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Arknights: Gacha and Recruitment Guide
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Welcome to our comprehensive Arknights: Gacha and Recruitment Guide! Dive deep into the exhilarating world of Arknights with our essential tips and strategies to master the gacha mechanics and optimize your recruitment process. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer eager to build a stellar roster, this guide covers it all. Learn the intricacies of Understanding the Gacha System, discover the Best Banners to Pull From, and become savvy at Managing Originium and Recruitment Vouchers. Plus, maximize your chances of recruiting top-tier Operators with our proven tactics and unlock smart Tips for Efficient Recruitment. Get ready to enhance your Arknights experience to its fullest!

Understanding the Gacha System#

Arknights is a strategic mobile game where collecting Operators (the characters you deploy) is a big part of the fun. But to get these Operators, you need to dive into the gacha system. Don’t worry if you’re new to this. We’ll walk you through the basics of how it all works in Arknights.

What is Gacha?#

Gacha is a term borrowed from Japanese capsule-toy vending machines. In mobile games, it’s a system where you “pull” or “roll” to randomly obtain characters or items. Think of it like opening a pack of Pokémon cards, but digitally. You pay with in-game currency, and what you get is up to luck.

Basic Currency - Orundum#

In Arknights, the primary currency for pulling Operators from the gacha is Orundum. You can earn Orundum by completing missions, daily quests, and events. You can also purchase it using real money if you’re eager for more pulls.

Head Hunting#

Head Hunting is the term for the main gacha feature in Arknights. When you spend your Orundum here, you’re pulling for new Operators. Here’s how it works:

  • Single Pull: Costs 600 Orundum for one shot at a new Operator.
  • Ten Pull: Costs 6000 Orundum for ten shots, with a guaranteed 5-star Operator or higher in those ten pulls.

Recruitment System#

Apart from the gacha, there’s also a Recruitment system. It’s a bit different but important to understand:

  • In Recruitment, you select tags that specify traits or classes (like “Guard,”, “Healing,” etc.), set a recruitment time, and wait. After the time is up, you get an Operator that matches your tags.
  • While not as exciting as gacha, Recruitment is vital for getting lower-rarity Operators essential for your squad balance.

Rates and Pity System#

The gacha in Arknights uses a “rate-up” system for featured Operators. Each banner (a specific period when certain Operators are more likely to appear) has its own rate-up odds, usually displayed in the game. Typically, the rates are:

  • 6-star Operator: ~2%
  • 5-star Operator: ~8%
  • 4-star Operator and below: Make up the rest

The cool thing with Arknights is its “pity system.” If you’re on a bad luck streak and haven’t pulled a 6-star Operator after a lot of pulls, your chances will increase until you finally get one. This helps balance out the RNG (random number generator) luck a bit.

Limited Banners#

Limited Banners are special events that feature limited-time Operators. Pay close attention to these because once the event is over, you might not be able to get those Operators again for a long time, if ever. They tend to have higher pull rates for featured characters as well.

Spenders vs. Free-to-Play#

Whether you’re a spender or a free-to-play player, there are strategies to make the most of your Orundum:

  • Save for Banners: Don’t waste your Orundum on every single banner. Read up on future banners and save for ones that feature Operators you really want or need.
  • Daily Rewards and Events: Keep up with daily missions, weekly missions, and events. They are a steady source of Orundum and free pulls.
  • Balance Recruiting and Pulls: Use the Recruitment system efficiently for lower rarity Operators. Save your Orundum for those high-stakes Ten Pulls.

Understanding the gacha system in Arknights is key to building your dream team without going broke. Stay informed, plan your pulls, and may your RNG be ever in your favor!

Best Banners to Pull From#

Welcome to the world of Arknights, where strategy, skill, and just a bit of luck can help you get the best characters. With so many banners to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide where to spend your valuable Orundum and Headhunting Permits. Here’s a breakdown of the best banners to pull from to help you make the most of your resources.

Limited Banners#

Limited banners are your top priority. These banners feature exclusive operators who are often among the most powerful and versatile in the game. Here are some notable ones:

  • Nian and Dusk Banner: This banner features the limited operators Nian and Dusk, who are both powerful and have unique skills. Nian is a top-tier Defender, while Dusk is a high-damage Caster who can summon allies.
  • W Banner: W, a limited 6-star Operator, is an excellent choice for dealing damage and disrupting enemies with her explosive traps. This banner is usually paired with another strong unit, making it a great option.

Make sure to save up your resources for these banners, as the operators featured here won’t return often and can significantly boost your team’s power.

Standard Headhunting Banners#

Standard headhunting banners usually feature two 6-star operators and three 5-star operators. These banners rotate every two weeks, and while not all of them are must-pulls, some feature game-changing operators:

  • Surtr and Thorns Banner: Surtr is arguably one of the strongest damage dealers in the game, capable of soloing many tough enemies. Thorns, on the other hand, is a versatile ranged Guard who excels in sustained battles.
  • Mudrock and Rosmontis Banner: Mudrock is a powerhouse Defender with self-sustain abilities, making her perfect for soaking up damage. Rosmontis is a 6-star Sniper who shines in crowd control and dealing splash damage.

Event Banners#

Event banners usually coincide with in-game events and often feature new operators alongside returning favorites. These banners often have higher pull rates for the featured operators, making them a good investment. Some of the standout event banners include:

  • Chapter Releases: When a new chapter is released, the associated banner typically features operators that complement the new content. Check out banners related to chapter updates for operators that might be particularly useful in the latest maps.
  • Anniversary Banners: Anniversaries usually bring special banners with increased rates and sometimes even free pulls. Keep an eye out for these as they are some of the best times to bolster your roster.

Public Headhunting and Recruitment#

Lastly, don’t forget about Public Headhunting and Recruitment. While these methods don’t guarantee top-tier operators, they can still net you some good additions without spending your Orundum.

  • Public Headhunting: Use distinctions and recruitment tickets, primarily earned through gameplay, for a shot at high rarity operators.
  • Recruitment Tags: Keep an eye out for tags like “Senior Operator” and “Top Operator,” as they can yield rare operators. Utilizing the right combination of tags can greatly increase your chances of landing a 5-star or 6-star operator.


In Arknights, knowing where to spend your resources is key. Prioritize limited banners for exclusive and powerful operators, target strong standard banners for versatile units, and make the most of event banners and recruitment options. With a little strategy, you can build an awesome squad without breaking the bank. Happy pulling!

Managing Originium and Recruitment Vouchers#

In Arknights, knowing how to manage your resources, namely Originium and Recruitment Vouchers, is key to building a solid team without burning out. Let’s break down how to make the most out of these precious items.

What is Originium?#

Originium (or Orundum when converted) is the premium currency in Arknights. You can use it to roll on banners for Operators, which are the characters you deploy in battle. Beginners might find the system a bit intimidating, but fear not, it’s simpler than it seems!

Earning Originium#

  1. Daily and Weekly Missions: Check these regularly. They offer decent amounts of Originium (or Orundum).
  2. Story Mode and Side Stories: Completing stages for the first time often gives a nice chunk.
  3. Events: Participate in limited-time events. They often have missions that reward Originium.
  4. Achievement Goals: Various in-game goals grant Originium. Keep an eye on these and try to check off as many as possible.

Spending Wisely#

While it’s tempting to blow all your Originium on the latest limited banner, think twice before confirming that roll.

  1. Prioritize Limited Banners: These banners feature Operators that you can’t get all the time. Save your Originium for these special events.
  2. Consider the Guaranteed Pull: Every 10 pulls guarantee at least one 5-star Operator. This is a good safety net if you’re in desperate need of stronger characters.
  3. Balance Between Pulls and Resources: You might want to spend some Originium on item bundles if you’re struggling with gear or materials. Your Operators are only as effective as their levels and promotions.

Recruitment Vouchers: Lesser-Known Lifesavers#

Recruitment Vouchers aren’t as flashy as Originium, but they’re an essential part of your strategy.

Using Recruitment Vouchers#

  1. Tags and Combinations: Tags define the potential Operators you can recruit. Pay attention to these since certain combinations can guarantee specific rarities.
  2. Timer Management: Setting the recruitment duration to the max (9 hours) generally increases your chances of pulling higher-rarity Operators.
  3. Refresh and Rethink: If the tags don’t look promising, use your free refresh to get a new set. Don’t just settle for the first options if they seem lackluster.

Tips to Optimize Recruitment#

  1. Know the Pool: Understand which Operators belong to which tags. There are online guides and charts for this.
  2. Use the Free Recruitment Daily: Even if you don’t fully optimize your tag selection, always put your free recruitment to use.
  3. Store Vouchers for Events: Events sometimes have recruitment-focused missions or drops. Use your stockpile strategically then for maximum benefit.


To excel in Arknights, carefully balance your use of Originium and Recruitment Vouchers. Save Originium for critical pulls, and manage Recruitment Vouchers to fill in your team with reliable Operators. Strategic resource management will ensure you have a powerful roster ready to take on any challenge. Happy gaming, Doctor!

Maximizing Your Chances in Arknights#

Arknights is a game where strategy isn’t just for battles—it’s also for maximizing your chances of getting the best operators through gacha and recruitment. Here’s how to make the most out of your resources.

Understanding the Gacha System#

The gacha system is where you’ll spend your hard-earned resources like Orundum and Headhunting Permits to pull operators. Here are some key points to maximize your luck:

  • Pity System: Arknights has a pity system that guarantees a 6-star operator after 50 pulls if you haven’t gotten one yet. Every 6-star pull resets this count. Keep track of your pulls to know when you’re close to pity!

  • Rate-Ups: During event banners, specific operators have a higher drop rate. Focus on pulling during these times to increase your odds of landing that limited-time operator.

  • Save Resources: Don’t blow through your Orundum and Headhunting Permits right away. Save them for banners with desirable operators to make your pulls more efficient.

Smart Recruitment Strategies#

The recruitment system is a bit different from the gacha, giving you a chance to be more strategic. Use these pointers to improve your recruitment results:

  • Use Tags Wisely: Recruitment tags define the pool of possible operators. Combining rare tags can increase your chances of getting higher-rarity operators. For example, “Senior Operator” or “Top Operator” tags should be prioritized as they guarantee high-rarity characters.

  • Set Longer Recruitment Times: Longer recruitment times generally yield better operators. Aim for the maximum 9 hours to tilt the odds in your favor, especially when using rare tags.

  • Tag Guides: Use community-created tag guides to understand which combinations lead to specific operators. This can be a great way to target certain roles or characters.

Efficient Resource Management#

Being smart about how you manage your resources can make the difference between a strong squad and a struggling one. Here’s how to keep your resources optimally managed:

  • Daily Missions: Complete daily and weekly missions for Orundum and other essential resources. Consistency here pays off big time over the long run.

  • Operators’ Trust Levels: Deploying operators in your base (RIIC) can increase their trust level, which often gives small bonuses and, importantly, extra Orundum when reaching certain milestones.

  • Events and Contingency Contracts: Participate in regular events that offer extra resources. Contingency Contracts, in particular, can be lucrative but challenging—team up with friends or seek advice online to make the most of them.

Beyond the Gacha and Recruitment#

Don’t forget that crafting a balanced team is not just about having high-rarity operators. Focus on:

  • Team Composition: Make sure you’re covering all roles—Defenders, Medics, Snipers, etc.—to deal with various challenges the game throws at you.

  • Operator Skills: Level up and specialize your operators based on their unique skills and your playstyle. Sometimes a well-leveled 4-star operator can outperform a 6-star if they fit perfectly into your strategy.

By being mindful of these strategies, you’ll find that building a top-tier team in Arknights is about a lot more than luck. With the right approach, you can turn the odds in your favor and truly enjoy the game’s rich, tactical gameplay.

With these tips, you’re now geared up to get the most out of your Arknights experience. Remember, patience and strategy go hand-in-hand for success in this game. Happy pulling and good luck on the battlefield!

Tips for Efficient Recruitment#

Recruitment in Arknights is a great way to expand your roster and get some really cool Operators without spending too many resources. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned Doctor, making the most of your recruitment tickets is always a good idea. Here are some tips to make sure your recruitment process is as efficient as possible:

Understand Recruitment Tags#

In recruitment, you choose tags that narrow down the pool of potential Operators you might get. Tags can be based on class (like Vanguard or Sniper), traits (like Healing or Survival), and rarity (like Senior Operator or Top Operator). When selecting tags, make sure to:

  • Combine Tags Wisely: Some tag combinations increase your chances of getting rare Operators. For example, using the Healing and Support tags together might land you a valuable Medic or Support Operator.
  • Check Tag Synergies: Consult an online tag calculator or forum to find out which combinations yield higher rarity Operators or specific ones you’re aiming for. Remember, some tags like Top Operator can guarantee a 5-star or 6-star Operator if they appear.

Know Your Guaranteed Rarity Tags#

Certain tags guarantee minimum rarity Operators, saving you time and resources. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Top Operator: Guarantees a 6-star Operator.
  • Senior Operator: Guarantees a 5-star Operator.
  • 4★ Stars Guarantee Tags: Tags like Crowd-Control, Summon, and Nuker generally guarantee 4-star Operators if no other higher guarantee tags are used. These tags are rarer but very useful.

Setting Recruitment Time#

The length of time you set your recruitment also impacts the potential rarity of the Operators. Here’s how you should set the time:

  • 9 Hours: Always set the recruitment time to the maximum, which is 9 hours. This increases the likelihood of higher rarity Operators appearing in your recruitment result pool.

Strategic Refreshing#

Sometimes, it’s better to refresh your recruitment tags instead of settling for a less desirable set. Here’s when to refresh:

  • No High-Rarity Tags: If none of the tags suggest a 4-star or higher Operator, consider refreshing.
  • Unfavorable Combinations: If the tags don’t synergize well, it’s worth refreshing to try your luck again.

Use Your Permits Wisely#

Recruitment permits might seem abundant at first, but they can dry up quickly. Here’s how to use them smartly:

  • Avoid Using During Events: Some events give bonus 4-star or lower Operators just for logging in or playing stages, so save your permits and use those free units instead.
  • Stack Up for Recruitment Daily Missions: Some daily missions require a certain number of recruitments. Make sure you have enough permits to fulfill these missions without breaking the bank.

Utilizing Distinction Shops#

Don’t forget to make use of the Distinction Shop for when you get duplicate Operators:

  • Certificate Conversion: Duplicates turn into certificates which can be used to buy specific Operator tokens, recruitment permits, and other goodies. Always check the shop before using headhunting or recruitment permits, as you might be able to purchase a needed unit directly.

Keep a Recruitment Log#

Keeping a small log of your recruitment results can help you track which tag combinations worked best for you and which times you got higher rarity Operators. This can help you refine your strategy over time.

By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to building a strong and diverse roster in Arknights, without draining your in-game resources. Happy recruiting, Doctor!

Arknights: Gacha and Recruitment Guide
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