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Among Us: Impostor Guide

Welcome to the ultimate Among Us: Impostor Guide! If you’ve ever craved the thrill of deception, sabotage, and strategic strikes, you’re in the right place. As an impostor aboard the spaceship, your mission is to outwit the crewmates and take control. In this guide, we’ll delve deep into the ins and outs of this cunning role, from understanding the Role of the Impostor and mastering Common Impostor Tasks, to perfecting Strategies for Sabotage. We’ll also equip you with expert tips on How to Blend In seamlessly and identify the Best Times to Strike without raising suspicion. Ready to become the ultimate impostor? Let’s dive in and sharpen those skills!

Among Us: Impostor Guide#

Role of the Impostor#

In Among Us, playing as an Impostor can be thrilling, tricky, and an ultimate test of your sneaky skills. The Impostor’s main goal is to eliminate the Crewmates and prevent them from completing their tasks. Here’s a deep dive into what it means to be an Impostor and how you can outplay everyone.

1. The Basics: What’s Your Job?#

As the Impostor, your job is to sabotage the Crewmates’ efforts and to slowly take them out one by one. You’ve got to be deceitful, convincing, and adaptable since you can’t take part in tasks like the Crewmates do. However, you have some unique powers to help even the odds:

  • Sabotage: You can cause various problems on the ship, like closing doors, turning off the lights, or triggering a reactor meltdown. This creates chaos and distractions, giving you the perfect cover to strike.
  • Vent: Impostors can use vents to quickly move around the map, making it easier to get away after a kill. Just be careful not to be seen hopping in or out!
  • Fake Tasks: While you can’t actually complete tasks, you need to pretend like you are so the Crewmates don’t suspect you.

2. Mastering Sabotage#

Using sabotage wisely can make or break your game as an Impostor. Here’s how to use each kind effectively:

  • Lights Out: Cutting out the lights reduces everyone’s vision drastically. This is a great way to kill someone without being seen.
  • Reactors/Oxygen: Sabotaging the reactor or oxygen can cause an immediate loss for the Crewmates if they don’t fix it on time. Use this to split up players or draw them to one area of the map.
  • Communications: This sabotage blocks access to the crew’s task list and security cameras temporarily. It’s perfect for hiding important information and making it harder to track movements.
  • Doors: Locking doors can trap Crewmates in rooms or segregate them from each other. This makes it easier for you to isolate and eliminate them one at a time.

3. Killing Crewmates#

Get to know the map layout and vent system so you can execute kills strategically. Here are some tips for effective murdering:

  • Isolate Targets: Try to pick off Crewmates who are alone or away from prying eyes. Smaller rooms or less trafficked areas are ideal.
  • Using Vents: After you kill someone, use the vents to make a quick escape. Plan your vent routes beforehand so you can quickly jump from one to another, covering your tracks.
  • Alibi Creation: Be mindful of your kill cooldown. After killing, join a group of Crewmates to build an alibi and avoid suspicion.

4. Earning Trust and Sowing Doubt#

Another key role of the Impostor is getting the Crew to trust you enough to not suspect you’re the killer, or better yet, to suspect someone else entirely.

  • Act Busy: Pretend to do tasks alongside the Crewmates. It’s crucial to blend in and mimic task completion.
  • Report Bodies: Reporting a body can help you gain trust. If you can frame it as though you stumbled upon the scene while completing a task, even better.
  • Accuse Others: Cast suspicion on others subtly, especially when an opportunity arises during discussions. But avoid being overly aggressive, as it may backfire and make you look guilty.

5. Communications During Meetings#

Meetings are where your social skills are really put to the test. Here’s where you can turn the tide in your favor:

  • Be Vague, Not Silent: Provide just enough information when asked where you were or what you were doing, but avoid specific details that can be cross-referenced easily.
  • Support Subtle Anomalies: If someone else casts suspicion on another player, support them. But don’t overdo it or it might seem forced.
  • Remember Your Lies: Keeping track of your past statements during meetings is key. Consistent storytelling keeps suspicions at bay. If you’re caught in a contradiction, it could be game over.

Being an Impostor is all about balancing deceit with strategy. Remember, your best tools aren’t just the sabotages and vents, but your ability to lie convincingly and keep the Crewmates eternally guessing. Happy hunting!

Among Us: Impostor Guide#

Common Impostor Tasks#

Being an Impostor in Among Us can be a thrilling experience, but it requires some cunning and subtle techniques to avoid getting caught. While Crewmates are busy completing tasks to keep the spaceship running, your job as an Impostor is to blend in without raising suspicion. Here are some common fake tasks to help you appear as an average Crewmate and execute your devious plans.

1. Swipe Card in Admin#

The Admin Swipe Card task is well-known as one of the trickiest tasks for Crewmates because it often takes a few tries to get right. Impostors can use this to their advantage. If someone sees you struggling with the swipe, it’s less likely they’ll think you’re faking it. Stand near the Admin card swipe panel for a few seconds, and pretend like you’re having a hard time. Make sure to wait there at least long enough that it would take a real player to complete the task.

Pro Tip: If someone comments that you took too long or too short, claim that you “always have trouble with it.”

2. Empty Garbage in Cafeteria / Storage#

Pretending to clear garbage is a bit tricky since it’s a visual task. However, you can linger by the garbage chute in the Cafeteria or Storage areas without really performing the animation. This tactic works best when nobody is nearby to notice that the garbage isn’t actually being emptied. Timing is crucial here; stay by the chute for roughly the amount of time it would take to complete the task.

Pro Tip: Coordinate with another Impostor to ensure no Crewmates confirm the garbage task while you’re around. It only looks suspicious if someone else clears garbage while you’re pretending.

3. Fix Wiring#

Fixing wiring is one of the most common tasks and can be found in various locations such as Electrical, Storage, Admin, and Cafeteria. To fake this task, move to different wiring panels and spend varying amounts of time at each spot. The randomness will mirror a genuine Crewmate completing the task.

Pro Tip: If you get called out for moving too quickly, say that you memorized the pattern or got lucky with easy wires.

4. Inspect Sample in MedBay#

The MedBay has a task where you “Inspect Sample.” All you need to do is click a button to start a 60-second timer and then return later to complete it. This built-in delay provides an excellent cover since it allows you to say, “I need to come back to MedBay to finish my sample,” making it seem like you’re actively working on tasks over time.

Pro Tip: Take note of others who genuinely have MedBay tasks. If someone sees you faking, they might call you out, so always be mindful of your surroundings.

5. Prime Shields in Shields#

The Shields task can fool people easily since its completion lights up the shield bubbles on the map. To fake this one, just stand near the Shields panel and pretend to interact with it. Due to the absence of visual confirmation for this task, it works well when the area is relatively quiet, and no one’s around to double-check.

Pro Tip: Always stay aware of who’s lurking around the Shields area to ensure that no one busts your bluff.

6. Upload Data in Admin#

Admin is a hotspot that attracts a lot of Crewmate activity, making it an ideal place to blend in by faking the upload data task. Head to Admin, and stand by the upload terminal for around 8 seconds, approximately how long the real task takes. Use the time to casually monitor the movements of other players.

Pro Tip: Throw in some conversation about how slow the upload is or how nerve-wracking it is to stand there, given how Admin seems to attract lots of bodies turning up dead.


Mastering these fake tasks will significantly enhance your credibility as an Impostor in Among Us. Remember, the key is to blend in seamlessly, keep track of other Crewmates’ positions and tasks, and never rush. Patience and planning are your best friends. So go out there and sabotage away, you deceitful genius. Good luck, and try not to get ejected!

Strategies for Sabotage#

Sabotage is one of the Impostor’s most powerful tools in Among Us. It can create chaos, distract Crewmates, and make it easier for you to make your move. Here’s a breakdown of sabotage strategies to help you master the art of deception.

1. Reactor Meltdown and O2 Depletion#

  • Purpose: Forces Crewmates to address the emergency immediately.
  • Best Used When: The Crewmates are spread out. This will require at least a couple of them to move across the map to fix the issue, leaving others isolated.
  • Cooldown Utilization: If you’ve just committed a kill or need to buy yourself some time, triggering these urgent sabotages will delay the discovery of the body.
  • Execution Tips:
    • Reactor: If you’re near security or the reactor itself, you can kill a lone Crewmate headed there. This makes it harder for others to fix it without splitting up.
    • O2: Use this when you’re near admin or on the opposite side of the map. It’ll force Crewmates to split their focus between locations.

2. Lights Out#

  • Purpose: Limits Crewmates’ vision to a tiny circle around them.
  • Best Used When: You’re in close quarters with multiple Crewmates or near someone you plan to kill.
  • Cooldown Utilization: The short cooldown on fixing lights means you can often sabotage them again quickly, keeping the Crewmates in the dark.
  • Execution Tips:
    • Ambush Crewmates at the light panel. They are sitting ducks while fixing the lights.
    • Use the lower visibility to sneak past other Crewmates without being seen.
    • Perfect for stack kills. The chaos in a tiny area makes it hard to identify the killer.

3. Communications#

  • Purpose: Disables Crewmates from seeing their tasks and limits their ability to track progress.
  • Best Used When: Crewmates rely heavily on task progress and visual tasks to verify each other.
  • Cooldown Utilization: It’s not as immediately critical as the other sabotages, so use it when you need to throw off the Crewmates’ coordination.
  • Execution Tips:
    • Disrupt task confirmations. If Crewmates can’t see their tasks, it’s harder for them to clear each other.
    • Use it mid-game to buy yourself some time and create confusion about task completion.
    • Sometimes, it’s good to pair with other sabotages for a layered strategy.

4. Doors#

  • Purpose: Temporarily seals off rooms, trapping or isolating Crewmates.
  • Best Used When: Positioning for a kill, trapping suspects, or delaying a Crewmate’s movement to fix other sabotages.
  • Cooldown Utilization: Utilize doors to split groups just before or just after a major sabotage.
  • Execution Tips:
    • Close doors around the security room to kill someone checking cameras.
    • Blocking off areas where Crewmates could spot a body can delay them long enough for you to get away clean.
    • Isolate a lone Crewmate in a room, kill them, and use vents to escape before the doors reopen.

Mixing and Matching Sabotages#

Combining different sabotages can significantly increase their effectiveness. For example, trigger reactor meltdown to draw Crewmates away, then lock doors to slow them down. Follow up with a lights sabotage to keep visibility low. Strategic timing and choice make sabotages a deadly part of your Impostor arsenal.

Remember, the goal of sabotage isn’t just to stall the Crewmates but to create scenarios where you can make your move undetected. Mastering these strategies will have you wreaking havoc and sewing chaos in no time! Happy sabotaging, Impostor.

How to Blend In#

Blending in as an Impostor in Among Us is crucial if you wanna stay undetected and win the game. Here’s a deep dive into how you can seamlessly mix in with the crew and avoid those tense emergency meetings where all fingers point at you.

1. Know the Tasks and Fake Them Well#

Crewmates are busy little bees, going about completing various tasks around the ship. As an Impostor, you’ll need to fake doing these tasks convincingly. Here’s how to do it:

  • Familiarize Yourself with Task Locations: Before you even start faking tasks, you need to know where they are. Spend some time in Freeplay mode to learn the map inside out.
  • Mimic Task Timings: Each task takes a certain amount of time to complete. Observe or look up how long each task should take and mimic that timing. For example, “Swiping the card” takes a few tries and can be dragged out for around 10-15 seconds.
  • Be Mindful of Visual Tasks: There are tasks like “MedBay Scan” and “Trash Eject” that have visual confirmations. Make sure you don’t pretend to do these unless visual tasks are turned off in the game settings.

2. Coordinate with Other Impostors#

If you’re lucky enough to have a partner in crime, team coordination can be a game-changer.

  • Double Kills: When two Impostors team up on two Crewmates, it can be devastating. Use a code word to signal each other that you’re ready to strike simultaneously.
  • Spread Out: Avoid running around together all the time. It looks suspicious if the same two players are always seen together. Spread out to gain more intel and spread the chaos.

3. Blend Into Group Activities#

Crews often work in groups to stay safe. Use this to your advantage:

  • Tag Along Quietly: Join groups and go with the flow of their tasks. If you’re with trusted players, they’re less likely to suspect you.
  • Instigate Confusion: During group activities like fixing comms or reactor melts down, use the chaos to your advantage. Get in, perform sneaky kills, and blend back into the group hustle.

4. Master the Art of Self-Reporting#

Sometimes, a good self-report can throw Crewmates off your trail. Here’s how to do it right:

  • Act Quick but Natural: If you’ve done a kill and feel like someone might walk in on you, self-reporting can make it look like you stumbled onto the crime.
  • Create a Backstory: Be ready with a plausible scenario. “I just came from Navigation and found Blue in Electrical” sounds more believable than just saying “I found a body.”
  • Point Fingers Subtly: Pass the blame softly onto someone else. Something like, “I last saw Yellow near Electrical a while ago” can plant seeds of doubt without being overly aggressive.

5. Call Sabotages Wisely#

Sabotages are your toolkit to create distractions or separate Crewmates. Use them smartly:

  • Reactor and Oxygen Sabotages: These force Crewmates to fix the issue quickly, drawing them to certain areas. Use the opportunity to either get a sneaky kill in an isolated spot or gather intel.
  • Lights Out: Sabotaging lights reduces Crewmates’ vision, making it easier for you to kill and escape unseen. It’s perfect for separating a group or slipping away after a kill.
  • Door Closures: Trap Crewmates in rooms to isolate them or split up the group. It’s also handy for locking away your kill scene to delay the discovery of the body.

6. Practice Makes Perfect#

The best way to master blending in? Practice. Every game you play sharpens your instincts, improves your fake-task game, and helps you understand the behavior patterns of other players.

By the time you’ve mastered these tactics, you’ll be an imposter that the Crewmates never see coming. Play smart, stay cool, and have fun deceiving your friends in the wildly fun world of Among Us!

Best Times to Strike#

Timing is everything when you’re an Impostor in Among Us. Knowing when to eliminate a Crewmate is critical, and choosing the wrong moment can quickly result in your cover being blown. Let’s break down the perfect moments to strike and help you sow chaos without getting caught.

During Key Tasks#

Key tasks are tasks that everyone has to perform, like Swipe Card in Admin or Fix Wiring. These create choke points where Crewmates gather. Here’s why they’re perfect:

  1. Crowded Areas: Everyone being focused on their tasks can make it easy to pick off someone.
  2. Divert Attention: With so many people around, accusing someone else can be more convincing.

During Sabotage#

Sabotaging systems is a prime opportunity to eliminate a Crewmate. Use Reactor Meltdown, Oxygen Depletion, or Lights Out to your advantage:

  1. Reactor Meltdown or Oxygen: These require multiple Crewmates to fix and split them up. You can strike on the way to or from these locations, where they’re likely isolated.
  2. Lights Out: This is an Impostor’s dream. With reduced vision, you can eliminate someone without being seen and then blend into the crowd.

Venting Advantage#

Knowing the map’s vent system is key. Use vents to quickly travel and find isolated Crewmates:

  1. Empty Rooms: Use the vent to find someone alone. Security, Admin, and Navigation are often targets.
  2. Quick Escapes: After eliminating, vent away to another part of the map. Make it look like you were never there.

During Discussions and Voting#

Discussing strategy and voting can also be an indirect way to strike:

  1. Overwhelming Accusations: During meetings, turn the focus onto others. This divides the Crewmates and satisfies eliminations without direct action.
  2. Double-Kill Coordination: If you have another Impostor, plan during discussions. A coordinated double-kill during the next round can drop the Crew count fast.

When Everyone Splits Up#

After a group finishes a big task, players often split up to do individual tasks. This is your moment.

  1. Follow Someone: Choose a target who’s headed to an isolated area and pick them off.
  2. Feign Task Completion: Pretend you were with the group, finish your ‘task’, and follow the last person to leave. The group assumes you are busy and won’t suspect you immediately.

Endgame Scenarios#

As the number of Crewmates drops:

  1. Low Numbers: It only takes a couple of eliminations to win. Use sabotage to create urgency and chaos, and strike when Crewmates are frantically trying to fix critical issues.
  2. Self-Report: In the endgame, self-reporting a body can be a diversion tactic. If your partner Impostor is close to being voted off, self-report to shift suspicion or buy time.

Final Thoughts#

To be a successful Impostor, you must balance patience with cunning. Striking at just the right moment and blending into the crew’s routines will keep suspicions low and paranoia high. Remember, understanding Crewmate behavior and keeping your cool in stressful situations is what separates a decent Impostor from a legendary one. Happy hunting!

Among Us: Impostor Guide
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