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Astral Chain: Side Quest Guide

Unleash the true potential of your gameplay with our comprehensive Astral Chain: Side Quest Guide! Dive deep into the immersive world of Astral Chain and master every side quest with ease. This ultimate guide will walk you through Finding All Side Quests, uncover Key Locations and Rewards, and equip you with tips on Using Abilities to Complete Quests. Plus, we’ll show you expert strategies for Managing Time and Resources, ensuring you can Unlock All Side Quest Rewards and truly experience everything this incredible game has to offer. Jump in and elevate your Astral Chain adventure to the next level – every hidden quest, reward, and challenge awaits!

Finding All Side Quests in Astral Chain#

Side quests in Astral Chain can be easy to miss if you’re not paying attention. Follow this guide to make sure you find them all and get the most out of your experience.

Chapter Breakdown#

Each chapter in Astral Chain, known as Files, contains its own set of side quests. They range from simple fetch tasks to more involved detective work. Keep your eyes peeled for people with speech bubbles over their heads or icons on your map.

File 1: Startup#

  • Panicking Person: Right after the tutorial, help out the person panicking on the bridge. They’ll need a few calming words.

File 2: Awake#

  • Bent Out of Shape: This one starts right outside HQ. Look for the officer in need of assistance with a bent traffic sign.
  • Go Fetch: Near the entrance of the lower level of HQ, a lady lost her cat. Help her find it by following the meowing sounds.
  • Sinking Feeling: Head to the alley near Harmony Square for a citizen needing help with a sinkhole.
  • Lost Balloon: A kid lost his balloon near the entrance to the subway. Retrieve it using your Legion.

How To Spot Side Quests#

1. Look for Red Cases and Blue Cases#

  • Red Cases are combat-related side quests. They often involve fighting Aberrations or helping the police.
  • Blue Cases are the non-combat variety. They can involve anything from rescuing cats to solving puzzles.

2. Pay Attention to Your IRIS#

Activate your IRIS to see interactable objects and people highlighted in yellow. If you see a person or an object highlighted that isn’t part of the main quest, there’s a good chance it’s a side quest.

3. Check All Areas#

Sometimes, side quests are off the beaten path. Explore thoroughly. Open every door, check every nook, and keep an eye out for people in trouble.

Special Cases#

Certain side quests will only trigger under specific conditions. Some might require you to talk to NPCs in a specific order or complete tasks in other Files first.

File 5: Accord#

  • Storm-Chasing: This side quest is time-sensitive and appears only when during the storm sequence. Look for the astray citizen near the bridge park.

Completion Tips#

  • Scan Left and Right: Often, quests start when you pass by a specific location. Move slowly and use your IRIS scanning regularly.
  • Talk To Everyone: Even if someone doesn’t immediately offer a quest, they might give crucial information leading to one.
  • Revisit Locations: Quests can become available after major plot events or after you’ve learned new Legion skills.


Completing side quests not only gives you additional experience points and items, but often nets you rare and unique gear. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy a fuller, richer storyline.

By paying attention and exploring thoroughly, you’ll ensure that you don’t miss any of Astral Chain’s fascinating side quests. Remember, sometimes the journey off the main path offers the best rewards. Happy questing!

Feel free to dive into any side quest when you see one pop up. It adds richness to the game and makes your time in the Astral Chain world even more memorable. Enjoy hunting them down!

Key Locations and Rewards#

Police HQ#

Location: Central building in the Ark

Key Rewards#

  • Legion Upgrades: Visit the Command Room for frequent upgrade opportunities. Use data gathered from defeating Chimeras.
  • Side Quests: Interact with other Neuron officers to unlock side missions. These quests give items, credits, and occasionally, rare materials.
  • Training Room: Improve your combat skills here. Completing challenges can earn you Ability Caps and Lappy Tickets for exclusive items.

Maison Forest#

Location: Residential area with lush greenery and tight alleyways.

Key Rewards#

  • Gene Codes: Defeat enemies in this area to obtain Gene Codes, vital for upgrading your skills and abilities.
  • Health Items: Check dumpsters and alleyways. You’ll find Medication Packs and Health Boosters hidden around.
  • Rare Materials: Look for rare materials like Premium Material Codes used for high-level upgrades.

Harmony Square#

Location: Busy commercial district filled with shops and restaurants.

Key Rewards#

  • Cosmetic Items: Buy and collect new Legion color schemes from various street vendors. They don’t affect gameplay but make your units stylish.
  • Duty Points: Complete requests from citizens to earn Duty Points. Use these in the Police HQ for bonuses and rewards.
  • Special Mission Data: Occasionally, hidden areas will contain unique mission data that unlocks extra story content and high-value items.

Z33 Grand Avenue#

Location: Cityscape area with a mix of residential and business structures.

Key Rewards#

  • Upgrade Material: Defeat specific mini-bosses. They drop rare items like Arm Parts and Leg Parts for Legion enhancement.
  • Battle Rewards: Hidden battles against elite enemies. Beat them for exclusive equipment and XP boosts.
  • Exploration Bonuses: Look for hidden containers. They hold valuable items like Ability Codes and Platinum Coins.

Ark Mall#

Location: An expansive shopping complex overrun with Chimeras.

Key Rewards#

  • Unique Armor: Defeat bosses within the mall for armor sets that give additional stat boosts and abilities.
  • Resource Packs: The mall has plenty of hidden areas where you can score large bundles of crafting resources.
  • Credits: Defeating enemies in the mall grants a higher than average credit reward, useful for purchasing items and upgrades.

The Astral Plane#

Location: Otherworldly dimension accessible via specific portals throughout the Ark.

Key Rewards#

  • Rare Items: Collect Data Chips exclusive to this dimension. Trade them at the HQ for high-quality rewards.
  • Legion Skills: Complete different Legion Challenges to unlock powerful new moves and abilities.
  • Mystery Prizes: Finding hidden chests will occasionally give you mystery items. These could be anything from currency to legendary gear.

By exploring these key locations and completing various tasks, you’ll upgrade your Legions, earn rare items, and significantly enhance your combat abilities. Happy hunting!

Using Abilities to Complete Quests#

In Astral Chain, your Legion abilities aren’t just for combat. These skills are crucial for solving puzzles and completing side quests. Let’s dive into how to make the most of each Legion’s unique abilities.

Sword Legion: Cutting Through Obstacles#

The Sword Legion is your go-to for slicing through obstacles. You’ll come across red barriers and energy cords blocking your path. These obstacles can be cut using the Sword Legion’s “slice” ability. Just summon your Sword Legion and line up its blade with the cord or barrier to slash through it.

Quest Example#

In “Red Case: Tactical Cleanup,” you’ll find a bunch of pesky cords blocking an important doorway. Use your Sword Legion to cut them away and proceed to find a hidden cache of goodies.

Arrow Legion: Shooting Distant Targets#

The Arrow Legion’s main ability is firing arrows to hit distant switches and objects. This is super useful when you need to activate devices from far away.

Quest Example#

During “Blue Case: High-Rise Raid,” you’ll be required to hit a switch that’s just out of reach. Summon your Arrow Legion, aim, and fire to activate the switch and open a new path.

Arm Legion: Heavy Lifting and Shielding#

The Arm Legion is perfect for heavy lifting and moving large objects. This Legion can also provide a protective shield, which can be invaluable for quests that involve dangerous environments.

Quest Example#

In the “Red Case: Toxic Trouble,” you need to move toxic barrels to clear out a contaminated area. Using the Arm Legion, lift and move the barrels without taking damage.

Beast Legion: Tracking and Digging#

The Beast Legion is all about tracking and digging. It can follow scent trails to locate hidden items or characters and can dig to uncover buried objects.

Quest Example#

During “Blue Case: Lost Scent,” your mission is to find a lost dog. Summon your Beast Legion, follow the scent trail, and dig at the marked spots to discover clues about the dog’s whereabouts.

Axe Legion: Breaking Through Barriers#

The Axe Legion excels at breaking through strong barriers and creating paths where there were none.

Quest Example#

In “Red Case: Barrier Busting,” you find a heavily reinforced door that can’t be opened by normal means. The Axe Legion’s immense strength can break the door down, allowing you to continue your mission.

Bind and Capture: Versatile Utility#

Most Legions can bind enemies or objects, making this a versatile ability for various quests. Binding can render enemies helpless or tether objects to solve environmental puzzles.

Quest Example#

In “Blue Case: Escaped Fugitive,” use your Legion to bind a fleeing suspect. This not only stops them in their tracks but also completes the quest objective to apprehend the fugitive without harming them.

Using Multiple Legions in Tandem#

Many quests will require you to use a combination of these abilities. Keep an eye out for clues in your environment and NPC dialogues – they often hint at which Legion ability you need.

Quest Example#

In “Red Case: Factory Scavenger,” first use the Arrow Legion to hit a distant switch, then switch to the Arm Legion to lift heavy crates blocking your path. Finally, employ the Sword Legion to cut through a mesh barricade, reaching your ultimate objective.

Tips and Tricks#

  • Prompt Icons: Pay attention to Legion-specific icons that appear. These indicators show when and where you can use a Legion’s ability.
  • Cooldowns: Manage your Legions’ cooldowns effectively. Switching between Legions can help you maintain a steady flow of ability use.
  • Environment Scanning: Use your IRIS to scan environments for hints and interactions that may not be immediately visible.

Knowing how and when to use each Legion’s ability can make a huge difference, not just in completing quests, but in maximizing your efficiency and enjoyment of the game.

Now get out there, use your Legions wisely, and tackle those side quests like a pro!

Managing Time and Resources in Astral Chain#

Balancing time and resources in Astral Chain is crucial if you want to save the world with style. Whether you’re chasing down chimeras or solving side quests, there’s a lot to juggle. Here’s how to make the most out of your adventures without feeling like you’re drowning in cosmic responsibilities.

Prioritize Your Side Quests#

Side missions aren’t just filler—they’re packed with rewards like item boosts, cosmetic goodies, and useful gear. Keep an eye on your IRIS scanner; it can highlight hidden quests and important NPCs. Prioritize side quests that offer resources you need or gear upgrades. This will help boost your efficiency in main missions.

  • Check All Areas: Each zone usually has several side quests. Don’t leave until you’ve swept the area with your IRIS and talked to every NPC with a marker.
  • Variety of Tasks: Some side quests require combat, others might be more investigative. Balance your approach to keep things fresh and ensure you’re prepared for any scenario.

Efficient Use of Your Items#

Items in Astral Chain can be the difference between breezing through a mission and restarting from a checkpoint. Optimal use of healing items, grenades, and stat boosts can save valuable time and resources.

  • Healing Items: Don’t use high-potency healing items for minor injuries. Keep a variety of healing items on hand to match the situation. Remember, you can heal between combat zones.
  • Combat Items: Use grenades and other offensive items against tougher enemies or groups. It might feel wasteful, but saving them too long can result in unnecessary struggles.
  • Craft When You Can: Utilize crafting stations to create new items or upgrade your existing gear. It’s often cheaper than buying and gives you a leg up in your next fight.

Legion Management#

Your Legions aren’t just for fighting—they’re essential tools for puzzle-solving and exploration. Properly managing them can save time and open paths to crucial resources.

  • Swap Regularly: Each Legion has unique abilities. Regularly swapping them can solve puzzles faster and exploit enemy weaknesses more effectively.
  • Upgrade Wisely: Invest in upgrades that enhance both their combat skills and functional abilities. Focus on skills that benefit your playstyle first.
  • Legion Sync Attacks: These powerful combos can turn the tide of battle. Learn the timing and conditions for each Legion’s sync attack to maximize damage output.

Efficient Exploration#

Exploring zones thoroughly but efficiently is key. Here are some tips to keep exploration productive without wandering aimlessly.

  • Use Your IRIS Scanner: This tool is crucial for spotting hidden items and clues. Activate it often to ensure you aren’t missing anything crucial.
  • Map Awareness: Constantly refer to your map. Markers and points of interest will guide you to key locations and quests.
  • Environmental Interactions: Look for opportunities to interact with the environment. This could be rescuing civilians for rewards or unlocking areas previously inaccessible.

Training and Combat Practice#

Practice makes perfect, and using the training facilities at Neuron HQ can sharpen your skills. Spending time here can translate to less resource use in the field.

  • Combo Mastery: Practice your combo timing and Legion coordination. A well-executed combo can save on healing items by keeping you in control.
  • Dodge and Parry: Perfecting your dodge and parry timing can reduce damage taken, conserving healing resources.

By managing your time and resources effectively, you’ll not only progress more smoothly through Astral Chain, but also enjoy the journey as you save humanity from the Astral Plane. So, get out there, scan those areas, and may your inventory always be full!

Unlocking All Side Quest Rewards in Astral Chain#

In Astral Chain, side quests offer more than just extra action; they deliver valuable rewards that can boost your gameplay. These side missions might seem minor, but they provide items, upgrades, and unique experiences that are worth your time. Here’s a detailed guide to help you unlock and complete every side quest in the game to reap all the rewards.

The Basics#

Before diving into the side quests, it’s important to know a few things:

  • Pay Attention to Your IRIS: Use your IRIS (the game’s augmented reality system) to identify side quests. NPCs with an icon over their heads usually have missions for you.
  • Talk to Everyone: Sometimes the quests are not marked. Chatting with civilians and fellow officers can reveal hidden tasks.
  • Explore: Some side quests are tucked away in the nooks and crannies of the world. Make sure to explore each area thoroughly.

1. Lost Dog Mission (File 01)#

  • Location: Harmony Square
  • How to Start: Speak to a little girl near the plaza who has lost her dog.
  • Objective: Find and return her dog using the Beast Legion.
  • Reward: Medicine and XP

Be sure to utilize your Beast Legion’s scent tracking ability. This is a great way to get used to what side quests might require from you as you progress.

2. Irresponsible Garbage Disposal (File 02)#

  • Location: Central City
  • How to Start: Talk to the old man complaining about the garbage.
  • Objective: Locate and collect all the garbage scattered around Central City.
  • Reward: Medicine, XP, and an inventory expansion

This quest tests your observation skills and introduces you to the game’s hidden item mechanics. Your Arm Legion can be especially helpful for this.

Mid-Game Side Quests for Better Rewards#

3. Strange Signals (File 05)#

  • Location: ARI (Ark Research Institute)
  • How to Start: Inspect the abnormal signals in the area.
  • Objective: Track down the source of the signals.
  • Reward: Rare Material Code

Rare Material Codes are key for unlocking higher-level upgrades for your Legions and equipment. This quest involves a lot of investigation using your IRIS, so keep it active.

4. The Haunted House (File 06)#

  • Location: Maison Forest
  • How to Start: Speak to the civilian about strange occurrences in her house.
  • Objective: Investigate and clear out the chimeric threat within the house.
  • Reward: Medicine (Full), XP

This is one of the more story-driven side quests that adds depth to the world of Astral Chain. Plus, it’s pretty spooky!

Late-Game Side Quests for Elite Rewards#

5. The Slime Specialist (File 09)#

  • Location: Rayleigh Plaza
  • How to Start: Find the scientist in the plaza who’s dealing with slime creatures.
  • Objective: Eliminate the slime creatures and gather samples.
  • Reward: Premium Material Code

Use your Legions creatively here, as different slime types require different tactics. The Premium Material Code you earn is essential for top-tier upgrades.

6. Data Corruption Clean-Up (File 10)#

  • Location: The Ark Mall
  • How to Start: Speak with the technical officer about corrupted data.
  • Objective: Decrypt and clean up the corrupted data points in the mall.
  • Reward: High-End Defense Gear

This side quest is a good blend of combat and puzzle-solving. Your Legion skills will be tested to the limit, but the reward is one of the best defensive upgrades in the game.

Extra Tips#

  • Don’t rush through the main storyline; side quests are a perfect way to level up and gather resources.
  • Repeatable tasks may not always offer new rewards, but they are good for farming materials.
  • Keep an eye out for Lore NPCs; these characters provide rich backstory and sometimes lead to hidden quests.

Unlocking every side quest reward in Astral Chain not only makes you stronger but also immerses you deeper into the game’s fascinating world. So take your time, explore every corner, and enjoy the journey. Happy hunting, officer!

Now that you’ve got a comprehensive list of must-do side quests, gear up and track ‘em all down!

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