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Azur Lane: Shipgirl Guide

Welcome to our ultimate Azur Lane: Shipgirl Guide! Dive into the captivating world of naval warfare and assemble the most powerful fleet with our comprehensive tips and strategies. Whether you’re a seasoned commander or a fresh recruit, this guide will enhance your gaming experience by covering all crucial aspects of shipgirl management. From Unlocking Shipgirls and identifying the Best Shipgirls for Each Role to Using Skills and Equipment Effectively, we’ll help you dominate the seas. Learn the secrets to Leveling Up Your Shipgirls efficiently and master the art of character customization with our Tips for Character Builds. Embark on your journey to become the ultimate admiral today!

Unlocking Shipgirls#

So, you’ve just started playing Azur Lane and you’re probably staring at that port, wondering how to fill it with awesome shipgirls. No worries! Unlocking shipgirls isn’t as complicated as it might seem. Here’s a straightforward guide to help you get those ship waifus into your fleet.

Building Shipgirls#

The primary way to unlock new shipgirls in Azur Lane is through the Construction feature. You’ll find this under the “Build” tab on the main screen. Here’s a step-by-step on how to get started with building:

  1. Choose Your Build Type: There are a few different build options - Light, Heavy, and Special. Each type has different shipgirls you can potentially unlock. For instance:

    • Light Builds generally include destroyers and light cruisers.
    • Heavy Builds tend to feature heavier ships like battleships and heavy cruisers.
    • Special Builds have a mix of rare and unique shipgirls.
  2. Gather Resources: You’ll need coins and wisdom cubes. Wisdom cubes are especially valuable and can be a bit rare, so use them wisely!

  3. Start Building: After selecting the build type and ensuring you have enough resources, hit the build button. The construction will take some time, but you can speed up the process with items like Quick Finishers if you’ve got ‘em.

  4. Get Your Ship: Once the construction time is up, go to the completed tab and behold your new shipgirl!

Events and Limited Time Ships#

Azur Lane frequently hosts events where you can unlock special shipgirls. These events usually have missions or special build pools. Keep an eye on the game’s notifications or the event banners to make sure you don’t miss out.

Some events also include map drops where shipgirls have a chance to drop as you complete stages within the event’s content. Make sure to grind those specific maps if there’s a limited shipgirl you’re aiming for.

The Gacha Factor#

While building and events are great, be prepared for some RNG gods. The random nature of these systems means you might not always get the shipgirl you want right away. Patience is key here, as is making sure you’re maximizing your chances by participating in events and regularly checking build options.

The Exchange Shop#

If luck isn’t on your side, there’s still hope! The Exchange Shop lets you trade medals for certain shipgirls. You earn medals from dismantling ships you don’t need (e.g., duplicates). Check the shop regularly, as the available shipgirls change over time. This is a vital resource for collecting rare or limited-time shipgirls you may have missed.

Commissions and Daily Missions#

Completing commissions and daily missions can also earn you the resources needed for construction, and sometimes directly reward you with shipgirls. So, never skip your dailies and always have commissions running to maximize your gains.


To wrap it up, unlocking shipgirls in Azur Lane revolves around:

  • Building through Light, Heavy, and Special construction types.
  • Participating in events for special ships.
  • Leveraging the Exchange Shop for missing units.
  • Utilizing commissions and daily missions for supplementary resources.

With these tools in your arsenal, you’re well on your way to building a powerful fleet filled with your favorite shipgirls! Happy sailing!

Azur Lane: Shipgirl Guide#

Best Shipgirls for Each Role#

Alright, Commanders, let’s talk about the best shipgirls for each role in Azur Lane. Whether you’re piecing together your perfect fleet or just want some pointers, this guide will help you assemble the best team for battle.

Destroyers (DD)#

Javelin is one of the starter girls you get, and she’s fantastic. Her evasion rate is top-notch, which means she dodges enemy attacks like a pro. Plus, her main gun and torpedo reload super fast. Once you get her retrofit, she becomes even more powerful.

Another destroyer with amazing firepower and torpedo abilities. Ayanami is not just good in PvE (Player vs Environment) but also shines in PvP (Player vs Player). She’s a solid all-rounder destroyer that deals tons of damage, especially after her retrofit.

Cruisers (CL and CA)#

Helena (CL):
Helena is a Light Cruiser who deserves a spot in your fleet. Her radar scan skill debuffs enemies, significantly increasing the damage your entire fleet deals. She is particularly useful against bosses or high HP targets.

Prinz Eugen (CA):
This Heavy Cruiser is an amazing tank. Her skill allows her to take hits for other ships, and she can heal herself over time. As a result, she adds a lot of staying power to any fleet and is great for tough battles.

Battleships (BB)#

Warspite’s accuracy and damage output are through the roof. Her skills allow her to target enemies with precision. She’s excellent for dishing out consistent damage, especially when you retro-fit her.

Hood’s barrage skill can destroy entire waves of enemies. Along with a high health pool, she’s fantastic for both clearing mobs and dealing with bosses. Plus, she looks cool doing it.

Aircraft Carriers (CV)#

Enterprise is a cornerstone for any fleet. Her skill “Lucky E” gives her a huge chance to deal double damage with her airstrikes, making her a boss killer and game-changer.

Essex has incredible aviation stats and great survivability. She’s particularly effective against other ships due to her anti-air capabilities which make her indispensable in difficult maps.

Support (Repair Ships)#

The best repair ship around, Akashi can heal your fleet over time, making her essential for tough missions. Her main function is to keep your team alive, and she does this job well.

Vestal is similar to Akashi but comes with low oil consumption, making her ideal for long missions where conserving resources is key. She’s not as powerful as Akashi but is a solid alternative.

Submarines (SS)#

A top-tier submarine, U-101 can deal significant damage and escape from peril quickly. Her skills improve her speed and attack power, making her a formidable foe beneath the waves.

I-13 stands out with her ability to launch air strikes while underwater. This unique trait makes her versatile and highly effective in various combat scenarios.

These are some of the best shipgirls for different roles in Azur Lane. Of course, your preferences and strategies will shape your fleet, but these picks are a great place to start. Assemble your fleet and set sail for victory!

Using Skills and Equipment Effectively#

Navigating the seas in Azur Lane isn’t just about having a powerful fleet; it’s about using your shipgirls’ skills and equipment to their fullest potential. Mastering this can mean the difference between smooth sailing and a shipwreck. Let’s dive into the basics and a few advanced tips to get you started.

Understanding Skills#

Each shipgirl in Azur Lane comes with unique skills that can significantly impact battles. These skills are automatically activated under certain conditions but knowing when and how they trigger can help you plan better.

  • Active Skills: These skills activate during battles based on specific conditions, like launching a barrage after a certain number of rounds or upon entering a battle. Examples include Enterprise’s “Lucky E,” which has a chance to launch a powerful airstrike, or Javelin’s “Assault Order,” boosting her torpedo damage.

  • Passive Skills: These skills provide ongoing benefits and don’t need specific triggers. For instance, Hood’s “Glory of the Royal Navy” increases your fleet’s firepower periodically.

Tips for Utilizing Skills#

  1. Synergy is Key: Build fleets with complementary skills. Pair ships whose skills boost each other. For example, pair Queen Elizabeth with other Royal Navy ships to maximize her fleet-wide buff.
  2. Focus on Stacking: Some skills amplify effects when combined. Atlanta and San Diego both increase anti-air capabilities, making them excellent in a fleet when facing aircraft-heavy enemies.

Choosing the Right Equipment#

Equiping your shipgirls with the right gear is critical. Eequipment can be categorized into four main types: guns, torpedoes, aircraft, and auxiliary items. Each ship type benefits differently from each category.


There are various guns, from battleship main guns to destroyer torpedoes. Ensure that:

  • Battleships and Battlecruisers have heavy-hitting main guns and secondary guns for close combat.
  • Destroyers and Light Cruisers focus on torpedoes and rapid-firing main guns.


Torpedoes are best for destroyers and light cruisers, providing significant burst damage. Higher torpedo stat means more destructive potential. Equip fast reload torpedoes for continuous pressure on enemies.


For your aircraft carriers, balance between fighters, bombers, and torpedo bombers is crucial:

  • Fighters provide air superiority, protecting your fleet and dealing moderate damage.
  • Bombers and torpedo bombers deal massive damage to enemy ships but require careful timing of their attacks.

Auxiliary & Equipment Items#

These can make or break a ship’s performance:

  • Equip Repair Tools and Autoloader for faster reload times and sustain.
  • Radar and Hydroacoustic Search improve detection and evasion, crucial for dodging enemy torpedoes and gunfire.

Advanced Tips#

  1. Refine and Enhance: Regularly enhance and retrofit your equipment to keep up with rising enemy levels. Don’t overlook the power of a fully enhanced purple-tier gear!
  2. Adapt to Enemy Types: Switch your equipment based on the type of enemies you’re facing. For example, load AA guns when anticipating heavy air attacks, or swap to higher penetration guns when facing armored enemies.
  3. Use Skill Books Wisely: Train skills using the appropriate skill books to level up your shipgirls faster. Skill levels can drastically improve their effectiveness in combat.

Final Thoughts#

Effectively using skills and equipment is a dynamic part of Azur Lane that adds depth and strategy to your gameplay. Keep experimenting with different combinations, stay updated on the best gear through events and research, and most importantly, tailor your fleets to fit the challenge ahead. Happy sailing, Commander!

Leveling Up Your Shipgirls#

Leveling up your shipgirls in Azur Lane is crucial to building a strong fleet. It might seem daunting at first, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with a simple, effective plan.

Understanding XP and Affinity#

First up, it’s all about experience points (XP) and affinity. Your shipgirls earn XP through battles, and higher levels mean stronger stats. Affinity starts at “Stranger” and maxes out at “Love,” affecting your shipgirl’s performance and even unlocking special boosts when you get to “Love.”

Set Up an Efficient Fleet#

To maximize XP gains, set up a fleet that balances power and resource management. Use stronger ships in the frontline and backline to support weaker, lower-level shipgirls. This way, the high-level ships protect the newbies, letting them collect XP safely.

Best Places to Grind XP#

One of the best ways to level up is to grind in high-XP areas. Here are some top picks:

  1. Supply Lines:

    • Start with Chapter 1 Supply Lines. They’re easy and give a steady flow of XP.
  2. Story Missions:

    • Progress to Story Missions like Chapters 3 and 4 for better XP gains.
  3. Hard Mode Stages:

    • When your fleet’s strong enough, try tackling hard mode missions for even more XP.

Auto Battle and Commissions#

Auto Battle#

  • Use auto-battle for grinding without the manual hassle. Set your fleet to auto-battle the stages you can clear easily.


  • Send your shipgirls on commissions to earn XP while you’re busy. Look for those that give bonus XP, and remember, longer commissions are better for maximum XP gains.

Weekly and Daily Missions#

Don’t forget about weekly and daily missions. They’re packed with XP rewards. Make sure to complete them for an extra boost.


  • Focus on XP-centric dailies if you’re short on time.


  • Knocking out the weekly missions provides substantial XP and additional rewards.

Exercises (PvP)#

Exercises are a great way to earn XP and boost affinity. Engage in PvP battles to get those rewards. Just make sure your fleet is capable enough to tackle other players.


  • Use your strongest ships.
  • Plan your attacks to maximize wins.

Limit Breaks#

Limit breaks are another critical part of leveling up. Use upgrade materials and currency to limit break your ships, unlocking higher maximum levels and better stats.

Enhancements and Gear#

You can’t just focus on levels. Gear and enhancements play a big part too. Equip your shipgirls with the best gear you have and keep enhancing their equipment for extra boosts in battle.


  • Regularly enhance your ships to keep them strong.
  • Focus on weapons and key equipment slots.

Dorm and Retrofit for Extra Boosts#


  • Keep your dorm upgraded and stocked with furniture to increase XP gain rates. Shipgirls resting in the dorm get bonus XP.


  • Retrofit your shipgirls whenever possible. This process massively boosts their stats and can make a huge difference in battles.

There you have it – a comprehensive rundown on leveling up your shipgirls in Azur Lane. Follow these tips, and soon enough, you’ll have a team of elite shipgirls ready to dominate any sea. Happy sailing, Commander!

Azur Lane: Shipgirl Guide#

Tips for Character Builds#

Welcome to the wonderful world of Azur Lane, where building the best shipgirl teams can make a huge difference in battles. Here are some tips and tricks to nail those character builds and dominate the seas.

Know Your Shipgirls’ Roles#

First things first, understand what your shipgirls are best at. Shipgirls fall into these categories:

  • Destroyers (DDs): Fast, nimble, and great at dodging. Fantastic for torpedoes and quick strikes.
  • Cruisers (CLs and CAs): Middle-ground ships. CAs have better armor, CLs are faster. Good balance between firepower and speed.
  • Battleships (BBs): Heavy hitters with powerful guns. They are slow but pack a mean punch.
  • Aircraft Carriers (CVs and CVLs): Use planes for long-range attacks. CVs are heavier, CVLs are faster but less tanky.
  • Submarines (SSs): Great for taking out backline ships, but fragile and limited in surface combat.

Balancing Your Fleet#

Having a balanced fleet is crucial. You need ships that can take hits and dish out damage. Here’s a simple template:

  • Frontline: 1 Heavy Cruiser or Battleship (tank + damage) + 2 Light Cruisers or Destroyers (speed + torpedoes)
  • Backline: 1 Battleship (hard hitter) + 1 Aircraft Carrier (air support) + 1 Additional Tank or Support Ship

This setup gives you a mix of speed, power, and support.

Enhancements and Gear#

Equip your girls with the best gear possible. Here’s what to look for:

  • Guns: Match the ship type. Put main guns on your BBs and secondary guns on DDs and CLs.
  • Torpedoes: Best on DDs and CLs with high torpedo stats.
  • Anti-Air: Equip cruisers and carriers with AA guns to fend off enemy planes.
  • Aircraft: For CVs and CVLs, prioritize fighters (air superiority), bombers (damage), and torpedo planes (focused strikes).

Don’t forget to upgrade your gear. Purple and gold equipment is the best, so prioritize those.

Skills to Maximize#

Every shipgirl has unique skills. Focus on maxing out key skills that complement their roles:

  • Frontend Ships: Skills that boost evasion, reload speed, and torpedo efficiency.
  • Backline Ships: Skills that enhance firing power, reload speed, and air dominance.
  • Support Ships: Skills that provide buffs or debuffs, like increased crit rates or decreased enemy defense.

Leveling and Limit Breaks#

Level up your shipgirls to unlock their full potential. Don’t ignore limit breaks, which can significantly boost their stats and unlock new abilities.

  • Focus on Main Fleet: Prioritize leveling the ships you use most often.
  • Farm for Bulins: Use these special ships for limit breaks without having to sacrifice duplicates.

Retrofit Your Ships#

Retrofitting can make your older ships competitive again by improving their stats and giving them new abilities. Check who can be retrofitted and prioritize ships that have significant gains.

Fleet Formation#

Fleet placement matters:

  • Backline: Place your strongest battleships in the middle position for optimal firepower delivery.
  • Frontline: Put your tankiest ship in the center to absorb damage, with agile DDs or CLs on the sides for flanking.

Keep an Eye on Affinity#

Happy ships fight better. Affinity boosts performance, so keep your shipgirls happy with gifts and by avoiding unnecessary losses.


Building the ultimate fleet in Azur Lane is all about understanding your shipgirls and their roles, equipping the right gear, enhancing key skills, and keeping your favorite ships happy. Mix and balance your fleet for the best results, keep everyone leveled, and retrofit when you can. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be cruising to victory in no time!

Azur Lane: Shipgirl Guide
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