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Azur Lane: Gacha and Construction Guide

Dive into the captivating world of Azur Lane with our comprehensive ‘Azur Lane: Gacha and Construction Guide’! Whether you’re a seasoned commander or a new recruit, mastering the art of gacha and ship construction can significantly enhance your fleet’s power and efficiency. In this guide, we’ll unravel the intricacies of the gacha system, highlight the best banners to pull from, and offer invaluable advice on managing your precious cubes and coins. Discover pro tips to maximize your chances of acquiring top-tier ships and learn the secrets to efficient construction. Ready to set sail for success? Let’s get started!

Understanding the Gacha System in Azur Lane#

In Azur Lane, the gacha system is how you build your fleet by acquiring new ships. Think of it like a massive, high-stakes lottery where your favorite anime-themed ships are the prizes! Here’s a deep dive into everything you need to know about how it works.

The Basics#

When you want to get new ships, you’ll head to the Build menu in the Academy, specifically shipbuilding. Here, you’ll see different build pools—like Light, Heavy, and Special—each offering different types of ships. Light builds are cheaper and faster but include more common ships. Heavy builds are pricier and take longer, but they often include powerful battleships and aircraft carriers. Special builds usually coincide with events and feature exclusive, limited-time ships.

Construction Resources#

To construct ships, you’ll need:

  1. Cubes: The primary currency for shipbuilding. You’ll find these through daily missions, events, or the Commissions tab.
  2. Coins: The secondary resource. You’ll gather these everywhere in the game, from battles to daily rewards.

The number of cubes and coins you need depends on the type of build. For example, a light build costs 1 cube and 600 coins, while a heavy build might cost you 2 cubes and 1500 coins.

Roll Rates and RNG#

Ah, the cruel world of RNG (Random Number Generator). Essentially, each ship has a set percentage chance to appear when you build. Rare ships naturally have a lower probability of dropping compared to common ones. These percentages can vary during special events, where certain ships may have an increased drop rate.

Construction Times#

Each type of ship has a specific build time. Here’s how it generally breaks down:

  • Destroyers and Light Cruisers: Around 1 - 1.5 hours
  • Heavy Cruisers: Around 2 - 2.5 hours
  • Battleships and Aircraft Carriers: 4 - 5 hours

You can check the timer to make an educated guess about what type of ship you’re getting before the build is done.

Quick Finishers#

If you’re impatient (which we all are, c’mon), you can use Quick Finishers to instantly complete your builds. These can be picked up from missions, events, or even purchased if you’re in a rush.

Pity System#

Here’s some good news for when you’re feeling unlucky: Azur Lane includes a Pity System. If you make a certain number of builds without nabbing a high-rarity ship, the game increases your chances. This is usually outlined during events and helps ensure that your efforts aren’t totally in vain.

Pro Tips#

  1. Check the event pool: Always see if there’s an ongoing event or limited-time ship available before you build. You don’t want to miss out on exclusive ships!
  2. Use your resources wisely: Split your builds between Light, Heavy, and Special to maximize your fleet’s diversity.
  3. Keep an eye on timers: Efficient time management will help you build a formidable fleet faster. Set alarms if needed!
  4. Don’t forget daily rewards: Routine rewards and missions often give cubes and coins, so maximize those opportunities.

With a bit of luck and strategic resource management, your fleet will soon be a force to be reckoned with. Happy building, Commander!

Best Banners to Pull From#

When it comes to gacha games like Azur Lane, knowing which banners to pull from can make a huge difference in strengthening your fleet. Let’s break down the top banners that you should keep an eye out for, whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned commander!

1. Limited Event Banners#

Limited event banners are, hands down, the best places to use your cubes and coins. These banners often feature exclusive ships that you can’t get anywhere else, and they usually have boosted drop rates for these ships too.

  • New Year Events: Typically around the start of January, Azur Lane hosts a New Year event that can have some fantastic exclusive ships. Keep your cubes handy because these are often some of the highest-quality ships released!

  • Anniversary Banners: Azur Lane anniversaries are celebrated with a bang, and the banners that come with them are among the best. You might see limited ships with unique art and powerful stats. Anniversary events usually happen around the middle to end of September.

Example of notable ships from these events include Amagi, Roon, and Friedrich der Große. These aren’t ships you’ll want to miss out on!

2. Collaboration Banners#

Collaboration banners are special events where Azur Lane partners up with other franchises to bring unique ships into the game. These ships are usually obtainable only during the event, making them super rare.

  • Kizuna AI Collaboration: Ships like Kizuna AI and Super Gamer Kizuna AI are fan favorites and offer unique abilities that blend well with different fleet compositions.

  • Neptunia Collaboration: Featuring ships like Neptune and Noire, which are not only cool for fans of the Hyperdimension Neptunia series but also come with strong stats and useful skills.

These banners are perfect for collectors and for spicing up your fleet with something a bit different.

3. Rate-Up Banners#

Rate-up banners aren’t limited per se but offer increased chances to get specific, normally-achievable ships. These banners can be excellent for filling in gaps in your roster or trying to get that one elusive powerful ship.

  • UR Ships Rate-Up: Ultra Rare ships are some of the strongest in the game. When there’s a rate-up for ships like Shinano or Ulrich von Hutten, you should definitely consider pulling.

  • Factions Rate-Up: Sometimes, banners will focus on specific factions like Eagle Union or Sakura Empire, offering increased rates for all ships from those factions. These are handy if you want to build a powerful, single-faction fleet.

4. Permanent Banners#

Although not as flashy as the limited event banners, permanent construction banners are always available and are the primary way to strengthen your fleet when special events aren’t active.

  • Light Construction: Best for getting a sunny lineup of destroyers and light cruisers. Ships like Ayanami and Cleveland tend to pop out of this banner.

  • Heavy Construction: Your go-to for beefy battleships and cruisers such as Hood and Takao.

  • Special Construction: If you’re hunting for aircraft carriers or unique ships with special skills, then this is your banner. Fan favorites like Akagi and Kaga headline this category.

Quick Tips for Smart Pulling#

  1. Save Your Cubes: Always save a good stash of cubes for big events or limited-time banners.
  2. Daily Free Pulls: Never forget to use your daily free pulls on the permanent banners.
  3. Check Patch Notes: Before spending, check patch notes or official announcements for upcoming banners to make the most informed decisions.

With these tips in your arsenal, you’ll be on your way to assembling an unstoppable fleet. Happy pulling and fair seas, Commander! 🚢⚓

Managing Cubes and Coins#

In Azur Lane, managing your resources like cubes and coins is crucial to building a powerful fleet and progressing smoothly. Cubes and coins are essential for many aspects of the game, including constructing new ships, enhancing gear, and upgrading facilities. Here’s a breakdown on how to effectively manage and utilize these precious resources.

Understanding Cubes and Coins#

Cubes: These are primarily used in the construction of new ships. You’ll need cubes to roll for new shipgirls in the gacha system. Each construction attempt can cost between 1 to 2 cubes depending on the build type (Light, Heavy, or Special).

Coins: Also known as Gold, these are your primary currency for almost everything. You need coins for ship construction, leveling up your shipgirls, enhancing gear, missions, upgrading dormitories, and more.

Efficient Use of Cubes#

  1. Prioritize Events: Many events feature limited-time ships that can only be obtained during that event. Save your cubes and spend them during special events to increase your chances of getting rare and powerful ships.

  2. Daily Builds: Try to complete your daily build quests as they often reward you with additional cubes and other materials. Even if you’re short on cubes, doing the minimal build requirements can yield long-term dividends.

  3. Plan Your Builds: Aim for build types that align with your current needs. For example, if you need more destroyers or light cruisers, focus on light builds which only cost 1 cube and 600 coins per try.

  4. Use Contracts: Construction contracts can be used to speed up the build time. Save these for high-tier constructions that take longer, maximizing your efficiency.

Efficient Use of Coins#

  1. Budget Wisely: Coins are needed for almost everything, so prioritize their usage. Before starting new constructions, make sure you have enough coins to maintain daily operations and shipgirl upgrades.

  2. Upgrade Gradually: It’s tempting to max out your favorite shipgirls, but this can drain your coins quickly. Upgrade them gradually and avoid spending a huge chunk of coins all at once.

  3. Farm Missions: Regularly complete missions and commissions which provide a steady stream of coins. Deploy your ships efficiently to maximize returns.

  4. Sell Equipment: You can sell excess equipment obtained from missions and events. This not only frees up inventory space but also gives you an additional source of coins.

  5. Dormitory Management: Upgrading your dormitory and keeping it well-stocked can provide long-term gains in both coins and shipgirl experience. Invest in the dormitory slowly but surely for future benefits.

Gaining More Cubes and Coins#

Daily and Weekly Missions: These often reward cubes and coins. Make sure to complete them regularly.

Events: Participating actively in events can net you a huge number of cubes and coins. Keep an eye out for event schedules and prepare accordingly.

Commissions: Always send your ships on commissions that reward cubes and coins. Use the dormitory and battles to keep your shipgirls in top shape for these tasks.

Shop: Occasionally, you can purchase cubes and coins directly from the shop using gems or other in-game currencies. Spend wisely and only if you’re in desperate need.

Tips and Tricks#

  • Avoid Random Spending: It can be tempting to throw cubes and coins at every ship you want, but set personal goals to stay disciplined.
  • Track Your Resource Usage: Keeping a mental note or even using a simple tracker can help in managing how many cubes and coins you’re spending daily.
  • Participate in Community: Join community forums and discord groups to know about upcoming events and gather strategies on better resource management.

Managing cubes and coins in Azur Lane requires a balance between immediate needs and future planning. By following these tips and keeping an eye on your spending, you’ll be able to expand your fleet effectively while still enjoying all the game has to offer. Happy sailing!

Maximizing Your Chances#

Understanding the Basics#

Let’s cut to the chase: Azur Lane’s gacha system is where you’ll be spending a lot of your resources. To get the best ships, you’ll need to know a bit about how it works. When building ships, you have two main resources to worry about—Wisdom Cubes and coins. Always keep an eye on your resources because they’re the key to adding those sweet, sweet ships to your fleet.

Types of Ship Constructs#

Azur Lane has three types of builds: Light, Heavy, and Special. Each build has its own pool of ships you can get. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Light Build: Costs fewer resources and has a higher chance of giving you destroyers and cruisers.
  • Heavy Build: More expensive, focusing on battleships and heavy cruisers.
  • Special Build: The priciest but has unique ships and special event characters.

Make sure you know what to expect from each build before you start spending those hard-earned resources.

Planning Your Builds#

Strategize Your Resources: The rate at which you spend Wisdom Cubes and coins will shape your fleet. It’s smart to save cubes during non-event periods so you can go all-out during events when new, limited-time ships are available.

Timers are Key: Each ship has a build time, and knowing these times can help manage your expectations. For example, Enterprise, a highly sought-after ship, has a build time of 2 hours and 20 minutes. If you see that time pop up, you know you’re in for a treat.

Special Building Events#

During special building events, you’ll often see new and limited-time ships added to the build pools. These are some of your best chances to snag powerful characters. Here’s what to do:

  • Stock Up: Prior to the event, stockpile Wisdom Cubes and coins.
  • Prioritize Your Builds: Focus on Special Builds or the one featuring event ships.
  • Daily Builds: Don’t use all your resources at once. Spread your builds across the event duration to maximize chances.

Utilize Commissions#

Send your ships on commissions to earn essential resources like Wisdom Cubes and coins. Prioritize commissions that reward these items to keep your construction resources well-stocked. Here’s how:

  • Check back frequently: Commissions refresh every few hours, so keep checking to select the most rewarding ones.
  • Use a balanced fleet: A well-rounded fleet will achieve the best results and fastest completion times.

Monthly Card and Supply Packages#

If you’re willing to spend a little real money, monthly cards and supply packages can give you a steady stream of resources. These small purchases can add up to significant gains over time.

Monthly Card: This is a great deal for frequent players as it provides consistent daily resources.

Event Packages: These often come during special events and can give you the extra push needed to get those event ships.

Final Tips#

  • Patience is a Virtue: Don’t be disheartened by poor pulls. Persistence is key in gacha games.
  • Use the Exchange: Sometimes the ships you want appear in the shop for medals or other items.
  • Keep Calm and Gacha On: Remember, Azur Lane is a marathon, not a sprint. Enjoy the game and treasure those exciting moments when you do get a fantastic new ship.

Now get out there, Commander! It’s time to build up your fleet like never before. Good luck!

Tips for Efficient Construction#

Building ships in Azur Lane can sometimes feel like a game of chance, but with a few smart strategies, you can make the most out of your resources and improve your chances of getting rare ships. Here are some tips to help you construct efficiently:

1. Know Your Ship Pools#

Azur Lane has different types of construction pools: Light, Heavy, and Special. Each pool has a different set of ships you can get. Light constructions focus on destroyers and light cruisers, Heavy constructions have a mix, and Special is where you can find carriers and some limited-edition ships. Understanding the pool can help you decide where to spend your resources.

2. Set Construction Goals#

Before you start, decide what ships you’re aiming for. Whether it’s filling out your collection or getting a specific ship for your fleet, having a goal helps you plan. Look out for events that might increase your chances of getting specific ships or provide limited-time versions of ships.

3. Resource Management#

Construction requires both Wisdom Cubes and coins. Always keep an eye on your resources:

  • Wisdom Cubes: These are the most crucial resource. Try to save up a good amount before any major event where rare ships are on offer.
  • Coins: Don’t spend all your coins on construction. You’ll need them for upgrades and other essential tasks.

4. Daily Missions and Events#

Complete daily missions to earn Wisdom Cubes and coins. Events also provide excellent opportunities to gather more resources and even get rare ships as rewards.

5. Time Your Builds#

Each construction takes a certain amount of time to complete. Use timers to your advantage. If you’re going for volume, start builds right before you log off for a while so they’ll be done when you return. Alternatively, log back in when constructions finish to start new ones, maximizing your build rate.

6. Use Speed-Up Items Wisely#

Speed-up items can instantly complete a build. Save these for when you’re targeting limited-time ships or during events when you need a lot of completions quickly.

7. Check These Construction Times#

Some players like to check construction times as a hint of what ship they might be getting. For example:

  • Light Construction:
    • 1 hour 30 minutes often means a common destroyer like Javelin.
    • 2 hours could be a cruiser.
  • Heavy Construction:
    • 4 hours usually means you’re getting battleships or carriers.

Getting familiar with these can heighten the excitement or help manage expectations.

8. Follow Community Resources#

Communities often track drop rates and publish construction guides. Reddit, Discord, and the Azur Lane wiki are excellent places to find the latest info on construction rates and strategies. Other players’ experiences can offer valuable insights and tips.

9. Don’t Chase Single Ships#

While it’s tempting to spend everything chasing one rare ship, diversifying your fleet often yields better results over time. Every new ship can add value and strength to your fleet, even if it’s not the one you initially wanted.

10. Patience Pays Off#

Remember, Azur Lane is partially a game of patience. It might take some time to get that elusive ship, but building smart and efficiently will help you get there eventually.

By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be in a better position to manage your resources and maybe even get lucky with some amazing ships! Happy constructing!

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