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Bayonetta 2: Weapons and Upgrades

Welcome to our ultimate guide, “Bayonetta 2: Weapons and Upgrades.” Dive into the thrilling world of Bayonetta and unlock the true potential of her arsenal! Whether you’re looking to master the art of demolishing foes with style or simply seeking the best tools for each battle scenario, this guide has you covered. Get ready to unleash havoc as we explore key topics including Unlocking and Upgrading Weapons, discovering the Best Weapons for Each Situation, mastering the art of Using Weapons Effectively, uncovering secrets with Finding Hidden Weapons, and expert Strategies for Weapon Upgrades. Stay ahead of your enemies and make every strike count in Bayonetta 2!

Unlocking and Upgrading Weapons in Bayonetta 2#

In Bayonetta 2, one of the key components to slicing through angels and demons is getting your hands on the best weapons and making them even better. Here’s how you can unlock and upgrade weapons to maximize your badassery.

Unlocking New Weapons#

To unlock new weapons, you’ll need to find Angelic Hymns, records that are scattered throughout the game. Each record is broken into multiple pieces, and you’ll have to find all pieces to unlock the weapon associated with it.

Finding Angelic Hymns#

  1. Exploration: Keep an eye out for breakable objects and hidden areas in each chapter. Records are often tucked away in hard-to-reach places.
  2. Witch Time: Successfully completing Witch Time sequences can reveal record pieces.
  3. Verse Battles: Some records drop after completing secret verse battles that aren’t part of the main storyline.

Once you find all parts of a record, take it to Rodin at The Gates of Hell. He’ll forge the weapon for you, free of charge. Well, maybe free of money, but he’s definitely eyeing your soul for later.

Upgrading Weapons#

All right, so you’ve got your shiny new weapon, but it’s not at full power yet. Time to upgrade it.


Upgrades in Bayonetta 2 mainly come from learning new techniques. Techniques can be purchased from Rodin:

  • Bat Within: Allows you to dodge at the last possible moment, turning you into bats.
  • Crow Within: Transform into a crow for a faster dodge.
  • Air Dodge: Dodge while in mid-air.

Head to The Gates of Hell, enter “Rodin’s Treasures,” and select what you want. Each new move or upgrade will cost halos, so keep slashing those enemies to collect as much currency as possible.

Weapons and Combos#

Each weapon in the game has unique combos that you can master. You can mix and match weapons and alternate between two sets during combat, which makes your attacks incredibly versatile.

Practice in The Gates of Hell#

Use the practice area in The Gates of Hell to test out your new combos and get the hang of how different weapons work together. This step is crucial for mastering the timing and maximizing damage output.

Weapon Variations#

Several weapons come with alternate forms, giving you even more options. For example, Love is Blue, Bayonetta’s default pistols, can be paired with whips, swords, or even rocket launchers.

Unlocking Alternates#

  • Replay Chapters: Some weapon variations are unlocked by replaying chapters and achieving high scores.
  • Achievements: Completing specific achievements and challenges can also unlock alternate weapon forms.

Tips for Effective Upgrading#

  1. Focus on a Few Weapons: Instead of spreading your upgrades across all available weapons, focus on fully upgrading your favorites. This approach ensures you always have a powerful option.
  2. Experiment: Try out different weapons and combinations to find what suits your playstyle. You might find a hidden gem you wouldn’t have considered otherwise.
  3. Save Halos: Don’t spend all your halos on consumables. Save them for buying techniques and upgrading your weapons.

Unlocking and upgrading weapons in Bayonetta 2 not only makes you stronger but also allows you to experiment with different fighting styles. Keep exploring, keep fighting, and soon you’ll have an arsenal that makes even the Eldritch horrors think twice before coming at you. Now go out there and unleash hell, or should we say The Gates of Hell!

Bayonetta 2: Weapons and Upgrades#

Best Weapons for Each Situation#

Bayonetta 2 is all about style and power. But to be truly unstoppable, you need the right weapons for every situation. Here’s a guide to help you make the best choices and max out your combos!

1. General Combat#

Love is Blue#

  • Why It’s Good: Love is Blue, Bayonetta’s default guns, are incredibly versatile. They work well for both close and long-range combat. Their balanced damage and speed make them a reliable choice when you don’t know what’s coming next.
  • When to Use: Since they’re good all-around, you can use them in almost any fight, especially when you’re getting used to the game mechanics. They shine when you’re facing a mix of enemies and need to be quick on your feet.


  • Why It’s Good: Undine is a set of flame and ice throwers. It’s perfect for elemental advantages. Use fire for massive damage and ice for freezing and slowing down enemies.
  • When to Use: Utilize Undine when battling larger, slower enemies or when elemental damage can give you the upper hand. They’re also great for breaking shields.

2. Crowd Control#


  • Why It’s Good: Dual wield these blades to slash through groups of enemies. They provide quick attacks and wide-range damage.
  • When to Use: When you’re surrounded by a crowd of enemies and need to clear some space, Rakshasa will help you slice through them quickly.

Chain Chomp#

  • Why It’s Good: Yes, it’s literally a Chain Chomp from the Mario series! It deals huge area damage.
  • When to Use: Great for dealing with large groups of weak enemies. Its heavy attacks can hit multiple enemies at once, making crowd control a breeze.

3. Boss Fights#


  • Why It’s Good: This scythe weapon has long reach and hits hard. While slow, its powerful attacks are perfect for dealing heavy damage to bosses.
  • When to Use: When facing a boss, especially one that’s huge and makes slower, telegraphed attacks. Use Chernobog to deal heavy damage during openings in their defense.


  • Why It’s Good: These whips are perfect for maintaining distance and have great combo potential. They’re fast and can keep bosses at bay.
  • When to Use: Use Alruna when you need to avoid close combat with a boss. The range will help you stay safe while still dealing good damage.

4. Aerial Combat#


  • Why It’s Good: Kafka is a bow that shoots poisonous arrows. It does great damage from a distance and keeps you out of danger.
  • When to Use: When fighting flying enemies or needing to attack safely from afar. It’s especially useful in scenarios where you need to stay airborne.


  • Why It’s Good: This giant hammer delivers massive damage and can hit multiple enemies in the air.
  • When to Use: Perfect for aerial juggle combos. When you’re in the air, use Takemikazuchi to keep enemies up there and deal big damage.

5. Speed and Agility#


  • Why It’s Good: Mess up your enemies with these chainsaws. They provide continuous damage and are super fast.
  • When to Use: Great for up-close combat where you need to dodge quickly and still damage your enemy. Perfect for those who like to play aggressively.


  • Why It’s Good: This katana is quick and efficient. It provides swift slashes and can deal decent damage quickly.
  • When to Use: Use Shuraba when you face fast enemies and need to match their speed. It’s an excellent choice for players who like to strike quickly and move.

Tips for Weapon Mastery#

  • Experiment: Try different combinations and see which weapons fit your play style.
  • Practice Combos: The more you practice, the smoother your combos will be. Each weapon set has unique combo strings.
  • Upgrade: Don’t forget to upgrade your weapons to unlock their full potential.

By selecting the right weapons for each situation, you’ll not only survive but also dominate in Bayonetta 2. Remember, it’s all about finding the right balance that fits your style and the enemy you’re facing. Happy hunting!

Using Weapons Effectively#

Bayonetta 2 is filled with flashy combos and satisfying action, but mastering your weapons can take you from stylish to absolutely unstoppable. Here’s how to use each weapon effectively and make the most out of Bayonetta’s arsenal.

Scarborough Fair & Love is Blue#

Basic Overview#

These dual pistols are Bayonetta’s default weapons and are pretty versatile. They allow for a good balance between speed, range, and combo potential.

Tips for Use#

  • Chain Combos: Use them to keep your combos going. They may not deal massive damage in one hit, but consistent firing racks up damage over time.
  • Stay Mobile: Pistols let you stay on the move while attacking. Always be dodging and shooting to build up your magic meter for Torture Attacks and Wicked Weaves.
  • Long Range: Utilize their range for enemies too dangerous up close. This keeps you safe while dishing out decent damage.


Basic Overview#

These dual katanas are perfect for players who love close-quarters combat. They’re stylish, fast, and deadly up close.

Tips for Use#

  • Unique Combos: Mix light and heavy attacks to find the best combo length and power for different enemies.
  • Witch Time Opportunities: Use their quick attacks to bait enemy hits you can dodge, triggering Witch Time for major damage.
  • Aerial Dominance: Great for launching enemies and following up with air combos. Keep them suspended and helpless.


Basic Overview#

These flame whips provide great crowd control. They might be slower, but they hit multiple enemies with each swing.

Tips for Use#

  • Crowd Control: When you’re surrounded, Salamandra shines. They can hit multiple enemies, keeping you safe and in control.
  • Fire Damage: Their attacks have a flame effect, dealing extra damage over time to enemies.
  • Combo Extenders: Use the whips to pull enemies back to you if they get knocked away, keeping combos alive.


Basic Overview#

This scythe is a brutal weapon with massive reach and power. It’s slower compared to other weapons but hits extremely hard.

Tips for Use#

  • Power Over Speed: Don’t worry about missed hits. Each swing is devastating, so waiting for the right moment is key.
  • Death from Above: Chernobog’s aerial heavy attacks hit like a truck. Use it to divebomb enemies or keep aerial foes at bay.
  • Charged Attacks: Hold the attack button to charge up for a more powerful strike. Time it right to crush tough opponents.


Basic Overview#

These whips are speedy and versatile, excelling at long-range combat and keeping enemies stuck in place.

Tips for Use#

  • Grappling: Snag enemies from a distance and pull them to you. This works great for breaking up groups or dealing with pesky ranged attackers.
  • Speedy Combos: Their fast attacks are easy to chain together, keeping enemies locked down and helpless.
  • Witch Time Benefits: Alruna’s speed makes it easier to dodge into Witch Time, where you can unleash even more chaos.


Basic Overview#

A bow with arrows imbued with poison. It’s great for those who prefer keeping their distance and hitting enemies over time.

Tips for Use#

  • Poison Damage: Even if you’re not doing tons of upfront damage, the poison ticks will wear enemies down.
  • Keep Your Distance: Perfect for maintaining range. Stay away from danger while slowly whittling down foes.
  • Target Weak Spots: Aim for enemy weaknesses; different enemies will have different vulnerable areas.

Pro Tips for Weapon Mastery#

Switching Weapons#

  • Mix It Up: Don’t stick to just one weapon. Each enemy and situation can call for different tools. Practice swapping weapons mid-combo to keep your attacks fresh and unpredictable.
  • Dual-Wield Options: Bayonetta can equip different weapons on her hands and feet. This allows for even more customization and combo potential. Experiment with combinations like Chernobog on hands and Alruna on feet to find your perfect setup.

Training Mode#

  • Practice Combos: Spend time in the training mode to get a feel for timing and combo execution. Knowing your moves helps you in real battles.
  • Experiment: Try different weapon combinations and setups. You might find a new favorite playstyle or discover powerful synergies.

With these tips, you’ll soon be slicing, striking, and shooting your way to victory in the most stylish ways possible. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep experimenting and honing your skills with Bayonetta’s diverse arsenal. Happy hunting!

Finding Hidden Weapons in Bayonetta 2#

In Bayonetta 2, getting powerful hidden weapons can make a big difference in ripping through enemies. These weapons are scattered throughout the game, often kept secret or locked behind challenges. Here’s how to uncover and unlock them all.

1. Pulley’s Butterfly#

Pulley’s Butterfly is a weapon that’s great for dealing with groups of enemies. To get it, you’ll need to:

  • Complete the game on Normal difficulty.
  • After the credits roll, head to the Chapter Select screen.
  • Choose the new sub-chapter called “Jeanne’s Memories.”
  • Complete this secret chapter to unlock the weapon.

2. Rakshasa#

The twin blades called Rakshasa allow for quick and fluid combat. Here’s where to find them:

  • While playing Chapter 2, look for the second Muspelheim challenge.
  • You need to complete this challenge to earn the Rakshasa.

3. Kafka#

The bow and arrow weapon Kafka can be found early if you know where to look:

  • Head to Chapter 4: The Two Meet.
  • Keep an eye out for a wrecked clocktower located in a secret area.
  • Look around thoroughly, and you’ll find a chest containing Kafka.

4. Chernobog#

The scythe known as Chernobog is particularly deadly. Unlock it by:

  • Progressing to Chapter 13.
  • After defeating a huge mech boss, continue until you find glowing red rings.
  • Investigate around this area to find a hidden portal.
  • Inside the portal, complete the challenge to earn Chernobog.

5. Undine#

Undine channels fire and ice, making it very versatile. Here’s the process to get it:

  • Start at Chapter 5: The Cathedral of Cascades.
  • Midway through the chapter, you’ll encounter another Muspelheim challenge.
  • Successfully complete this challenge, and you’ll receive Undine.

6. Salamandra#

To obtain the chainsaws known as Salamandra, follow these steps:

  • Go to Chapter 10, and progress until you’re mid-chapter.
  • Look around the central plaza for a hidden entrance.
  • Inside, complete the time-based challenge to get the weapon.

Tips for Finding Hidden Weapons#

  • Explore Thoroughly: Hidden weapons are often off the beaten path. Check every nook and cranny.
  • Complete Muspelheim Challenges: These special arenas often hold secret weapons as rewards.
  • Replay Chapters: Don’t hesitate to replay chapters if you miss something. Hidden areas can appear after certain events.
  • Utilize Witch Time: Use your Witch Time abilities to uncover hidden areas—sometimes they’re tucked away behind intense battles.

By following these tips and keeping a sharp eye out, you’ll be able to find all the secret weapons in Bayonetta 2. Equip them wisely, and you’ll dominate the battlefield with style and power. Happy hunting!

Strategies for Weapon Upgrades#

Bayonetta 2 is packed with incredible weapons that can turn even the hardest battles into stylish victories. Upgrading these weapons isn’t just about getting more powerful; it’s about unlocking new moves and abilities that make combat even more fun. Here’s a breakdown to help you get the most out of your upgrades and dominate your enemies with flair.

Understanding Weapon Categories#

In Bayonetta 2, weapons are divided into three main categories:

  • Hand Weapons: Guns, swords, and whips you wield in your hands.
  • Feet Weapons: Weapons like chainsaws and whips strapped to your feet, adding extra versatility.
  • Combined Weapons: Some weapons can be equipped both on hands and feet for combo potential.

Knowing the difference is crucial for planning your upgrades and gear sets for different battles.

Key Tips Before You Start Upgrading#

1. Prioritize Your Playstyle: Before diving into upgrades, think about how you like to play. If you enjoy fast-paced, close combat, swords and claws might be more your style. Prefer to keep a distance? Focus on guns and projectile-based upgrades.

2. Collect Halos: Halos are the main currency for upgrades. You earn them by defeating enemies, finding hidden areas, and performing well in battles. Don’t splurge them early; save them for significant upgrades that fit your style.

3. Experiment First: Each weapon feels different in combat. Spend time in the practice mode or against early enemies to get a feel for each one. This helps you decide which upgrades will benefit you the most.

Smart Upgrading Strategies#

Early Game#

1. Love is Blue (Handguns)#

  • These are your starting weapons and remain useful. Upgrading early gives more damage and slightly better combos. Ideal if you find yourself struggling with early enemies.
  • First Upgrade: Damage Boost 1 – Increases your basic attack power, making it easier to take down foes.

2. Alruna (Whips)#

  • Great for crowd control and dealing with multiple enemies. Upgrading these early can turn difficult encounters into manageable fights.
  • First Upgrade: Range Increase – Extends the reach of the whip, allowing you to hit enemies from further away and keep a safe distance.

Mid Game#

3. Rakshasa (Swords)#

  • Unlocks a wide array of combos making you a whirlwind of destruction. Focus on their speed and damage early, then enhance combo versatility.
  • First Upgrade: Speed Boost – Swing those blades faster for quick, deadly strikes that interrupt enemies.

4. Kafka (Bow)#

  • For ranged combat, Kafka is an excellent choice. Upgrades improve accuracy and damage, making it perfect for thinning out enemies before they reach you.
  • First Upgrade: Damage Enhancement – Boost arrow damage to take enemies out from afar more efficiently.

Late Game#

5. Rodin (All-Purpose)#

  • Acquiring and upgrading Rodin’s weapons means massive damage and insane combo potential. They’re expensive but absolutely worth it.
  • First Upgrade: Combo Madness – Unlock extra combo strings that let you chain together devastating attacks effortlessly.

6. Chain Chomp (Feet Weapon)#

  • A playful nod to Mario, this weapon is both fun and extremely powerful once upgraded. Great for crowd control and massive damage.
  • First Upgrade: Enhanced Chomp – Increase the damage and range of each chomp, making it even deadlier in groups.

Tactical Upgrades#

1. Witch Hearts and Moon Pearls#

  • While not weapons, upgrading your health and magic is crucial. Witch Hearts increase your maximum health, and Moon Pearls extend your magic gauge. Balance your spending between these and weapon upgrades for a truly robust Bayonetta.

2. Accessory Synergy#

  • Some accessories synergize better with certain weapons. For example, the Gaze of Despair accessory, which causes enemies to enrage, is perfect with fast, high-damage weapons like Rakshasa.
  • Tailoring your accessories to your upgraded weapons maximizes your effectiveness in combat.

Handling Boss Fights#

1. Analyze Boss Patterns#

  • Boss fights are intense, so use weapons that you’re comfortable and skilled with. Upgraded weapons that you’ve mastered will make these battles smoother.
  • Learn the boss patterns and equip weapons that allow quick dodging and counter-attacks.

2. Switch During Fights#

  • Don’t be afraid to switch your weapons in the middle of a battle. If a boss fight drags on, changing to an upgraded weapon that suits the current phase can turn the tide.

Final Thoughts#

Upgrading weapons in Bayonetta 2 isn’t just about raw power—it’s about enhancing your overall combat experience. Focus on what works for your play style, save up Halos wisely, and balance your upgrades between offense, defense, and utility. With these strategies, you’ll stylishly shred through your enemies in no time.

Remember, in Bayonetta 2, style is everything. Keep experimenting, keep upgrading, and most importantly, have fun!

Bayonetta 2: Weapons and Upgrades
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