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Battling Deviljho in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World (MHW) is more than a game; it’s a realm where legends are born, and epic sagas unfold with every hunt. Among the myriad of titans you’ll encounter, one stands out for its sheer ferocity and the adrenaline rush it promises: Deviljho, the World Eater. Battling this behemoth isn’t just a test of skill; it’s a rite of passage. This guide is your comprehensive map to not only survive but also conquer Deviljho, turning the terror of the New World into your triumphant tale.

Understanding Deviljho#

Before you dive headfirst into the jaws of danger, knowing your adversary is key. Deviljho, a Brute Wyvern, roams multiple territories, always in search of its next meal. It’s a nomadic nightmare, capable of invading almost any ecosystem to satisfy its insatiable hunger. Its distinguishing features include its massive, muscled body covered in dark scales, a fearsome jaw filled with razor-sharp teeth, and a temperament that’s as volatile as the Elder Dragons.

What makes Deviljho uniquely terrifying is its ability to harness the Dragon Element, unleashing devastating area-of-effect attacks that can decimate unprepared parties. Its raw strength is unmatched, capable of grappling with other large monsters and using them as weapons against the hunter.

Deviljho Strategies#

To stand a chance against this rampaging carnivore, robust strategies are essential. As a hunter, agility and awareness are your best friends. Deviljho’s attacks are mighty but not unbeatable, with tells that can be recognized and avoided with practice.

Keep Your Distance#

Maintaining a safe distance is crucial when facing Deviljho. Its most devastating attacks have a significant range but are also telegraphed. Learning the cues for its dragon breath or body slam can give you enough time to dodge or dive to safety.

Target the Weak Spots#

Like most monsters in MHW, Deviljho has specific vulnerabilities. Its head and belly are particularly susceptible to damage. Whenever opportunity knocks, unleash your fury on these areas to maximize your damage output. However, tread carefully; getting too greedy with your attacks can leave you vulnerable to its swift counters.

Utilize Traps and Environmental Hazards#

Strategically using the environment and your hunting tools can turn the tide in your favor. Pitfall Traps and Shock Traps offer moments of respite and opportunity for heavy attacks. Environmental elements, such as ledges for jumping attacks or boulders that can be dropped, provide additional tactical advantages.

Deviljho Weaknesses#

Understanding the chinks in Deviljho’s armor is pivotal for preparing your loadout and approach. Loading your arsenal with the right type of damage is a game-changer.

Elemental Weakness#

Deviljho is particularly vulnerable to Thunder and Dragon elements. Weapons infused with these elements can significantly increase your damage per second (DPS). Additionally, using armors that resist Dragon element can minimize the damage from its most lethal attacks.

Ailments Susceptibility#

This beast is also susceptible to various status ailments. Sleep, Paralysis, and Poison can alter the flow of battle in your favor. Coordinating with your team to exploit these weaknesses can lead to more openings for attack and reduce Deviljho’s mobility and aggression.

Deviljho Rewards#

Victory over Deviljho is not just a tale to boast about in the gathering hall; it’s also incredibly rewarding. Successful hunts yield materials that are critical for crafting some of the most powerful weapons and armor sets in the game. Deviljho scales, hides, and saliva are just a few of the spoils of war, essential for upgrading your gear to tackle even more formidable foes.

Exclusive Gear#

Deviljho weapons are renowned for their high attack power and inherent Dragon damage. These armaments are coveted by hunters aiming to elevate their arsenal. The armor sets not only offer robust defense but also unique skills that can empower various aspects of your hunting capabilities.

Decorations and Charms#

Beyond the raw materials, slaying Deviljho can also yield rare Decorations and Charms that enhance your gear’s abilities. These rewards can be the difference-maker in your builds, offering you the flexibility and power needed to face the Elder Dragons and other high-tier challenges in Monster Hunter World.

Advanced Deviljho Tactics#

For those with ambitions of becoming legends, mastering Deviljho requires more than just knowing the basics. Advanced tactics involve a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics and exploiting them to your advantage.

Perfecting the Dodge#

Timing your rolls and dives with precision can make you untouchable. Deviljho’s attacks, while powerful, have specific rhythms and openings that, when mastered, can turn a defensive retreat into a counterattack opportunity.

Utilizing the Clutch Claw#

Introduced in the Iceborne expansion, the Clutch Claw is a game-changer in hunts. Grappling onto Deviljjo not only allows you to steer its direction temporarily but also offers chances to weaken its hide or slam it into walls for significant damage.

Synergizing with Your Squad#

Hunting in a pack offers strategic depth. Designate roles among your team, such as a designated trapper, a healer running Wide-Range, or a damage dealer loaded with DPS. Effective communication and strategy can make the hunt not only more manageable but also more enjoyable.

Learning From Every Hunt#

Each encounter with Deviljho is a learning opportunity. Observing its patterns, experimenting with different strategies, and adapting your tactics are crucial for mastering this hunt. Take every defeat not as a setback but as a lesson; resilience is the hallmark of a true Monster Hunter.


Deviljho is a name that evokes fear and excitement among Monster Hunter World enthusiasts. It’s a brute that challenges your skills, preparation, and tenacity. Yet, with the right knowledge, strategies, and a bit of courage, this terror of the New World can be bested. Your victories over Deviljho will be the stuff of legend, tales that you’ll recount with pride as you carve your path through the epic saga of Monster Hunter World. Equip yourself with this guide, hunter, and set forth on your quest. The World Eater awaits, and glory beckons.

Battling Deviljho in Monster Hunter World
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