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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Walkthrough

Welcome to your ultimate Animal Crossing: New Horizons walkthrough! Dive into the magical, charming world of island life where every day holds new adventures. Ready to create your paradise from the ground up? Our guide covers everything from Starting Your Island Life with tips on your initial set-up, to mastering Key Activities and Objectives that keep the fun rolling. Discover essential strategies for Managing Resources and Crafting like a pro, and learn how to foster delightful Villager Interactions to make your island a happy home. Plus, don’t miss out on Unlocking Seasonal Events that bring unique rewards and festivities throughout the year. Start your adventure now and transform your island into a tropical haven!

Starting Your Island Life#

Welcome to your new adventure in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! You’re about to dive into island living, where everything’s up to you. From the moment you step off that seaplane and set foot on your very own island, there’s a lot to take in. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to do to get rolling.

Meeting Tom Nook and First Steps#

After the plane ride, you’ll meet Tom Nook, the friendly raccoon who runs Nook Inc. He’ll give you a warm welcome and show you the ropes. Alongside Tom Nook are Timmy and Tommy, his helpers who will also be regular faces on the island.

Your first big decision will be choosing the perfect spot for your tent. Don’t stress too much about it; you can always move your tent (or upgrade to a house!) later on. Just find a place that feels right for you and set up camp.

Getting Settled#

Once your tent is up, it’s time to gather a few essentials. Nook will ask you to collect some basic materials:

  • Branches: These are scattered all over the ground. You’ll need about 10.
  • Fruit: Shake the trees to gather some fruit (like apples or pears). It’ll probably be the native fruit of your island.

Bring these back to Tom Nook to build a campfire and get the orientation party started. After partying with your new neighbors, it’s time to name your island. Get creative! You can’t change it later, so pick something you’ll be happy with.

Your NookPhone and DIY Crafting#

The next morning, Tom Nook will gift you a NookPhone, packed with useful apps. One of the first things you’ll want to check out is the DIY Recipes app.

DIY Recipes: This is how you’ll craft tools and furniture. Tom Nook will set up a workshop in Resident Services and give you a simple DIY recipe. Collect the materials and start crafting!

Pro Tip: Early on, focus on building essential tools like the fishing rod and net. These tools will help you gather resources and earn Bells (the game’s currency).

Earn Your Keep: Nook Miles#

To pay off the 5,000 Nook Miles you owe for your tent, you’ll need to complete various activities. Open your NookPhone and head to the Nook Miles app to see all the tasks you can do to earn points. These could be anything from catching bugs to talking to your neighbors.

Daily Tasks: Check the Nook Miles app every day for tasks and achievements. Completing these will help you rack up miles quickly.

Exploring and Expanding#

Gathering Resources: As you explore, make sure to collect resources. Hit rocks with a shovel or axe to get iron nuggets, clay, and stone, shake trees (watch out for wasps!), and harvest fruit.

Building Relationships: Make friends with your neighbors! Talk to them every day, bring them gifts, and send them letters. This helps build strong friendships, and they might give you items or DIY recipes in return.

Upgrading Your Home#

Once you’ve paid off your first loan with Nook Miles, you can upgrade your tent to a house. This upgrade will cost you Bells, so start saving up! Having a house gives you more space to store items and allows you to customize the interior to your heart’s content.

Tips for a Smooth Start#

  • Save Often: The game saves automatically, but it’s never a bad idea to manually save before logging off.
  • Inventory Management: As you gather more items, keep an eye on your inventory space. Store items you don’t need right away in your house or sell them for Bells.
  • Keep Exploring: The island is full of surprises. Check the beaches for messages in a bottle, hunt for fossils, and see what else you can discover.

Starting a new life on your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is an exciting journey filled with endless possibilities. Relax, take everything at your own pace, and enjoy the simplicity and charm of island living. Happy crafting! 🌴

Key Activities and Objectives#

Welcome to your new island life in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Whether you’re a series veteran or a total newbie, this guide is here to help you get the most out of your island adventure. Let’s dive into the key activities and objectives you’ll be focusing on to make your island the best it can be.

Daily Tasks#

Collecting Resources#

Every day, your island will offer up a bounty of resources. Start by shaking trees for branches and fruit, hitting rocks for minerals, and digging up fossils with your shovel. Remember to gather as much as you can, but leave a little for tomorrow. The resources you collect will be crucial for crafting tools, furniture, and more.

Fishing and Bug Catching#

Grab your fishing rod and net to catch fish and bugs. Not only is this a relaxing activity, but the creatures you catch can be donated to the museum or sold for Bells. Remember, some critters are seasonal and time-specific, so try to catch them all!

Fossil Hunting#

Each day, your island will have four spots where fossils are buried. Use your shovel to dig them up and take them to Blathers at the museum for identification. Some fossils you may want to keep for your museum’s collection, while others can be sold for a hefty profit.

Community Building#

Nook Mileage Program#

Tom Nook has introduced a Nook Mileage Program. Doing various activities, like fishing, catching bugs, and talking to neighbors, will earn you Nook Miles. These can be redeemed for exclusive items, tickets to other islands, and even for paying back your initial loan.

Building and Customizing Your House#

One of the game’s main objectives is improving and customizing your home. You’ll start with a tent, but as you gather resources and earn Bells, you’ll be able to upgrade and expand. Each upgrade gives you more space to decorate and store items. Get creative and make your house a home!

Inviting New Villagers#

A thriving community needs villagers! Invite new characters to live on your island by visiting other islands with a Nook Miles Ticket. Once you find someone you like, invite them to move in. You can have up to 10 villagers, each bringing their unique personality and style to your island.

Special Events and Visitors#

Weekly Visitors#

Keep an eye out for special weekly visitors like Flick, who buys bugs at higher prices, and C.J., who is interested in your fish. There’s also Kicks, who sells shoes and bags, and Sahara, who offers exotic rugs and wallpapers. Make sure to check in with them for unique items and opportunities to make extra Bells.

Holiday Events#

Throughout the year, your island will host various holiday events. From Bunny Day in spring to Toy Day in winter, each event offers unique activities, special items, and festive fun. Check your in-game calendar or the announcements to know what’s coming up.

Island Development#


Once you’ve progressed far enough, you’ll unlock the Island Designer app. This allows you to terraform your island, creating or removing cliffs and rivers at will. Use this power to shape your island into your ideal landscape or get whimsical and create themed areas.

Island Rating#

As you develop your island and bring in more villagers, you’ll want to aim for a 5-star rating. Isabelle in Resident Services can give you tips on improving your island’s rating. Factors include having plenty of flowers, trees, and decorations in addition to keeping it tidy.

Getting the most out of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is all about balancing these activities and objectives. There’s no rush, and each day brings something new. So grab your tools, enjoy your time on the island, and don’t forget to take in the beautiful scenery!

Managing Resources and Crafting in Animal Crossing: New Horizons#

So, you’ve just moved to your very own deserted island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Now, it’s time to make this place your dream home! A big part of that is managing your resources and crafting all sorts of useful and fun items. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

Gathering Resources#

First things first, you need to gather resources. These materials are the backbone of all your crafting. Here’s a quick breakdown of the main resources and how to get them:

  • Wood: You can get wood by using your axe on trees. Depending on the type of axe you use, you can get softwood, hardwood, or regular wood. Be careful not to knock down the tree unless you mean to!
  • Stone, Iron Nuggets, Clay: These are found by hitting rocks with your shovel or axe. Pro tip: Eat fruit to gain power, letting you break rocks in one hit, but this will destroy the rock (a new one will spawn the next day).
  • Branches: Gather branches by shaking trees or picking them up from the ground.
  • Fruits: Collect fruits by shaking trees. They’re useful for eating, selling, planting more trees, and crafting.
  • Weeds: Although they might look messy, weeds are handy for crafting. Pick them up whenever you see them.
  • Flowers: These can be picked (to use in crafting) or dug up with a shovel (to transplant or to sell).

Crafting 101#

Crafting is easy in Animal Crossing! If you’ve got all your materials and a DIY recipe, head to a DIY workbench. You can find one in Resident Services or build one for yourself. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Collect your materials: Make sure you have everything on the recipe list.
  2. Go to a DIY workbench: Interact with it.
  3. Select your recipe: Choose what you want to craft from your list.
  4. Craft it: Watch as your character puts it together!

Essential Tools to Craft#

To really make the most of your island life, you need tools. Here are some must-have tools and how to make them:

  • Axe: Use a Flimsy Axe and 1 Iron Nugget to craft.
  • Shovel: Use a Flimsy Shovel and 1 Iron Nugget to craft.
  • Fishing Rod: Use 1 Tree Branch and craft a Flimsy Fishing Rod, then it can be upgraded.
  • Net: Use 1 Tree Branch to create a Flimsy Net, then upgrade it later.
  • Slingshot: For all those presents floating by, you need 5 Hardwood.

Keeping Your Inventory Organized#

With all this gathering and crafting, your pockets are going to fill up fast. Here’s how to keep organized:

  • Use Storage: Your home has a built-in storage system. Perfect for keeping extra materials and items.
  • Sell Excess Items: Nook’s Cranny will buy almost anything you don’t need.
  • Upgrade Your Pockets: You can purchase Pocket Organization Guide upgrades from Nook Miles, which will increase your carry capacity.

Tips for Efficient Crafting and Resource Management#

  • Focus on Daily Tasks: Rocks and trees reset daily, so make sure you’re gathering from them each day.
  • Craft in Batches: If you know you’ll be using a lot of certain items, craft them in batches to save time.
  • Keep Extras on Hand: Always have a few extra tools and materials. You never know when your tool will break or you’ll need something quickly.


By gathering and managing your resources efficiently and honing your crafting skills, you’ll transform your island into a paradise. Keep collecting, keep crafting, and enjoy building your dream island life in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

Villager Interactions#

One of the most charming aspects of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the interactions with your fellow villagers. Whether you want to be best friends with everyone or just tolerate them as they wander around your island, engaging with villagers is essential for a dynamic and fun game experience. Here’s how to make the most of these interactions.

Getting to Know Your Villagers#

When you start the game, you’ll have a small group of villagers on your island. Over time, new villagers will move in, and you’ll get to meet a variety of personalities. Here’s how to get to know them:

  • Talk Regularly: Make sure you talk to each villager daily. They’ll share interesting tidbits about their lives, give you advice, and occasionally gift you items.
  • Gifting: Give presents to your villagers. Wrapping the gift can help increase their happiness. Each villager has preferences, so try to learn what they like by paying attention to their dialogue.
  • Help with Tasks: Sometimes villagers will ask you for small favors, like catching a specific fish or delivering an item. Completing these tasks will boost your friendship.

Villager Personalities#

There are eight different personality types, each with its own quirks and dialogue styles:

  • Cranky: Often older and more serious. Despite their gruff exterior, they can be very affectionate.
  • Jock: Obsessed with fitness and staying active. They talk a lot about workouts and health.
  • Lazy: Relaxed and love to eat. They’re super chill and easygoing.
  • Normal: Generally kind and easy to get along with. They talk about everyday things in a calm manner.
  • Peppy: Always cheerful and energetic. They often speak quickly and are very enthusiastic.
  • Smug: Confident and sometimes a little arrogant. They often brag but are also very charming.
  • Snooty: Fashion-focused and a bit conceited. They often give style advice.
  • Uchi (Sisterly): Caring and tough. They give good life advice and are protective of you.

Building relationships with each type helps diversify your island experience and makes it more lively.

Building Friendships#

Friendship levels with villagers will increase the more you interact with them positively. These interactions include:

  • Daily Conversations: Even a simple chat helps.
  • Completing Requests: Villagers will appreciate your help.
  • Sending Mail: You can send letters to your villagers via the Dodo Airlines airport. Personalized messages and gifts help to build stronger relationships.
  • Celebrating Events: Participate in their birthday celebrations or invite them to your home for a visit.

As your friendship grows, villagers may give you their photos as a token of your strong bond. This is one of the ultimate signs of friendship in the game.

Handling Conflicts#

Not all interactions are smooth sailing. Sometimes villagers might get upset or start an argument. Here’s how to handle conflicts:

  • Apologize: If you’ve offended a villager, say you’re sorry. They’ll usually forgive you pretty quickly.
  • Mending Friendships: If two villagers are arguing, you might get an option to help resolve the issue. Talking to both parties can sometimes resolve the situation.

Villagers may also consider moving out of the island. They usually hint at this decision, and you can either encourage them to stay or wish them well on their new journey.

Events and Activities#

Villagers often organize events like fishing tournaments, bug-catching contests, or seasonal celebrations. Participating in these activities is a great way to bond and earn unique rewards. Plus, they add a lot of fun and variety to the game.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, your interactions with villagers form the heart of your island experience. Cultivate these relationships, and your island will be full of unique and memorable moments. Happy interacting!

Unlocking Seasonal Events in Animal Crossing: New Horizons#

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is packed with fun seasonal events that change throughout the year. They add fresh activities, limited-time items, and special visitors to your island. Here’s your guide to unlocking and enjoying every seasonal event that comes your way.

Understanding Seasonal Events#

Seasonal events in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are special celebrations tied to real-life seasons and holidays. Some events bring new crafting materials, while others introduce mini-games or special visitors. These events are usually available through updates, so keep your game updated to avoid missing out on any fun!

How to Unlock Seasonal Events#

  1. Keep Your Game Updated:

    • Regular updates from Nintendo often trigger seasonal events. Make sure your game is connected to the internet and is running the latest version. You can check for updates by pressing the ‘+’ button on the game icon from the Home Menu and selecting ‘Software Update’.
  2. Follow the Calendar:

    • Seasonal events are tied to calendar dates and times. Simply play the game during the specified dates to participate. In case you’re in a different hemisphere, the events will adjust to your region, but the dates might differ.
  3. In-Game Notifications:

    • Isabelle will announce upcoming events during the morning announcements. Keep an ear out for her announcements to know about events happening on your island.
  4. Check the Nook Shopping App:

    • Some seasonal items are only available through the Nook Shopping app. Make it a habit to check out the “Seasonal” tab in the app regularly.

Here are some fan-favorite seasonal events that you definitely won’t want to miss:

Bunny Day (Spring)#

  • Dates: Early April.
  • What to Do: During Bunny Day, you’ll collect various types of eggs hidden around your island by Zipper T. Bunny. These eggs can be used to craft special Bunny Day items and furniture.

International Museum Day (Spring)#

  • Dates: May 18 to May 31.
  • What to Do: Participate in the Stamp Rally at the museum. Collect stamps from different exhibits and earn unique rewards from Blathers.

Wedding Season (Summer)#

  • Dates: June 1 to June 30.
  • What to Do: Help Reese and Cyrus by taking wedding photos at Harv’s Island. In return, you’ll get heart crystals which can be exchanged for wedding-themed items.

Halloween (Fall)#

  • Dates: October 1 to October 31 (Main event on October 31).
  • What to Do: Grow pumpkins and craft spooky items throughout October. On Halloween night, Jack, the Czar of Halloween, will visit, and you can go trick-or-treating with your villagers.

Turkey Day (Fall)#

  • Dates: Fourth Thursday in November.
  • What to Do: Help Franklin the chef by gathering ingredients for a feast. In return, you’ll receive exclusive Turkey Day items.

Toy Day (Winter)#

  • Dates: December 24.
  • What to Do: Jingle the reindeer visits your island, and you need to deliver presents to your villagers. Engage in holiday decorating and receive festive items.

Tips for Maximizing Seasonal Events#

  • Stock Up on Resources: Many events require specific materials. Stockpile common crafting materials like wood, iron nuggets, and seasonal items beforehand.
  • Gather Friends: Some tasks are easier (and more fun) with friends. Invite them to your island or visit theirs to share the seasonal joy.
  • Sell and Trade: Don’t need certain event items? Sell them for extra Bells or trade with friends for items you want.

Final Thoughts#

Unlocking and enjoying seasonal events in Animal Crossing: New Horizons brings fresh excitement to your island life. Keep your game updated, mark your calendar, and dive into these fun, limited-time experiences. Happy gaming!

By staying in tune with these events, you’ll keep your island bustling with activities, ensuring there’s always something new to look forward to. So, grab your Nintendo Switch and get ready to celebrate!

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