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Among Us: Playing with Friends

Welcome to our ultimate guide, ‘Among Us: Playing with Friends’! Whether you’re a veteran crewmate or a budding impostor, nothing beats the thrill of navigating the chaos with your friends by your side. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know for an unforgettable gaming experience. From Setting Up Private Games that guarantee exclusive matches, to Using Voice Chat Effectively for sharper communication, we’ll cover it all. Delve into Customizing Game Settings to keep every round fresh, learn the art of Managing Larger Groups without a hitch, and discover tips for Keeping the Game Fun and Fair to ensure everyone has a blast. Ready to take your Among Us sessions to the next level? Let’s dive in!

Among Us: Playing with Friends#

Setting Up Private Games#

Playing Among Us with friends is one of the best ways to enjoy the game. Whether you want to trick your besties or work together to find the imposter, setting up a private game is a breeze. Follow these steps to get your crew together and jump into an adventure.

Step 1: Launch the Game and Host a Game#

  1. Open Among Us on your PC or mobile device. Once you’re on the main menu, click or tap “Online”.
  2. In the online menu, you’ll see three options: Host, Public, and Private. Select “Host” to create your own game.
  3. You’ll now be in the “Create Game” screen. Here, you can choose your gameplay settings:
    • Map: Select from Skeld, Mira HQ, Polus, or the Airship.
    • Impostors: Choose the number of impostors (1, 2, or 3).
    • Chat Type: Switch between Quick Chat or Free Chat.
    • Max Players: 10 is the default, but you can pick as few as 4.
  4. Customize these options according to your preferences and then click “Confirm”.

Step 2: Customize Your Game Lobby#

Once you confirm your game settings, you’ll find yourself in the game lobby. Here’s what to do next:

  1. Settings Adjustments: Click on the settings laptop icon in the lobby to adjust additional game settings, like player speed, task bar updates, and more. Feel free to tweak these to create the perfect atmosphere for your friends.
  2. Share the Code: Notice the unique Game Code at the bottom of the screen. This is what your friends will use to join your private game.
  3. Invite Friends: Send this code to your friends via chat, text, or whatever messaging app you use. Make sure they select “Private” and enter the code when prompted.

Step 3: Joining a Private Game (For Your Friends)#

If you’re the one joining a game set up by a friend, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Among Us and navigate to “Online”.
  2. From the main online menu, select “Private”.
  3. Enter the Game Code given to you by the host in the text field and hit “Enter” or “Confirm”.
  4. You’ll now join the host’s game lobby where you can chat, customize your character, and get ready to play.

Step 4: Start the Game#

Once all your friends have joined:

  1. The host should make any final adjustments if necessary.
  2. When everyone’s ready, the host can click the “Start” button to launch the game.

Tips for a Fun Private Game#

  • Voice Chat: Use third-party voice chat apps like Discord for an enhanced experience. It’s more fun to hear the shock and accusations in real-time.
  • Rules: Agree on some house rules before starting, like no talking during rounds if not using voice chat.
  • Roles: Try different roles and settings to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

There you go! You’ve just set up a private game in Among Us, perfect for scheming and sleuthing with your friends. Enjoy the fun and may the best crewmate (or imposter) win!

Among Us: Playing with Friends#

Using Voice Chat Effectively#

Voice chat can turn a good game of Among Us into an amazing one. It makes discussion phases more lively, makes it easier to share information, and gives you a chance to use your silver tongue to either deceive or reveal the truth. But to master voice chat, you need to follow a few key strategies.

Stay Calm and Collected#

When the game gets intense and everyone’s throwing accusations around, it’s easy to get worked up. But staying calm is crucial. If you’re a Crewmate, calmly presenting your evidence makes you sound more believable. If you’re an Impostor, a calm demeanor can help you blend in and deflect suspicion.

Be Clear and Concise#

In Among Us, time is of the essence. You only have a limited window during discussions, so make your points quickly and clearly. Long-winded explanations can cause others to lose track or stop listening altogether. Bullet points can be your friend here:

  • Who you were with last.
  • Where you found a body, if you did.
  • What tasks you completed recently.
  • Why you suspect someone.

Listen Actively#

Hearing what others have to say can be just as important as getting your own point across. Pay attention to who is acting suspiciously or contradicting themselves. Active listening helps you gather clues and build your own arguments, whether you’re a Crewmate looking for the truth or an Impostor planning your next move.

Use Tone and Pitch to Your Advantage#

How you say something can sometimes be more important than what you’re saying. If you’re trying to convey honesty or urgency, your tone should reflect that. Similarly, if you’re an Impostor trying to sow doubt or make someone else look guilty, a calm and reassuring tone can make you seem more trustworthy, even while you’re spreading deception.

Avoid Talking Over Others#

In the heat of the moment, it might be tempting to interrupt others to make your point heard. However, talking over others can create chaos and confusion, making it harder for everyone to keep track. Wait for pauses, and then chime in with your insights. This shows respect and keeps discussions more orderly and productive.

Use Speculative Language Wisely#

The words you choose can sway the group’s opinion. Saying “I think” or “It seems like” rather than making definitive accusations can make your statements sound more reasoned and less aggressive. For example:

  • “It seems like red was near the body."
  • "I think blue was acting a bit suspicious.”

Using this speculative language can also be useful for Impostors to subtly cast doubt without attracting too much attention.

Watch Out for Patterns#

If someone keeps getting vocally defensive or consistently casting shade without any concrete evidence, make a mental note. Patterns in behavior can be significant clues. Voice chat reveals these patterns much more clearly than text chat, giving you a better shot at identifying the Impostor.

Communicate Clearly in Emergencies#

During emergency meetings or after finding a body, the immediate instinct might be to flood the chat with information or suspicions. However, it’s better to prioritize clarity. Start with the most critical information first (e.g., the location of the body), then expand.

Quick Tips for Impostors#

  1. Blend In: Parrot common phrases like “I was just doing my tasks” to seem like a Crewmate.
  2. Point Fingers: Subtly divert attention to other players who might not have strong alibis.
  3. Share Suspicions: Accuse other players of acting suspicious. This keeps the heat off you without being overly aggressive.

Quick Tips for Crewmates#

  1. Connect Tasks: Mention specific tasks and locations to validate your presence around the map.
  2. Support Others: Reinforce evidence presented by others to build strong, collaborative cases.
  3. Stay Skeptical: Even if someone sounds convincing, always consider if they might be the Impostor crafting a careful lie.

Voice chat is a powerful tool in Among Us. Use it wisely, and you’ll find yourself either catching Impostors or slipping away from justice with ease. Happy gaming, and may your arguments be ever convincing!

Among Us: Playing with Friends#

Customizing Game Settings#

One of the best parts of Among Us is tweaking the game settings to create the perfect experience for you and your friends. Whether you prefer quick games or long, strategic sessions, adjusting the settings can make a big difference. Here’s a breakdown of what each setting does and some tips on how to set up your game.

1. Game Options#

Emergency Meetings#

  • Default: 1
  • Description: How many emergency meetings a player can call in one game. Keep it low if you want to avoid constant interruptions, or increase it for a more cautious game.

Emergency Cooldown#

  • Default: 15 seconds
  • Description: The time a player must wait before calling another emergency meeting.
  • Tip: Longer cooldowns make the game smoother by preventing players from constantly calling meetings.

Discussion Time#

  • Default: 15 seconds
  • Description: Time to discuss after voting begins.
  • Tip: A shorter time makes the game faster but might reduce strategic discussions.

Voting Time#

  • Default: 120 seconds
  • Description: The time players have to vote.
  • Tip: More time is helpful for detailed discussions, less time keeps the game moving quickly.

2. Player Options#

Player Speed#

  • Default: 1.0x
  • Description: How fast players move.
  • Tip: Faster speed can make the game more chaotic and fun, but also harder to catch the Impostor in the act.

Crewmate Vision#

  • Default: 1.0x
  • Description: How far Crewmates can see.
  • Tip: Lower vision makes it easier for Impostors to stay hidden.

Impostor Vision#

  • Default: 1.5x
  • Description: How far Impostors can see.
  • Tip: Higher vision makes it easier for the Impostors to sneak up on Crewmates.

Kill Cooldown#

  • Default: 45 seconds
  • Description: Time Impostors must wait before they can make another kill.
  • Tip: A shorter cooldown means a faster, more dangerous game. Increase the cooldown for a more strategic experience.

Kill Distance#

  • Default: Medium
  • Description: How close Impostors need to be to kill.
  • Tip: Short distance is best for fairer gameplay; long distance might make the game too easy for Impostors.

3. Task Options#

Common Tasks#

  • Default: 1
  • Description: Tasks everyone has to complete.
  • Tip: More common tasks make it easier to spot Impostors faking tasks.

Long Tasks#

  • Default: 1
  • Description: Tasks that take a longer time to finish.
  • Tip: More long tasks can make the game challenging for Crewmates.

Short Tasks#

  • Default: 2
  • Description: Quick tasks for Crewmates to complete.
  • Tip: More short tasks speed up the game, but too many can make it too easy for Crewmates to win by task completion.

4. Visual Tasks#

Visual Tasks#

  • Default: On
  • Description: Allows Crewmates to see visual evidence when tasks are completed, like the med-bay scan.
  • Tip: Turn these off for a greater challenge and more suspicion.

5. Impostors and Player Count#

Number of Impostors#

  • Default: 1 or 2, depending on the lobby
  • Description: How many players are secretly Impostors.
  • Tip: For a group of 7-10 players, 2 Impostors add a lot of excitement.

Max Players#

  • Default: 10
  • Description: How many people can join your game.
  • Tip: Larger groups make the game more intense, but smaller groups can be more strategic.

Quick Tips for Fun#

  1. Experiment: Don’t be afraid to change settings each round.
  2. Communicate: Discuss with friends about which settings you all prefer.
  3. Balance: Aim for settings that keep both Crewmates and Impostors on their toes.
  4. Custom rules: Sometimes, creating your own rules, like ‘no reporting bodies,’ can lead to hilarious and unique games.

Customizing game settings in Among Us is a key part of tailoring the game to make it more enjoyable for everyone involved. So dive in, tweak those settings, and find what makes your group of friends tick as you try to figure out who amongst you is the Impostor!

Playing with Friends: Managing Larger Groups#

When you’re dealing with a large group in Among Us, things can get super chaotic. But that’s part of the fun! Managing larger groups effectively can enhance the gaming experience, making it more strategic and thrilling. Here’s how to keep your spaceship from descending into complete madness.

Set the Right Number of Impostors#

First things first, adjust the number of impostors depending on the size of your group. For games with 7-10 players, having 2 impostors is usually the sweet spot. This balance means it’s neither too easy for the crewmates nor too hard. With 11-15 players, consider dialing it up to 3 impostors to keep tensions high and stakes even higher.

Tailor the Settings#

In larger groups, tweaking the game settings can make a big difference:

  • Discussion Time: Extend the discussion time a bit to make sure everyone gets a chance to speak. Around 45-60 seconds works well.
  • Voting Time: With more players, you’ll need more time to vote. 60-90 seconds should be enough.
  • Kill Cooldown: For more than 10 players, increase the kill cooldown to about 30-35 seconds to give crewmates a fighting chance.

These adjustments can prevent games from ending too quickly and ensure everyone stays engaged.

Use Communication Tools Wisely#

Good communication is key when you’ve got a larger group. Use tools like Discord to set up voice channels, and keep the following in mind:

  • Mute During Play: Make sure everyone mutes their mic while tasks are being completed to avoid any accidental giveaways.
  • Structured Conversation: During meetings, decide on an order for people to speak. You can go in a circle, alphabetically by name, or use any method that works for your crew.

Maintaining some structure prevents everyone from speaking at once and ensures you don’t miss any vital info during discussions.

Establish House Rules#

Laying down some “house rules” can help maintain order:

  • No Cheating: This should be a given, but always remind players to avoid cheat tactics like revealing who the impostors are after being killed.
  • Respect Discussion Time: Encourage players to respect everyone’s chance to speak during discussions.
  • Emergency Meetings Rules: Limit the number of emergency meetings per game to avoid spam. One or two meetings per player should do the trick.

These house rules keep gameplay fair and fun for everyone.

Encourage Group Tasking#

In bigger groups, crewmates can work together on tasks. Not only does this build trust, but it can also help identify impostors. If three players claim they were fixing electrical and someone gets killed there, you can usually narrow down the suspects quickly.

Utilize Security Cameras and Admin Maps#

With large groups, splitting the team to monitor areas using security cameras or the admin map can be a strategic advantage. Divide tasks so that some players focus on surveillance while others complete tasks:

  • Security: Have one or two players regularly check the security cameras for suspicious activities.
  • Admin Map: Equally, someone should frequently check the admin map to track the movement of players. This can help catch impostors venting or lurking in unusual spots.

By staying vigilant, you increase your group’s chances of catching the impostors red-handed.

Foster a Fun Atmosphere#

Finally, remember to keep the atmosphere fun! Larger groups mean more friends to joke around with and more memorable moments to share. Whether you’re a crewmate or an impostor, the ultimate goal is to enjoy the game together. So, laugh off missteps, celebrate victories, and learn from defeats.

Managing a larger group in Among Us might seem daunting at first, but with the right settings, communication, and teamwork, it can be an incredible experience. So gather your friends, tweak those settings, and get ready for some thrilling space adventures!

Now that you’re equipped to handle a spaceship full of players, gather your crew and see who can navigate the chaos best. Happy gaming!

Among Us: Playing with Friends#

Keeping the Game Fun and Fair#

Among Us is all about sneakiness, deception, and quick thinking. But the most important thing to remember is that it’s a game, and games should be fun for everyone. Whether you’re the Impostor sneaking around or a Crewmate trying to fix the ship, here are some tips to help keep the game fun and fair for everyone.

1. No Cheating Allowed#

Sure, it might be tempting to text your friend and tell them who the Impostor is, but that ruins the game for everyone. Among Us is all about not knowing who to trust, so cheating takes all the fun out of it. Stick to using the in-game communication methods like the chat during meetings. Trust us, it’s way more exciting that way.

2. Play Fair – No Ghosting#

If you’ve been eliminated and turned into a ghost, it’s still fun to help your team by finishing tasks or sabotaging systems. However, giving away the Impostor’s identity to the living players is a big no-no. Ghosts should stay silent about what they know from beyond the grave. It keeps the guessing game intense and fair.

3. Keep the Atmosphere Light#

Accusing your pals of being the Impostor is part of the fun, but it’s crucial to keep it friendly. Avoid making the game hostile or personal. Stick to the in-game reasons for accusing someone and avoid dragging real-life issues or jokes into the mix. A good laugh is great; hurt feelings, not so much.

4. Balance the Impostors#

When creating a lobby, think about the number of Impostors compared to the number of Crewmates. A game with too many Impostors can be frustrating for Crewmates because it becomes nearly impossible to win. On the other hand, too few Impostors can make it a breeze for Crewmates. A good rule of thumb is 1 Impostor for games with 4-7 players and 2 Impostors for games with 8-10 players.

5. Customize Game Settings#

Taking a minute to adjust game settings can greatly influence how fair and fun the game is for everyone. Adjust things like player speed, task count, and voting time. Listening to feedback from your friends about what they like can help create a more balanced game that everyone enjoys.

6. Rotate Roles#

Being an Impostor is fun, but not if the same person is chosen every time. If you notice that certain players are consistently not getting a chance to be the Impostor, consider restarting the lobby to shake things up. This way, everyone gets a turn to enjoy the different aspects of the game.

7. Use Common Sense During Discussions#

During the discussion phase, it’s essential to be reasonable. If someone has a strong alibi, it’s worth listening to them. Avoid ganging up on someone just because they were the Impostor in the last round or because of out-of-game grudges. Objective and fair discussions make the game way more enjoyable.

8. Respect Each Other’s Time#

Among Us rounds can be quick, but sometimes they can drag on a bit, especially with indecisive voting. Encourage everyone to be prompt during discussions and tasks. This keeps the game flowing and prevents anyone from getting bored or frustrated. If someone needs to leave, understand and maybe take a quick break or rotate players in the lobby.


Above all, the main goal is for everyone to have a good time. By following these tips and playing fair, you’ll ensure that your Among Us sessions are exciting, enjoyable, and engaging for everyone involved. Happy gaming!

Among Us: Playing with Friends
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