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Becoming a Vampire in ESO

In the shadowy corners of Tamriel, whispered tales tell of beings shrouded in mystery and cloaked in the dark embrace of eternal night. Vampirism is not just a condition in “The Elder Scrolls Online” (ESO) - it’s a lifestyle, a choice that leads to power, peril, and a life forever changed. Whether you’re a newcomer to the lands of ESO or a seasoned veteran, the call of the night might allure you into embracing the life of a vampire. This guide is your lantern in the darkness, illuminating the path to vampirism, its powers, the realities of this nocturnal existence, confronts, and the culture that thrives within the shadows.

The Path to Vampirism#

The journey into the depths of vampirism in ESO is fraught with danger and intrigue. To become a creature of the night, one must first seek the curse. This is no simple task; it requires patience, strength, and a bit of know-how.

Finding a Bloodfiend#

In the dead of night, under the sickly glow of the moons Masser and Secunda, rare creatures known as Bloodfiends emerge. These are not your average foes; they are the harbingers of the vampiric curse. Locations within Reaper’s March, Bangkorai, or The Rift serve as their hunting grounds. Seek them out, but tread lightly, for they are formidable.

The Vampire’s Bite#

Another route to the dark embrace is through a fellow player, one who has already traversed the shadows and emerged as a vampire. A bite from them, given freely at one of the game’s ritual sites, can start your transformation. This method, known as the “Vampire’s Bite,” fosters a sense of community and initiation within the vampiric circles of ESO.

Vampire Skills and Abilities#

Upon turning, a myriad of new abilities opens to you, drawing upon the dark energies of the night. These skills are not merely enhancements; they redefine the battlefield and how you engage with the world.

Blood Magic and Beyond#

  • Drain Essence: This foundational skill not only damages your foe but also returns health and stamina, embodying the vampiric blend of offense and sustenance.
  • Mist Form: An ethereal escape or approach, rendering you invulnerable but untethered from physical attacks.
  • Night Stalker: Embrace the shadows, increasing your stealth and amplifying your ambush capabilities.

These abilities, along with others, form the cornerstone of the vampire arsenal, allowing for a gameplay style that is as much about sustenance as it is about destruction.

Living as a Vampire#

Your existence as a blood-feeder affects more than just your combat approach; it influences your every interaction within Tamriel. From the reactions of the NPCs to the environmental challenges, being a vampire is a nuanced experience.

Sunlight and Silver#

The legends hold true; sunlight is an anathema to vampires in ESO. While it won’t lead to an immediate combustion, your health regeneration is significantly slowed during the day. Silver weapons and certain abilities wielded by fighters of the Dawnguard also spell trouble, inflicting extra damage upon vampire characters.


To mitigate the detrimental effects of vampirism and to harness your full potential, feeding is essential. This act, while seemingly macabre, is crucial. It not only keeps your vampire skills at their peak but also lessens the impact of sunlight and silver, making you less noticeable to those who hunt your kind.

The Dark Side of Vampirism#

With great power comes great vulnerability. Despite the allure of immortality and the siren call of enhanced abilities, the life of a vampire in ESO is not without its trials.

The Stage of Bloodlust#

Vampirism is divided into four stages, each amplifying your powers but also your weaknesses. Neglecting to feed, thus ascending these stages, means stronger abilities but also a greater susceptibility to the hazards of your condition – more damage from holy symbols, sunlight, and the like.

The Hunted Becomes the Hunter#

As a vampire, you’re not just a predator; you’re prey. The presence of NPC vampire hunters and the increased bounty for criminal acts committed in your bloodthirsty state make you a target for both AI and player characters alike.

Vampire Guilds and Communities#

Despite the challenges, or perhaps because of them, vampires in ESO form tight-knit communities. The shared experience of maneuvering Tamriel’s prejudices, hunting grounds, and dark secrets fosters a unique bond.

The Clans#

Vampire clans vary in ethos, structure, and goals. From those who see their condition as a curse and seek redemption or respite, to the power-hungry who revel in their night-born abilities, these groups are as diverse as they are secretive.

Brotherhoods Beyond Blood#

Guilds and player alliances offer sanctuary, exchange of knowledge, and camaraderie. Whether it’s through shared quests, PvP, or simply the shared challenge of living under the blood-red moon, the vampire community in ESO is vibrant and welcoming.


The night calls, and with it, the promise of untold power and eternal damnation. Choosing the path of the vampire in “The Elder Scrolls Online” is to walk a razor’s edge between darkness and light. This guide has illuminated the way, from the initial transformation to the involved dance of power, sustenance, and community. Whether you choose to embrace the shadows or merely flirt with the dark, remember: in the world of ESO, nothing is ever just black or white. Vampirism is a nuanced journey, one that offers both the thrill of the night and the peril of eternal darkness. Will you heed the call?

Becoming a Vampire in ESO
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