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Azur Lane: Event Guide

Welcome to your ultimate Azur Lane: Event Guide! Dive into the thrilling world of Azur Lane events, where unique challenges and exclusive rewards await. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know, from Participating in Events to snagging the Best Rewards and How to Earn Them. Learn the art of Managing Limited-Time Resources and master the ins and outs of Completing Event Quests. And don’t miss out on our expert Tips for Maximizing Event Participation to ensure you make the most of every opportunity. Ready to level up your game? Let’s set sail!

Participating in Events#

Events in Azur Lane are like holidays in a theme park. They pop up from time to time, bringing fresh content, challenges, and rewards. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned commander, diving into events is a fantastic way to spice up your game. Here’s your guide to navigating and maximizing your event experience.

Types of Events#

There are several types of events you might encounter:

  • Limited-Time Events: These are the big, flashy ones with unique storylines, new shipgirls, and special stages. They usually last around two weeks.
  • Mini-Events: Smaller in scale but still offer good rewards. Think of them as weekend getaways to the above-mentioned holidays.
  • Collaboration Events: Team-ups with other franchises. These are a treat for fans and offer exclusive, time-limited characters and gear.

Preparing for Events#

Before an event starts, take these steps to ensure you’re ready:

  1. Stockpile Resources: Gather oil, coins, and cubes. You’ll need these for building ships, upgrading gear, and most importantly, participating in event stages.
  2. Level Up Your Fleet: Events often have new, tougher stages. Level up your main fleet to ensure you can handle whatever the event throws your way.
  3. Clear Your Dock: Events bring in new shipgirls. Make space in your dockyard so you can accept these new recruits without delay.

Engaging with Event Content#

Once the event is live, here’s how to dive in:

  1. Follow the Event Story: Events usually come with a storyline that unfolds as you progress. Enjoy the narrative while unlocking stages and rewards.
  2. Complete Stages: These range from easy to hard. Early stages are a walk in the park, but later ones may require stronger fleets. Tackle these as far as your fleet’s strength allows.
  3. Earn Event Points: You’ll earn points by completing event stages. These can be exchanged in the event shop for valuable items or shipgirls.

Maximizing Rewards#

Time to talk about the good stuff—the rewards!

  1. Event Shops: Spend your hard-earned points on rare items, blueprints, and event-exclusive shipgirls. These shops often have limited stock, so choose wisely.
  2. Gacha Pulls: Some events feature special gacha banners with increased rates for new shipgirls. Use your cubes here to increase your odds of getting event-exclusives.
  3. Daily Missions: Don’t overlook event-specific daily missions. They’re an easy way to boost your progress and earn extra rewards.

Strategic Tips#

  • Check the Event Duration: Always note how long the event will last and plan your playtime accordingly. You don’t want to miss out because you didn’t manage your time well.
  • Efficient Farming: If the event has stages that drop event points or items, farm the highest stage you can complete efficiently. This maximizes rewards without wasting too much oil or time.
  • Use Boosts and Buffs: Some events offer temporary boosts. Use these to bolster your fleet’s performance and speed up progress through tougher stages.


After the event, make sure to:

  • Claim All Rewards: Before the event fully closes, double-check that you’ve claimed all the rewards you worked so hard for.
  • Restock and Recover: Events can be resource-intensive. Replenish your stockpiles so you’re ready for the next one.
  • Celebrate Your Haul: Enjoy and experiment with your new shipgirls and gear. They might just become your new favorites!

Participating in events in Azur Lane isn’t just about the grind. It’s a chance to shake up your routine, meet new characters, and score some sweet loot. So, when the next event rolls around, dive in and make the most of it!

Best Rewards and How to Earn Them#

Azur Lane is packed with exciting rewards waiting to be collected, but knowing the best ones and how to earn them can give you a solid edge. Here’s a breakdown of the top rewards you should aim for and the most effective ways to get them.

1. Shipgirls#

Shipgirls are arguably the most coveted rewards in Azur Lane. They not only bolster your fleet strength but also add flair with their unique designs and skills. Here are the best ways to earn top-tier shipgirls:

  • Event Banners: Time-limited events bring exclusive shipgirls. Ensure you have enough Wisdom Cubes to roll on the event banners. Play the event stages to gather event currency for additional rolls or ship exchanges.
  • Construction Pool: The Special and Limited construction pools often have high-tier shipgirls. Save your resources and keep an eye on announcements so you can strategically spend in the right pools.
  • Map Drops: Some rare ships drop from specific maps during events or within the story campaign. Regularly run these maps to maximize your chances.

2. Equipment#

High-quality equipment can significantly enhance your combat effectiveness. Prioritize acquiring and enhancing superior gear:

  • Blueprints: Obtain blueprints from events, operation maps, or by scrapping duplicate ships. Assemble enough blueprints to craft and upgrade formidable gears.
  • Guild Shop: Use Guild Points earned from participating in guild tasks to buy rare equipment blueprints.
  • Equipment Boxes: Open High-Efficiency equipment boxes obtained from daily and weekly missions for a chance at top-tier gear.

3. Resources#

A steady flow of resources is crucial for growth. Here’s how to maximize your resource intake:

  • Daily Missions: Completing daily missions grants a plethora of resources including oil, gold, and Wisdom Cubes. Don’t miss out!
  • Commission Expeditions: Send your fleets on commission expeditions. They yield substantial resources for minimal effort.
  • Academy: Upgrade and utilize buildings like the Tactical Classroom, Canteen, and Merchant in the Academy for consistent resource gains.

4. Gear Skin Boxes#

Gear Skin Boxes let you customize your fleet’s equipment visually, adding a fun and personalized touch:

  • Event Shops: Earn event points from playing limited-time events and exchange them for gear skin boxes in the event shop.
  • Login Bonuses: Participate in special event login campaigns where gear skin boxes are often featured as rewards.

5. Retrofit Blueprints#

Upgrading ships with Retrofit Blueprints can unleash their full potential. Here’s how to gather these valuable items:

  • Tactical Training Maps: Regularly complete tactical training maps for a steady supply of retrofit blueprints.
  • Guild Shop: Another excellent source for these blueprints using guild points.
  • Core Data Exchange: Collect Core Data from hard mode stages and use it to buy retrofit blueprints in the core data shop.

Pro Tips#

  • Plan Your Resource Usage: Save resources for significant events where the rewards are top-tier. It may mean skipping some minor events to ensure a haul during major ones.
  • Join an Active Guild: Guilds not only provide social benefits but also a streamlined path to earn more resources and rare items.
  • Regular Play: Logging in and playing daily ensures you maximize your resource collection and upgrade paths.

With this knowledge, you can effectively chase after the best rewards in Azur Lane, enhancing your fleet and gameplay experience. Happy hunting, Commanders!

Managing Limited-Time Resources#

Alright, captains, let’s dive into the tricky but essential task of managing limited-time resources in Azur Lane. Special events come up often, bringing exclusive rewards, ships, and items that you’ll want to snag. Here’s how you can make the most out of everything that’s temporary and precious.

1. Prioritize Your Goals#

First things first, know what you want out of an event. Is there a must-have ship? An exclusive skin? Special equipment? Determine your goals early on and focus on achieving them. This will help you spend your resources more wisely.

2. Budget Your Oil#

Oil is the lifeblood of your fleet, powering your sorties and missions. For events, you’ll usually need to grind stages, so managing your oil becomes super important.

  • Daily Missions: Always complete your daily missions for the oil rewards.
  • Dorms and Commissions: Use them to passively gather oil.
  • Efficient Fleets: Use fleets that balance power and oil consumption. Sometimes, it’s better to use a slightly weaker fleet that consumes less oil if it means you can run more sorties.

3. Event Currencies and Exchange Shops#

Most events will have a special currency you can earn by completing event stages and missions.

  • Grind Smart: Aim for stages that give the most event currency relative to oil spent.
  • Exchange Priorities: Hit up the event shop early and grab limited items like ships and rare equipment before anything else. Consumables can usually wait until you’ve secured the big prizes.

4. Use Your Wisdom Cubes Wisely#

New ships usually mean new Wisdom Cubes to spend. Here’s how to handle those during events:

  • Build Strategically: Wait until you have a decent number of cubes before you start building during an event. This helps avoid wasting resources.
  • Monitor Rates: Some events will have increased drop rates for new ships. Take advantage of these, but set a limit so you don’t blow through all your cubes.

5. Daily Event Quests#

Events typically come with daily quests. Completing these is crucial for staying ahead.

  • Consistency is Key: Log in every day and knock these quests out. They usually don’t take much time and give you essential event currency.
  • Track Your Progress: Keep an eye on how close you are to your goals. This can motivate you to log in even on lazier days.

6. Plan Around Real Life#

Let’s be real; you can’t always be logged into the game. Here are some tips to manage your time effectively:

  • Afk Grinds: Set up long missions or dorm enhancements when you know you’ll be away from the game for a while.
  • Play in Bursts: If you can’t play all day, try to set aside specific times where you can really focus on the game and knock out several quests or missions in one go.

7. Keep an Eye on the Clock#

Limited-time events mean limited opportunity. Don’t procrastinate! Check the event’s end date frequently and adjust your grinding pace accordingly.

  • Final Push: As you near the end of an event, consider ramping up your efforts if you’re close to a major reward.
  • Set Reminders: Use alarms or calendar events to make sure you’re logging in and collecting your rewards or completing key missions.

Following these tips will help you efficiently manage your limited-time resources and make the most out of each event in Azur Lane. Happy hunting, captains!

Completing Event Quests#

Alright, Captains, ready to dive into the world of Azur Lane events? Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned Commander, event quests are a major part of the game that can score you some sweet rewards, including exclusive ships, gear, and more. Let’s break down how you can efficiently complete event quests and maximize your loot.

Understanding Event Types#

Events in Azur Lane typically fall into a few categories:

  1. Story Events: These have a storyline you can follow through various stages. Completing all stages usually fulfills many quest objectives.
  2. Mini-events: Smaller events that usually focus on one or two main activities like collecting items or defeating specific enemies.
  3. Collaboration Events: Special crossover events with unique ships and gear.
  4. Seasonal Events: Based on holidays or special times of the year, often featuring limited-time skins and items.

Before tackling quests, always read the event details and understand what’s required. You don’t want to miss out on the details that could save you time and resources.

Prioritize Your Quests#

Event quests often come in daily, weekly, and overall categories. The key here is to prioritize what needs your immediate attention.

  • Daily Quests: These reset every day, so get them done first to keep up with ongoing tasks and earn daily rewards.
  • Weekly Quests: Tackling these when you have some extra stamina is a good strategy. They are usually a bit harder but offer better rewards.
  • Overall/Event-long Quests: These typically give the best rewards since they cover the entire event duration. Plan your schedule to ensure you can complete them in time.

Efficient Resource Management#

Resources in Azur Lane can be scarce if not managed well. Here’s how to be smart about it:

  • Oil Management: Events can be oil-hungry. Prioritize leveling up ships that you need for the event. Using lower oil-cost fleets for farming can save on oil.
  • Cubes and Coins: Keep an eye on ship-building quests which often require Wisdom Cubes. Plan your builds accordingly to not run out of cubes halfway through an event.
  • Time: Some quests might be time-gated. Log in multiple times a day if possible to spread out your questing and avoid burnout.

Optimal Fleet Compositions#

To take on event stages successfully, your fleet needs to be optimal. Here’s what to consider:

  • Level and Gear: Higher-level ships with good equipment perform better. Always equip your best gear and focus on leveling the ships you’ll use most.
  • Synergy: Some events may boost certain ship types or nations. Check event perks and bonuses to maximize your fleet setup.
  • Auto-Battling: For farming purposes, a balanced fleet that can handle auto-battles will save a lot of time and effort.

Event Currency and Shops#

Many events introduce special currency you can earn and spend in event shops. Key points to keep in mind:

  • Earning Currency: This often comes from specific quests or stage completions. Focus on the most efficient ways to farm these.
  • Shop Priorities: Spend your event currency wisely. Prioritize unique ships, rare gear, and limited items that you can’t get elsewhere. Consumables are usually lower priority unless you need them desperately.

Tips and Tricks#

Here are some extra tips to keep you ahead of the game:

  1. Save Gems and Energy: Use saved gems for dock space and resources if needed, but use them sparingly.
  2. Join an Active Guild: Guilds can offer extra resources and support.
  3. Follow Community Guides: Websites, forums, and social media pages often have tips from experienced players. These can be incredibly valuable.

Wrapping It Up#

Completing event quests in Azur Lane involves a mix of strategy, efficient resource management, and smart gameplay. With these tips, you’re set to tackle any event that comes your way and reap the rewards. Happy sailing, Commander!

Tips for Maximizing Event Participation#

Understand the Event Structure#

Before diving into any event, take a moment to understand its structure. Events in Azur Lane usually have different phases and multiple types of activities, including story missions, grind maps, and special challenges. Knowing what each part entails will help you prioritize and plan your play sessions effectively.

Build a Balanced Fleet#

Events often feature varied enemies, so having a balanced fleet is crucial. Make sure you have a good mix of Destroyers, Cruisers, and Battleships. Don’t rely solely on your highest-level ships; try to balance between firepower, durability, and evasion.

Focus on Farming Nodes#

In most events, certain nodes are optimal for farming drops and event currency. Look for recommendations in the event announcements or community forums. These nodes generally offer the best return for your fuel and time, so grind these as much as you can.

Manage Your Fuel Wisely#

Fuel is a crucial resource, especially during events. Keep an eye on your fuel consumption and avoid wasting it on non-essential activities. Prioritize your daily missions and event grinds over regular sorties. Also, consider using fuel-saving fleets for easier nodes to make your resources last longer.

Take Advantage of Daily Resets#

Most events have daily reset timers for specific missions or challenges. Make sure you complete these tasks every day to maximize your rewards. Set a reminder if you need to—missing out on daily resets can put you behind in the event progression.

Participate in Group Activities#

Some events feature group or community activities, like special boss battles or raid missions. Participating in these offers bonus rewards and can accelerate your progress. Plus, these group activities often have better drop rates for rare items.

Use Your Resources Smartly#

Keep an eye on your stockpiles of items like Quick Finishers, Cubes, and Coins. Don’t be afraid to use these resources during events if they can give you a significant boost. Quick Finishers can help speed up build times for event-limited ships, for example.

Optimize Your Dorm Setup#

Make sure your dorm is set up to boost your ships’ morale and experience gain. Use the best furniture and items you have to keep your fleets in top shape. High morale and faster leveling can make a big difference when grinding event maps.

Check for Hidden Quests and Missions#

Some events feature hidden quests or missions that offer great rewards. These tasks can be easy to miss, so pay close attention to in-game hints, and check community forums or guides for tips on uncovering these hidden gems.

Stay Updated and Connected#

Events can bring unexpected surprises, like additional stages or extended deadlines. Keep an eye on the official Azur Lane social media channels and community forums for any updates or changes. Staying informed ensures you won’t miss out on anything important.

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to making the most out of your event participation in Azur Lane. Keep grinding, and good luck, Commander!

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