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Beyond Good and Evil: Exploration Guide

Welcome to our ultimate “Beyond Good and Evil: Exploration Guide”! Dive into the vibrant and mysterious world of Hillys, where every corner holds a new adventure. This comprehensive guide will help you navigate Hillys with ease, uncover hidden key locations, master the map and compass for efficient travel, and interact seamlessly with NPCs and objects. Plus, we’ve packed it full of expert tips to make your exploration as efficient and rewarding as possible. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through one of gaming’s most beloved landscapes!

Subtopics Covered:

  1. Navigating Hillys: Learn the ropes of getting around this fascinating world.
  2. Finding Key Locations: Discover the crucial spots you won’t want to miss.
  3. Using the Map and Compass: Master the tools that will guide your adventure.
  4. Interacting with NPCs and Objects: Unlock the secrets hidden in every interaction.
  5. Tips for Efficient Exploration: Optimize your journey with expert advice.

Let’s get started on this incredible adventure!

Navigating the dynamic world of Hillys in Beyond Good and Evil can be super fun and a bit overwhelming if you’re not sure where to go or what to do next. Here’s a guide to help you explore this amazing landscape efficiently and make the most out of your adventure.

Getting Around: Your Beluga and Hovercraft#

First things first, your primary modes of transportation are the Beluga spaceship and your trusty hovercraft. Each has its own strengths:

Hovercraft: This is your everyday ride. It’s perfect for exploring the waters around Hillys, getting into tighter spaces, and taking on smaller enemies. Always keep an eye on that fuel gauge and stock up on repair pods – trust me, you’ll need them!

Beluga: Once you get access to the Beluga, the game opens up even more. This ship allows you to travel more quickly across vast distances and offers the firepower you need for bigger threats.

Major Areas to Explore#

  • Hovercraft Garage: This should be one of your first stops. Here, you can upgrade your hovercraft. Pey’j, your piggy mechanic buddy, will help install new parts, which are vital for overcoming obstacles and reaching new areas.

  • Mamau’s Disc Zone: This hub is like the city center of Hillys. You can pick up missions, chat with NPCs for tips and lore, and snag some cool collectibles like pearls and PA-1 units to boost your health.

  • The Lighthouse: Your home base shared with Jade’s companions. It’s a safe zone where you can regroup and plan your next move. Plus, the view is stunning!

  • Pedestrian District: A bustling part of town where you can shop for items and gather intel. The good folks here often have side quests and tips that make exploration easier.

  • The Slaughterhouse: Don’t be fooled by the name – this place is filled with valuable resources. It’s also packed with challenges and enemies, so come prepared for some intense action.

  • Nutripils Factory: A key mission area teeming with important information. Clearing out enemies here will reveal crucial plot points and open up new paths in your adventure.

Tips for Navigation#

  1. Photograph Everything: Your camera is one of your best tools. Taking pictures of the local wildlife and enemy types not only fills up your research report but also rewards you with pearls and credits.

  2. Pearls, Pearls, Pearls: Collecting pearls is the name of the game. These are your primary currency for the most important upgrades. They’re hidden everywhere, from completed quests to enemy drops and secret locations.

  3. Look for M-Discs: These discs are scattered around Hillys and contain vital information, tips, and even bonus content. Keep your eyes peeled; they can be easy to miss.

  4. Use Your Map: The in-game map is a lifesaver. It highlights key areas, points of interest, and helps you track your next objective. Keep checking it to avoid getting lost.

  5. Always Upgrade: Whether it’s your hovercraft or personal gear, always prioritize upgrading. Better equipment will help you survive longer and access new areas faster.

Hidden Gems#

Keep an eye out for hidden paths and secret areas. They often have pearls, hearts, or special items that can give you a big advantage. Crates, breakable walls, and unusual landmarks can often lead to unexpected treasures.

Final Thoughts#

Exploring Hillys is all about curiosity and discovery. Engage with your surroundings, interact with NPCs, and take the scenic route whenever possible. You never know what hidden gem or epic story moment you’ll uncover next.

By mastering navigation in Hillys, you’re on your way to becoming a legendary photojournalist like Jade. So buckle up, keep your hovercraft in top shape, and get ready for a wild ride in the world of Hillys!

That’s it for navigating Hillys! Check out our other guides for more tips and tricks to dominate Beyond Good and Evil. Happy exploring!

Beyond Good and Evil: Exploration Guide#

Finding Key Locations#

Welcome, fellow adventurers! If you’re searching for key locations in Beyond Good and Evil, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive in and explore the must-find spots in Hillys.

Akuda Bar#

The Akuda Bar is your go-to spot for all things shady and underground. To find it, head to the pedestrian district. It’s a hotspot for useful information, missions, and meeting colorful characters. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Locate the Pedestrian District: From the main city, take your hovercraft to the canal area.
  • Find the Bar Entrance: Look for a place lit with neon signs; follow the sound of chatter.
  • Interact with Characters: Talk to NPCs to get hints and side missions. Don’t forget to play the pearl game inside – it’s a valuable source of pearls!

Pro Tip: Visit Akuda Bar frequently; NPCs often update their information as you progress in the game.

Mammago Garage#

The Mammago Garage is crucial for all your vehicular needs. If your hovercraft breaks down or needs an upgrade, these rhinos have you covered.

  • Dock Your Hovercraft: Approach the garage bay near the opening to the main canal.
  • Gather Pearls: Saving up on pearls is essential; use them to buy hovercraft upgrades like the jump kit.
  • Talk to the Mechanic: Don’t be shy – the mechanics offer useful advice and might even reveal important locations.

Handy Hint: Collect all the scattered pearls around Hillys to ensure you can afford the best upgrades.

Black Isle#

Black Isle is one of your first major locations, brimming with secrets and clues about the Alpha Sections. It’s located off the coast, and here’s how you can find it:

  • Follow the Map: Check your in-game map for the marked location. It’s northeast of Hillys.
  • Prepare for Battle: Equip yourself with enough health packs and a fully repaired hovercraft; it’s a hostile area.
  • Use Stealth: Many areas require sneaky tactics to avoid detection.

Courageous Tip: Save your game often while exploring Black Isle; you’ll face relentless enemies and tricky puzzles.

Nutripils Factory#

The Nutripils Factory is one of the main story locations. It holds dark secrets and dangerous enemies. To locate it:

  • Follow Pey’j’s Directions: Once you have the hovercraft upgrade, follow the instructions given by your trusty companion.
  • Gain Entry: Use any acquired authorization cards or codes.
  • Watch for Clues: Stay alert for any document chips or audio logs – they provide valuable intel.

Explorer’s Note: Bring healing items and energy boosts. It’s a long and treacherous journey through the factory.


The Slaughterhouse is a high-risk zone, but it’s a crucial part of uncovering the mystery behind DomZ. Here’s how you get there:

  • Wait for Transmission: Once you receive a message revealing the location, follow the markers on your map.
  • Activate the Elevator: Use the controls to access deeper levels.
  • Stay Vigilant: The Slaughterhouse is laden with enemies and traps. Be prepared for combat and quick reflexes.

Strategic Reminder: Utilize every safe spot for saving progress. It can be a lifesaver in the complex layout.

Final Thoughts#

Finding key locations in Beyond Good and Evil is essential for progressing in the game, uncovering secrets, and advancing the story. Always keep your wits about you, prepare adequately, and enjoy the thrill of discovery in the beautiful yet perilous world of Hillys. Happy exploring!

Beyond Good and Evil: Exploration Guide#

Using the Map and Compass#

When you’re cruising around the beautiful world of Beyond Good and Evil, knowing your way is super important. The game’s map and compass tools are your best friends here, so let’s break down how to use them like a pro.

Opening the Map#

First things first, accessing the map is easy-peasy. Simply hit the appropriate button (usually it’s indicated in the HUD or in your game manual). Out pops a beautifully detailed map showing your current location and surrounding areas.

  • Markers: Key locations like your home base, Mammago’s Garage, and mission objectives are marked clearly.
  • Waypoints: You can set custom waypoints to help guide you toward specific locations not automatically marked.

Reading the Map#

The map in Beyond Good and Evil is pretty intuitive, but there are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Icons: Different icons represent different locations and objectives. Pay attention to these because they help you know where to head next.
    • For example, a wrench signifies Mammago’s Garage, a place you’ll often visit for repairs and upgrades.
    • Key mission areas will be highlighted, often with an ’!’ or another stand-out marker.
  • Paths and Roads: Notice the paths connecting different areas. They help you plot the best route to your destination.

Using the Compass#

Now, let’s talk about the compass, your handy tool for navigating the in-game world in real-time:

  • HUD Integration: The compass is usually integrated into your HUD, showing a small arrow or indicator pointing toward your next objective or custom waypoint.
  • North Star: By default, North is always straight up on your compass. This can help you maintain a sense of direction, especially when exploring vast and open areas.
  • Waypoint Arrows: If you’ve set a waypoint on your map, a corresponding arrow will appear on your compass. Follow this arrow to stay on track!

Combining Map and Compass#

To really get the most out of your navigation tools, use your map and compass together:

  1. Plan Your Route: Before setting out, open your map and take note of your starting point and destination. Set a waypoint if needed.
  2. Track Your Movement: Use the compass to stay on course. Periodically check the map to ensure you’re still headed the right way.
  3. Adjust as Necessary: If you come across obstacles or detours, don’t panic. Just open your map again, adjust your waypoint, and follow the new path on your compass.

Tips and Tricks#

To make the most out of your map and compass, here are a few extra tips:

  • Frequent Map Checks: It’s easy to get lost, especially in larger areas. Regularly check your map to keep your bearings.
  • Landmarks: Use in-game landmarks as reference points. Sometimes it’s easier to navigate by real-world objects rather than just the compass.
  • Enemies and Hazards: The map can also show enemy locations and hazards. Plan your route to avoid these if you’re not looking for a fight.
  • Dash Function: Don’t forget your vehicle can dash over long distances. This is particularly useful for moving quickly between distant points on the map.

With these tips in hand, you should be well-equipped to navigate the world of Beyond Good and Evil. Mastering the map and compass will ensure you’re always on the right path, ready to focus on saving the world instead of finding your way around. Happy exploring!

Interacting with NPCs and Objects#

In “Beyond Good and Evil,” interacting with NPCs (non-playable characters) and objects is crucial for progressing through the game’s story, solving puzzles, and getting important information. Here’s a breakdown of how to make the most out of your interactions!

Talking to NPCs#

1. Approach the NPCs#

Walk up to any character you see and press the interaction button (usually the “A” button on consoles or the corresponding key on PC). Jade will start a conversation, and you often get dialogue options.

2. Pay Attention to Dialogue Options#

Sometimes, you can choose what to say next. Pay close attention to these options as they can affect how much information you gather. Select the option that seems most likely to get useful tips or move the plot forward.

3. Listen Up#

NPCs often share mission-critical information, helpful hints, and sometimes even essential items. Make sure to read or listen to everything they say.

Photographing NPCs and Creatures#

1. Equip Your Camera#

Jade’s camera can be used to take pictures of different NPCs and creatures for credits and lore. To start, bring up the camera by pressing the camera button.

2. Frame Your Shot#

Adjust the camera so that the NPC or creature is centered in the frame. Make sure they are fully in the shot to get credit for the photo.

3. Snap and Send#

Press the button to take the photo. If it’s unique or needed for a quest, you’ll often automatically send it to receive credits or updates.

Interacting with Objects#

1. Look for Icon Prompts#

When close to objects like crates, switches, or computers, you’ll see an icon prompt. Approach and press the interaction button. You might find items, solve a puzzle, or unlock new areas.

2. Push and Pull Crates#

Many puzzles involve pushing or pulling crates and objects to reach higher areas or activate switches. Stand next to the object and press the interaction button. Use the control stick or directional keys to move the object in the desired direction.

3. Activate Switches#

You’ll come across many switches and levers. Stand close to them and press the interaction button to activate. These can open doors, reveal hidden items, and more.

4. Computers and Databases#

Interact with computers by approaching and pressing the interaction button. This can grant you map data, mission updates, or lore entries that flesh out the world of Hillys.

Collectibles and Useful Items#

1. Pearls and Loot#

Keep an eye out for pearls and other collectible items. Pearls are crucial for upgrading your vehicle and gear. Smaller objects like health boosts and M-disks can be found in hidden corners, lockers, and enemies’ pockets.

2. Buying from Vendors#

There are vendors scattered across Hillys. Approach their stands and interact to see their wares. You can buy health-restoring items, extra photos, and other unique items that aid your progress.

3. DomZ Creatures#

DomZ creatures can drop valuable items when defeated. Be ready to interact quickly after combat to snatch up the spoils before they disappear.

Tips for Effective Interaction#

  • Regular Saving: Always save your game before approaching NPCs with critical information. This way, you can reload if needed.
  • Double Check Areas: When you think you’ve finished exploring a room, double-check it. Objects and NPCs can be easy to miss.
  • Experiment: Sometimes, the game rewards creativity. Move every crate, talk to every NPC, and interact with everything. You never know what hidden treasures or story bits you’ll find!

Mastering interactions in “Beyond Good and Evil” will make your journey through Hillys much smoother and more enjoyable. Now go out there and explore every nook and cranny!

Tips for Efficient Exploration#

So, you’re diving into the rich world of Beyond Good and Evil, and it’s time to master the art of efficient exploration. Whether you’re scouring Hillys for pearls, animals to photograph, or hidden secrets, getting around efficiently makes a world of difference. Check out these tips to make the most out of your adventure!

1. Upgrade Your Hovercraft#

First Thing’s First: Upgrade#

Alright, before you start zipping around Hillys, make sure your hovercraft is in top shape. Early in the game, focus on getting the Speedcraft and Jump Kits. These upgrades let you travel faster and access hard-to-reach areas that are bursting with goodies. Don’t forget the neutralizing cannon for dealing with enemies while you explore!

2. Photograph Everything!#

Snap Away, Snap Away#

They’re not just cute distractions — photographing animals gives you pearls and credits. Always have your camera ready, and if you see something moving or suspiciously static, give it a snap. Some creatures are well-hidden, so be curious and experimental about taking photos. This can lead to unexpected rewards and even important story hints.

3. Map It Out#

Know Your Surroundings#

Whenever you enter a new area, take a few moments to check your map. Marking points of interest and noting where you couldn’t progress (because of lack of equipment or abilities) will save you from wandering aimlessly. Remember, maps can be updated and revisited anytime from the inventory, and this includes marking places with missing animals.

4. Talk to NPCs#

Conversations Can Pay Off#

The inhabitants of Hillys are brimming with useful information. Chatting with these characters can give you side quests, valuable clues, or even pearls. Plus, while you’re talking, make it a habit to inspect their surroundings for hidden items and clues. NPCs often inadvertently drop hints about secret areas or upcoming challenges.

5. Take Your Time in dungeons#

Check Every Nook and Cranny#

Dungeons in Beyond Good and Evil are loaded with hidden rooms and treasures. Approach every dungeon with the mentality that you’re going to uncover everything. Don’t rush through rooms; instead, methodically search every area. Look behind crates, climb ladders, and scan for anything out of place. Sometimes, the best treasures are hidden in the most mundane corners.

6. Return to Previous Areas#

New Powers, New Possibilities#

As you gain new abilities and equipment, revisit old areas to uncover new secrets. Those previously unreachable platforms or locked doors are now accessible. Keep track of where you’ve been and what’s changed after upgrades or storyline advancements.

7. Use the Beluga#

Master of the Sky and Sea#

Once you have access to the Beluga, don’t forget to switch between the hovercraft and the spaceship mode. Some treasures and photo opportunities can only be accessed from the sky. The Beluga’s improved mobility can help you explore large areas faster, including reaching hidden islands and secret caves.

8. Listen to the Game’s Clues#

Pay Attention to Audio Cues#

Beyond Good and Evil often uses sound to alert you to nearby points of interest or threats. If you hear unusual noises, stop and investigate. This could mean an animal’s close by, a hidden entrance, or an enemy lurking in wait.

9. Keep an Eye on Your Inventory#

Less is More… Sometimes#

Managing your inventory is crucial. Make sure you have enough healing items and other necessities before venturing into new territory. Running out of key items at the wrong time can make exploration a frustrating ordeal, so stock up wisely.

10. Dive Into the Water#

Subaquatic Treasures#

Many players forget that there’s a whole underwater world to explore. Dive in with your hovercraft to discover submerged treasures and hidden paths. Pay attention to underwater currents and obstacles, as they can lead you to hidden sections of the map.

Bottom Line#

Efficient exploration in Beyond Good and Evil involves preparation, curiosity, and attention to detail. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be swimming in pearls, photographs, and secrets in no time. Happy exploring, and may you uncover all of Hillys’ mysteries!

Beyond Good and Evil: Exploration Guide
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