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Arknights: Operator Guide

Welcome to our ultimate “Arknights: Operator Guide”! Dive into the enthralling world of Arknights with our comprehensive guide designed to turn your squad into an unstoppable force. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned Doctor, this guide covers everything you need to master your Operators. From “Unlocking Operators” to finding the “Best Operators for Each Role,” we’ve got you covered. Discover essential strategies for “Using Skills and Abilities Effectively,” and learn the secrets behind “Leveling Up Your Operators” quickly. Finally, enhance your gameplay with expert “Tips for Character Builds.” Ready to supercharge your Arknights experience? Let’s get started!

Unlocking Operators in Arknights#

Unlocking new Operators in Arknights can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially with so many characters to choose from. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with all the tips and tricks you need to build your dream team.

Recruitment and Headhunting#

There are two main ways to unlock Operators in Arknights: Recruitment and Headhunting.

  1. Recruitment:

    • This method is like a free, consistent way to get Operators. You use Recruitment tickets, which are handed out regularly, or LMD (the in-game currency). You get to choose tags that hint at the type of Operator you might get. While it’s a bit of a gamble, it’s a great way to fill out your roster without spending premium currency.
    • Here’s a quick breakdown of how it works:
      • Go to the Recruit section.
      • Select your tags. Different combinations can increase your chances for certain Operators.
      • Set the timer (the longer, the better) and hit recruit.
    • Special tip: Use the combinations wisely. Some tags might lead to rare Operators!
  2. Headhunting:

    • This is the gacha system of Arknights. You use Originium or Headhunting Permits to pull for Operators. It’s where you’ll find the rarest and most powerful characters.
    • The rates for 5★ and 6★ Operators are higher in limited-time banners, so keep an eye on those.
    • Save up for these events unless you’re feeling lucky!
Daily and Weekly Missions#
  • Completing daily and weekly missions is a straightforward way to earn more currency and materials to help with Recruitment.
  • Tangent bonus: Some missions and events periodically reward you with free pulls or event-specific currencies to use in unique headhunting banners.
Events and Limited-Time Operations#
  • Arknights hosts many events that give you a shot at exclusive Operators.
  • These events often have special currency or tokens that can be exchanged for event-specific Operators. Make sure you participate in these events to snag some rare Operators that you won’t find elsewhere.
Operator Store#
  • The Distinction Store lets you purchase certain Operators directly. You need Distinction tokens, which are earned by pulling duplicates in headhunt or from specific missions.
  • Consider this your fallback for guaranteed picks when you’re unlucky with gacha pulls.
  • Make a wishlist: Keep a list of Operators you’re hoping to unlock. There’s a lot of luck involved in pulling Operators, but knowing your priorities can help you manage resources better.
  • Save your Originium for headhunting limited banners or Operators that significantly boost your team’s strength.
Don’t Forget the Freebies!#
  • Arknights often gives out free pulls, rewards, and Operators in special events and updates. Keep an eye on the in-game mail and announcements.

In short, unlocking Operators in Arknights involves a mix of persistence, strategy, and a bit of luck. Regularly check the recruitment tags, save your currency for headhunting pulls, and participate in events to maximize your chances. Over time, you’ll build a diverse and powerful roster to tackle any challenge!

Arknights: Operator Guide#

Best Operators for Each Role#

In Arknights, operators are divided into distinct roles, each bringing unique strengths to the battlefield. Here’s a breakdown of the best operators for each role that you’ll want on your team.


Best Overall: Siege#

Siege is a top-tier Vanguard who excels in both generating Deployment Points (DP) and dealing damage. Her ability to clear out waves of smaller enemies while boosting your DP makes her a fantastic pick for early game deployment.

Budget Pick: Courier#

If you’re low on resources, Courier is a solid choice. He’s durable, can generate a good amount of DP, and doesn’t cost much to deploy.


Best Overall: Shining#

Shining not only provides substantial healing, but her third skill also grants a significant defense boost to allies in range. This makes her invaluable in tougher maps where survivability is key.

Budget Pick: Gavial#

Gavial offers reliable healing and comes at a lower rarity, making her easier to obtain and cheaper to upgrade. She’s great for new players who need efficient healing on a budget.


Best Overall: SilverAsh#

SilverAsh is a fan-favorite for his versatility and devastating burst damage. His third skill, Truesilver Slash, can annihilate waves of enemies, making him a powerhouse both on offense and defense.

Budget Pick: Melantha#

For players tight on resources, Melantha is a fantastic choice. She’s a 3-star guard with high attack stats and can handle single-target enemies effectively.


Best Overall: Hoshiguma#

Hoshiguma stands out with her high defense stats and counter-attacking ability. Her skillset allows her to tank massive amounts of damage while dealing decent damage in return.

Budget Pick: Beagle#

Beagle is a 3-star defender who’s easy to obtain and boasts strong defense stats. She’s perfect for new players needing a reliable tank without the investment in higher rarity operators.


Best Overall: Exusiai#

Exusiai is famous for her rapid-fire attacks and high damage output. She’s excellent against flying units and can clear enemies quickly with her burst damage skills.

Budget Pick: Kroos#

Kroos, the 3-star sniper, is widely regarded for her consistent performance and ease of use. She’s reliable in dealing ranged damage and is a great addition to beginner teams.


Best Overall: Eyjafjalla#

Eyjafjalla offers incredible area-of-effect (AoE) magic damage, making her indispensable in maps crowded with enemies. Her versatility and damage output put her at the top of the caster category.

Budget Pick: Lava#

Lava is a 3-star caster who’s easy to level up and specializes in AoE damage. She’s perfect for clearing out mobs and doesn’t require a heavy investment.


Best Overall: Projekt Red#

Projekt Red excels in assassination and crowd control with her fast redeployment time and high burst damage. She’s great for taking out high-value targets and disrupting enemy formations.

Budget Pick: Shaw#

Shaw is a 4-star specialist known for her useful push skills. She’s invaluable in maps with environmental hazards that can deal bonus damage to enemies when pushed into them.


Best Overall: Sora#

Sora brings unique support with her healing and buffing capabilities. Her party-wide buffs can significantly enhance the survivability and damage output of your team, making her a versatile pick.

Budget Pick: Orchid#

Orchid is a 4-star supporter who provides both slow and attack speed reduction on enemies. She’s excellent for controlling the pace of the battlefield and works well in combination with other operators.


Picking the right operators can make a huge difference in Arknights. Each class has standout performers that cater to different strategies and budgets, ensuring there’s always a great fit for your squad. Experiment with these operators to find the ones that best complement your playstyle!

Feel free to share your own favorite operators or strategies in the comments below. Happy defending!

Using Skills and Abilities Effectively#

If you’ve been knee-deep in Arknights for a while, you know that mastering operator skills and abilities can make or break your defense. This ain’t a tower defense game where “set it and forget it” works. Let’s dive into how you can make the most of your operators’ skills, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned player.

Understand Your Operators#

Each operator in Arknights has a unique set of skills and abilities. You’ll want to know what your team is capable of before deploying them. There are three types of skills: automatic, manual, and passive.

  • Automatic Skills: These activate on their own once the conditions are met.
  • Manual Skills: You decide when to use them, perfect for those clutch moments.
  • Passive Skills: Always active and improve your operator’s performance without any input from you.

Timing is Key#

Knowing when to activate skills is crucial. Don’t just smash that skill button because it’s available. Think about the enemy wave patterns and your operator’s health. For instance, holding off on a healing skill until your tank is about to drop ensures you’re not wasting resources.


  • Exusiai – Her Burst Mode (Skill 2) unloads a barrage of bullets, perfect for dealing with a wave of enemies. Wait until you have a bunch of baddies lined up to maximize damage.
  • SilverAsh – Truesilver Slash (Skill 3) deals massive damage but has a long cooldown. Save it for boss battles or when you’re overwhelmed by elite enemies.

Synergy Between Operators#

Combining skills can lead to powerful, game-changing plays. Consider how your operators’ skills interact with each other. A healer like Silence pairs well with a tank like Hoshiguma, creating a sturdy frontline that doesn’t go down easily.

Sample Strategies#

  • Use Angelina’s Skill 3 to slow enemies, then follow up with Chen’s Skill 2 to clean up. The slow effect ensures Chen hits all targets with her deadly strikes.
  • Deploy Saria with her healing aura (Talent) and use Shining’s Skill 2 to boost defense stats, turning your front line into a fortress.

Upgrade Wisely#

Don’t just dump all your resources into one operator. Spread the love! Upgrading skills not only makes them more powerful but also reduces cooldowns and increases the duration of effects. Prioritize operators and skills that complement your strategy.

Pro Tip#

Focus on upgrading key operators for stages you’re struggling with. If you’re having trouble with swarms, prioritize AoE casters and Vanguards. If it’s tough enemies, look at Guard and Defender upgrades.

Adapt to Situations#

Flexibility is your friend. The same strategy won’t work for every map or enemy type. Always be ready to switch things up. If aerial enemies keep slipping through, invest in Snipers and upgrade their skills. If ground units are bulldozing your defenses, Defenders and Medics need attention.

Practice Makes Perfect#

Don’t be afraid to practice on easier maps to get a feel for skill timings and operator synergy. Experimentation can reveal combos and strategies you wouldn’t think of during high-pressure situations.

Stay patient and keep experimenting. Each map and enemy wave is a puzzle to solve. With these tips under your belt, you’ll be better equipped to handle whatever Arknights throws your way.

Happy defending!

Leveling Up Your Operators#

Arknights is all about strategy, and part of that is making sure your operators are ready to handle whatever comes their way. Here’s a quick guide on how to level up your operators efficiently and effectively.

Understanding Operator Levels#

Each operator has a level that indicates their strength, but there’s more to it than just a number. As they level up, their stats improve, making them more powerful in battle. However, it’s not just about grinding levels—there are other factors you’ll need to consider.

EXP and LMD - The Essentials#

To level up your operators, you’ll need two key resources: Experience (EXP) and LMD (Lungmen Dollars). You earn EXP through combat, specifically from completing missions. LMD, on the other hand, is the in-game currency used for various upgrades, including leveling.

Using Battle Records#

The fastest way to level up your operators is by using Battle Records. These are items that give a large amount of EXP to your operators. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Plain Battle Record: 200 EXP
  • Frontline Battle Record: 400 EXP
  • Tactical Battle Record: 1000 EXP
  • Strategic Battle Record: 2000 EXP

You can earn these from Annihilation missions, daily missions, and through rewards from events. Strategic Battle Records are the most efficient, so try to save these for when you really need a big boost.

Where to Get Battle Records#

Farming high-yield Battle Records can be done in specific missions:

  1. Supplies Stages (CE-5) - Drops lots of Battle Records.
  2. Trust Farm (LS-5) - Great for farming items needed to level up operators.

Prioritize these stages when you’re low on records.

How to Spend Your Resources Wisely#

Not all operators need to be at max level immediately. Focus on the operators that you use the most or that fill unique roles in your team. A balanced team of well-leveled operators is more useful than having one super-strong operator and several weak ones.

The Importance of E1 and E2#

Operators can be promoted to Elite 1 (E1) and Elite 2 (E2), which significantly boosts their abilities and stats. To promote an operator to E1, you’ll need a certain level and some materials. E2 takes even more resources but is worth it for your core team members.

Here’s a quick outline:

  • Elite 1 (E1):

    • Required Level: 50
    • Resources: Battle Records, LMD, and specific materials.
  • Elite 2 (E2):

    • Required Level: 70
    • Resources: Even more Battle Records, LMD, and rare materials.

Daily and Weekly Missions#

Don’t forget about daily and weekly missions. These often reward you with Battle Records, LMD, and materials needed for promotions. Make sure to complete these missions as they are a steady source of the resources you need.

Efficient Farming Tactics#

Use your Sanity (the game’s stamina system) wisely. Prioritize missions that drop the most valuable resources. Missions like 7-18 are known for having good drops, including Battle Records. Time-limited events also offer excellent rewards, so make sure to participate in those whenever they’re available.


Leveling up your operators is crucial for progressing in Arknights. Focus on gathering and using Experience and LMD wisely, and remember to prioritize essential operators for Elite promotions. Utilize Battle Records efficiently and participate in daily and weekly missions for consistent resource gain.

That’s pretty much it! Keep these tips in mind, and soon your operators will be unstoppable on the battlefield. Happy leveling! Arknights: Operator Guide
Tips for Character Builds

So, you’ve got an awesome squad of operators in Arknights, but you’re not quite sure how to make them the best they can be? Don’t stress! Here’s a handy guide to make sure you’re taking full advantage of your operators’ potential.

1. Understanding Roles and Classes#

First things first, know what each operator’s role is. Each operator is classified into different roles like Vanguard, Guard, Defender, Sniper, Caster, Medic, and Supporter. Your team should ideally have a good balance of these roles to handle various situations.


  • Vanguards generate more deployment points.
  • Guards deal heavy damage.
  • Defenders are your tanks.
  • Snipers pick off drones and long-range threats.
  • Casters melt high-defense enemies with arts damage.
  • Medics keep everyone healthy.
  • Supporters offer buffs/debuffs and unique abilities.

2. Prioritize Key Stats#

Different classes benefit from different stats. Depending on the role, level up the stats that matter most.

For Guards and Snipers:

  • Attack (ATK) and Attack Speed are crucial.

For Defenders and Medics:

  • Prioritize Defense (DEF) and Health Points (HP).

For Casters and Supporters:

  • Focus on Arts Damage (ATK) and Special Abilities.

3. Skill Choice and Mastery#

Each operator can unlock multiple skills as they level up. Pay close attention to which skills you prefer to use and consider mastering them.

Skill Mastery Tips:

  • Prioritize frequently used skills. If a skill is part of your regular strategy, it’s a good candidate for mastery.
  • Check Cooldowns: Skills with lower cooldowns can often be more effective if mastered since they’ll be used more frequently.

4. Promote When Possible#

Promoting your operators increases their max level, unlocks new skills, and usually provides a significant stat boost.

E1 Promotion: Focus on your core operators who are always in your lineup. Vanguards like Texas or Siege, or main DPS like Exusiai.

E2 Promotion: This is where units truly shine. Make sure you have a balanced team at E1 before heading into heavy E2 investments. Operators with game-changing skills, like SilverAsh or Eyjafjalla, benefit hugely from E2 promotion.

5. Utilize Equipment and Modules#

As you progress, operators can unlock equipment and modules that provide stat boosts and other benefits.

  • Pick gear that enhances primary stats. For example, boosting DEF for Defenders.
  • Use talents and modules wisely: They might have specific conditions and knowing when and where to use them can turn the tide of battle.

6. Synergy and Team Composition#

All the power in the world means nothing without teamwork. Build your team so that operators complement each other.

Combo Examples#

  • Vanguard to Defender switch: Use Vanguards like Myrtle to generate points quickly, then deploy Defenders like Saria to hold the line.
  • Sniper and Caster duo: Snipers handle aerial units and long-range threats, while Casters break through heavy armor.

7. Don’t Forget to Adapt#

Each mission might call for specific adjustments. Don’t get too comfortable with a single setup. Test different operators and strategies to see what works best for each stage.

These tips should get you on the right track to mastering your character builds in Arknights. Remember to experiment and have fun – that’s half the game!

Arknights: Operator Guide
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