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Another Eden Walkthrough

Welcome to our comprehensive Another Eden Walkthrough! If you’re ready to embark on a riveting adventure through time and space, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll walk you through every step of your journey, ensuring you’re equipped to handle any challenge that comes your way. Dive into crucial details with our subtopics: Starting Your Journey, where you’ll get an essential overview of game mechanics; Key Locations and Challenges, highlighting must-visit places and obstacles; Using Characters and Abilities Effectively, to maximize your team’s potential; Strategies for Boss Battles, ensuring you emerge victorious against formidable foes; and Unlocking All Endings, helping you experience every possible conclusion. Let’s set foot on this epic quest together!

Starting Your Journey#

Welcome to Another Eden, a game that’s an homage to classic RPGs like Chrono Trigger but with its own unique charm. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the genre, getting started can be a bit overwhelming. Don’t worry – we’ve got your back. Here’s everything you need to know to start your journey off on the right foot.

Meet Aldo and the Gang#

Your journey begins with Aldo, a young man with a mysterious past. The game quickly introduces you to his sister Feinne and their peaceful village of Baruoki. This tranquil setting won’t last long, so take your time to explore and get a feel for the controls.

  • Movement: You can use the touch screen to move Aldo around. Just tap where you want him to go.
  • Interaction: Tap on objects and characters to interact with them – you’ll find that NPCs often have useful tips and information.

First Impressions Matter#

In the early stages, focus on the basics:

  • Talk to Everyone: NPCs provide valuable hints and sometimes even items!
  • Check Everything: Open chests and inspect your surroundings. You never know what you might find.

Combat 101#

Early enemies are generally easy, perfect for learning the ropes. Here’s a basic breakdown of the combat system:

  • Turns: Battles are turn-based. You and your enemies take turns attacking.
  • Skills: Each character has unique skills that consume MP (Mana Points). Use them wisely.
  • Basic Attacks: Cost no MP and are useful for conserving resources.
  • Switching Characters: You can swap characters during battles to use different skills and strategies.

Gathering Your Team#

As you progress, you’ll start meeting new characters who will join your party. You begin with just Aldo, but soon you’ll have a full team. Consider the following when building your team:

  • Balance: Try to have a mix of attackers, defenders, and healers.
  • Elements: Pay attention to character elements (fire, water, etc.), as some enemies are weak to certain types.

Upgrading Your Heroes#

It’s important to keep your characters strong. Here are key ways to make sure they’re always ready for a fight:

  • Leveling Up: Gain experience from battles to level up and increase stats.
  • Equipment: Equip your team with the best weapons and armor you can find. Often, you’ll find these in chests or can purchase them in towns.

Making Use of Side Quests#

Don’t rush between main story missions – take some time to complete side quests. They’re not only great for gaining experience and items but also for deepening the lore and understanding of the world.

  • Look for Exclamation Marks: These indicate available side quests.
  • Rewards: Completing side quests can net you valuable items and even new characters.

Managing Resources#

Resources like money and materials are vital. Here’s how to manage them efficiently:

  • Farming: Spend some time in areas with respawning enemies to farm experience and materials.
  • Selling: Don’t hoard low-level equipment – sell it to buy better gear.
  • Crafting: Use materials to craft or upgrade items. This is cost-efficient and often provides better gear.

Venturing Beyond Baruoki#

Once you’ve wrapped up the early quests in Baruoki, you’ll start exploring new towns and regions. Each area has unique enemies, characters, and stories.

  • Save Frequently: The game autosaves, but manually save often, especially before big battles.
  • Explore Thoroughly: Hidden paths and side routes often lead to treasures.

Tips for New Players#

  • Buddy Up: Strength comes in numbers. Keep a well-rounded team and level up all members.
  • Rest at Inns: Resting at inns fully restores HP and MP – it’s well worth the small cost.
  • Upgrade Skills: As characters level up, they’ll learn new skills. Keep skills upgraded to maximize combat efficiency.

And there you have it! You’re now equipped with all the basics to start your journey in Another Eden. Enjoy the story, savor the exploration, and get ready to dive into an adventure that spans across time and space!

Key Locations and Challenges#

Venturing across the expansive world of Another Eden can be an enchanting yet occasionally challenging journey. You’ll come across numerous key locations that are central to the storyline, and facing them will often test your mettle. Here’s a rundown of some major areas you’ll encounter and the challenges you’ll need to overcome.

Baruoki Village#

Baruoki Village is where your adventure begins. It’s small but packed with charm. Here, you’ll meet the protagonist, Aldo, and learn about his backstory. The main challenges in Baruoki are quite easy, perfect for getting the hang of the game’s mechanics.

Key Challenges: The initial battles are simple skirmishes meant to ease you into combat. This is a good place to practice and understand basic skills.

Miglance Castle#

When you reach Miglance Castle, things get a bit more serious. Aldo sets off here to help resolve issues within the kingdom and aid Princess Milsha.

Key Challenges: Internal strife within the castle leads to rogue knights and tougher foes. Boss battles start here; be prepared for higher difficulty and strategy requirements.

Moonlight Forest#

The Moonlight Forest is a visually stunning, mystical place filled with ethereal creatures. Exploring this area feels like stepping into a dream.

Key Challenges: Keep your eyes open for hidden paths and rare enemies. The forest can disorient you with its maze-like structure. Watch out for the Moonlight Butterfly boss - it tests your ability to utilize all your party members effectively.


Acteul is a busy, vibrant city, full of life and intricate subplots. It connects to multiple missions, making it a hub of activity.

Key Challenges: You’ll encounter important NPCs with sidequests that might seem trivial but often have surprising depth and rewards. Acteul’s challenges lie in navigating the city and managing the numerous quests efficiently.

Varesettle Underground City#

The Varesettle Underground City is a marvel of ancient architecture and a labyrinth of danger. It’s filled with tougher enemies and complex puzzles.

Key Challenges: The most daunting part is the maze itself. It’s easy to get lost without a map. Enemies here are formidable, requiring a well-leveled party and strategic combat approach. Don’t rush; take your time to solve puzzles that reveal shortcuts and secrets.

Garulea Continent#

The Garulea Continent represents a turn in the storyline with diverse landscapes and powerful enemies, showcasing advanced RPG elements.

Key Challenges: Each area within the continent presents unique challenges, from environmental hazards to elite monsters. Boss battles here require specific strategies and even a bit of grinding to ensure your party is up to par.

Temple of Garulea#

At the peak of challenge awaits the Temple of Garulea. This temple is an intricate maze teeming with elite enemies and intricate puzzles.

Key Challenges: The ultimate puzzle-solving, combat prowess, and resource management are tested here. Every battle is a grunt, making this place one of the final testing grounds before the endgame.

There you have it! Each of these key locations in Another Eden brings its own flavor and set of challenges. Make sure you explore thoroughly, keep leveling up, and build a balanced party. Be prepared, as some places might require extra grinding or strategic gameplay to conquer. Happy adventuring!

Using Characters and Abilities Effectively#

To get the most out of your adventures in Another Eden, understanding how to use your characters and their abilities is crucial. Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know:

Know Your Characters’ Roles#

Each character in Another Eden has a specific role. Typically, they fall into one of four categories:

  • DPS (Damage Per Second): These characters deal the majority of your damage. They hit hard but are often a bit squishy. Examples: Aldo, Suzette.
  • Tank: Tanks absorb damage and protect your team. They have higher HP and defense. Examples: Cyrus, Miyu.
  • Healer: Healers keep your team alive with healing and supportive abilities. Examples: Mariel, Prai.
  • Support: These characters boost your team’s performance with buffs or debilitate enemies with debuffs. Examples: Anabel, Lele.

Having a balanced team with members from each role is key to surviving tough battles.

Understanding Abilities#

Each character comes with unique abilities that can be leveled up for more potent effects. Abilities fall into different types:

  • Active Abilities: These are your main moves during a fight. They can deal damage, heal, or apply various buffs and debuffs.
  • Passive Abilities: These abilities give your characters extra perks in battle, like extra attack power or defense.

Using Skills Wisely#

Managing your skills effectively can turn the tide in any battle.

  • Combo Attacks: Many characters have moves that combo well with others. For example, using a debuff ability that lowers enemy defense can make your DPS’s next attack hit even harder.
  • Mana Management: Keep an eye on your MP. Your strongest skills often require a lot of MP. Don’t blow through all your MP early in a fight – you might need it for a boss’s final phase.
  • Healing Timing: Don’t wait until you’re in the red to start healing. Keeping your healer ready with MP and timed heals can save your group from getting KO’d.

Elemental Affinities#

Enemies have elemental weaknesses. Matching your attacks to these weaknesses will deal more damage.

  • Fire beats Wind
  • Wind beats Earth
  • Earth beats Water
  • Water beats Fire

If your enemy is a fire type, hit them with water attacks to maximize damage.

Strategies for Difficult Battles#

When facing tough enemies or bosses, plan your moves carefully.

  • Use Buffs and Debuffs: Before dealing massive damage, weaken your enemy with debuffs and strengthen your party with buffs.
  • Rotation System: Rotate characters as needed to keep your main fighters fresh. You can swap out a character who’s low on HP or MP to save them from dying.
  • Save MP: Use basic attacks when fighting regular mobs to save MP for boss fights.

Level Up and Gear Up#

Don’t forget to level up your characters and their abilities. Equip your team with the best gear available to maximize their potential.

  • Grinding: Spend time leveling your characters in easier areas to prepare them for harder fights.
  • Gear Upgrades: Make sure your party is always equipped with the strongest weapons, armor, and accessories to reduce damage taken and improve damage dealt.

Mastering your characters and their abilities takes practice, but with these tips, you’ll be ready to tackle whatever Another Eden throws your way!

Strategies for Boss Battles#

Facing off against bosses in Another Eden can be a challenge, but with the right strategies, you can take them down with ease. Here’s a detailed guide to help you master those tough encounters.

Know Your Enemy#

Before jumping into a boss battle, it’s critical to know the enemy you’re going up against. Check out the boss’s release notes or community forums to understand their weaknesses and attack patterns. Here are some tips:

  • Elemental Weaknesses: Each boss often has an elemental weakness, such as fire, water, earth, or wind. Build a party that exploits this weakness.
  • Attack Types: Identify if the boss uses physical or magical attacks more frequently. This will help in choosing the right defensive approach.

Build a Balanced Party#

A well-rounded team can make a huge difference in a boss fight. Aim to include the following:

  • Healer: Always have a strong healer to keep your team’s health in check.
  • Tank: A character with high defense to absorb damage.
  • Damage Dealers (DPS): Characters who can exploit the boss’s weaknesses and deal significant damage.
  • Support: Buffs and debuffs can turn the tide of battle, so consider one or two support characters.

Buffs and Debuffs are Key#

Underestimating buffs and debuffs is a common mistake. Here’s how to use them effectively:

  • Memorize Key Buffs: Boosting your party’s attack or defense can increase your survivability and damage output.
  • Debuff the Boss: Lower the boss’s attack and defense to reduce the damage your party takes and increase the damage you deal.

Manage Your Mana Points (MP)#

Resource management is crucial in boss battles where fights can be long:

  • Use Skills Wisely: Don’t waste MP on basic attacks early on. Save powerful skills for when they’re needed most.
  • MP Recovery: Look for party members with MP recovery abilities, or use items strategically.

Master the Timing of Moves#

Using moves at the right moment can drastically change the outcome of the battle:

  • Synchronization: Use buffs just before attacking with high-damage skills for maximum impact.
  • Healing Cadence: Heal when you anticipate high damage. Don’t wait until your party is on the brink of defeat.

Keep Grinding#

Sometimes, a tough boss simply requires higher stats. Don’t be afraid to grind:

  • Level Up: Ensure your characters are appropriately leveled for the boss you’re facing.
  • Upgrade Equipment: Equip your party with the best gear available. Sometimes, even a small stat increase can make a big difference.

Utilize Another Force#

Another Force can turn the tide in your favor when used correctly:

  • Fill the Gauge: Attack and use skills to fill the Another Force gauge.
  • Timed Activation: Use Another Force at critical moments to unleash a barrage of attacks, potentially ending the battle swiftly.

Be Prepared to Retry#

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t win on the first try:

  • Learn and Adapt: Each attempt helps you learn more about the boss’s patterns and helps you refine your strategy.
  • Upgrade and Adjust: Change party members, upgrade equipment, or level up characters based on what you’ve learned.

With these strategies, you’ll be better equipped to tackle the toughest bosses in Another Eden. Remember, preparation and adaptability are your best friends in these battles. Good luck out there, and may your journey through time be victorious!

Unlocking All Endings in Another Eden#

In Another Eden, your choices and actions throughout the game can lead to different story endings. To help you unlock them all, here’s a comprehensive guide that’s easy to follow.

Main Endings#

Another Eden features three primary endings to discover: the Normal Ending, the True Ending, and the Ultimate Ending. Each requires specific actions and decisions.

Normal Ending#

The Normal Ending is usually the first ending players encounter. To reach it:

  1. Finish the Main Storyline - Simply follow the main quest to its conclusion. This ending doesn’t require any special conditions. It provides a satisfying wrap-up to the central narrative.
  2. Complete All Required Fights - Make sure you win all the boss battles up to the final boss.

True Ending#

To unlock the True Ending, you’ll need to dig a bit deeper:

  1. Side Missions - Complete additional side missions associated with key characters. Look for quests that reveal more about their backstories.
  2. Character Bonds - Strengthen bonds with your party members. Participate in their personal quests and sometimes select positive dialogue options.
  3. Optional Bosses - Defeat several optional bosses scattered throughout the game. They’re tougher but provide necessary items and insights.

Ultimate Ending#

The Ultimate Ending is the most challenging to achieve but is deeply rewarding:

  1. All Main and Side Quests - Complete every main and side quest. Even obscure ones. Visit every town and thoroughly explore.
  2. Hidden Dungeons - There are hidden dungeons unlocked by completing specific quests and discovering secrets in the game world.
  3. Maximum Character Bonds - Max out bonds with every character. Finish their story arcs and unlock all their abilities and secrets.
  4. Defeat Final Optional Boss - A formidable foe awaits at the end. Be well-prepared with your best gear and party setup.

Secret Endings (Spoilers!)#

Another Eden also includes secret endings that take some extra sleuthing to unlock.

Secret Ending A#

  1. Specific Dialogue Choices - During key sequences, choose particular dialogue options that lead to unique interactions. These often hint at deeper plot twists or relationships.
  2. Hidden Events - Trigger certain hidden events by interacting with the environment in non-obvious ways. This could include revisiting old locations after significant plot events.

Secret Ending B#

  1. Easter Eggs - Pay attention to Easter eggs scattered through the game world. They often unlock secret paths or endings when combined.
  2. Item Collecting - Some unique items, gathered only by solving in-world puzzles or completing mini-games, are crucial for this ending.

Tips for Completionists#

  1. Save Often - Keep multiple save files at different points in the game. This way, you can easily backtrack to crucial decision points.
  2. Keep a Notebook - Jot down important choices, key dialogue fragments, and sequence triggers that may affect different endings.
  3. Use Guides for Hard Secrets - For the particularly elusive secrets and endings, don’t hesitate to look up more detailed step-by-step guides.

By following these steps and meticulously exploring Another Eden’s rich world, you’ll be able to unlock all endings. Happy adventuring!

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