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Bayonetta 2: Unlockables and Secrets

Welcome to our ultimate guide on Bayonetta 2: Unlockables and Secrets! Whether you’re a seasoned witch or a new recruit stepping into the shoes of the sultry Umbran beauty, this guide will help you uncover every hidden gem in the game. Prepare to delve into the thrilling world of Bayonetta 2 as we reveal the secrets behind finding hidden items, unlocking secret areas, utilizing cheats and shortcuts, exploring hidden paths, and achieving 100% game completion. Read on to unleash the full potential of your gameplay and become the ultimate Umbra Witch!

Bayonetta 2: Unlockables and Secrets#

Finding Hidden Items#

Alright, witch hunters! Bayonetta 2 is packed with hidden goodies waiting to be found. To help you get every last treasure, let’s dive into some tips and tricks for finding those elusive hidden items.

Break Everything#

First rule of Bayonetta 2: if it looks breakable, break it. Trash cans, benches, crates, vases - you name it. Smashing up the environment can reveal hidden items like Halos, Magic, and Health Lollipops. So next time you’re in a fancy cathedral or dark alley, don’t be afraid to make a mess.

Look for Hidden Verses#

Hidden verses are secret combat challenges tucked away in the nooks and crannies of each level. Completing them will often reward you with useful items. These hidden battles usually hint at their presence through unusual paths or out-of-the-way spots. If you spot a peculiar archway or an isolated platform, chances are a hidden verse is nearby. Check ‘em all out to get those extra goodies.

Pro-tip: Sometimes you need to backtrack as new areas can open up after “finishing” the primary section of a level. Keep your eyes peeled and always be on the lookout!

Witch Time Puzzles#

Witch Time can reveal hidden paths or objects that are normally out of reach. Trigger Witch Time by dodging enemy attacks at the last second, then explore quickly before the time returns to normal. You may find hidden items like Broken Witch Hearts or Moon Pearls, essential for boosting Bayonetta’s health and magic. Time to practice those perfect dodges!

Music Clues#

Keep your ears open for music changes. Sometimes, a shift in the background music can indicate nearby secrets or items. The game’s soundtrack provides subtle hints, guiding you toward hidden treasures. So crank up that volume and follow the beat to find those elusive collectibles.

Secret Alphabets#

Throughout the game, you’ll notice ancient-looking alphabets scribbled on walls and ceilings. These inscriptions often mark hidden items or secret paths. Use your keen witch senses to decode their meanings or simply brute force your exploration. If you find a glyph, chances are good a treasure isn’t far behind.

Always Check Your Map#

Your map is your best friend. It marks your objectives but can also reveal unexplored paths. Rooms or passages that don’t follow the main path may hide secrets. Always consult your map frequently to ensure you’re not missing out on any tantalizing hidden items. Also, red marks usually signal areas where hidden items or verses can be found. Don’t miss them!

Explore Everywhere#

The Witch’s world is filled with surprises. Eye even the most innocuous-looking places. Sometimes an extra collectible is just a jump, kick, or panther form away. Use your witch transformations to access hard-to-reach areas. Some items are hidden in vertical spaces, so don’t forget to look up and down, not just straight ahead.

Hidden Bosses, Hidden Rewards#

Secret bosses lurk within the game, offering substantial rewards for those who locate and defeat them. Finding these hidden fights isn’t always easy, but they’re worth the extra effort for the treasures they guard, usually broken hearts or rare crafting materials. Be persistent and check behind suspicious-looking walls or below ground levels.

Armed with these tips, you’ll be scouring Bayonetta 2’s world like a pro, picking up all the hidden treasures it has to offer. So go forth and unravel every secret this enchanting game hides. The witching hour awaits!

Unlocking Secret Areas in Bayonetta 2#

Bayonetta 2 is packed with hidden nooks and crannies filled with rewards that can make your journey way more exciting. Whether you’re after extra abilities, health upgrades, or just some cool Easter eggs, our guide’s got you covered with the step-by-step on how to unlock these secret areas.

Secret Area Basics#

First up, you gotta know that secret areas aren’t always just tucked away in the corners of the maps. Sometimes, it’s about the timing or using the right moves. Look out for:

  • Broken Walls: These can be disguised as regular parts of the environment. Smashing through these can reveal hidden paths.
  • Teleportation Mirrors: These shiny objects can transport you to secret stages.
  • Time-Limited Events: Keep an eye out for events that only appear under certain conditions.

Starting Point: Chapter 1#

In Chapter 1, there’s a secret area right after the first fight with the angels. Before you proceed through the main path, check out the nearby wall sections. Look for one that looks a bit worn out. Perform a powerful attack to break it down and hop inside to find a hidden chest packed with goodies.

Platinum Ticket Area: Chapter 4#

Fast forward to Chapter 4. Here, after finishing the third battle, head towards the west side of the arena. You’ll spot another suspicious wall. Break it open to find a hidden route leading to a witch heart or a piece of broken moon pearl.

The Underworld Entrance: Chapter 6#

In Chapter 6, right after defeating the enchant enemies, take a detour from the beaten path. Instead of moving forward, look for a glowing floor tile nearby and perform a Witch Time dodge. This will unlock a portal to an underworld secret area filled with enemies and treasures.

Alfheim Portals: Throughout the Game#

Remember the Alfheim portals from the first Bayonetta game? They’re back! These are optional challenge arenas. To enter, you’ll need to find the portal. They’re often hidden in plain sight, but you must activate them by standing on specific tiles and performing special moves. Completing these challenges can earn you valuable items like witch hearts and moon pearls.

Enchanted Keys and Locks: Various Chapters#

Throughout various chapters, you’ll find enchanted keys. Picking these up can unlock different secret areas. For example, in Chapter 5, grabbing a key lying near a broken structure and backtracking to an earlier section with a sealed door can open up a new area loaded with enemies and treasures.

Tips for Hunting Secret Areas#

  • Listen for Sound Cues: The game often uses sound hints like twinkles or mystery chimes to signal nearby secrets.

  • Explore Every Path: Whenever you come across a fork in the road, try taking the less obvious path first.

  • Backtrack Often: Sometimes unlocking one thing can affect earlier parts of the level.

  • Use Items: Certain items might reveal secrets you’d otherwise miss. Keep your inventory stocked!

With these tips and tricks up your sleeve, you should be well-equipped to uncover every hidden gem in Bayonetta 2. Get out there, explore, and take full advantage of all the game’s secret offerings!

Using Cheats and Shortcuts#

So, you’re diving headfirst into the wild, witchy world of Bayonetta 2 and maybe finding it a tad overwhelming? Don’t worry, there are a few cheats and shortcuts you can use to boost your progress and make things easier. Let’s take a look!

Code Entry with the Umbra Witches’ Tears of Blood#

First things first, Bayonetta 2 allows players to input cheat codes using a special currency called “Umbra Witches’ Tears of Blood”. These Tears are scattered throughout the levels and can also be earned by completing certain challenges. Here’s a quick step-by-step on using them:

  1. Head over to Chapter Select Screen.
  2. Ensure you have enough Umbra Witches’ Tears of Blood for the cheat you want to input.
  3. Enter the following codes with the Joy-Con or Pro Controller to unlock special goodies.

Here’s a couple of example codes:

  • Rodin’s Treasure (Unlocks all accessories): ↓ ↓ ↓ ↑ (left stick) + RT + LT + ZR + ZL
  • Old Cathedral (Unlocks a particular chapter early): ↓ ↓ ↓ ↑ (left stick) + RT + LT + RT + ZR + X + Y + A + B

These codes are super handy if you’re looking to get your hands on powerful upgrades or access harder-to-reach areas without the grind.

Unlocking Characters with Cheats#

Everybody loves a good character unlock, right? In Bayonetta 2, you can use cheats to speed up this process. Here’s how you can snag some unlockable characters.

  1. Jeanne: Beat the game on any difficulty and purchase her from the Gates of Hell for 30,000 Halos. Don’t have time? Input this code for a faster route:

    • Jeanne Code: ↑ ↑ ↑ ↓ (left stick) + RT + LT + RT + ZR + X + Y + B + A
  2. Rosa: Complete the game on 3rd Climax difficulty, or use this code with enough Tears:

    • Rosa Code: ↓ ↓ ↓ ↑ (left stick) + RT + LT + RT + ZR + A + B + A + B

Infinite Climax Mode Shortcut#

Wanna skip straight to Infinite Climax mode? Normally, you’d have to beat the game on all lower difficulties first. But there’s a shortcut for that too:

  • Shortcut Code: ↓ ↑ ↓ ↑ (left stick) + RT + LT + RT + ZR + X + Y + B + A

Now you can plunge into the toughest available mode right from the start if you’re feeling daring!

Currency Glitches and Farming Shortcuts#

Halos are your main currency in Bayonetta 2, and earning them can sometimes feel like a slog. But fear not, a few trusty farming spots and glitches can stockpile your wallets much faster.

  1. Chapter 14 Farming Method: This chapter is great for collecting Halos. Equip the Gaze of Despair accessory to make enemies drop more currency. Repeating this chapter can net hundreds of thousands of Halos in no time!

  2. Rodin’s Shop Glitch: Although a bit patched, some older versions of the game might still let you exploit:

    • Endless Halos: Buy and sell the “Bracelet of Time” as it lets you sell it back for more than its purchase price under certain conditions.

Remember, while these cheats and shortcuts can help out, they can also affect the enjoyment of mastering the game’s natural flow and difficulty. Use them responsibly!

Final Tips#

A few more quick tips before we go:

  • Practice Makes Perfect: Even with cheats, Bayonetta 2 rewards skill. Spend some time in practice mode to hone your fighting skills.
  • Use Your Witch Time: Timing is key in this game. Learn enemy patterns to make the most out of Witch Time.
  • Explore: Don’t forget to explore levels fully. There are hidden pickups and secrets scattered everywhere.

Using cheats and shortcuts can help you enjoy Bayonetta 2 more and discover its rich depths without getting stuck. Happy gaming and may your combos be flawless, Witch!

Exploring Hidden Paths#

Bayonetta 2 is packed with hidden paths that lead to awesome rewards like Witch Hearts, Moon Pearls, and other goodies that can give you a serious edge in battle. Missing them means you might not be as powerful as you could be, so it’s totally worth your time to hunt them down. Here’s a handy guide to discovering those elusive nooks and crannies in Bayonetta 2.

Keep an Eye Out for Clues#

The first rule of finding hidden paths in Bayonetta 2 is to always be observant. Sometimes, it’s about spotting a crack in a wall or a ledge that looks just a bit out of place. Don’t be afraid to explore every corner of a level. If something looks even slightly suspicious, it probably is.

Use Witch Time to Your Advantage#

Witch Time isn’t just for evading enemies; it’s also a key tool for revealing hidden areas. Sometimes, you need to trigger Witch Time to make platforms appear or to slow down tricky obstacles that block secret paths. Look for opportunities to use Witch Time creatively.

Check Behind Breakable Objects#

Smashing things is pure joy, and it often pays off in Bayonetta 2. Look for breakable walls, pots, or crates. Behind these, you can often find hidden paths that lead to valuable treasures. Don’t leave any stone unturned (or rather, unbroken).

Look for Hidden Portals#

Some hidden paths aren’t obvious at all. You need to be on the lookout for hidden portals. These portals can lead to Muspelheim challenges or secret areas with treasures. They’re often tucked away in out-of-the-way spots, so if you see anything that looks like it might be hiding a portal, it’s worth investigating.

Follow the Butterflies#

There’s this neat little trick in Bayonetta 2 involving butterflies. Sometimes, you’ll see small, glowing butterflies fluttering around the environment. Don’t just ignore them – they’re often indicating a hidden path. Follow their flight and see where they lead you; you might just stumble upon a secret.

Utilize the Panther Within Ability#

Bayonetta’s Panther Within ability isn’t just for speed and cool stunts. It’s also incredibly useful for reaching hidden paths. Keep an eye out for long jumps or high platforms that seem just out of reach. Transforming into a panther can often get you there. Don’t forget to experiment with this ability in various spots.

Visit Locked Doors Again#

Locked doors are rarely just roadblocks. If you come across a locked door, mark it down mentally (or take some notes). As you progress through the game, you’ll often find keys or abilities that let you backtrack and open these doors, revealing hidden paths and secrets behind them.

Listen to the Music#

Bayonetta 2 has an amazing soundtrack, and it’s not just there for your listening pleasure. Sometimes, a slight change in music can be a clue that you’re near a secret area. If the music changes or you hear a chime, it’s time to investigate your surroundings carefully.

Engage with the Environment#

Finally, always interact with the environment. This means hitting switches, moving objects, and even using your weapons to shoot at suspicious-looking areas. The game’s world is highly interactive, and many hidden paths can be unlocked through environmental puzzles.


Exploring hidden paths in Bayonetta 2 is like going on a treasure hunt. The more you look, the more powerful Bayonetta will become. So don’t rush through those stunning levels. Take your time, explore every corner, and find those hidden gems. Happy hunting!

Bayonetta 2: Unlockables and Secrets: Completing 100% of the Game#

Ready to dive into the deep end to complete Bayonetta 2? Buckle up! This guide will help you achieve that 100% completion with some handy tips and tricks. Completing everything will unlock amazing rewards, extra challenges, and a whole lot of bragging rights.

Collecting All Witch Hearts and Moon Pearls#

First things first, you’ll need every Witch Heart and Moon Pearl. Witch Hearts increase your health, while Moon Pearls boost your magic. Here’s how to get ‘em all:

  • Exploration: Check every nook and cranny in both main missions and Muspelheim challenges. Breakable walls, secret passages, and hidden platforms often hide these precious items.
  • Muspelheim Challenges: These are special combat trials scattered throughout the game. Completing these will often reward you with a fragment of Witch Heart or Moon Pearl.
  • Shop Purchases: After accumulating enough Halos (the in-game currency), you can buy some Witch Hearts and Moon Pearls from Rodin’s shop, The Gates of Hell.

Finding All Umbran Tears of Blood#

Next, you’ll have to find all 50 Umbran Tears of Blood. These are scattered in each chapter and can appear as either crows, cats, or toads:

  • Crows: Usually found perched on high places or flying around. Be quick or these will dart away.
  • Cats and Toads: Generally, these critters are a bit more elusive, often hiding out in less obvious places. Use the Bat Within technique to reach some of these sneaky spots.

Pro Tip: Replay levels and thoroughly explore every section. Keep an ear out for the distinguishable sounds these animals make.

Completing Every Challenge#

To gain 100%, you’ll also need to crush every single Muspelheim challenge. Some tips for acing these difficult trials include:

  • Learn Enemy Patterns: Understanding how enemies attack will give you a huge advantage.
  • Upgrade Abilities: Ensure Bayonetta is equipped with the best techniques and weapons to handle any challenge.
  • Item Utilization: Don’t hesitate to use items and accessories that boost your performance in combat.

Collecting All Costumes#

What’s a witch without her wardrobe? To collect all of Bayonetta’s stylish costumes, you’ll need to:

  • Complete Challenges: Some costumes unlock as rewards for finishing certain tasks or challenges.
  • Amiibo Support: If you have Nintendo Amiibos, scan them for extra costumes from the Nintendo universe.
  • Shop Purchases: Buy costumes directly from The Gates of Hell with Halos after they’re unlocked.

Discovering All Weapons#

Unlocking all weapons involves a mix of finding hidden chests, completing specific challenges, or progressing the story:

  • Explore Thoroughly: Hidden chests are scattered throughout the game and often contain new weapons.
  • Complete Side Missions: Some weapons are rewards for finishing side missions or secret battles.
  • Defeating Rodin: Once you’ve amassed enough Halos, buy the platinum ticket to challenge Rodin and get his weapon.

Achieving Pure Platinum#

For the ultimate badge of honor, aim for Pure Platinum medals on every stage. While daunting, it’s doable with practice:

  • Perfect Combo Timing: Learn each combo to maximize points.
  • No Damage Runs: Strive to avoid all hits. Perfect dodges and Witch Time will be your best friends.
  • Fast Clear Time: Defeat enemies quickly while maintaining style.

Final Tips#

  • Replay Levels: Each run improves familiarity. You’ll spot items and secrets missed earlier.
  • Use Online Guides and Maps: Various fan-made resources can help pinpoint collectibles and hidden content.
  • Stay Patient: Completion can take time. Celebrate small victories along the way.

Following these steps will put you on the path to being the ultimate Umbran Witch. So gear up, stay stylish, and conquer Bayonetta 2 to the fullest!

Bayonetta 2: Unlockables and Secrets
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