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Banshee Guide

Banshee Guide#

In the constantly evolving universe of Warframe, the siren song of Banshee beckons Tenno from across the cosmos. As a frame that balances deadly offensive capabilities with strategic support powers, she’s a virtuoso of destruction primed for those who prefer a symphony of bullets and soundwaves over brute force. This guide is your backstage pass to mastering Banshee, ensuring you hit all the right notes in your missions.


Banshee, like all frames, comes with her unique set of base statistics – a harmony of durability, agility, and power. Her stats embody the essence of a glass cannon, where mobility and offense are prioritized over defense. With a base health of 100 (300 at rank 30), shields of 100 (300 at rank 30), and an armor rating of 65, she doesn’t take kindly to heavy hits. However, a generous energy pool starting at 150 (225 at rank 30) allows her to frequently use her abilities, orchestrating the battlefield to her tune.


Unlocking Banshee plays out like a quest for rare vinyl, offering multiple paths with varying degrees of effort and luck required. One method to add Banshee to your arsenal involves the Tenno Research Lab within your Clan Dojo. Here, if your clan has completed the necessary research, you can replicate the Banshee blueprints (Helmet, Chassis, Systems, and the Banshee blueprint itself) with credits and then commence the crafting process in your foundry. The materials required are commonly sourced from missions across the star chart, though be prepared for the time investment in crafting each component and the frame itself.

An alternative, skipping the grind, involves direct obtainment through the in-game market. Banshee can be purchased pre-assembled for Platinum, Warframe’s premium currency, granting instant access but at the cost of trading financial for temporal investment.

Power Mods#

Maximizing Banshee’s potential requires a carefully composed loadout of Mods. In this concert of destruction, the right Mods act as amplifiers to her abilities, pushing her performance to eleven. Critical mods to consider include:

  • Intensity and Blind Rage boost Ability Strength, making her sonic attacks more lethal.
  • Streamline and Fleeting Expertise heighten Ability Efficiency, allowing you to cast abilities more frequently without depleting your energy reserves.
  • Stretch and Augur Reach increase Ability Range, which is vital for her crowd-control capabilities.
  • Primed Continuity and Constitution refine Ability Duration, making the effects of her powers last longer.

Remember, the symphony of combat requires balance. Over-modding in one area can cripple another, so fine-tune your build to match your playstyle and the demands of your mission.


Polarity in Warframe refers to the system that dictates how Mod capacity is consumed by each mod based on matching symbols. Banshee, akin to a sophisticated soundboard, comes with a mix of polarized and neutral slots to customize her build. Initially, she offers one Vazarin (D), two Madurai (V), and one Naramon (-) polarities, alongside an aura slot which is Madurai (V) polarized.

Properly matching Mod polarities reduces their capacity cost, allowing a more potent combination of upgrades. To further customize Banshee’s polarity slots for optimal Mod configurations, consider using Forma, a resource that allows you to add or change a slot’s polarity. Strategic application of Forma enables you to fine-tune your Banshee, making her a soloist capable of captivating solo performances or playing first chair in any squad.


Banshee is not the frame for every Tenno—it takes a conductor of chaos, someone with a keen sense of the battlefield’s rhythm, to unleash her full potential. In missions, she orchestrates from the backlines, using her devastating sonic powers to control the enemy, support allies, and amplify damage. Her first ability, Sonic Boom, generates a shockwave that can clear rooms by knocking back foes. Sonar, her iconic ability, exposes enemy weak points, allowing for precision strikes that can hit for massive damage. With Silence, she creates a zone of quiet around her, stunning enemies and making her ideal for stealth or rescue missions. Finally, Sound Quake channels her energy into the ground, creating a continuous shockwave that damages and incapacitates enemies, perfect for defending objectives or controlling crowds.

However, her composition requires a maestro’s touch. Without proper Mod arrangement and awareness, Banshee can quickly become overwhelmed, her low defenses making her vulnerable to swift defeat. Mastery of Banshee involves understanding the ebb and flow of combat, knowing when to strike with her powers and when to orchestrate from the shadows.


In the grand concert hall of Warframe, Banshee offers a playstyle that rewards precision, tactic, and an ear for the battlefield’s rhythm. Whether you’re a solo artist looking to top the charts or part of a band of Tenno touring the star chart, mastery of Banshee ensures your name will echo through the ages.

Remember, Tenno, in the symphony of war, Banshee conducts the power of sound itself—a force as old as time and as powerful as the cosmos. Embrace her abilities, mod her to perfection, and the battlefield will become your concert, with enemies merely players in the opus of your making.

Banshee Guide
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