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Baruuk Guide

Welcome, fellow Tenno. Today, we probe into the depths of one of Warframe’s most enigmatic and fascinating frames – Baruuk, the Reluctant Warrior. Unlike the arsenal of destruction most Warframes represent, Baruuk tread a path of restraint, channeling his inner turmoil to unleash devastating powers only when absolutely necessary. This guide will unravel his mysteries, guiding you through his stats, how to welcome him into your arsenal, the optimum power mods, his unique polarity setup, and finally, our candid review of this pacifist monk.

Stats: The Anatomy of Restraint#

Baruuk’s base stats sculpt him as a formidable adversary, even before exploring into his unique abilities. With a higher-than-average health pool and an impressive armor rating, Baruuk can withstand substantial punishment. However, it’s his energy capacity that sets the stage for his ability-centric gameplay, offering a generous reservoir to fuel his tranquil but deadly abilities. These capabilities, combined with his evasion passive that grows as his restraint depletes, make him a surprisingly resilient warrior.

  • Health: 225 (at rank 30)
  • Armor: 150
  • Energy: 225 (at rank 30)
  • Shield: 75 (at rank 30)

Baruuk eschews the path of outright aggression for one of calculated defense, making these stats a reflection of his philosophy.

Procurement: Entering the Eye of the Storm#

Baruuk’s components and blueprints are obtained from “Little Duck” in Fortuna, requiring the player to pilot the complex socio-political landscape of Venus and the Solaris United faction. Each component – the Neuroptics, Chassis, and Systems – along with the main blueprint, demands standing with the Vox Solaris, the secretive arm of Solaris United engaged in direct confrontations with the Sentients.

To begin your journey toward acquiring Baruuk, you must first achieve a rank of “Agent” within Fortuna’s syndicate hierarchy, gradually working your way up to “Hand” with Vox Solaris. This path is no simple feat, requiring dedication, Tenno. Gather Toroids, participate in heists, and immerse yourself in the lore-rich quests Fortuna offers. Remember, patience is a virtue fitting for those seeking to walk in Baruuk’s peaceful yet powerful footsteps.

Power Mods: Harnessing Tranquil Fury#

Modding Baruuk is akin to carefully balancing a blade on the edge. It requires a fine-tuning of mods to amplify his abilities, without tipping over into wanton destruction. Focusing on ability strength, efficiency, and duration will elevate Baruuk’s performance, with range being a secondary concern given the intrinsic nature of his abilities to affect a wide area. Here’s a curated selection of mods to awaken the storm within the calm:

  • Intensify / Umbral Intensify: Boosting Baruuk’s ability strength increases the damage output of his “Desolate Hands” and the overall effectiveness of his other abilities.

  • Streamline / Fleeting Expertise: The cornerstone of any ability-focused frame, these mods ensure Baruuk can frequently use his powers to subdue enemies and protect allies.

  • Continuity / Primed Continuity: Extending the duration of Baruuk’s abilities, particularly “Elude” and “Serene Storm”, allows him to maintain his defensive stance and controlled aggression with greater efficiency.

  • Stretch / Augur Reach: Expanding the range of Baruuk’s abilities ensures that his pacifying presence is felt across the battlefield, offering respite to allies and hindering foes with ease.

Through the careful application of these mods, Baruuk transforms into the eye of the storm; calm yet perilously powerful.

Polarity: The Harmony of Opposites#

Baruuk’s polarity slots are a testament to his balanced playstyle, featuring a mix of V (Madurai), - (Naramon), and D (Vazarin) polarities. This diverse setup accommodates a wide array of mods, allowing players to tailor Baruuk to their preferred playstyle. Notably, his innate V polarities favor direct buffs to his ability strength and efficiency, whereas the - and D slots open avenues for enhancing his durability and the breadth of his abilities’ impact.

For those seeking to min-max Baruuk, employing an Aura Forma for utmost flexibility in Aura mods, and considering the use of an Umbra Forma, can significantly augment his capabilities. The delicate dance of modding Baruuk mirrors his approach to battle, blending aggression with defense, chaos with calm.

Review: The Storm Beneath the Calm#

Baruuk stands apart in the pantheon of Warframes. His design philosophy challenges the norm, advocating for a playstyle that emphasizes restraint, patience, and calculated release of power. This makes him a formidable ally in extended missions, where his ability to mitigate incoming damage, control large groups of enemies, and unleash devastating counterattacks shines brightest.

Yet, this strength is also his greatest weakness. Baruuk demands a thoughtful approach to combat, a playstyle that may not resonate with all Tenno. Those seeking the thrill of immediate, overwhelming force may find his methodical buildup of power less satisfying.

However, for those willing to embrace his tranquil fury, Baruuk offers a unique and rewarding experience, masterfully blending the art of peace with the necessity of war. In the hands of a patient and strategic player, Baruuk can turn the tide of battle without ever losing his serene stance, proving that true strength often lies in restraint.

In conclusion, Baruuk is a testament to Warframe’s rich character design, offering a deeply strategic, rewarding gameplay experience for those willing to burrow into his complexities. Whether defending the innocent or standing against insurmountable odds, Baruuk teaches us that even in the heart of chaos, there exists a calm; and within that calm, a storm waits to be unleashed.

Baruuk Guide
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