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Beast Tribe Relations in FFXIV

In the sprawling, multifaceted realm of Eorzea within Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV), adventurers aren’t just warriors or mages, they’re diplomats charting a complex web of relations with the myriad Beast Tribes. These tribes, each with their unique culture, territory, and angle towards the Grand Companies of Eorzea and its adventurers, offer more than just a peek into the lore-rich world designed by Square Enix but present unique challenges, rewards, and enveloping storylines that can enamor even the most seasoned of players.

Understanding the intricacies of these Beast Tribes is paramount for any player aiming to fully embrace the world of FFXIV. These tribes are not mere factions to gain favor with for rewards; they offer a glimpse into the diversity of life and belief in Eorzea, enriching the game’s vast storytelling and presenting opportunities for character growth both in strength and in the lore.

Reputation System#

The key to unlocking the secrets and rewards offered by the various Beast Tribes lies in their Reputation System. This system is a measure of how much trust and respect you’ve garnered with each tribe, achievable through the completion of daily quests that aid in their cause. Players start as an Outsider and can work their way up through various ranks, each unlocking more of the tribe’s story, quests, and, of course, exclusive rewards.

Maneuvering the Reputation System requires understanding its nuances. Each rank-up presents a special quest, offering cavernouser insight into the tribe’s lore and challenges that test a player’s resolve and understanding of the game’s mechanics. This system isn’t just about grinding quests; it’s about becoming a part of the tribe’s saga, experiencing growth alongside them.

Beast Tribe Rewards#

The rewards for investing time into these tribes range from the cosmetic to the essential. Glamours, housing items, unique crafting materials, and exclusive mounts and minions are just a snippet of what awaits those who penetrate deep into the relations with these groups. Each tribe offers items that reflect their culture and tasteful, allowing players to showcase their allegiances and achievements within their personal and FC (Free Company) spaces.

This investment isn’t just for the individual player’s benefit. Many items and materials gained from Beast Tribes can play crucial roles in crafting, offering paths to gear and items that are both useful and profitable. The effort put into these tribes echoes into various aspects of the player’s journey in Eorzea.

Daily Quests#

The bread and butter of increasing your standing with the Beast Tribes are the daily quests they offer. Limited in number per day across all tribes, players must choose wisely based on their goals or rotate their focus to evenly build reputation. These quests range from simple fetch quests to complex missions requiring battling, crafting, or gathering, designed to reflect the nature and needs of the tribe.

To upgrade these daily endeavors, adventurers are recommended to focus initially on tribes that offer rewards most beneficial to their current in-game goals, whether that’s leveling combat jobs, crafting, or gathering. Coordination with FC members or friends can also aid in completing these quests more efficiently, making the grind a social and engaging experience.

Daily quests are also an excellent source of experience for crafting and gathering jobs, offering substantial gains in levels along with the tangible rewards of reputation and items. They serve dual purposes ’ aiding in the tribal cause while bolstering the player’s arsenal of skills and supplies.

Beast Tribe Mounts#

Perhaps the most sought-after of all rewards from Beast Tribe relations are the unique mounts they offer. Each tribe has its mount(s), emblematic of their culture and tasteful, ranging from the majestic to the whimsical. These mounts are not just modes of transport; they’re trophies representing time, effort, and the stories experienced through the eyes of Eorzea’s diverse inhabitants.

Obtaining these mounts often requires reaching the highest rank of reputation and then undertaking a quest or purchasing them with currency earned from the daily quests. They’re a testament to the player’s dedication to their allies and are often among the most distinctive and rare mounts in the game.

Beast Tribe Relations in FFXIV
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