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Battling Crones in The Witcher 3

Embarking on a journey within the grim yet fascinating world of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, players will encounter a myriad of nightmarish adversaries and twisted plots that thicken the narrative’s grand tapestry. Among these encounters, a bout with the Crones of Crookback Bog stands as a quintessential moment that blends the lore-heavy tapestry of the game with its unparalleled combat mechanics, offering a challenge and narrative significance that few other moments can match. This guide dives deep into the heart of the bog to provide comprehensive strategies, unveil weaknesses, and ensure you know what rewards await those who can outwit these ancient beings.

Understanding Crones#

The Crones, or the Ladies of the Wood as they’re ominously known, are a trio of ancient beings possessing powers linked deeply with the world of The Witcher. Comprising Brewess, Weavess, and Whispess, these malevolent entities wield dark magics and command formidable creatures of the swamp, making any confrontation with them a daunting task. Recognized by their grotesque appearances and chilling domain in Crookback Bog, they intertwine closely with the land’s fate and the lives of its unfortunate inhabitants, positioning themselves as pivotal figures within the game’s expansive lore.

Before you venture into their domain, understanding the story and significance of these entities is crucial. They are not just another set of bosses to conquer – they are woven into the narrative; defeating them is as much a symbolic victory as it is a testament to your mastery of the game’s combat mechanics.

Crones Strategies#

Engaging the Crones in battle necessitates a multifaceted approach, combining Geralt’s physical prowess with his strategic use of signs and alchemy. Since you’ll be facing three distinct adversaries with unique abilities, flexibility and adaptability become your greatest assets.


  • Character Build: Ensure Geralt’s build is fine-tuned for the task. A balance between swordsmanship for damage output, alchemy for sustaining your vitality, and signs for crowd control is essential.
  • Potions and Bombs: Swallow for health regeneration, Thunderbolt for increased damage, and Tawny Owl for stamina regeneration are indispensable. Bombs like Grapeshot and Dancing Star can provide an edge in dealing with the minions summoned during the fight.


  • Isolation: Attempt to isolate one Crone from the others. Concentrate your attacks on one at a time, using the environment to your advantage, preventing them from overwhelming you with their combined force.
  • Dodge and Quen: Agility is key. Utilize dodge more than roll to save stamina, and keep Quen up at all times to absorb incoming damage.
  • Weak Points: Target the individual weaknesses of each Crone. Brewess relies more on physical attacks, Whispess utilizes necromancy, and Weavess employs magic and illusions. Adapt your tactics to exploit their preferences in combat style.
  • Sign Use: Yrden can slow them down significantly, providing openings. Igni is particularly effective against Whispess, given its capacity to disrupt spellcasting.

Crones Weaknesses#

Their ancient nature and powerful magic don’t render the Crones invincible. They each harbor key vulnerabilities that, when exploited, can tilt the scales in your favor.

  • Brewess: Primarily a brute force adversary, her attacks are powerful but can be dodged. Keep mobile and retaliate following her misses.
  • Weavess: Dependent on her magic, she can be interrupted with a well-timed Igni or Aard, making her susceptible to follow-up attacks.
  • Whispess: Perhaps the most diverse in her attacks, incorporating both magic and physical strikes, careful observation of her patterns and quick reactions to her summonings are critical.

Adapting your fighting style to exploit these weaknesses is paramount. Utilize Geralt’s signs for more than just damage or defense; use them to control the battlefield.

Crones Rewards#

Vanquishing the Crones rewards not just in loot, but in story progress and satisfaction. Each Crone drops unique items that are not only valuable in terms of coin but imbued with lore significance, deeply enriching the narrative experience.

  • Mutagens: Each Crone drops a unique mutagen that can be used to enhance your abilities, further tailoring your build to your combat style.
  • Relics: Weapons and armor pieces with distinct properties and appearances tied to the Crones enrich your arsenal and aesthetic choices.

Moreover, overcoming the Crones alters certain narrative paths, impacting the world and its inhabitants in ways only those wielding the power to defeat them can understand.

Advanced Crones Tactics#

For those seeking to elevate their combat prowess to the next level, incorporating advanced techniques and strategies can render this formidable foe manageable.

  • Timing and Patience: Learning the attack patterns and tells of each Crone can signal when to strike or pull back, elevating the importance of patience within the fight.
  • Hybrid Builds: Lean into hybrid builds that exploit the strengths of Geralt’s signs, swordsmanship, and alchemy. A balanced approach allows for adaptability in the heat of battle.
  • Environmental Awareness: Use the terrain to your advantage. Narrow spaces can limit the movements of the Crones, making them easier to isolate and attack.
  • Alchemy and Crafting: Beyond the standard potions, dive into decoctions that can provide niche advantages in the battle. Upgrading your gear with specific runes and glyphs can offer just enough of an edge to turn the tide.

Above all, anticipation and improvisation play crucial roles. No single strategy guarantees success; it is the ability to adapt and respond to the unpredictable nature of the battle that defines a true witcher.

The Witcher’s Path#

Battling the Crones of Crookback Bog is a landmark challenge within The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It encapsulates the essence of what makes the game an unforgettable experience: a blend of rich narrative interwoven with the thrill of combat against seemingly insurmountable odds.

Equipped with the insights and strategies outlined here, you’re now prepared to face these harrowing foes with confidence. Remember, beyond the mechanics and the loot, lies the heart of what it means to be a Witcher – standing against the darkness with swords drawn, ready to cast light upon the shadows. Let the battle commence.

Battling Crones in The Witcher 3
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