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Among Us: Map Guide - Polus

Welcome to our ultimate guide on mastering Polus in Among Us! Navigating this frosty and intricate map can be a real challenge, but our detailed guide is here to help you outwit the Impostors and complete your tasks with ease. Dive into our comprehensive breakdown where we cover everything from an overview of the Polus map and key locations, to detailed task locations, common vent paths, and invaluable tips for seamless navigation. Whether you’re a seasoned Crewmate or a cunning Impostor, this guide will elevate your Polus gameplay to the next level. Let’s get started and make you a Polus pro!

Among Us: Map Guide - Polus#

Overview of Polus#

Polus is one of the most popular maps in Among Us, offering a unique, expansive layout that’s full of both opportunity and risk for Crewmates and Impostors alike. With its snowy terrain and numerous buildings, it adds an adventurous twist to the game. Here’s everything you need to know about Polus to help you navigate like a pro.

Map Layout#

Polus is much larger than The Skeld, the classic Among Us map. It’s spread out with different buildings and areas connected by outdoor paths, which makes traveling more time consuming but also provides more chances for sneaky Impostors to create alibis or get away unseen. Key areas include the Dropship, the Laboratory, Electrical, and Office.

Key Locations and Tasks#

  • Dropship: This is where you start each game. Here, you’ll typically find tasks like “Insert Keys” or “Chart Course.” It’s a central hub at the beginning, but you won’t spend much time here.

  • Laboratory (Labs): Located on the right side, the Lab is where you’ll find tasks like “Align Telescope,” “Inspect Sample,” and “Submit Scan.” It’s often busy since it houses the all-important MedBay Scanner, a popular spot to prove Crewmate identity.

  • Electrical: Electrical is on the middle-left part of the map, a high-traffic area with tasks such as “Fix Wiring” and “Reset Breakers.” Despite being crucial, it’s also a hot zone for Impostors lurking to find isolated Crewmates.

  • Office: Near the center, the Office has the vital Admin table, letting you see how many players are in different areas of the map. You’ll also find tasks like “Swipe Card,” essential for broadcast updates and noticing suspicious act.

  • Storage: South of Dropship, here you change the fuel tasks, filling and refueling engines. The sheer distance from other active spots makes it a lonely place, prime for impostor activities.

  • O2: Situated on the bottom-left, this area houses the “Monitor Tree”—a task that can also serve as an alibi verification site—and is the primary location for fixing O2 Sabotages.

  • Weapons: On the bottom side, Weapons tasks like “Clear Asteroids” are visible to others, giving trustworthy Crewmates a spot for visual task confirmation.

  • Communications: Right next to Weapons, this room contains the “Upload Data” task and the key “Reset Communications” fix during Comm Sabotages.

  • Specimen Room: Accessible via Decontamination corridors from either the Laboratory or Admin, it’s a relatively secluded area with tasks like “Sort Artifacts” and “Unlock Manifolds.”

Strategic Insights#

For Crewmates#

  • Stick Together: Due to Polus’ size, traveling in pairs or groups is safer. It’s easy to get picked off if you’re alone, especially in remote areas like Storage or Specimen Room.

  • Utilize Cams and Vitals: Security cameras provide an essential view of high-traffic hallways, serving as an extra set of eyes. Vitals lets you check the status of every player and can be a lifesaver.

  • Quick Sabotage Resolution: Be prompt about resolving Dark and O2 Sabotages. Staying proactive can prevent Impostors from picking off teammates in the cover of darkness or oxygen depravation.

For Impostors#

  • Isolation is Key: Use the expansive layout to your advantage by sabotaging and eliminating Crewmates in isolated areas.
  • Sabotage Wisely: Strategic Sabotages like Lights and Communications disrupt tasks or strategic tools, leaving Crewmates vulnerable.
  • Cover Your Tracks: Utilize Events connecting areas like Securing and Admin optimatively cuts off any chase and lays down a possible alibi.

Polus mixes architecture with snowy openness, asking intuition and keen observation. Whether you’re a Crewmate or Impostor, you need to understand the layout and roles of key locations to stay ahead of the game. So, suit up, team up, and watch your back out there in the snow-covered outpost of Polus.

Key Locations on Polus#

Polus, one of the most popular maps in Among Us, boasts a diverse set of areas that make for some intense gameplay moments. Knowing where to find key locations can help you become a pro at task completion and impostor spotting. Here’s a rundown of the crucial spots you should be aware of on Polus.


The Dropship is where everyone spawns at the beginning of the game. It’s a small, confined space used for starting tasks such as Insert Keys. Use this time to get a quick glance at who’s nearby. It’s also a common place for impostors to execute early kills, so keep your eyes open!


Electrical is notorious in Among Us and Polus is no exception. This room features several critical tasks. The ‘Fix Wiring’ and ‘Reset Seismic Stabilizers’ tasks can become vital if sabotaged. Completing these in a timely matter can save the crewmates from an impostor’s sneaky moves. It’s separated into two sections, with the panel itself inside a smaller room. Remember, impostors love cutting the lights, setting up prime ambush spots.


The Office is essential for checking vitals and swiping cards. The Vitals terminal indicates the status of every player, showing if anyone has been killed recently. On the top floor, you’ll find the Admin panel, letting you see the location of crewmates. This information can be crucial for finding bodies or sneaking around as an impostor.


MedBay on Polus includes the MedBay Scan task, one of the few “visual tasks” which provides undeniable proof of innocence. If someone watches you scan, you can count on having an alibi. However, keep in mind that impostors might loiter around here to catch solitary players.


Just to the east of Office, the Laboratory is brimming with tasks. These include starting diagnostics or inspecting samples. It’s a high-traffic area, especially at the start of the game, so it’s a good place to blend in and fake tasks as an impostor. Pay attention to who’s around you, as someone might remember who they saw last if a body turns up later.

Specimen Room#

Accessible from either Laboratory or Admin through Decontamination, the Specimen Room is a secluded area where you can finish tasks such as Simon Says or sorting artifacts. The decontamination process takes some time, making it risky, but worth it if you can complete several tasks at once. Just keep an eye out for the vent near the task points.


Storage holds the Fuel Engines task, which requires you to refill the engines in several locations on the map. Because it’s relatively open and centrally located, Storage makes you vulnerable to ambushes while you’re collecting and pouring fuel.


Turn to Communications to fix any sabotaged comms and upload data. It’s a quieter spot, making it ideal for sneak attacks. However, clearing a sabotage here is important as it keeps your team’s information intact.


Security on Polus lets you access several cams placed around the map. Experienced players use this to check on various locations for any suspicious activities. Vent connections also feed through this room, making it a good spot for impostors to make quick escapes.


In the lower-left part of the map, the O2 room is often targeted for sabotage as it requires coordinated crewmate action to avoid disaster. The tasks here include emptying garbage and cleaning the O2 filter. Given its importance, it’s a must-visit for task completion and sabotage duties.


Many players overlook the importance of the exterior. This vast area connects all the buildings and is riddled with vents. It’s not just open space; there are tasks too like repairing weather nodes. Impostors will often use the outside vents to speedily travel between key locations.

Understanding these key locations on Polus and what activities revolve around them can drastically improve your gameplay. Whether you’re completing tasks swiftly as a crewmate or subtly taking out players as an impostor, using this knowledge to your advantage can give you, or even your team, the edge in every match. Happy sleuthing!

Polus: Task Locations#

The chilly and sprawling map of Polus in Among Us is packed with various tasks scattered across its numerous rooms and outdoor areas. Knowing where each task is located can help Crewmates complete their objectives faster—and help impostors plan their sabotages and alibis. Let’s break down key areas and the tasks you’ll find in Polus.



  • Insert Keys: Near the top, where you begin the game; each player has a unique slot.
  • Chart Course: Tap the map screen to chart your journey to a new location.

The Dropship is your starting point, so make sure you quickly knock out these tasks before heading out.



  • Fix Wiring: Connect wires of the matching colors. This task has multiple parts scattered around the map.
  • Download Data: Transfer files from Electrical to your tablet.
  • Reset Seismic Stabilizers: Prevents seismic instabilities by standing on platforms outside the Electrical area and synchronizing stabilizers.

This area is crucial but dangerous—expect oxygen depletes or lights sabotages here.



  • Empty Garbage: Drag waste out of the chute located in O2.
  • Monitor Tree: Adjust sliders until they match the target numbers.
  • Fill Canisters: Fill and empty O2 canisters until they’re full.

O2 is easy to reach and a common spot for Destroy O2 sabotage, so keep your eyes peeled!



  • Upload Data: Complete this once you’ve downloaded data from Electrical.
  • Reset WiFi: Toggle the WiFi connection switch then wait for the connection to reset.

Communications often gets sabotaged, making it hard for Crewmates to see task progress and use the emergency meeting button.



  • Clear Asteroids: Tap and destroy 20 asteroids in a shooting mini-game.
  • Upload Data: Initiate from Weapons and upload in Communications.

It’s pretty out in the open, but don’t let your guard down—Impostors strike here often.



  • Assemble Artifact: Match the broken pieces into the slots.
  • Inspect Sample: Start the countdown; return later to identify the sample.
  • Fix Wiring: Complete yet another set of wire connections.

Laboratory tasks need attention to detail and can take some time, making this area risky but necessary.

Specimen Room#


  • Start Reactor: Pattern-matching task to initiate the reactor.
  • Sort Samples: Place the correct samples in designated boxes.

Accessing via the Decontamination chamber can be time-consuming, so plan accordingly.



  • Swipe Card: Swipe at the right speed and angle.
  • Scan Boarding Pass: Match the barcodes within the given time frame.
  • Upload Data: Just like other upload tasks, requires a prior download.

The Office becomes a focal point, especially during emergencies, and can get crowded fast.



  • Fuel Engines: Grab fuel and top up the engines in the upper areas.
  • Fix Wiring: Another part of the multi-location wire-fixing task.

Store fuel here quickly, then move on to more critical zones.

Boiler Room#


  • Open Waterways: Turn two wheels to open water valves.
  • Replace Water Jug: Fill the jug and place it properly.

Boiler Room tasks are pretty simple but may expose you to sneak attacks from the Impostors.



  • Fix Wiring: Another wiring station for the total task completion.
  • Monitor Vitals: Watch the cameras; no actual task, but gives you useful intel.

Monitoring cameras are crucial for catching suspicious activity.



  • Fix Wiring: Connect wires as in other areas.
  • Start Reactor: Starts from this room too (tie-in with Specimen Room).

Travel through here cautiously; it’s a chokepoint that can trap you and reveal your position.


Balancing your tasks across Polus requires map awareness and a touch of strategy. Always group tasks by area to minimize movement and exposure to threats. Keep an eye out for suspicious behavior and try to stick with a buddy, but trust no one completely. Happy tasking, Crewmates!

Among Us: Map Guide - Polus#

Common Vent Paths#

When playing Among Us on the Polus map, understanding vent paths is crucial not just for impostors looking to stealthily navigate the ship, but also for crewmates trying to catch saboteurs. Vents can quickly become death traps or escape routes depending on how well you understand them. Let’s break down some of the common vent paths on Polus to give you a leg up on your next game.

1. Office to Admin#

Starting at the Office, one of the hub areas, there’s a vent that can transport you directly to Admin. This path is a favorite among impostors trying to quickly move between these central locations. As an imposter, hopping between these vents lets you sabotage or kill, then escape without being caught easily. For crewmates, noting sudden appearances in these areas can be a clue to deceptive activities.

2. Laboratory to Specimen Room#

The Laboratory and Specimen Room are connected through a vent path making it easier to navigate these high-traffic areas discretely. If you’re an impostor, this path can be a gold mine for taking down isolated crewmates completing tasks. Crewmates, keep an eye on who enters these rooms and when; it might save your life.

3. Electric to Security and O2#

Here comes one of the most crucial vent paths. The Electric area connects to both Security and O2. Since Electric is a frequent target for sabotages, impostors can easily cause mayhem by faking tasks there and quickly escaping to Security or O2. Familiarizing yourself with these exits helps both impostors plan escapes and crewmates spot suspicious behavior when someone appears out of nowhere.

4. Dropship to Laboratory#

This is a bit of a sneaky one. The vent system allows you to travel from the Dropship (where everyone starts) all the way to the Laboratory. Often overlooked but highly effective, this path can turn an early game kill into an almost guaranteed getaway. Crew members should monitor movements closely at the start—early vents can reveal impostors immediately.

5. Storage to Admin#

Finally, the Storage area, which is next to the Office, can lead you straight into Admin. This is useful for impostors needing a quick retreat after faking a task or performing a kill in the Storage. For crewmates, if someone pops up in Admin without a clear path, it could be a red flag.

Quick Tips for Impostors#

  • Mix It Up: Don’t use the same vent paths too often. Crewmates who catch on might set up an ambush or start spreading suspicion.
  • Check Your Surroundings: Double-check that no one is around before venting; you never know who might walk in at the wrong moment.
  • Kill & Vent Combo: Execute your kill near vent exits so you can make a clean getaway without sticking around.

Quick Tips for Crewmates#

  • Be Observant: Keep track of who goes into rooms with vents and doesn’t come out where expected.
  • Report Immediately: If you see someone pop out of a vent, report it! Even if it’s word against word, it raises suspicion.
  • Task Watching: Watch for players pretending to do tasks near vents. If they leave too quickly, they might be impostors.

Mastering vent paths on Polus can turn the tables for both impostors and crewmates. Use these tips wisely, and you’ll be catching (or escaping) impostors like a pro. Happy venturing!

Among Us: Map Guide - Polus#

Tips for Navigation#

Getting around Polus can be tricky, especially when you have tasks to complete and Impostors to avoid. Here are some tips to help you navigate the map efficiently and safely.

Know the Key Areas#

Polus is one of the largest maps in Among Us, and knowing the key areas can save you a lot of time:

  • Dropship: This is where you start the game. It’s a small area but an important one since everyone begins here.
  • Office: Located near the center of the map, the Office is crucial because it houses the Vitals and Admin. These tools can help you keep track of crewmates’ statuses and locations.
  • Electrical: Located in the upper-left corner, this room often has key tasks. Be cautious, as it’s a common area for Impostor attacks.
  • O2 and Boiler Room: Found in the bottom-left, these areas have several tasks but can be risky due to their isolation.
  • Laboratory: Located in the upper-right, this place often has multiple tasks and tends to be crowded, offering some safety in numbers.
  • Specimen Room: Very isolated and found through decontamination chambers in either the Office or Laboratory. Enter with care.

Use the Cameras#

Polus has multiple security cameras that can be used to keep an eye on other players. The security room is located near the O2 area. As a Crewmate, spend some time here to catch any suspicious activity. As an Impostor, be aware of the camera’s red light indicating it’s active and try to avoid acting suspiciously near them.

Master the Vitals and Admin Panels#

Both of these are located in the Office. The Vitals panel shows the health status of every crewmate, updating in real-time. The Admin panel displays a top-down view of the map and highlights the number of players in each room. Use these tools to track your crewmates’ locations and statuses.

Efficient Pathing#

When you have tasks spread out across Polus, planning your route can save precious time:

  1. Cluster Tasks: Group tasks in the same area. For example, if you have tasks in both Electrical and O2, tackle them together since they are close.
  2. Check Vitals & Admin En Route: While traveling through the Office, make a habit of quickly checking the Vitals and Admin panels to gather extra information on your crewmates.
  3. Avoid Backtracking: Plan a route that allows you to cover multiple areas in a single trip. This will prevent unnecessary back-and-forth movement.

Communication is Key#

Always use the meeting button if you have crucial information or suspect someone. Being able to discuss your findings can help piece together the Impostor’s identity:

  • Share Task Locations: Let your crewmates know where you’re headed. This helps everyone understand who should be where.
  • Report Suspicious Activity: If you notice anyone hanging around common kill zones like Electrical or Security—especially without doing tasks—bring it up during meetings.

Stay Aware of Common Kill Zones#

Certain areas of Polus are favorite spots for Impostors to strike. These include:

  • Electrical (upper-left): Often secluded and has vents for escape.
  • Specimen Room (lower-right): Very isolated, making it hard for anyone to witness a kill.
  • Security (near Communications): People who watch cameras can be easy targets.

Use Decontamination Wisely#

The decontamination chambers help you access the Specimen Room from either the Office or Laboratory. These areas can be dangerous due to their isolation:

  • Enter with a Buddy: If possible, always go through decontamination with someone else.
  • Watch the Doors: Impostors may use these one-way chambers to trap and kill. Pay close attention to who enters and exits with you.

Learn Emergency Sabotages#

Polus has multiple sabotage opportunities for Impostors:

  • Lights: When sabotaged, make your way to Electrical to fix them promptly since vision is heavily impaired.
  • Comms: When disrupted, resist the urge to scatter; keep a few people together to resolve the issue quickly.
  • Reactor Meltdown and O2: These require team efforts to fix. Don’t delay on these; make sure at least one or two players are heading to remedy them.

Mastering navigation in Polus requires practice and a mix of strategic pathing, effective communication, and cautious awareness of your surroundings. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll improve your chances of survival—and maybe even catch a few Impostors along the way.

Among Us: Map Guide - Polus
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