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Among Us: Map Guide - Mira HQ

Are you ready to master the sneaky corridors and critical tasks of Mira HQ in Among Us? Welcome to our comprehensive guide designed to make you an expert on one of the game’s most intriguing maps. In this guide, we’ll provide an in-depth overview of Mira HQ, highlight essential key locations, show you where to find every task, divulge common vent paths used by impostors, and share top tips for seamless navigation. Whether you’re a crewmate striving for efficiency or an impostor looking to outsmart your rivals, this guide has you covered. Dive in and become the ultimate strategist in Mira HQ!

Mira HQ: General Overview#

Among Us’s Mira HQ map offers a fresh take on the gripping game of deception and trust. Located in the skies, this map is a closed design with one key pathway connecting each room, upping the stakes and narrowing down strategies for Crewmates and Impostors alike. Let’s dive into its layout, key rooms, and some useful tips.

Key Layout#

Mira HQ is unique compared to The Skeld or Polus maps. Its rooms are connected mainly by narrow hallways and walkways, with a single decontamination chamber providing access to the Reactor and Laboratory areas. This setup makes movement a bit more predictable and forces players to be extra cautious.

Highlighted Rooms#

  1. Launchpad:

    • This is where every game starts. Crewmates need to come back here to complete the Diagnostic task, a two-part task that takes a long time to finish. This room is usually a low-traffic area after the first moments of the game.
  2. Reactor:

    • Accessed through the Decontamination room, the Reactor holds multiple tasks like Start Reactor or Unlock Manifolds. This secluded area can be a hotspot for kills.
  3. Laboratory:

    • Also reachable only through Decontamination, this room hosts tasks like Assemble Artifact and Sort Samples. Its closeness to Reactor makes it a location where victims are often found.
  4. Office:

    • Here, crewmates complete simple tasks like Pay to Download Data or Divert Power. This room’s central location makes it easier to blend in during traversal.
  5. Communications:

    • This area is small but important for the Reboot Wi-Fi task. Turning off lights can make this room deadly since it’s off the main path.
  6. Admin:

    • Admin holds critical tasks like Swipe Card and Enter ID Code. It’s also where you check player locations with Admin Table, essential for tracking others and spotting potential Impostors.
  7. Greenhouse:

    • The northernmost part, where players go to Clean O2 Filter or Water Plants. It’s relatively isolated, making it a quiet spot for Impostors.
  8. Cafeteria:

    • A major common area with tasks like Empty Garbage or Buy Beverage. It shares a large space with the balcony, which can make for great hiding spots or sudden attacks.

Strategy Tips#

  • Vent Paths: Impostors should master the vent system within Mira HQ. Vents here connect almost every room, allowing for rapid and unpredictable movement.

  • Map Awareness: Crewmates need to be extra vigilant when moving through narrow walkways. Sticking in pairs or groups can reduce the chances of being caught alone by an Impostor.

  • Decontamination Room: This room makes for a bottleneck that could be vital. Time this wisely if you need to rush to the Reactor or Laboratory, especially during a sabotage.

  • Security Use: Mira HQ doesn’t offer cameras like The Skeld, so use the Admin Table to keep track of Crewmates’ locations and spot suspicious movement patterns.

  • Task Prioritization: Starting with tasks farther from the main area, like in the Greenhouse or Reactor, could be beneficial. Plan your route to minimize travel back and forth.


Mira HQ offers both Crewmates and Impostors a unique challenge. The map design and task layout foster intense, high-stake maneuvering. Understanding the map’s intricacies can help players navigate effectively, making each emergency call, task completed, or kill more impactful. Keep this guide close as you strategize your path to success whether you aim to save the ship—or sabotage it.

Next Steps#

Ready to take on Mira HQ? Head over to our in-depth task guide and Impostor strategies to begin mastering the map.

Key Locations in Mira HQ#

Mira HQ is one of the three main maps in Among Us, and it’s packed with unique key locations that you need to master if you want to outsmart your opponents or sniff out the Impostors. Here are some crucial spots you should be familiar with:


Launchpad is where everyone starts at the beginning of the game, and it’s also where you’ll find a bunch of important tasks. Tasks here include the Diagnostic task, which can take a while to complete. This area can be a bit isolated, so keep an eye out for any sneaky business!

Pro Tip: At the start of the game, make sure to get a head start on tasks here before moving on. Coming back here later can be risky since it’s so isolated.


MedBay is another significant location, especially for Crewmates. It’s where you can perform the MedBay Submit Scan task, a visual task that can prove you’re not the Impostor. If you suspect someone and want to prove your innocence, making a stop here can be critical.

Pro Tip: If you’re innocent, try to complete the MedBay Scan early on when there are witnesses around.


Reactor is a hotspot for sabotage events and crises. It’s one of the rooms that require two people to fix it when a meltdown occurs. Keep an eye out when heading here because it’s a prime spot for Impostors to make their move.

Pro Tip: Always go in pairs when heading to fix the reactor. It’s safer, and the Impostor can’t strike without someone noticing.


The Laboratory is another key location with several tasks, including the crucial Sort Samples task. It’s also connected to the Decontamination room, leading to the Reactor.

Pro Tip: If you see someone hanging out in the Decontamination hallway without a good reason, they might be up to no good.


The Greenhouse at the top of the map is where you’ll complete the Oxygen Refill task, among others. This area can be pretty quiet, making it another potential spot for sneaky Impostors.

Pro Tip: Try to complete tasks here quickly and avoid lingering too long. If you’re an Impostor, this is a great place to catch a lone Crewmate.


The Communications room can be a lifesaver. It’s where you’ll fix sabotages that disable the communication systems, making it crucial for Crewmates. It’s often targeted by Impostors to disrupt the flow of information.

Pro Tip: After a sabotage, head here quickly to restore systems. Watch for anyone suspiciously hovering around this area without fixing anything.


The Cafeteria is a central hub and is where multiple tasks are usually located. It’s also where emergency meetings are called, making it a popular meeting place. Additionally, the Cafeteria has a vending machine task that can take some time.

Pro Tip: Use the Cafeteria as a safe zone to regroup and exchange info, especially after an emergency meeting.


In Admin, you can access the Admin Table, which shows where other players are on the map. This can be very handy for keeping track of everyone’s location and finding stragglers. Impostors also frequent this spot to check on Crewmates and set up traps.

Pro Tip: Regularly check the Admin Table to verify the positions of other players, but be quick about it to avoid getting caught off guard.


Knowing your way around Mira HQ is essential for both Crewmates and Impostors. Use these key locations to your advantage, whether you’re completing tasks and trying to stay alive or plotting your next big move. Stay sharp, keep communicating, and trust no one! Happy crewmate-ing or impostor-ing!

Among Us: Map Guide - Mira HQ#

Task Locations in Mira HQ#

Mira HQ is Among Us’s second map, set in a high-flying space station. It’s quite different from The Skeld and has a lot of ventilation, making it a favored map for sneaky impostors. Knowing where each task is located is crucial for both crewmates and impostors, whether you’re pretending to complete tasks or doing them for real. Here’s a breakdown of where you’ll find the tasks around Mira HQ.


  • Diagnostics: Head over to the right side of the Launchpad to initiate the diagnostics. It’s a two-part task. Start it by clicking the button, then come back later after 90 seconds to complete it.
  • Fuel Engines: You’ll find the fuel can here. Fill it up and then head to the upper area to fuel the engines.


  • Start Reactor: This is a memory game where you need to repeat the sequences shown. It can take some time, so make sure you’re careful.
  • Unlock Manifolds: This is one of the easier tasks – simply tap the numbers in ascending order from 1 to 10.


  • Assemble Artifact: Put together a small crystal puzzle by dragging and dropping the pieces into the correct spots.
  • Sort Samples: Send specific samples to the left or right based on their shapes.


  • Submit Scan: Step onto the scanner and let it work its magic. This task is visual, so if someone sees you doing it, you’ll prove you’re not the impostor.
  • Inspect Sample: Start this task and then return after 60 seconds to select the anomaly - the sample that looks different from the others.


  • Enter ID Code: Just type in the code from your ID card.
  • Reboot WiFi: Pull the power switch down and then wait for a while before turning it back up.


  • Prime Shields: Tap the red hexagons to turn them white. Another simple one.
  • Process Data: Start uploading data, but make sure to keep an eye out for any approaching impostors.


  • Store Artifacts: Drag and drop miscellaneous items into the correct storage slots.
  • Data: This task is all about downloading and uploading data quickly without getting caught.


  • Water Plants: Grab the watering can from elsewhere first, then head to the greenhouse to water the plants.
  • Clean O2 Filter: Clear out the leaves by dragging them out of the filter slot.


  • Measure Weather: Set up the tool and wait a few seconds for the measurements.
  • Buy Beverage: Match the item image to its correct code, then use the vending machine.

Locker Room#

  • Fix Wiring: Connect wires of the same color – simple but can be tricky if an impostor is lurking.
  • Decontaminate: Passing through here, you’ll need to complete a short pause task.

General Tips#

  • Shortcuts: Utilize vents primarily for impostors; they can save you a lot of time moving between rooms, but don’t get caught.
  • Security: Always keep an eye on the logs in the Communications room as they show where players have gone, which can be helpful for deducing the impostor’s movement.
  • Task Management: Split your tasks based on proximity. If you’re in MedBay, try to finish all tasks in the nearby Laboratory too before moving to the other end of the map.

Remember, impostors blend in by pretending to do tasks, so being sharp about where tasks actually are can help you weed them out. Keep this map guide in mind while flying through Mira HQ, and you’ll be less likely to get caught unawares.

Happy crewing! 🚀

Common Vent Paths in Mira HQ#

When you’re playing Among Us on the Mira HQ map, understanding the vent system can be super important. Whether you’re a crewmate trying to catch an impostor or an impostor planning your next kill, knowing the common vent paths can give you a serious edge. Mira HQ’s vent network is unique compared to other maps because all the vents are interconnected. Let’s break down some popular vent paths and strategies you can use.

Cafeteria to Admin#

One of the busiest areas in Mira HQ is the Cafeteria, where many tasks are located. The vent in Cafeteria can be a real lifesaver for impostors needing a quick escape. It connects directly to Admin, where you can plan your next move, check Admin for Crewmates’ positions, or even blend in with others. Always remember that moving from Cafeteria to Admin lets you cover a lot of ground quickly, giving you ample opportunities to throw off suspicion.

Office to Hallway Intersection#

The Office vent is a strategic spot because it’s close to the central area where hallways intersect. Vents here connect to the Decontamination Hallway. If you’re looking for a fast escape and want to avoid passing too many players, this path is ideal. For crewmates, if you see someone popping out of this vent, it’s a clear red flag.

MedBay to Reactor#

MedBay, another hotspot for tasks, has a vent that can be an impostor’s best friend. MedBay connects directly to Reactor, a high-traffic area during emergencies. This path is incredibly useful for sabotaging the Reactor and then quickly heading back to MedBay to fake tasks or even set up your next victim. For crewmates, if you see someone dashing from MedBay to Reactor without breaking a sweat, they might be using the vents.

Laboratory to Greenhouse#

Another useful path is from Laboratory to Greenhouse. The Laboratory vent connects to an area that is often quieter but has its fair share of tasks. If you eliminate someone in Laboratory and you’re seen, venting to Greenhouse can give you the cover you need. Plus, the Greenhouse is usually less crowded, making it a less risky spot to hide.

Balcony to Launchpad#

The vent in the Balcony is often overlooked, making it a sneaky spot to use. It connects to the Launchpad, which is on the far side of the map. If you’re an impostor, you can make a surprise getaway to Launchpad. Few players hang out in Launchpad for long periods, offering a good hiding spot if you’ve got tasks there or want to lie low for a bit.

Pro Tip: Mix Up Your Vents#

For impostors, it’s crucial to avoid being predictable. Don’t always use the same vent paths or pop out in the same spots. Mix it up! This makes it harder for crewmates to pin down your movements. Conversely, crewmates should keep an eye on vents in high-traffic areas and report any suspicious activity immediately.

In summary, navigating the Mira HQ vent system as an impostor can offer a lot of strategic advantages. And for crewmates, knowing these common vent paths can make you more vigilant and help you catch that sneaky impostor. So next time you’re playing, keep these vent paths in mind and use them to turn the game in your favor.

Among Us: Map Guide - Mira HQ#

Tips for Navigation#

Navigating Mira HQ in Among Us can be both intriguing and tricky due to its unique layout. Unlike The Skeld or Polus, Mira HQ features unidirectional hallways, which can make it easier to track other players—but only if you know where you’re going! Let’s dive into some tips that’ll help you move around like a pro.

Know the Main Areas#

Mira HQ is smaller compared to other maps, but its pathways and rooms are just as complex. Here are the main areas you’ll frequently encounter:

  • Cafeteria: Your starting point and a hub for multiple task types. Perfect spot to catch up on your Campfire Stories task.
  • Admin: Allows you to check where others are located on the map, a vital tool for Crewmates.
  • Reactor and Laboratory: These two rooms are connected and often have tasks, but they’re quite isolated, making them risky!
  • MedBay: A room with medical tasks like the Submit Scan, which is a common visual task.
  • Communications: Essential for restoring sabotage and contacting the crew.

Use the Vents (Wisely, Impostors!)#

The vent system on Mira HQ is interconnected, which means an Impostor can travel from one end of the map to the other quickly. This makes it easier to fake tasks in multiple locations. However, be cautious—even a flicker of the vent can reveal your location to an observant Crewmate.

Sabotages Can Be Your Best Friend#

As an Impostor, using sabotages effectively can split the Crewmates and create opportunities:

  • Reactor Meltdown: Forces everyone to the Reactor, giving you the chance to eliminate stragglers along the way.
  • Oxygen Depletion: Similar to reactor, but spread across the map, making coordination crucial for Crewmates.
  • Lights Out: Reduces vision for everyone, including you, but makes sneaky kills easier.
  • Communications Sabotage: Disables the Admin map and task list, delaying progress and causing confusion.

Efficiency is Key for Crewmates#

Plan Your Task Route#

The layout of Mira HQ allows you to complete tasks in a sequence to maximize your efficiency. Complete tasks in nearby rooms to avoid doubling back.

  • Cafeteria: Start here with simple tasks like Empty Garbage.
  • Admin: Move next to upload files or enter ID codes.
  • MedBay, Hallway, and Lab: Cluster these tasks together since they’re nearby.
  • Reactor: Finally, finish any tasks in the isolated Reactor to reduce solitary wandering.

Buddy Up, But Not Too Tight#

Moving in pairs decreases the risk of being taken out by Impostors. However, too many clustered Crewmates can also make it hard to identify who the Impostor is. Consider a loose but watchful buddy system to balance safety and efficiency.

Use Security and Admin#

Utilize Admin to see who’s where on the map. Pay attention to unusual movements, like people appearing and disappearing from rooms—could be a vent user! Similarly, Security cameras, though limited, provide crucial details about who’s traversing the map.

Learn the Map Layout#

Familiarize yourself with pathways to avoid dead ends and awkward situations. Train yourself to know hiding spots like the Alcove near MedBay or the Nook in the Balcony. The more you know, the less the map will confuse you, leaving you free to focus on identifying the culprit or completing your tasks.


Navigating Mira HQ effectively can be the difference between a well-rounded investigation and chaos. Whether you’re a Crewmate or an Impostor, understanding the layout, using tools to your advantage, and keeping your eyes peeled can elevate your game. So get out there and start sleuthing! Or, you know, sabotaging.

Among Us: Map Guide - Mira HQ
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