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Another Eden: Character Guide

Welcome to the ultimate “Another Eden: Character Guide”! Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or just starting your journey in this captivating time-traveling RPG, mastering your characters is key to conquering the game’s intricate challenges. This comprehensive guide will delve into everything you need to know about your roster. From “Unlocking Characters” and identifying the “Best Characters for Each Role” to “Using Abilities Effectively,” we’ve got you covered. We’ll also walk you through “Leveling Up and Progression” strategies and offer tips on “Managing Health and Resources” to ensure your team is always battle-ready. Dive in and optimize your squad today!

Unlocking Characters in Another Eden#

Unlocking characters in Another Eden is one of the most exciting parts of the game! It’s like opening a present—except these presents can kick some serious butt. Here’s how you can expand your team and unlock those coveted new characters.

Story Progression#

The simplest way to unlock characters is to play through the main story. Some characters join your team as you progress through the narrative. For example:

  • Aldo: He’s the main character, so you start with him by default.
  • Cyrus: He’s a warrior frog you get pretty early in the game. Just keep playing the main quest, and he’ll hop into your squad.

Characters unlocked this way won’t cost you anything, so it’s an easy first step to beef up your lineup.

Chrono Stones and Character Summons (Gacha)#

If you want more variety or are aiming for some powerful units, you’ll need to dive into the gacha system. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Chrono Stones: These are the in-game currency you’ll use to pull characters. You can earn them from completing quests, logging in daily, participating in events, or even buying them.
  • Dreams: Spend 100 Chrono Stones for a single pull (known as an Ally Encounter). To do a 10-pull, you’ll need 1000 Chrono Stones, but it guarantees at least one 4-star character.

Characters in the gacha can range from 3-star to powerful 5-star units. Consider saving up for 10-pull sessions to increase your chances of getting strong characters.

Side Quests and Episodes#

Another cool way to unlock characters is through special side quests and episodes. These aren’t part of the main story but can be super rewarding.

  • Persona 5 Collaboration: By completing this crossover event, you can unlock Joker and Morgana, iconic characters from Persona 5.
  • IDAs: Complete the IDA School Episodes to unlock characters like Toova or Miyu. These quests also provide rich lore and additional rewards.

Free Characters from Events#

Keep an eye on limited-time events. Sometimes, the game offers free characters just for participating in special events.

For example:

  • Anniversary Events: In past anniversaries, free summons or characters like Anabel have been given away just for logging in during the event.

These characters can often be pretty powerful, so don’t miss out on these opportunities.

Character Manifest Weapons#

Unlocking characters can also mean powering up the ones you already have. By completing specific character quests, you can get manifest weapons which can drastically increase the effectiveness of your character’s abilities.

  • Character Quest: Finish their unique quests to fully unlock their potential and get their manifest weapons.

It’s essential to do these quests as they make your characters a lot stronger.

Tips for Unlocking Characters#

  1. Save Your Stones: Don’t spend your Chrono Stones on every banner. Research upcoming banners and save for the ones with characters you really want.
  2. Participate In Events: Always check for what’s happening in-game. Events can be a goldmine for new characters and resources.
  3. Grind Efficiently: Complete daily quests for rewards and keep up with side missions to earn more Chrono Stones.

Unlocking characters in Another Eden involves a mix of patience, strategic planning, and a bit of luck. Whether you’re following the main story, diving into gacha, or tackling special events, there are loads of ways to build your dream team. Happy adventuring!

Best Characters for Each Role in Another Eden#

Choosing the best characters for each role in Another Eden can really make a difference in your gameplay. Whether you need a powerful attacker or a sturdy tank, having the right characters can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Here’s a breakdown of some of the best characters for each role to help you build your dream team.


Aldo - Our enthusiastic protagonist, Aldo, is a great physical attacker. His consistent single-target damage can easily take down foes. His skills scale well as you progress, making him reliable in both early and late-game.

Suzette (AS) - The Another Style of Suzette, aka Manifest Suzette, is a beast. Her AoE attacks make her perfect for handling multiple enemies. With powerful Dragon Swings and Wind attacks, she’s an excellent choice for DPS.

Gariyu (AS) - Another Style Gariyu is a must-have if you’re looking for strong fire damage. His Inferno and Fire Mine abilities can devastate enemies quickly. Plus, he’s a mage, so his magic damage bypasses physical defenses.


Cyrus (AS) - This fierce warrior frog not only has great attack stats but also decent defense stats, making him a sturdy frontline option. His Another Style gives him even better defensive capabilities, perfect for shielding your team.

Miyu - Miyu’s Valor Chant, combined with her shield spells, makes her a versatile tank. She can protect the team with skills like Knight’s Pride, reducing incoming damage while still dealing solid hits.

Lokido (AS) - Another Style Lokido brings great defense and offense. His Earth skills can crush enemies while his high HP and defenses make him ideal for sustaining damage in tougher fights.


Mariel - Mariel is, hands down, one of the best healers in Another Eden. Her healing spells are top-notch, and her Aura spells like Minstrel’s Aria provide important buffs to the team. She can keep your team alive through the game’s toughest battles.

Prai - Though he starts as a lesser-known character, Prai has the potential to become a great healer. His healing abilities, combined with status ailment curing, make him valuable, especially when you’re on a budget for Chronos Stones.

Yuna (AS) - Another Style Yuna isn’t just about healing; she also offers debuffs and cleansing. Her Mermaid Song can heal the team while removing negative effects, making her a versatile choice for keeping everyone healthy and safe.


Mighty (AS) - Another Style Mighty is a strong support character with excellent water magic that can debilitate enemies. His abilities can also buff allies, increasing their effectiveness in battle.

Shion (AS) - Shion’s Another Style not only has good attack stats but he also offers critical buffs. His Moonlit Guidance ability can boost your team’s critical hit rate and damage, making boss fights easier.

Hisoka - Though not as flashy as some, Hisoka is a solid support character, especially for his debuffing abilities. He can lower enemy stats, making your attackers’ job easier.

Final Tips#

Building a balanced team is key in Another Eden. Mixing these roles appropriately can help you handle any situation the game throws at you. Keep in mind that synergy between characters matters; sometimes, a character that’s not top-tier on their own can shine when supporting the right teammates.

Remember, enjoying the game is what matters most. So, experiment with different characters and find the team that suits your style best. Happy adventuring!

Using Abilities Effectively#

In Another Eden, mastering your team’s abilities can be the key to defeating tough enemies and progressing through the story. Each character has unique moves that can turn the tide of battle when used right. Here’s how to make the most of them.

Know Your Characters#

First, get familiar with your party members’ abilities. Each character in Another Eden falls into one or more roles: damage dealer, healer, support, or tank. Understanding these roles helps you know when and how to use their abilities.

  • Damage Dealers: Characters like Aldo and Amy pack a punch. Their abilities focus on dealing heavy damage and exploiting enemy weaknesses.
  • Healers: Characters like Mariel can restore your party’s health. Their abilities keep your team alive during intense fights.
  • Supports: Characters like Suzette offer buffs (enhancements for your team) and debuffs (hindrances for your enemies). They can turn a challenging battle into a breeze.
  • Tanks: Characters like Toova are built to soak up damage. They can protect your team by drawing enemy attacks and surviving them.

Timing is Everything#

Using abilities at the right time can make a big difference. Here are some tips:

  1. Watch the Turn Order: Pay attention to the turn order displayed at the top of the screen. Use abilities just before an enemy attack to mitigate damage or just after to capitalize on openings.

  2. Save for the Big Moments: Some abilities have strong effects but long cooldowns. Save these for boss fights or difficult enemies. Using them too early might leave you vulnerable later.

  3. Combos and Synergy: Combine abilities from different characters for greater impact. For instance, use a support character to debuff an enemy’s defense before unleashing a heavy attack from your damage dealer.

MP Management#

Magic Points (MP) are essential for using abilities. Manage them wisely during battles:

  • Use Normal Attacks When You Can: Save MP for tougher fights by using normal attacks on weaker enemies.
  • Recovering MP: Make sure to rest at inns or use items that restore MP. Managing your MP effectively means you won’t run out during crucial fights.

Exploit Weaknesses#

Many enemies have elemental weaknesses. Abilities aligned with elements like fire, water, wind, and earth can deal extra damage if they hit an enemy’s weak spot.

  • Know the Elements: Check enemy profiles for elemental weaknesses and adjust your party’s abilities accordingly.
  • Equip the Right Elements: Equip characters with weapons and skills that align with the enemy’s weakness to maximize damage.

Utilize Status Effects and Buffs#

Status effects (like poison or paralysis) and buffs/debuffs can turn the tide of battle.

  • Inflict Status Effects: Use abilities that inflict status effects to deal continuous damage or incapacitate enemies.
  • Buff Your Party: Use abilities that enhance your party’s stats, such as increasing attack power or defense.
  • Debuff Your Enemy: Lowering an enemy’s attack or defense with debuffs can make battles easier and faster.

Team Composition#

Building a balanced team ensures you can handle different situations effectively:

  • Variety: Mix characters of different roles to cover all bases: damage, healing, support, and tanking.
  • Adapt: Be willing to change your team composition based on the enemy or the challenge ahead. Sometimes swapping out one character can make a huge difference.

Practice Makes Perfect#

The more you play and experiment with different character abilities, the better you’ll get. Don’t be afraid to try new strategies and see which combinations work best for your playstyle.

Remember, mastering abilities takes time, but with these tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an Another Eden pro. Good luck!

Leveling Up and Progression#

So, you’ve got your crew assembled in Another Eden and you’re ready to level up and take on tougher challenges. Awesome! This section will break down everything you need to know about leveling up your characters and progressing through the game.

Understanding Experience Points (XP)#

Whenever you defeat enemies in Another Eden, your team earns Experience Points (XP). XP is crucial because it’s what makes your characters stronger. As they accumulate XP, they level up, improving their stats like health, attack, and defense. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Fight Battles: The most straightforward way to gain XP. Fight monsters while advancing through the story or exploring dungeons.
  • Quests: Completing side quests often rewards characters with XP.
  • Chronos Stones: While not a direct way to get XP, using Chronos Stones wisely can help summon stronger characters, indirectly boosting your team’s power.

Optimizing Your Grind#

Leveling up can sometimes feel like a grind, but there are ways to make it more efficient:

  1. Dungeon Runs: Dungeons are packed with enemies that give decent XP. Plus, they often have mini-bosses that offer even more XP.
  2. EXP Items: Items like Tomes and Scrolls can be used to give characters a quick XP boost. Save these for characters who are lagging behind or newly added to your party.
  3. Boost XP Gains: Equip specific badges and grastas that increase the XP gained from battles.

Understanding Character Levels and Classes#

Characters in Another Eden come in varying rarities, from 3-stars to 5-stars. Here’s why that matters:

  • 3-Star Characters: They’re generally weaker and have lower level caps.
  • 4-Star Characters: These are stronger and usually have more balanced stats. They also have higher level caps compared to 3-stars.
  • 5-Star Characters: The cream of the crop. They have the highest level caps and the best stats. Aim to get and upgrade these if you can.

Ascending Classes#

As you play, you’ll want to ascend your characters to higher classes:

  • Class Change Items: Use items like Chant Scripts and specific class change items to ascend characters. For example, Tome of the Hermit is used to promote certain characters.
  • Reviving Colliseum: This is a good place to farm class change items.

Valor Chants and Their Influence#

Character progression isn’t just about stats. Pay attention to Valor Chants, which are abilities activated when you swap a character into the front line. These abilities can turn the tide of battle, so level up characters that have strong Valor Chants.

Upgrading Weapons and Armor#

Don’t neglect your gear. Equip the best weapons and armor to maximize your character’s potential. Craft new weapons and armor in the blacksmith’s shop using materials gathered from enemies and dungeons.

  • Materials: Collect materials from enemies and use them to craft stronger gear.
  • Upgrade Paths: Follow the upgrade paths to keep your gear relevant as you progress through tougher areas.

Karma System#

Finally, the Karma System is important for character growth:

  • Karma Quests: Complete them to increase a character’s karma level, unlocking unique abilities and bonuses.
  • Influence on Stats: Higher karma levels often bring stat boosts or special effects, making your characters even stronger.

Tips for Effective Progression#

Here are a few extra tips to keep your leveling efficient:

  • Balanced Team: Keep a balanced team with a variety of roles – attackers, healers, and support.
  • Story Progression: Don’t ignore the story. Many XP rewards and useful items come from advancing the main storyline.
  • Daily Quests: These offer valuable rewards and are a quick way to get some extra XP and items.

By understanding and using all these mechanics, you’ll make your team powerful and capable of taking on any challenge Another Eden throws your way. Now, get out there and start leveling up!

Managing Health and Resources#

Getting the hang of health and resources in Another Eden can be the difference between cruising through battles and facing constant game overs. Here’s how to keep your party in tip-top shape and your resources in balance.

Healing and Reviving#

First off, you need to keep an eye on your characters’ HP (Health Points). Characters with low health don’t hold up long in fights, so healing is crucial. Here are some tips:

  • Healing Skills: Many characters have skills that can heal themselves or the entire party. Always have a healer like Mariel or Lele in your main or reserve party.
  • HP Recovery Spots: Checkpoints within dungeons and certain areas, like inns in towns, will let you recover HP for free. Use these spots to your advantage before tough fights.
  • Items: Stock up on healing items like Potions and Nectars. Potions restore HP, and Nectars revive and heal KO-ed characters. You can buy these items in towns or find them in treasure chests.

Managing MP#

Managing MP (Magic Points) is just as important. Every skill uses MP, and characters with no MP are sitting ducks. Here are some strategies:

  • Skill Usage: Use MP-efficient skills for regular fights and save high-cost skills for boss battles.
  • MP Recovery Items: Items like Ether and High Ether replenish MP. Keep a balance in your inventory but don’t rely solely on items; think strategically about skill use.
  • Switch Out Tired Characters: Rotate characters frequently. When a character’s MP is running low, swap them out to the reserve to recover MP slowly.

Resource Gathering#

You’ll need various items and resources to strengthen your party and complete quests. Here’s how to gather efficiently:

  • Nodes and Materials: As you explore, look for glowing nodes. These give you essential crafting materials like ores, plants, and animal parts. Regularly check the world map for these gathering spots.
  • Fishing: Don’t ignore fishing! It’s more than a minigame; you can trade fish for valuable items in the Fishing Exchange Shop.
  • Enemy Drops: Fight different types of monsters to collect diverse drops. Rare monsters can drop valuable items needed for high-level equipment upgrades.

Inventory Management#

Keeping a tidy inventory ensures you always have the items you need without getting overwhelmed:

  • Item Limits: There’s a limit to how many of each item you can carry—clear out old items you don’t use.
  • Sort By Usefulness: Prioritize keeping items that heal, restore MP, or are needed for crafting and quests. Sell the extras for extra gold!
  • Craft and Upgrade: Visit the Blacksmith regularly to craft new weapons and armor. Use those gathered materials to upgrade your gear, which greatly influences your battle performance.

Balancing Gold and Resource Spending#

Gold can be tight, especially in the early game. Here’s how to make the most of it:

  • Essential Purchases: Prioritize buying healing items, key equipment upgrades, and essential quest items.
  • Saving vs. Spending: Save your gold primarily for big upgrades or when you run low on critical items. Don’t blow all your gold on minor gear that you’ll soon replace.
  • Side Quests and Bounties: Complete side quests and bounties. They often reward you with gold, items, and sometimes even new characters.

By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll maintain your party’s health and manage your resources effectively. Make sure you’re always prepared for what’s ahead and dive deep into the world Another Eden offers. Happy adventuring!

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