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Among Us: Mastering Tasks

Dive into the thrilling world of Among Us with our comprehensive guide, ‘Among Us: Mastering Tasks’. Whether you’re a Crew Member aiming to complete your mission or an Impostor trying to sow confusion, understanding tasks is crucial for achieving victory. This ultimate resource covers everything you need to know, including an overview of common tasks, long tasks, and short tasks. We’ll also share expert tips for speeding through tasks efficiently and reveal the secrets to recognizing fake tasks that can uncover sneaky Impostors. Get ready to elevate your gameplay and become a true master of tasks in Among Us!

Among Us: Mastering Tasks#

Overview of Common Tasks#

If you’re diving into the chaotic world of Among Us, understanding the different types of tasks is key to surviving and thriving aboard your spaceship. Common tasks are a specific category of tasks that every Crewmate must complete. What makes them tricky is that if one Crewmate has a common task, every Crewmate has it, but if nobody has it, no one does. This makes them perfect for catching Impostors who pretend to be doing tasks. Let’s break down the common tasks you’ll encounter most often.

1. Swipe Card#

Location: Admin Room

Description: The Swipe Card task is like trying to pay at a self-checkout machine that just won’t read your card. First, head to the Admin Room. Once there, you’ll see a card slot on the swipe reader. Your goal is to swipe it at the right speed - not too slow and not too fast. It annoyingly takes a bit of practice but becomes second nature after a while.

Impostor Tip: This is easily faked, but be careful since the task can be done quickly by Crewmates who’ve practiced.

2. Fix Wiring#

Locations: Electrical, Storage, Admin, Cafeteria

Description: Fixing Wiring is a multi-stage task that requires you to match colored wires on different panels throughout the ship. Each time you fix one wire panel, it will show another location you need to visit next. It’s like one of those old-school Connect-The-Dots games, but with wires.

Impostor Tip: Each session could have different locations, so pay attention to where Crewmates are heading if you plan to fake this task.

3. Insert Keys#

Location: Dropship (Polus map)

Description: If you’re on the Polus map, you might find yourself starting the game in the Dropship with this task. You need to insert your key into one of the numbered slots and turn it. It’s a quick and simple task, kind of like starting an ignition.

Impostor Tip: Since all Crewmates have this task, it’s easy to get caught pretending. Watch others carefully and be sneaky to avoid looking suspicious.

4. Scan Boarding Pass#

Location: Office (Polus map)

Description: This task pops up frequently on the Polus map. You need to grab your boarding pass from your inventory, open the scanner, and line up the passport so it gets scanned. Think of it as a high-tech version of showing your train ticket but with a super finicky reader.

Impostor Tip: Timing is everything. This task takes a moment to complete, so be sure not to zip away too quickly or stay too long.

5. Enter ID Code#

Location: Office (MIRA HQ map)

Description: On the MIRA HQ map, you have to enter an ID code found on an ID card into a terminal in the Office. Picture it like typing in your phone’s passcode, simple but crucial.

Impostor Tip: Observing Crewmates closely can help you mimic this task convincingly. Any misstep here can be obvious since it’s a straightforward task.

Why Common Tasks Matter#

Knowing your common tasks in Among Us is not just about getting things done. Smart Crewmates use the knowledge of these tasks to catch Impostors red-handed. If someone does a common task no one else has, it’s a major red flag. Likewise, Impostors must blend in flawlessly, pretending to complete these tasks without attracting unwanted attention.

So, next time you’re wandering the halls of your ship, stay sharp and use this knowledge to either save your crew or deceive them spectacularly. Happy spacefaring!

Among Us: Mastering Tasks#

Overview of Long Tasks#

In Among Us, tasks are split into three categories: short tasks, common tasks, and long tasks. Long tasks are the ones that take more time and sometimes multiple steps to complete. They’re usually scattered all over the map. This makes them risky for crewmates, as you can easily become a target for impostors while you’re busy. Here’s a rundown of the long tasks to help you outsmart the impostor and help your crew to victory.

1. Align Engine Output#

Location: The Skeld

Align Engine Output is a two-part task. First, you need to head to the upper engine room and then to the lower engine room. You’ll have to align the engine’s output using a slider in both locations. It’s pretty simple, but it involves moving around the map, which can be dangerous if an impostor is lurking.

2. Calibrate Distributor#

Location: The Skeld

This task is found in the Electrical room. You need to align three rotating pins with their matching sections. Timing is key here. The pins rotate quickly, and you need to stop them at just the right moment. Because it requires precise timing, getting killed while focusing on this can happen often.

3. Fix Weather Node#

Location: Polus

First, navigate outside to one of the weather nodes. Play through a mini-game where you need to guide a dot through a maze without hitting the walls. After that’s done, head inside to the laboratory to complete the task by flipping a switch. Being outside makes you vulnerable since it’s a common area for impostors to strike.

4. Fuel Engines#

Location: The Skeld, Polus

This is a multi-step task that requires you to refill a fuel canister in the storage room and then proceed to refuel the engines, usually in multiple locations. On The Skeld, you’ll need to do this for both the upper and lower engines. In Polus, there are three fuel spots: the storage, the outside part next to the office, and the engine room. This task takes time and lots of movement. Make sure no one suspicious is around!

5. Inspect Sample#

Location: The Skeld, MIRA HQ

This is a waiting game. In the MedBay, start the task and wait for the timer to complete—this can take about 60 seconds. After the timer, return to the MedBay to select the odd-one-out sample. It’s a low-effort task but needs you to remember to go back and finish it. Try to stay alert as it’s easy to get ambushed.

6. Prime Shields

Location: The Skeld, Polus

You need to activate shields by clicking on all the red hexagons to turn them white. It’s not difficult but takes your attention, and during this task, you can’t see what’s happening around you. Be cautious.

7. Submit Scan#

Location: The Skeld, MIRA HQ

This task occurs in the MedBay. You step onto the scanner and let it do its job. It takes about 10 seconds. Other crewmates can see you doing the scan, which can help prove your innocence. However, you’re quite vulnerable standing there, especially if you’re alone.

8. Start Reactor#

Location: The Skeld, MIRA HQ

In this memory game, you need to repeat a sequence of buttons that light up. It’s similar to “Simon Says.” This task can be one of the most complicated because of the memory component and its length. Being locked in the Reactor room makes this particularly risky if an impostor corners you.

9. Upload Data#

Location: Various

Data upload tasks require you to download data from one terminal (which is a short task) and then upload it at a specific location, usually in the Admin room. The upload part takes about 10 seconds, during which you’re a sitting duck. Keep an eye on those around you.

Tips for Handling Long Tasks#

  1. Stay in Pairs: Always try to carry out tasks with another crewmate, making it riskier for the impostor to strike.
  2. Be Efficient: Plan your route and knock out tasks in close proximity to each other.
  3. Stay Alert: Always be aware of who’s around you. Keep an eye on the task bar and any suspicious behavior.

Understanding and mastering long tasks is crucial for crewmates to ensure their completion while staying safe from impostors. Balance focus and vigilance, and your crew will come out on top. Happy tasking! 🚀

Among Us: Mastering Tasks#

Overview of Short Tasks#

In Among Us, crew members need to complete tasks around the spaceship (or any map you’re playing) to help win the game. There are three types of tasks: short tasks, long tasks, and common tasks. Short tasks are, as the name says, quick and easy. They take just a few seconds to complete, but they’re super important for the crew. Here’s a breakdown of some of the short tasks you’ll encounter and how to get them done.

Swipe Card#

Location: Admin (The Skeld), Office (Polus)

One of the most iconic short tasks in the game, Swipe Card involves swiping an ID card through a card reader. It sounds simple, but the challenge here is in the speed. You need to swipe the card at just the right speed—too fast or too slow and the card won’t read. Here’s a tip: watch the bar on the card reader and practice to find that sweet spot.

Prime Shields#

Location: Shields (The Skeld), Cockpit (Airship)

For Prime Shields, players need to activate six shield panels. When you start the task, you’ll see a set of hexagonal panels. Click on the red hexagons to make them turn white. Once all six red panels are white, the task is complete. Easy peasy!

Chart Course#

Location: Navigation (The Skeld), Cockpit (Airship)

Chart Course is like a mini-game where you drag a spaceship through a map. Start by clicking on the yellow ship and drag it through several checkpoints to the other side. Make sure to hit every checkpoint; missing one means you’ll have to start over.

Download Data#

Location: Various places, including Cafeteria, Weapons, Electrical, Communications (The Skeld and others)

Download Data tasks involve collecting data from one part of the map to another. You’ll start the task at a download station and simply wait for the data to download (this usually takes a few seconds). Once it’s downloaded, though, you’ll have to upload it at the corresponding station (usually found in the Admin room).

Empty Garbage#

Location: Cafeteria, Storage (The Skeld)

Empty Garbage tasks have two parts. First part: go to the Cafeteria or Storage and pull down the lever to release the trash. Watch the trash get sucked out into space. Completed! Just make sure to finish both parts if they’re assigned to you.

Fuel Engines#

Location: Storage and Upper/Lower Engine (The Skeld), and similarly in other maps

To Fuel Engines, you start by visiting the Storage room to fill up a gas can. Then, take the filled can to one of the engines and use it to refuel. You might need to repeat this for both the upper and lower engines.

Align Engine Output#

Location: Upper Engine and Lower Engine (The Skeld), and similarly in other maps

This task is easy but needs precision. You’ll find a dial and a vertical line. Move the dial up or down until the line in the output aligns with the centerline. Once they match, the engine is aligned, and the task is complete!

Fix Wiring#

Location: Multiple spots around the ship

This is a three-step task found in various rooms. To complete Fix Wiring, match the colored wires from one side to the correct color on the other. Repeat this in multiple locations until all wires are matched.

Clean O2 Filter#

Location: O2 (The Skeld), and similar areas on other maps

Clean O2 Filter is as simple as it gets. You’ll see leaves clogging up the oxygen filter. Drag the leaves into the trash chute to clear the filter. Done!

Inspect Sample#

Location: MedBay (The Skeld)

Start the Inspect Sample task by clicking on the button to begin the scan. This takes around 60 seconds, but you can leave the room and do other things while you wait. Come back after the time is up, select the odd-colored sample, and cross another task off your list.

Tips for Short Tasks#

  • Stay Alert: Short tasks make you an easy target for imposters if you’re not paying attention. Always keep an eye on your surroundings.
  • Memorize Locations: Knowing where tasks are located can save you time and reduce wandering, which makes you less vulnerable.
  • Group Up: Do short tasks when others are around, so you’re less likely to be ambushed by an imposter.
  • Be Fast but Accurate: Rushing to complete tasks can cause mistakes, especially with Swipe Card. Find a balance between speed and accuracy.

Short tasks may be brief, but they play a crucial role in helping the crew win. Mastering these can greatly help your team in sending those imposters packing! Good luck, and happy tasking!

Among Us: Mastering Tasks#

Tips for Fast Task Completion#

Hey there, crewmates! If you want to keep the spaceship (or other maps) in tip-top shape and avoid becoming an easy target for impostors, mastering the art of fast task completion is crucial. Here’s a handy guide packed with tips to help you breeze through your tasks like a pro.

1. Know Your Tasks Beforehand#

Familiarize Yourself: The first rule of quick task completion is knowing what you’re up against. Spend some time in Freeplay mode to get the hang of each task. This will help you recognize tasks much faster when you encounter them in the game.

Map Knowledge: Each map in Among Us features different tasks and room layouts. Get to know the maps well—the Skeld, Mira HQ, Polus, and the Airship. Knowing where everything is will cut down the time you waste wandering around.

2. Plan Your Route#

Prioritize Tasks: When the game starts, open your task list and plan a route that lets you tackle multiple tasks in one go. This reduces time spent running back and forth across the map.

Group Efficiently: Some tasks only need a quick button press, while others take several seconds. Group tasks that are in the same area or room together, and try to do quick tasks while you’re on the way to more time-consuming ones.

3. Quick Task Tips#

Card Swipe (Admin Room - The Skeld): The trick here is finesse. Swipe the card at a medium speed—not too fast, not too slow. With practice, you’ll get the hang of the right pace.

Electrical Wires (Various Locations): This task is all about matching colors quickly. Focus on one pair of wires at a time, then move to the next one. It’s all about rhythm.

Download/Upload Data (Various Locations): This is a time-consuming task. Make sure to start the download/upload process, then use that waiting time to check your surroundings for impostors. It’s also a good task to team up with others who have the same task for safety.

Fuel Engines (Storage and Engine Rooms - The Skeld): Fill your gas canister in Storage first, then head directly to the engine rooms without detours. Efficiency is key here.

4. Use the Map and Sabotage Alerts#

Mini-map: Don’t forget to use the mini-map to locate your tasks quickly. You can open it and move to your destination without guessing where to go.

React Quickly to Sabotage: Impostors will often sabotage to slow you down. Depending on the situation, it may sometimes be beneficial to finish a quick task if you’re already halfway done before responding to the sabotage. Keep in mind that if the sabotage can result in instant loss (like Reactor Meltdown or Oxygen Depletion), prioritize it over tasks immediately.

5. Stay Alert and Adapt#

Stay Flexible: Things won’t always go as planned. If you see a big group heading towards a common task or sabotage, join them for safety. Lone crewmates tend to become easy targets for impostors.

Learn From Experience: Each game will offer new lessons. Pay attention to what slows you down and what helps you speed up. Adapt your strategies based on these experiences.

6. Communicate with Crewmates#

Call Meetings Wisely: If you need to duck into a quick meeting to share important info, do it. Also, during meetings, coordinate with your fellow crewmates on task progress and inform about your location to ensure coordination and safety.

Cooperate: Tasks like “Fix Wiring” often require multiple players to contribute. By helping others finish shared tasks, you can ensure the overall task completion bar fills faster.

There you go, crew! Use these tips, and you’ll be zipping through tasks faster than a venting impostor. Remember, the quicker you complete your tasks, the safer your team will be. Now get out there and show those impostors you mean business! 🚀👾

Among Us: Mastering Tasks#

Recognizing Fake Tasks#

In Among Us, one of the quickest ways to spot an Impostor is by keeping an eye on their tasks. Crewmates have the challenge of completing different tasks around the ship (or station), but Impostors need to pretend to do these tasks to blend in. Learning to recognize fake tasks can give you a huge edge in the game. Let’s break it down so you can start spotting these fakers like a pro.

Watch for Task Bar Movements#

When a Crewmate completes a task, the task bar at the top of the screen will progress. If you see someone standing at a task for a while and the bar doesn’t move when they leave, it’s a red flag. Just keep in mind that the task bar won’t update immediately if the host has set the taskbar updates to “Meetings” or “Completion.”

Pay Attention to Visual Tasks#

Visual tasks provide clear, visible evidence that a task is being completed. Here are the main visual tasks across the maps:

  • MedBay Scan: The player stands on a scanner, and it lights up and animates.
  • Empty Garbage in Cafeteria or Storage: Pulling the lever sends rubbish flying out of the ship.
  • Clear Asteroids: You’ll see lasers firing when they activate the asteroids on Weapons.
  • Prime Shields: This lights up the shield outside the ship.

If a player pretends to do one of these tasks but there’s no animation, they’re probably an Impostor. Be a good detective: check back to see who truly did visual tasks.

Know the Task Durations#

Each task takes a specific amount of time to complete. For example:

  • Download/Upload Data: Takes about 8 seconds.
  • Swipe Card in Admin: Generally fast, but it can take longer if you mess it up.

If someone is spending too little or too much time at a task, it’s a hint they’re faking. For instance, if someone finishes Download/Upload Data super quickly, they may not be doing the task at all.

Check Task Locations#

Knowing which tasks can be done where is crucial. For example, only certain tasks start in specific rooms:

  • Start Reactor: Only doable in Reactor.
  • Fuel Engines: Begins in Storage but can end in Upper or Lower Engine.

If someone claims they were doing Start Reactor in a place other than Reactor, they’re likely lying. Learn the task map for each location so you can spot inconsistencies in others’ behaviors.

Watch for Multiple People Doing Impossible Tasks#

Two players doing the same single-person task simultaneously can’t happen:

  • Swipe Card: Only one person can use the Admin card reader at a time.
  • MedBay Scan: Same deal; only one player fits on the scanner.

So if you see two players standing on the same scanner or swiping the same card reader at the same time, one (or both!) of them might be up to no good.

Pay Attention to Task Completion Speeds in Short Meetings#

Sometimes, you’ll end up in short meetings or have little time between them. If the task bar moves significantly and multiple tasks have supposedly been done by one person, it’s suspicious. They might be lying about how many tasks they completed in that short span.

Verify Unfinished Long Tasks#

Some tasks take multiple steps and can’t be completed in one go. Examples include:

  • Fuel Engines: Needs fuel to be collected and distributed.
  • Inspect Sample: Waits on a countdown timer.

Impostors might try to fake these tasks, so if someone claims they completed a multi-step task too quickly, it’s a major clue.


Detecting fake tasks isn’t foolproof, but with these tips, you’ll be way better equipped. Keep an eye on task animations, learn how long each task should take, and know the ins and outs of task locations. Over time, you’ll get a sixth sense for spotting suspicious activities. Remember, even a little observation can give you the upper hand against those sneaky Impostors. Happy sleuthing, Crewmates!

Among Us: Mastering Tasks
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