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Arknights: Event Guide

Welcome to our ultimate “Arknights: Event Guide,” your go-to resource for mastering event participation in this thrilling tower-defense game! Whether you’re a seasoned Doctor or a newcomer eager to climb the ranks, this guide has everything you need to conquer Arknights events and reap the best rewards. Dive into our detailed subtopics, including Participating in Events, Best Rewards and How to Earn Them, Managing Limited-Time Resources, Completing Event Missions, and essential Tips for Maximizing Event Participation. Let’s elevate your gameplay and ensure you never miss out on Arknights’ most exciting opportunities!

Arknights Event Guide: Participating in Events#

Introduction to Events#

Arknights frequently features events that offer limited-time challenges, stories, and rewards. These events can provide rare materials, unique operators (units), and exclusive skins. Participating in these events can significantly bolster your squad while making the gameplay experience more exciting.

How to Access Events#

In the main interface of Arknights, you’ll see a banner or icon that denotes ongoing events. Tap on this banner to enter the event space. Events can vary from storytelling missions, challenge modes, side-story events, and time-limited recruitment banners.

Types of Events#

  1. Story Events

    • Side Stories: These events often dive deeper into the Arknights lore, revealing backstories of specific characters or factions. Completing stages in side stories usually grants event currency and items.
    • Main Story Events: Tied directly into the primary campaign, these can sometimes introduce new game mechanics or major plot points.
  2. Limited-Time Operations

    • Contingency Contract: This event tests your strategic skills by tweaking various aspects of stages, making them more difficult. Success here can reward you with elite materials and limited-time operators.
    • Mini Events: Shorter events that generally offer simpler missions with moderate rewards; good for a quick game session.
  3. Seasonal Events

    • These are often tied to real-world seasons or holidays and come with themed rewards and festive vibes. They might include limited-time recruitment banners with boosted rates for rare operators.

Event Currency and Rewards#

Each event typically introduces event-specific currency, which you collect by clearing event missions. You can trade this currency in the event store for materials, operator tokens, skins, and more.

Rewards range from advancement materials to rare, sometimes even exclusive, operators and furniture for your dorm. Always prioritize limited-time items and exclusive units, as these can drastically enhance your squad’s power and your base’s aesthetics.

Optimizing Progress in Events#

  • Daily Grind: Many events feature stages that you can complete daily, offering event currency or small bonus rewards. Make sure to do these every day to maximize your gains.
  • Efficiency: Focus first on clearing the easiest stages for lower-cost event currency, then save up for more challenging missions. This approach allows steady progress without burning out your squad.
  • Use Support Units: During difficult stages, don’t hesitate to borrow powerful units from friends to ensure victory.
  • Event Shop Prioritization: Prioritize unique and limited-time rewards in the event shop. After securing these, focus on essential advancement materials that will help you promote your operators.
  • Community Guides: The Arknights community often shares strategies and tips for events. Websites and forums like Reddit and GamePress are gold mines for advice.

Staying Up-to-Date#

Arknights maintains a robust schedule of events, sometimes overlapping multiple events. Regularly check in on official channels such as Twitter, in-game announcements, and community forums to keep track of when and what events are happening.


Events in Arknights are a thrilling way to get the most out of the game, offering challenges and rewards that keep gameplay fresh and rewarding. Dive into each event, grab those rare rewards, and watch your squad power up! Happy gaming, Doctor!

Further Reading#

Remember, the frequent participation in events ensures a steady flow of rewards and keeps the game interesting. Get those rewards, Doctor!

Best Rewards and How to Earn Them#

In Arknights, rewards come in all shapes and sizes, from Orundum to LMD, and rare operator tokens. Knowing what to chase can dramatically enhance your team and gameplay experience. Let’s break down the best rewards and how you can snag them.

Orundum – Your Ticket to New Operators#

Why It’s Important:
Orundum is the in-game currency used to pull operators from the gacha system. More Orundum means more chances to get top-tier characters like SilverAsh and Eyjafjalla.

How to Earn It:

  1. Daily Missions: Completing simple tasks such as clearing stages and collecting clues.
  2. Weekly Missions: These offer bigger chunks of Orundum. Make sure to finish these to maximize your rewards.
  3. Annihilation: Every week, you can earn a sizable amount of Orundum by completing all available Annihilation stages.
  4. Events: Many events grant Orundum as part of their milestone rewards, so participate as much as you can!

LMD – The Lifeblood of Enhancements#

Why It’s Important:
LMD, or Lumen, is needed for almost every character upgrade and promotion in Arknights. Without it, you’re stuck with under-leveled operators.

How to Earn It:

  1. Story and Event Stages: These often reward LMD for completing missions the first time.
  2. Farming Stages: Use your Sanity (energy) on stages like CE-5, which are specifically designed to give lots of LMD.
  3. Base Production: Set up your base correctly, prioritize Trading Posts and Factories, and make sure the right operators are assigned to maximize LMD output.
  4. Weekly Missions: Don’t sleep on these. Weekly missions not only give Orundum but also a good amount of LMD.

Head-hunting Permits – Limited Yet Essential#

Why It’s Important:
These permits allow you to perform head-hunting (gacha pulls) without spending Orundum. They’re rare but invaluable, especially during limited-time banners.

How to Earn Them:

  1. Events: Participating and progressing through event stories often reward head-hunting permits.
  2. Shop and Missions: Occasionally, you can snag these from the in-game shop for credits or from completing tough missions.
  3. Monthly Card: If you’re willing to spend a bit of cash, the monthly card offers a steady supply of head-hunting permits.

Rare Operator Tokens – Boost Your Best#

Why They’re Important:
These tokens allow you to promote operators to higher potentials without needing duplicates. High-potential operators have better stats and can significantly benefit your team.

How to Earn Them:

  1. Event Shops: Events often have these tokens for you to buy with event currency.
  2. Daily and Weekly Missions: Occasionally, you’ll find these as mission rewards.
  3. Monthly Shop Rotation: The Distinction shop has potential tokens for high-rarity operators in each monthly reset.

Elite Materials – The Key to Promotions#

Why They’re Important:
Elite materials are used to promote your operators to E1 and E2 (Elite 1 and Elite 2) status, which are necessary for unlocking their full potential.

How to Earn Them:

  1. Farming Specific Stages: Certain materials drop from specific stages. Refer to the in-game material guide to know where to farm efficiently.
  2. Shop and Events: Weekly shops and event shops frequently offer elite materials in exchange for various currencies.
  3. Operation Record Bounties: These can reward you with materials for completing specific missions.

Summarizing Strategy#

To maximize your rewards, always balance your Sanity spending between farming for materials and progressing through story or event stages. Complete daily and weekly missions without fail, maintain an optimized base for resource production, and always participate in events. With a clear focus on earning the best rewards, your team will be stronger, and your gameplay experience will be much smoother.

Managing Limited-Time Resources#

When it comes to Arknights, managing limited-time resources effectively can really make a difference. Events in Arknights often come with unique rewards and challenges, so maximizing your efficiency is key. Let’s dive into some tips and tricks to get the most out of your time and efforts during these special periods.

Prioritize Your Objectives#

The first step is to prioritize your goals. Events usually offer a mix of premium currency (like Orundum), elite materials, and exclusive items that you can’t get anywhere else. Before the event kicks off, check out the event shop and event missions to see what’s available.

  • Identify Key Rewards: Make a list of rewards you can’t miss out on, such as event-exclusive operators or rare materials.
  • Set Clear Goals: Decide what you want to achieve first. For instance, if a new operator is available, make them your priority.

Energy Management#

Energy, or Sanity, is your main resource for doing just about anything in Arknights. Events often come with special maps that require you to spend Sanity to earn event currency.

  • Daily Sanity Allocation: Dedicate a portion of your daily Sanity solely to event stages. This ensures steady progress.
  • Sanity Potions: Save your Sanity potions for events. They can quickly boost your resource gain, especially if you’re close to hitting your daily maximum use of sanity or need an extra push.

Currency Grinding#

Most events will have their own form of event currency that you earn by clearing stages. Here’s how to maximize your grind:

  • Efficient Farming Stages: Identify the stages that offer the best currency-to-Sanity ratio. Often, higher difficulty stages will give more currency but may take more time and effort. Find a balance that fits your play style.
  • Auto-Deploy: Use Auto-Deploy for stages you have already cleared perfectly. This saves time and ensures consistent results without manual effort.

Event Missions and Tasks#

Event missions can give you huge bonuses and help speed up your progress.

  • Daily and Weekly Missions: Make these a priority. Their rewards stack quickly and missing out can set you back significantly.
  • Checklists: Use in-game checklists or your own notes to keep track of tasks you need to complete. It’s easy to forget what you’ve done and what you haven’t.

Spending Event Currency#

When you’ve farmed enough event currency, it’s time to hit the event shop. To make the most out of it, remember:

  • Buy High-Value Items First: Items like LMD, skill summaries, and transfer permits are often more valuable in the long run.
  • Evaluate Your Needs: Check what your roster needs most—are you short on materials for promoting operators, or do you need XP materials more?
  • Don’t Hoard: Usually, event currency disappears once the event ends, so spend wisely before it’s too late.

Special Tactics#

Some events introduce unique mechanics or stages with special conditions. Here are a few tips to navigate through them:

  • Adapt Your Squad: Certain stages might require specific types of operators, like AoE casters or fast-redeploy units. Adjust your team accordingly.
  • Event Specific Guides: Look online or in the Arknights community for guides on how to tackle tricky stages or mechanics. YouTube and Reddit are great places for tips.

Final Thoughts#

Events in Arknights can be a bit overwhelming at first, but with some planning and smart resource management, you can come out on top. Prioritize your resources, manage your Sanity, and stick to your objectives. By following these strategies, you’ll make the most out of every limited-time event that comes your way.

Remember, Arknights is as much about strategy off the battlefield as it is on it. Happy farming!

Completing Event Missions#

When Arknights drops a new event, it’s time to dive in headfirst. These events often come with unique missions that can score you some sweet rewards. However, the event missions can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with all the details you need to complete these missions like a pro.

1. Understanding Event Missions#

Event missions in Arknights usually come in two flavors: Main Missions and Side Missions.

  • Main Missions: These are usually tied to the event’s storyline. Completing these is essential as they unlock new stages and further the event narrative.
  • Side Missions: These can be more varied and sometimes tricky. They might require you to use certain operators, complete stages within a time limit, or even deploy specific classes.

2. Prioritizing Missions#

It’s easy to get lost in all the missions thrown your way. Here’s how to prioritize:

  • Story Progression: Focus on the main missions first. They unlock new stages and events, making it easier to tackle side missions later.
  • Limited-Time Missions: Some missions are only available for a short period during the event. Make these a priority to avoid missing out on exclusive rewards.
  • Daily Missions: Don’t forget about daily missions. These often reset every day and can provide consistent rewards like event currency or sanity potions.

3. Maximizing Your Rewards#

Event missions are all about those juicy rewards. Here’s how to make sure you’re getting the most out of them:

  • Efficient Farming: Many event missions require you to farm specific items or materials. Focus on stages that offer the best drop rates. Check community guides or wikis for drop rate information.
  • Event Shops: Use the event currency you earn from missions to buy out the event shop. Prioritize buying rare materials and event-exclusive items first.
  • Challenge Missions: These can be tough but they bring in higher rewards. Make sure your team is well-prepared before attempting.

4. Team Composition for Event Missions#

Your operator team composition can make or break your event mission success. Here are some tips:

  • Varied Roles: Ensure your team has a mix of Vanguards, Defenders, Medics, and DPS units. This balanced approach covers most event mission requirements.
  • Event Buffs: Some events offer buffs to certain operators or classes. Take advantage of these to make your runs smoother.
  • Adapt and Overcome: Don’t be afraid to swap out operators if you’re struggling. Sometimes a slight change in your lineup can make a huge difference.

5. Strategies for Tough Missions#

When the going gets tough, these strategies can help you come out on top:

  • Know the Map: Study the mission map beforehand. Understanding where enemies spawn can help you place your operators more effectively.
  • Focus On Objectives: Some missions require specific objectives like protecting a certain operator or preventing enemies from reaching a certain point. Keep these objectives in mind at all times.
  • Use Supports: Don’t forget to use support operators from your friends or other players. They can bring that extra firepower you need to clear difficult stages.


Completing event missions in Arknights is all about strategy and preparation. Focus on your priorities, maintain a balanced team, and take advantage of every resource the game offers. With these tips, you’ll navigate through event missions with ease and rake in all those awesome rewards.

So, jump in, start strategizing, and most importantly, have fun with the event content. Happy defending, Doctor!

Tips for Maximizing Event Participation#

Arknights events are great opportunities to snag exclusive rewards, strengthen your team, and enjoy fresh in-game content. With the right strategy, you can make the most out of these events and come out on top. Here are some tips to help you crush it every time an event rolls around.

1. Read the Event Details#

First things first, read all the event information! Each event is different with unique mechanics, rewards, and timeframes. Checking the details will give you a clear idea of what you need to do and what you can get. Look for:

  • Starting and ending dates: Knowing when the event starts and ends helps you plan.
  • Special missions or stages: Understanding the challenges you’ll face can help you prepare your team.
  • Exclusive rewards: Make note of limited-time characters, skins, or items you want to prioritize.

2. Prioritize Your Objectives#

Events often provide a variety of rewards, but not all are created equal. Decide what’s most valuable to you and focus on it. Are you aiming for:

  • Event-specific operators: These characters are often strong and unique.
  • Materials and resources: Stock up on valuable items for leveling up and promoting your team.
  • Event currencies: Spend these wisely in the event shop for the best loot.

3. Optimize Your Squad#

Tailoring your squad for event-specific challenges can make a huge difference. Consider:

  • Reading stage descriptions: Check for enemies’ types like armored foes, fast movers, or high-damage targets.
  • Balancing your team: Mix AoE (Area of Effect) and single-target DPS (Damage Per Second) for versatility.
  • Using trusted operators: Stick to operators you’re familiar with, but don’t be afraid to try out event-specific characters.

4. Manage Your Sanity (in-game energy)#

Sanity management is crucial during events. You want to balance between normal gameplay and the event grind. Here’s how:

  • Prioritize daily tasks: Complete must-do tasks early so you can focus on the event afterwards.
  • Use potions wisely: Save your sanity potions for when you really need to grind hard.
  • Optimize your rest cycles: Play strategically so you don’t waste sanity refill time.

5. Clear Event Stages Efficiently#

Some events have stages that are more resource-effective to farm. Focus on these to maximize your gains.

  • Farm the best stages: Often, players share the most efficient farming stages on forums and social media.
  • Repeat efficient runs: It might get repetitive, but repeating the best stages ensures you get the most out of your efforts.

6. Take Advantage of Bonus Campaigns#

Events often come with bonus campaigns that provide extra rewards for login, completing missions, or spending in-game currency.

  • Login bonuses: Consistent logins often yield great rewards. Even if you don’t have time to play, logging in daily is a must.
  • Limited-time missions: Check these missions and clear them as soon as possible to rack up extra goodies.

7. Join the Community#

The Arknights community is very active during events, sharing tips, team compositions, and strategies.

  • Forums and Reddit: These places are treasure troves of information.
  • Discord servers: Join Arknights Discord servers to interact with other players in real-time.
  • YouTube and Twitch: Watch content from your favorite creators to see how they tackle the event.

Final Thoughts#

Maximizing your participation in Arknights events requires a thoughtful approach, a solid game plan, and staying engaged with the community. Follow these tips to make sure you get the most out of every event and keep your squad strong and ready for any challenge that comes your way!

Happy gaming, Doctors!

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