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Ash Guide

The universe of Warframe is as enigmatic as it is vast, teeming with an array of characters each capable of wielding extraordinary abilities. Among the pantheon of these techno-organic warriors known as Warframes, Ash stands out as a spectral assassin, an archetype that any aficionado of stealth and precision will find irresistible. We’re going to look at the detailed mechanics, stats, procurement methods, power mods, and polarities that define Ash, with a view to equip both neophytes and seasoned of the game with the necessary knowledge to master this elusive Warframe. Furthermore, we’ll provide a comprehensive review of Ash’s capabilities, positioning within the current metagame, and strategies to upgrade its use in your cosmic endeavors.


Ash, akin to a shadow slipping through the battlefield, boasts stats that augment his role as a master assassin. His durability and agility are notable, offering players the ability to survive engagements that would fell lesser Warframes, while ensuring that he remains as elusive as the whisper of a blade.

  • Health: At base level, Ash possesses a moderate amount of health, which scales respectably as he ascends in levels. This allows him to withstand a few hits in dire situations, although relying too heavily on this survivability can lead to perilous outcomes.
  • Shield: Ash’s shield capacity is average, a reflection of his reliance on avoiding damage rather than enduring it. Skilled players will find Ash’s mobility and cloaking abilities far more reliable than his shields for defense.
  • Armor: Possessing a higher-than-average armor rating, Ash benefits from a reduced damage intake on those occasions when evasion is not an option. This resilience is critical in sustaining Ash throughout prolonged engagements.
  • Energy: A vital stat for any Warframe, Ash’s energy capacity supports a frequent use of his abilities, which are essential to his assassinations. Proper energy management remains a key skill for mastering Ash.


Securing Ash for your arsenal is an endeavor that requires patience, as his component blueprints are exclusively dropped by Grineer Manics, elusive enemies that only appear under specific circumstances.

  1. Location: Grineer Manics tend to manifest in missions against the Grineer, with a higher likelihood during Defection, Survival, and Assassination mission types.
  2. Farming Method: To efficiently farm for Ash, engage in extended survival missions where the spawn rate of Manics increases over time. Listening for their distinctive, maniacal laughter can alert you to their presence.
  3. Blueprints: Collecting Ash requires obtaining his Main Blueprint from the in-game market for credits, and his component blueprints (Chassis, Neuroptics, and Systems) from vanquished Manics.
  4. Crafting: Once all blueprints are gathered, crafting Ash in the Foundry will require additional resources, which vary for each component and can be found across various star systems.

Power Mods#

Maximizing Ash’s lethality and efficiency on the battlefield involves a strategic selection of mods to heighten his abilities:


Ash’s first ability, Shuriken, launches deadly projectiles that seek enemies, causing significant damage and applying a slash status. Modding for Ability Strength increases its damage, while Ability Range mods allow it to target foes from farther distances.

Smoke Screen#

Granting Ash temporary invisibility and stunning nearby enemies, Smoke Screen is a versatile ability for both offense and escape. Mods enhancing Ability Duration will extend the invisibility’s effectiveness, whereas Ability Strength mods increase the stun duration on foes.


A tactical maneuver, Teleport allows Ash to instantly close the gap between himself and his target, set up for finisher attacks, or escape danger. Ability Range mods enrich its utility by increasing the teleportation distance.

Blade Storm#

Ash’s ultimate, Blade Storm, marks enemies within sight for a series of devastating attacks delivered by Ash and his shadow clones. Mods augmenting Ability Strength and Efficiency ensure the maximum kill tally for each energy point spent, while Ability Range mods expand the targeting horizon.


Understanding Polarities is crucial for optimizing Ash’s mod setup without incurring prohibitive energy costs. Ash comes with a default polarity configuration that includes:

  • V (Madurai) for offensive mods,
  • — (Naramon) for agility and utility mods,
  • D (Vazarin) typically for defensive mods.

Strategically forma’ing Ash to adjust his polarities can greatly enrich his performance by allowing for a more diverse mod setup tailored to your gameplay style.


In the ever-evolving melange of Warframe’s metagame, Ash maintains his stature as a formidable force in both solo play and within a squad. His toolkit allows him to excel in assassination missions, sabotage, and general engagements where high-value targets need to be eliminated with prejudice. However, his reliance on being up-close may deter those who prefer long-range engagements or a more supportive role within a team.


  • High Damage Output: Ash can easily dispatch most enemies with his abilities, especially when modded correctly.
  • Stealth Capabilities: His Smoke Screen ability offers both offensive and defensive utilities, making him ideally suited for stealth-oriented playstyles.
  • Versatility: With the right mods, Ash can adapt to a variety of mission types, excelling particularly in high-level content where direct confrontations are ill-advised.


  • Squishiness: Despite his decent health and armor, Ash can be overwhelmed if caught in the open without his Smoke Screen, making positioning and situational awareness critical.
  • Energy Dependency: To maintain his effectiveness, Ash relies significantly on energy, necessitating efficient management or support from teammates.


Ash embodies the essence of the shadow warrior, a specter on the battlefield that leaves only silence in his wake. While his playstyle may require a blend of patience, skill, and strategic modding, mastering Ash promises both a rewarding and exhilarating gameplay experience. Whether it’s slicing through enemy ranks or executing a swift assassination, Ash offers a toolkit full of deadly surprises that, when leveraged properly, can turn the tide of any battle in Warframe’s sprawling universe.

Ash Guide
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