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Astral Chain: Legion Guide

Welcome to the ultimate Astral Chain: Legion Guide! Prepare to elevate your gameplay as we dive deep into mastering the powerful Legion system in this action-packed game. This comprehensive guide will break down crucial aspects, including Understanding the Legion System, discovering the Best Combinations for Each Battle, and tips for Using Legion Abilities Effectively. Learn expert strategies for Managing Health and Resources to keep you in peak fighting form and uncover the secrets to Unlocking All Legions. Ready to become an unstoppable force? Let’s get started!

Astral Chain: Legion Guide#

Understanding the Legion System#

Astral Chain, the sci-fi action game developed by PlatinumGames, introduces a very cool and unique feature called the Legion System. If you’re just starting out or looking to master your combat skills, understanding the Legion System is crucial. This guide will break down everything you need to know about how to effectively use Legions in Astral Chain.

What Are Legions?#

Legions are otherworldly beasts that you can summon to aid you in battle. They are actually captured Chimeras, turned into powerful allies by the Ark’s scientists. Each Legion has its own strengths, weaknesses, and abilities, making them versatile tools in your arsenal. There are five types of Legions: Sword, Arrow, Arm, Beast, and Axe.

Summoning Your Legion#

You can summon your Legion with a simple press of the left trigger (L) on your controller. When summoned, your Legion stays tethered to you with an Astral Chain, hence the game’s name. This chain isn’t just for looks; you can use it tactically to perform Chain Bind and Chain Counter actions against enemies.

  • Chain Bind: Wrap the chain around an enemy to temporarily immobilize them.
  • Chain Counter: Time it right to halt an enemy’s attack, leaving them open for a counter.

Keep an eye on the Legion Gauge at the bottom of the screen; it shows how long your Legion can stay summoned before it needs a break. When the gauge is depleted, your Legion will retract, leaving you vulnerable. Be strategic about when you summon your Legion and how long you keep it out.

Types of Legions and Their Functions#

  1. Sword Legion:

    • Abilities: Balanced in both attack and defense. Can perform powerful melee attacks.
    • Best Use: Good for up-close combat and breaking enemy shields.
  2. Arrow Legion:

    • Abilities: Excels at long-range attacks. Can aim and shoot energy arrows.
    • Best Use: Great for taking down flying enemies or attacking from a distance.
  3. Arm Legion:

    • Abilities: Turns into a pair of huge, powerful arms you can wear, increasing your strength and defense.
    • Best Use: Perfect for heavy attacks and blocking incoming damage.
  4. Beast Legion:

    • Abilities: Fast and can track scents. It can also act as a mount, allowing you to traverse areas quickly.
    • Best Use: Ideal for quick attacks and chasing down fast enemies.
  5. Axe Legion:

    • Abilities: Has strong defensive capabilities, good for breaking enemy defenses with heavy attacks.
    • Best Use: Useful for taking out heavily armored enemies or absorbing lots of damage.

Upgrading Your Legions#

As you progress through the game, you’ll earn Gene Codes, which are used to upgrade your Legions. Open the Legion menu to access the skill trees for each Legion. Here, you can unlock new abilities and improve current ones, enhancing your combat effectiveness. Don’t forget to equip useful skills you unlock, as this can greatly change how your Legion performs in battle.

Sync Attacks#

Sync Attacks are another essential part of the Legion System. When you see a blue flash or indicator during combat, press the right trigger (ZR) to perform a powerful combo attack with your Legion. Timing is key, so keep an eye out for these moments to maximize your damage output.

Practical Tips for Using Legions#

  • Switch Often: Don’t stick to just one Legion. Switch between them based on the enemy type and situation.
  • Manage the Gauge: Always keep an eye on your Legion Gauge. Summon your Legion when necessary, but make sure they don’t run out of energy at a critical moment.
  • Experiment: Try out different combinations of Sync Attacks and abilities to find what works best for your playstyle.
  • Utilize Support Abilities: Some Legions have support abilities like healing or shielding. Use these to stay in fighting shape longer.

With the Legion System, Astral Chain offers deep and engaging gameplay mechanics that are both fun and rewarding once you master them. Keep practicing, experiment with the different Legions, and you’ll be chaining combos and dominating enemies in no time!

Best Combinations for Each Battle#

Mastering Astral Chain means knowing the best combinations of Legions for each battle. Here’s a detailed guide to help you dominate the Chimera enemies and bosses you’ll face.

General Combat Tips#

Before diving into specific combinations, here are a few general tips to keep in mind:

  • Switch Often: You should switch between Legions frequently during battles. Each Legion has its own unique abilities, so use them wisely to exploit enemy weaknesses.
  • Use Sync Attacks: Get the timing right for Sync Attacks to deal extra damage and look cool doing it.
  • Manage Energy: Legions drain energy as they fight. Keep an eye on your meter and be ready to switch to avoid leaving yourself vulnerable.

Standard Enemy Encounters#

For regular enemy mobs, it’s important to balance offense and crowd control.

  • Sword Legion: The Sword Legion is your bread and butter. Its fast attacks and balanced stats make it perfect for taking down multiple enemies. Utilize the Sword Legion’s Sync Attacks to quickly dispatch foes.
  • Arrow Legion: The Arrow Legion excels at ranged combat. When facing enemies that can hit you from a distance, switch to the Arrow Legion to pick them off one by one.

Combo Moves#

  1. Sword Legion’s Multi-Slash -> Arrow Legion’s Precision Shot
  2. Sword Legion’s Round Sword -> Arrow Legion’s Scattershot

The idea here is to soften up your foes with Sword Legion’s AoE attacks, then pick off survivors using the Arrow Legion.

Tanky Enemies#

When you encounter enemies with high defense, you’ll need to break through their armor to do any real damage.

  • Arms Legion: The Arms Legion’s raw power is unmatched. Use its strong, single-target attacks to break through enemy defenses.
  • Beast Legion: The Beast Legion isn’t just for speed – its roar can stun enemies, making them easier targets for the Arms Legion.

Combo Moves#

  1. Beast Legion’s Charge Attack -> Arms Legion’s Power Punch
  2. Beast Legion’s Howl (stun) -> Arms Legion’s Flurry Attack

Start with the Beast Legion to disrupt and stun enemies, then switch to the Arms Legion to deal massive damage while they’re immobilized.

Speedy Enemies#

Fast enemies can be a big pain if you can’t keep up. That’s when you bring out the big guns for crowd control and speed.

  • Beast Legion: The Beast Legion’s speed can match quick foes stride for stride. Use its abilities to chase and corner them.
  • Axe Legion: While the Axe Legion is slower, it has crowd control abilities that can hinge fast enemies.

Combo Moves#

  1. Beast Legion’s Pounce -> Axe Legion’s Area Shockwave
  2. Beast Legion’s Dash Attack -> Axe Legion’s Gravity Storm

Use the Beast Legion to close the gap, then switch to the Axe Legion to hit multiple enemies with its wide-swinging attacks.

Boss Fights#

Bosses usually require a mix of damage output and strategic positioning.

  • Sword Legion: Always useful, the Sword Legion’s balanced combat style comes in handy for close-up battles.
  • Arms Legion: Brings high damage and can take more hits, perfect for the long haul.

Combo Moves#

  1. Sword Legion’s Chain Bind -> Arms Legion’s Finisher
  2. Sword Legion’s Aerial Slash -> Arms Legion’s Power Smash

Start with the Sword Legion to keep the boss in check with Chain Bind, then unleash the Arms Legion’s heavy-hitting moves when the boss is vulnerable.

Elemental Enemies#

Certain enemies are weak to specific elements like fire or electricity.

  • Sword Legion: Use when you need neutral damage and consistent control.
  • Arrow Legion: Exploit elemental weaknesses from a distance with charged shots.

Combo Moves#

  1. Sword Legion’s Slash Charge -> Arrow Legion’s Elemental Burst
  2. Sword Legion’s Piercing Lunge -> Arrow Legion’s Lightning Bolt

Follow up your Sword Legion’s consistent damage with the Arrow Legion’s elemental attacks to exploit weaknesses and deal efficient damage.


Remember, the key to success in Astral Chain is flexibility. Switching Legions to best suit your current combat situation will make fighting smoother and more efficient. Experiment with different combos and find what works best for your playstyle. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be slicing through Chimera enemies like a pro!

Using Legion Abilities Effectively#

In Astral Chain, one of your main tools against the chimeric threat is your Legion. These spectral partners come with unique abilities that can turn the tide of battle. Learning how to use them effectively can make a huge difference in combat. Let’s dive into some tips and tricks to maximize your Legion’s potential.

1. Understanding Each Legion’s Strengths#

There are five types of Legions in the game—Sword, Arrow, Arm, Beast, and Axe. Each type has its own strengths and specific powers:

  • Sword Legion: Great for close combat with quick, fluid attacks. Use its slashing abilities to cut through enemy defenses.

  • Arrow Legion: Specializes in ranged attacks, perfect for picking off enemies from a distance. It’s also handy for hitting hard-to-reach switches and targets.

  • Arm Legion: Offers heavy-hitting attacks and can be used as a shield. It’s excellent for dealing with armored enemies.

  • Beast Legion: Fast and agile, ideal for quick hit-and-run tactics. It also enhances your movement speed and can sniff out hidden items.

  • Axe Legion: It’s your tanky, hard-hitting powerhouse with wide-range attacks, best used to crack through enemy shields and defenses.

2. Switching Legions in Battle#

In the heat of battle, don’t stick to just one Legion. Switch between them to adapt to different situations:

  • Facing a large group of weak enemies? Use the Sword or Axe Legion for crowd control.
  • Enemies at a distance? The Arrow Legion can take them out before they even get close.
  • Need to block or counter heavy attacks? Switch to the Arm Legion.

Mastering the art of switching Legions can keep you one step ahead of enemies and make you a versatile fighter.

3. Chain Bind Enemies#

Chain Bind is a cool move where you wrap your Legion’s chain around enemies to bind them. This temporarily immobilizes them, making it easier to land attacks or focus on other threats. Here’s how to use it effectively:

  • Flanking Maneuver: Command your Legion to move to one side of the enemy while you move to the other. When the chain becomes taut, the enemy gets bound.
  • Crowd Control: Use Chain Bind in crowded fights to take strong enemies out of the equation temporarily.

4. Sync Attacks#

Sync Attacks are powerful moves you can pull off by hitting the attack button when you see a blue flash during certain moments. These are high-damage attacks that can turn the tide of battle:

  • Watch closely for the blue flash: It usually appears when you successfully dodge an attack or when your Legion lands a powerful hit.
  • Practice timing: The timing can be tricky, so spend some time practicing in the Training Room to get it down.

5. Legion Skills and Abilities#

Each Legion comes with a set of skills that you can unlock and upgrade using Gene Codes. Make sure to invest in these upgrades:

  • Prioritize passive abilities: Skills that boost attack power or enhance defense should be upgraded first.
  • Unlock special moves: Abilities like the Axe Legion’s spinning attack or the Arrow Legion’s multi-shot can be game-changers.

6. Utilize the Field Abilities#

Each Legion has a special ability that is useful outside of combat:

  • Sword Legion can cut through barriers and solve puzzles.
  • Arrow Legion can hit distant targets and switches.
  • Arm Legion can move heavy objects.
  • Beast Legion can track scents and find hidden items.
  • Axe Legion can smash through barricades.

Using these field abilities not only helps you progress through the levels but also unlocks hidden items and paths.

7. Keeping Your Legion Healthy#

Remember, your Legion can run out of energy if used continuously for too long. Keep an eye on the Legion’s meter and let them rest occasionally:

  • Withdraw your Legion frequently to recharge: Don’t overextend, or you might find yourself without your spectral ally when you need them the most.
  • Use Legion skills wisely: Powerful moves deplete your Legion’s energy faster.

By mastering these strategies, you’ll ensure that your Legion is always ready to back you up in the fight against the chimeric horde. Experiment with different combinations and find your own unique style of play. Happy hunting!

Managing Health and Resources#

Keeping your character in tip-top shape is super important in Astral Chain. With action-packed battles and complex missions, understanding how to manage your health and resources can mean the difference between victory and a frustrating game over. Here’s a breakdown on how to keep your health high and your resources plentiful.

Healing Up#

Healing items are your bread and butter when it comes to staying alive. These can be used to regain health when you’re running low. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Premium Medicine: Fully restores your health. Save it for dire situations since it’s quite rare.
  • Medicine: Restores a decent chunk of health. A good go-to for most situations.
  • Medicine Mini: Only covers a small amount of health. Use it when you’re only slightly injured or when you’re out of other options.

To use these items, open your Item Menu by tapping the d-pad and select what you need. Always keep an eye on your health bar during battles—better to heal early than to risk getting knocked out.

Finding and Stockpiling Items#

You can’t just rely on the items you start with. Here are some ways to find and collect more:

  • Exploration: Wander off the beaten path. Look for blue supply containers hidden around the levels. You’ll find different items, including healing essentials.
  • Enemy Drops: Defeated enemies sometimes drop goodies. Always check the battlefield after a fight.
  • Shops: Visit vendors in the Neuron Headquarters to buy more supplies. Make it a habit to stock up before heading out on missions.

Managing Your Legions#

Your Legions are another critical resource. They help you in combat but come with a cost: Legion Energy. Keep an eye on their energy bar, located below your health bar. If it runs out, your Legion will be temporarily unavailable, leaving you more vulnerable.

Tips to Conserve Legion Energy#

  • Switch Legions Often: Using different Legions prevents one from draining all its energy.
  • Legion Actions: Some actions use more energy than others. Balance your special moves with regular attacks.

Sync Attacks#

One of the coolest features in Astral Chain is the Sync Attack. Time these right to deal massive damage and recover some health. Listen for the audio cue—a “ting” sound—and press the attack button to execute. Sync Attacks can turn the tide of battle and give you a much-needed health boost.

Using Abilities Wisely#

Your character has access to various abilities and skills:

  • Chain Bind: Use your Astral Chain to temporarily bind enemies. It doesn’t cost energy, so it’s a great way to control the crowd without worrying about resources.
  • Perfect Dodge: Dodge at the last possible moment to slow down time briefly, giving you a chance to counter-attack without taking damage.

Both of these moves are essential for conserving health and making fights more manageable.

Command Menu#

During combat, don’t forget your Command Menu. Pressing the menu button pauses the game, giving you a moment to catch your breath and plan your next move. Here, you can quickly use items, switch Legions, and check on your equipped abilities. This pause can be a lifesaver during intense battles.


In Astral Chain, staying on top of your health and resources is crucial for surviving the many challenges you’ll face. By wisely managing your healing items, Legion energy, and special abilities, you’ll be well-prepared to take on whatever the game throws at you. Remember, a well-prepared player sees the end credits—so stock up, stay sharp, and keep those Sync Attacks coming!

Unlocking All Legions in Astral Chain#

So, you’ve just started playing Astral Chain? Awesome! The game is a whirlwind of action, investigation, and seriously cool combat. One key element that fuels the fun is the Legions—your otherworldly partners. There are five different types of Legions that you can unlock, each with unique abilities that keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. Here’s how to unlock all of them:

Sword Legion#

When and where: File 01 – Startup

The Sword Legion is your very first companion, and you’ll get it during the tutorial sequence in File 01. This guy is your bread and butter—reliable for both combat and puzzle-solving. With its powerful slashes, it’s perfect for getting up close and personal with enemies.

Arrow Legion#

When and where: File 03 – Link

Your second Legion, the Arrow Legion, joins your team in File 03. During your mission, you’ll proceed through several combat scenarios and cutscenes that lead to acquiring this Legion. The Arrow Legion specializes in ranged attacks, making it ideal for sniping enemies from afar. Plus, it can help solve environmental puzzles that require a touch of precision.

Arm Legion#

When and where: File 04 – Siege

Next up is the Arm Legion. You’ll unlock this hefty beast in File 04. The Arm Legion excels in brute strength and can smash through barriers that other Legions can’t. It’s also great for grappling enemies and using its raw power to break down walls that lead to secret areas. Trust us, you’ll feel invincible with this bruiser by your side.

Beast Legion#

When and where: File 05 – Accord

The Beast Legion gets unlocked in File 05, and it’s as fierce as they come. It’s great for fast attacks and agile maneuvers, making it a must for high-speed combat. Plus, you can ride it to traverse distances quickly! It also has a ‘sniff’ ability for tracking clues during investigation sequences, really playing up that detective angle of the game.

Axe Legion#

When and where: File 06 – Complicit

Finally, you’ll unlock the Axe Legion in File 06. This Legion wields a shield-like axe that can block enemy attacks, making it perfect for defensive strategies. It also has abilities that help break enemy defenses and smash through heavily armored foes, making it a versatile asset in your mission.

Tips for Managing Legions#

Unlocking Legions is only the beginning—managing them effectively in combat and investigations is the key to success. Here are a few quick tips:

  • Switch often: Don’t stick with just one Legion. Switch between them to utilize their unique abilities and keep the enemy guessing.
  • Upgrade wisely: Spend your resources to upgrade each Legion’s abilities. Prioritize based on your playing style, whether that’s offensive, defensive, or balanced.
  • Experiment in combat: Feel free to experiment with different combos and setups. Some Legions work better against certain enemies, so switch things up as needed.

With these Legions on your side, you’re sure to become an unstoppable force in Astral Chain. Keep exploring, keep fighting, and most importantly, have fun!

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