Safely: When capturing sensitive images, stealth can be your best friend. Stay out of sight and use zoom to get close without being detected.
  • Review Your Photos: If unsure you’ve got the shot, review them. The game allows you to check the photos before submitting them for mission completion.

Rewards and Benefits#

Taking photos pays off in several ways beyond units. For one, some areas and items are locked until you provide enough photographic evidence. Regularly submitting photos to the Science Center and other quests can yield:

  • Pearls: Often needed to buy upgrades for your vehicle like hovercraft improvements.
  • Units: These help you purchase essential items such as Starkos (health items) and PA1 (life upgrades).
  • Additional Content: Some side missions and collectibles only unlock after snapping enough photos or specific events.

Pro Tips for Mastering Photography#

  • Always Be Ready: Keep your camera equipped and your finger near the trigger button. Some photo opportunities are quick and can’t be repeated.
  • Use Scenic Views: Sometimes, landscapes and background elements contribute to bonuses. Frame your shots with an eye for detail and scenic beauty.
  • Beware of Lighting: Good photos are all about lighting. Look for well-lit subjects to avoid grainy or blurry photos.

By understanding and utilizing the photography mechanic effectively, you’re not just capturing memories – you’re advancing your mission and uncovering secrets hidden throughout Hillys. Happy snapping!

Beyond Good and Evil: Photography Guide#

Finding Key Photographs

Alright, so you’re diving into the wild world of Beyond Good and Evil and dreaming of snapping perfect pics for Pey’j and Secundo. You’ve got your camera, but you might be wondering exactly where to point and shoot to help take down the conspiracy. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Here’s a step-by-step guide to finding those critical photographs.

1. Get Familiar with Your Surroundings#

Before you go all paparazzi, take a moment to explore. The game’s world is full of hidden nooks and crannies that could easily hide key subjects. Pay attention to any suspicious areas and always keep your camera ready.

2. Photograph Hassle-Free for the Science Center#

Start by snapping the simpler creatures you spot around Hillys. This means taking pictures of animals like the DomZ creatures, hovercraft crabs, and other fauna filling out the Science Center album. Not only will this net you some pearls, but it’ll also sharpen your photographic eye for harder-to-find targets.

3. Snap the Hyllis Army and Iris Network#

During your missions, you’ll encounter characters and settings tied to crucial plot points. Always take photos of any suspicious activities by the Hyllis Army. These could include surveillance taking place in secret facilities or DomZ mutants—basically, anything that might scream “something shady is going on!”

In contrast, when you meet Iris Network members, take time to document their secret operations as well. While their bases and interactions can reveal enemy secrets, the visual evidence will also support their underground rebellion.

4. Focus on Alpha Sections in Black Isle#

After your first mission in the Black Isle, you’ll run into Alpha Sections, the militarized police force on Hillys. Always take clear shots of any misconduct. Look for scenes like arrests, hidden weapons, and forced labor. These photographs are pivotal since they directly fuel Jade’s investigation into the corruption plaguing Hillys.

5. Pearls for Progress#

As you reveal these critical scenes, remember: pearls are vital. Use pearls collected from capturing key photos to upgrade your gear. This will not only make photographing easier but will also advance your capacity to access tighter spaces and tougher locations where the juiciest snaps await.

6. Tips for the Best Clicks#

  • Zoom In: If you think something’s fishy, zoom in with your camera. Sometimes, the closer look will reveal secretive behaviors or items not visible at first glance.
  • Light It Up: Dark corners and sinister shelters can hide critical moments. Use Jade’s flying companion, the hovercraft’s flashlight, to illuminate and capture what’s happening.
  • Stay Ready: Always keep your camera equipped. You never know when a critical moment might just leap out at you. The quicker you snap, the better your chances of capturing the necessary evidence.

7. Don’t Forget About Hidden Areas#

Beyond immediate threats, there are tons of hidden areas and sneaky spots sprawled across Hillys. Explore caves, rooftops, and underwater sections. Often, these secluded domains hold the most telling images of societal sabotage or resistance endeavors.


Capturing key photographs is more than just a side quest in Beyond Good and Evil—it’s your main path to unveiling the grand conspiracy. By staying alert and becoming the roving reporter Jade is meant to be, you’ll contribute crucial evidence to the resistance effort. Keep exploring, stay curious, and remember: every picture tells part of the unraveling story.

Photography Guide: Using Photos for Rewards#

In “Beyond Good and Evil,” your trusty camera is more than just a tool for capturing memories. It’s an essential gadget for earning pearls, credits, and other crucial rewards. Let’s dive into how you can maximize your photo-taking skills and ensure you never miss out on these valuable goodies.

📸 Snap Everything That Moves#

From the moment you get your camera, start taking photos of everything. Jade’s camera is a powerful instrument that automatically categorizes different species, both flora and fauna. Each new species you photograph earns you money and sometimes even pearls, which are vital for upgrading your hovercraft and buying equipment.

Steps to follow:

  1. Equip Your Camera - Before you start snapping, make sure Jade’s camera is equipped. You can do this by accessing the inventory screen.
  2. Adjust Your Focus - Use the focus button to ensure your subject is in clear view. This increases the chances of capturing high-quality images.
  3. Center the Subject - Try to center the subject in your viewfinder. The game usually gives better rewards for well-composed shots.

🌍 Know Your Subjects#

Not every photo opportunity is created equal. Some creatures will earn you more rewards than others.

  • Common Creatures: You’ll run into these frequently. They offer smaller rewards, but every bit counts.
  • Rare Creatures: These are harder to find and often located in less obvious places. They offer higher rewards, so it’s worth keeping an eye out.
  • In-Game Requests: Occasionally, you’ll receive specific requests to photograph certain creatures or objects. Completing these quests usually rewards you with pearls.

💡 Illuminate with Special Techniques#

Don’t forget to use your tools to get the perfect shot. Use your camera’s zoom feature for distant creatures and its flash to illuminate darker areas.

  • Zooming In: For smaller or distant targets, zoom in to ensure you capture all the details.
  • Lighting: Poor lighting can ruin your shot. Utilize your “Gyrodisk Glove” or surrounding light sources to brighten up dark areas.

💰 Cash in Your Work#

Once you’ve taken a bunch of photos, it’s time to cash in those snapshots. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to Mr. de Castellac: He is your main contact for swapping photos for pearls and credits.
  2. Enter the Photography Menu from your inventory screen.
  3. Scroll through your photo collection and make sure each new species is tagged to send.
  4. Send Photos and collect your rewards!

🛠️ Upgrade Your Camera#

As you progress, you can upgrade your camera to take better photos and unlock new features like higher zoom levels or faster focusing. These upgrades make photographing rare subjects easier and will often yield higher rewards.

  • Seek Out Upgrades: Visit magasins (shops) or speak with NPCs to find and purchase camera parts.
  • Integrate Upgrades: Go to your inventory screen and equip the new parts onto Jade’s camera.

🎯 Keep an Eye on Your Rewards#

Earning pearls and credits by photographing different species is one of the fastest ways to build up your resources. Always pay attention to your email notifications in the game; they often alert you to new opportunities and requests for specific photos.

By using your camera strategically and paying attention to your surroundings, you can turn even the simplest trip across Hillys into a lucrative adventure. So get out there, keep your eyes open, and point and click your way to victory!

By mastering the art of photography in “Beyond Good and Evil,” you’ll not only enrich your experience but also make your journey through Hillys much more rewarding. Happy snapping! 📸

Beyond Good and Evil: Photography Guide#

Managing Your Camera and Film#

Photography isn’t just a fun side activity in Beyond Good and Evil—it’s central to the gameplay. As Jade, your job is to capture the diverse wildlife for the Science Center and earn some credits along the way. Let’s break down how to masterfully manage your camera and film to make the most of your photography adventures.

Understanding Your Camera#

Early in the game, you’ll get a nifty gadget called the “Gyrodisk Glove” that doubles as a camera. Here’s the basics:

  • Zoom Function: Use the zoom to get a clear image of your subject. This is particularly great for shy or skittish creatures that won’t let you get too close.
  • Focus: The camera will automatically focus when you half-press the capture button. Make sure your subject is in clear focus before snapping the shot.
  • Photo Album: All your photos are stored here. You can access and manage them anytime.

Types of Photos#

The Science Center is keen on cataloging all forms of life in Hillys. Here’s what you need to look out for:

  • Flora and Fauna: There are various plants and animals—both common and rare. Some are hidden and will require clever maneuvering to capture.
  • Humanoids: Don’t forget to snap the different characters and races. They count too!
  • Machines and Creatures: From the DomZ enemies to unique robotic entities, these are worth capturing for those extra credits.

Tricks for Taking the Perfect Shot#

Getting a high-quality photo can be tricky. Use these tips to boost your photography game:

  1. Stable Frame: Hold your camera steady. Shaky photos might not be accepted.
  2. Centered Subject: Make sure your subject is in the center of your frame for the best results and highest credits.
  3. Clear View: Avoid obstructed views. Clear paths and angles ensure the camera captures precisely what you intend.
  4. Known Locations: Certain creatures only appear in specific locations. Keep notes or use a guide to know where and when to find them.

Film Management#

Your camera’s film is limited. Here’s how to make the most out of each roll:

  • Film Slots: Initially, you’ll have a limited number of slots, but you can expand by finding film upgrades. Always be on the lookout!
  • Prioritize Shots: If you’re running low, prioritize capturing new species over duplicates.
  • Delete Duds: Regularly check your photo album. Delete fuzzy or unnecessary photos to free up space.
  • Snap Strategically: Wait for the right moment. Sometimes it’s better to stay patient for a clear shot rather than wasting film on multiple tries.

Earning Credits#

Photos aren’t just for fun—they’re for cash! Here’s how to maximize your earnings:

  • Photo Submissions: The first photo of each species nets you a nice sum. Keep discovering new ones to rake in those credits.
  • Quality Matters: Higher quality photos earn more. So, aim for clarity and composition.
  • Bonuses: Some rare creatures offer bonus credits. Keep an eye out for these high-value targets.

Special Cases#

Some creatures are elusive or require special conditions:

  • Nocturnal: Some animals only appear at night. Adjust your in-game time if needed.
  • Predators and Prey: Sometimes capturing a predator in action can score you extra points. Be ready!
  • Underwater: Certain creatures exist underwater. Upgrade your equipment when necessary to explore these habitats.

Final Tips#

  • Frequent Saves: Save your game often, especially after tricky photo sessions.
  • Stay Curious: Explore every nook and cranny. Many creatures are hidden off the beaten path.
  • Backup Photos: Occasionally “backing up” on the in-game computer can help avoid the heartbreak of losing valuable shots if you encounter a bug or have to reload an earlier save.

With these tips and a bit of practice, you’ll be snapping top-notch photos and making bank in no time. Now, go get those credits and fill up that photo album! Happy shooting, photographer! 📸

Beyond Good and Evil: Photography Guide#

Tips for Perfect Shots#

So, you want to be the best photographer in the game? Taking perfect shots in Beyond Good and Evil isn’t just fun; it’s also super rewarding. Whether you’re snapping photos to earn credits or fill up your animal species database, mastering the art of the camera can make a big difference. Here’s a rundown of top tips to nab those perfect shots.

Get to Know Your Camera#

First things first—get comfy with your camera. Your main tool for taking photos in Beyond Good and Evil is the DX-13. When you whip it out, you’ll get to zoom, focus, and snap pictures of all sorts of cool creatures. Spend some time fooling around with it to get used to how it works.

Focus on the Frame#

Framing is everything. Make sure the entire animal or object fits neatly within your camera frame. It’s tempting to just snap away, but taking a second to adjust your shot can make a big difference. Line up your shots so the subject is smack-dab in the middle, and avoid having too much empty space around it.

Use Zoom Wisely#

Your zoom function is your best friend. Most animals will run away if you get too close, so use zoom to capture the details without spooking them. Be careful, though. Zooming too much can make your image blurry. Find that sweet spot where the creature is clear and sharp.

Patience is Key#

Sometimes, you’ve got to wait for the perfect moment. Wildlife has a way of moving right as you’re about to snap a pic. Wait for them to settle, or look for moments when they’re less likely to scuttle away. Keep your fingers ready, and be patient. Good things come to those who wait.

Light it Up#

Lighting can make or break your shot. If the subject is too dark or backlit, your photos might not turn out well. Try to position yourself so the light hits your subject nicely. For darker spots, your trusty flashlight can help illuminate the area.

Snap Fast in Action Scenes#

In the heat of an action scene, the last thing on your mind might be taking a photo. However, some of the best shots come from capturing creatures in motion. This can be tricky, but with practice, you’ll get better. Lock onto your subject, snap quickly, and don’t worry about every shot being perfect. You can always try again!

Keep an Eye on Your Film#

You don’t have unlimited film in Beyond Good and Evil. Keep an eye on your roll number to ensure you don’t run out at a crucial moment. You can always buy more film from stores, so don’t be afraid to stock up whenever you can.

Learn Their Patterns#

Observing an animal’s routine, like when they eat or sleep, can give you great opportunities for photos. Some creatures have predictable patterns. Take note and plan around them to get those perfect shots.

Use Camera Upgrades#

Throughout the game, you’ll find upgrades for your camera, like better zoom and increased battery life. Make sure to grab these when available—they’ll help you snag those trickier shots.

Practice Makes Perfect#

Lastly, don’t forget: the more you practice, the better you’ll get. Spend time exploring the different areas, snapping photos of anything and everything. Over time, you’ll develop an eye for what makes a good shot.

Getting the hang of photography in Beyond Good and Evil can seem challenging at first, but with these tips, you’ll be a pro in no time. Happy snapping! 📸

Beyond Good and Evil: Photography Guide
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