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Among Us: Handling Emergencies

Welcome to our ultimate guide, “Among Us: Handling Emergencies,” where you’ll unlock the secrets to mastering both sides of emergency scenarios in this thrilling game of deception and teamwork. Whether you’re a trusty Crewmate or a cunning Impostor, handling emergencies with finesse is crucial for your strategy. In this guide, we’ll delve into the various Types of Emergencies and teach you how to Respond as a Crewmate and Sabotage as an Impostor. You’ll also discover insights into the Social Dynamics During Emergencies to outsmart opponents and avoid Common Mistakes to keep victory within your grasp. Get ready to elevate your game and stay one step ahead in Among Us!

Among Us: Handling Emergencies#

Types of Emergencies#

In Among Us, emergencies are the heart-pounding moments that can turn the game on its head. Knowing how to handle them can be the key to victory, whether you’re a Crewmate trying to complete tasks or an Impostor sowing chaos. Let’s break down the different types of emergencies you might face and how to deal with them.

Reactor Meltdown#

When a Reactor Meltdown begins, it’s a race against time. This emergency is signaled by the flashing red arrows on your screen and requires quick action. To fix it, two players must head to the Reactor room and simultaneously hold down their handprints on two different panels.


  • Crewmates: Drop everything and head straight to the Reactor. Coordinate with others to ensure at least two players are present.
  • Impostors: You can use this as a distraction to pick off lone Crewmates or to divert them from discovering bodies.

Oxygen Depletion#

Oxygen is crucial for survival in space, and this emergency plays on that fact. Similar to a Reactor Meltdown, you’ll see an alert that directs you to fix the problem. You’ll need to input codes at two different locations: O2 and Admin.


  • Crewmates: Pay attention to the locations and split up effectively. Be wary of getting ambushed while inputting codes.
  • Impostors: You can pretend to help out or strike when Crewmates are distracted by the task at hand.

Sabotaged Comms#

When communications go offline, it’s a panic-inducing moment in Among Us. This emergency disables the Task List and security camera feeds until fixed. Head to the communications room to remedy the situation by rotating the dial to match the correct frequency.


  • Crewmates: Fixing Comms is important but doesn’t require a group effort. One or two players can handle this while others continue with tasks.
  • Impostors: Use this opportunity to create confusion and eliminate Crewmates without them noticing missing players on the Task List.

Lights Out#

Darkness falls when lights are sabotaged, severely limiting the vision of Crewmates while leaving Impostors unaffected. Crewmates must go to the Electrical room and turn on all the switches on the breaker panel.


  • Crewmates: Stick together as you head to Electrical. Communication is key to avoid getting picked off.
  • Impostors: This is prime time for kills. Strike when Crewmates are clumped together but can’t see each other.

Door Sabotage#

Impostors can also temporarily lock doors on the map, trapping players in or out of important areas. There’s no fixing this until the doors automatically open after a short period.


  • Crewmates: Be aware of your surroundings and use the downtime to complete any tasks in your immediate area.
  • Impostors: Use locked doors to isolate players or block access to vital spots, like the emergency button.

Emergency Meetings#

While not a sabotage in the traditional sense, Emergency Meetings are critical moments where Crewmates can discuss suspicious behavior and vote off suspected Impostors. Any player can call a meeting by pressing the Emergency Button in the cafeteria or reporting a dead body.


  • Crewmates: Use this time wisely. Be clear and concise with your information and observations. Trust is crucial.
  • Impostors: Be cunning and persuasive. Deflect suspicion and plant doubt among the Crewmates.

Understanding these emergencies and how to tackle them is half the battle in Among Us. Stay sharp, coordinate with your team, and you’ll be well on your way to mastering the game’s high-stress scenarios.

Among Us: Handling Emergencies#

Responding as a Crewmate#

Emergencies in Among Us can be nerve-wracking. There’s nothing like suddenly hearing alarms blaring and being told that something on the spaceship—or the space base—has gone terribly wrong. But don’t panic! As a crewmate, your main job is to fix these emergencies quickly and effectively. Here’s how you can be a hero on your floating hunk of metal.

Stay Calm and Know the Emergencies#

First things first, know what to expect. There are a few common types of emergencies that can pop up when you’re playing:

  • O2 Depletion: The oxygen in the ship is running out. You must reach the O2 stations on the ship and enter codes to reset the oxygen levels.
  • Reactor Meltdown: The reactor is about to blow. Head to the reactor room and use both hands on the reactor cores to prevent the meltdown.
  • Communications Sabotage: Your communications are down, which means you can’t see your tasks or talk to other crewmates via the in-game interface.
  • Lights Out: The lights have been sabotaged, making it hard to see. Fix it at the electrical room.
  • Doors Sabotage: Doors might get locked, trapping you in a room for a short period. They open after some time automatically.

Prioritize Emergencies Over Tasks#

When an emergency is announced, drop whatever task you’re doing and head straight for the problem area. Emergencies are timed, and some, like reactor and O2 sabotage, will end the game if not fixed in time. The faster you respond, the better the chance you have to keep the game going.

Communicate with Your Team#

If you’re playing with voice chat or using the in-game chat during meetings, communicate any emergencies you’ve noticed but couldn’t handle alone. For example, if you spot an impostor sabotaging a reactor or you get locked in a room, let your crewmates know.

In games without voice chat, try to move as a group after a meeting ends, so you’re better prepared to handle any emergencies that the impostors throw your way. Safety in numbers is key!

Divide and Conquer#

For some emergencies like O2 Depletion, multiple players need to work together. Coordinate with your teammates, so you don’t all end up running to the same station. On maps with two or more sites to fix, split up to cover more ground.

If you find that some players are always fixing emergencies while others wander, suggest dividing into groups before the next round starts. This way, everyone has a job.

Keep an Eye Out for Impostors#

Emergencies are prime time for impostors to strike. They know that crewmates will be distracted and focused on fixing the problem. Be cautious when running to fix something, especially if you’re alone. If you see someone following you and then venting or behaving suspiciously, take note and report it during the next meeting.

Try to remember who you see around the emergency site. If an impostor is bold enough, they might pretend to help but really aim to eliminate other players. If someone conveniently shows up after the emergency is resolved, keep an eye on them through the game.

Explore Emergency Handling in Different Maps#

Each map in Among Us has unique areas and pathways to manage. Familiarize yourself with the layout of:

  • The Skeld: Classic map with straightforward emergencies.
  • MIRA HQ: Slightly compact but with multiple sabotage options.
  • Polus: A larger, open map that requires more walking.
  • The Airship: Huge map with lifts and multiple floors.

Understanding where each emergency spot is on these maps will save you a ton of time when things go south.

Practice Makes Perfect#

Spend a bit of time in Freeplay mode to practice fixing emergencies without the pressure. You can activate each emergency manually and drill yourself on where to go and what to do. This will make you much more efficient during an actual game.

By knowing the emergencies, prioritizing them, coordinating with your team, and keeping an eye out for the impostors, you can become a top-tier crewmate. Emergencies are just another challenge to overcome, and with these tips, you’ll be ready to handle whatever comes your way!

Now, get out there and save that ship!Among Us needs more heroes like you.

Among Us: Handling Emergencies#

Sabotaging as an Impostor#

So, you’ve been chosen as the Impostor in Among Us. Congrats! Your mission is simple: eliminate the Crewmates and avoid detection. One of the most powerful tools at your disposal is sabotage. But what exactly is sabotage, and how can you use it effectively? Let’s break it down.

What is Sabotage?#

Sabotage is an ability exclusive to Impostors. It allows you to create chaos and confusion, giving you opportunities to strike. You can access the sabotage menu by clicking the sabotage icon (it looks like a red crosshair) on the bottom-right of your screen. The map will pop up, showing various systems you can mess with.

Types of Sabotages and Their Effects#

There are several types of sabotages you can perform, each with different effects:

  • Reactor Meltdown/O2 Depletion: These are critical sabotages. If Crewmates don’t fix them in time, it’s game over, and Impostors win. They force Crewmates to split up and rush to specific locations, creating isolated targets for you to eliminate.

  • Lights: This sabotage makes the Crewmates’ vision range very small, while your vision remains the same. It’s perfect for sneaking up on someone and getting a kill without being seen.

  • Comms: Disabling communications hides task progress and renders the security cameras useless. It creates a general sense of confusion and slows down task completion.

  • Doors: Locking doors traps Crewmates in or out of rooms. Use this to isolate a target, make a quick escape, or buy time.

When to Sabotage#

Timing is key to effective sabotage. You don’t want to spam it randomly—each sabotage should have a purpose.

  • Early Game: Start with subtler sabotages like Comms or Lights. This causes minor annoyances and training wheels for what’s to come.

  • Mid-Game: As the game progresses, separate groups of Crewmates with Reactor or O2 sabotages. It forces players out of their established routines and opens up opportunities for ambushes.

  • End Game: In the late game, when the player count is low, use critical sabotages strategically. A Reactor Meltdown or O2 Depletion can force players to leave their tasks incomplete, and it creates a do-or-die situation.

Combining Sabotages with Kills#

A well-timed sabotage can make for the perfect cover for a kill. For example:

  • Lights and Kills: Sabotaging lights right before making a kill makes it harder for other Crewmates to identify you. The decreased vision can also help you slip away unnoticed.

  • Doors and Kills: If you see a lone Crewmate, lock the doors, eliminate them, and use a vent to escape. This isolates the body temporarily, making it harder for others to find.

  • Reactor, O2, and Strategic Killing: Use these critical sabotages to herd Crewmates into compromising positions. Kill someone on the way to the reactor, and their absence might not be noticed until it’s too late.

Using Vents During Sabotage#

Vents are your best friends. They allow you to move quickly across the map without being seen. After sabotaging, hop into a vent and move to a different room. This confuses Crewmates and gives you an excellent alibi. Remember, vents can also help you get into positions to sabotage more effectively and make quick escapes after getting a kill.

Fake Helping Crewmates#

Sometimes, you’ll need to pretend to help fix sabotaged systems to avoid suspicion. Blending in as a helpful Crewmate while secretly stalling or positioning yourself for your next kill is a next-level strategy. Just be careful not to overdo it. If you fix every sabotage, people might get suspicious of you being too eager.

Managing Cooldowns#

Remember, sabotages have cooldowns. This means you can’t spam them. Plan your moves wisely and be strategic. For instance, using lights right after a kill can throw off suspected patterns and give you extra time to cooldown before your next attack.

In conclusion, sabotage is a powerful tool that, when used wisely, can make you an unstoppable Impostor. Create confusion, isolate targets, and blend in with the Crewmates. Master these tactics, and you’ll be the bane of every Crewmate in every game!

Among Us: Handling Emergencies#

Social Dynamics During Emergencies#

Emergencies in Among Us are high-stakes moments that can change the entire game. Whether it’s a sabotage by the Impostors or a reported dead body, how you react can determine if the Crewmates win or the Impostors get away with their devious deeds. Let’s dive into how you can master the social dynamics during these tense situations.

When an Emergency Happens#

First things first: Pay attention! When an emergency like O2 depletion or a reactor meltdown goes off, you need to keep your eyes open and take notes of who’s doing what. Emergencies force everyone to act fast, and this rush can help you figure out who might be an Impostor.

Pro Tip: Watch for players who avoid helping. Impostors often try to blend in but slip up by not fixing essential tasks.

Reporting a Dead Body#

Finding a dead body is intense. When you report it, you’re temporarily in the spotlight. This is your chance to share what you’ve seen and suspected. You need to be clear and concise because you have limited time to convince others.

  1. State the Facts: Start with where you found the body.
  2. List Nearby Players: Mention anyone you saw in the vicinity.
  3. Be Calm: Panic screams “guilty!” Stay cool and collected.

Pro Tip: Don’t accuse someone right away without evidence. Discuss what you know first. Wild accusations can make you look suspicious.

Discussing and Voting#

Here’s where the social dynamics really heat up. Everyone’s throwing around ideas and accusations, and you need to stay sharp.

  • Listen and Observe: Watch who’s talking the most and what they’re saying. Impostors might push the blame or stay eerily quiet.
  • Ask Questions: Simple questions like “What tasks did you do?” can trip up an unprepared Impostor.
  • Share Alibis: Collaborate with other Crewmates who can vouch for your innocence. It builds trust and narrows down the suspect list.

Pro Tip: If you have Medbay scan or another visual task, mention it! These tasks visibly prove your innocence to others.

Sabotage and Misdirection#

As an Impostor, emergencies are your playground to create chaos and cover your tracks. But even Crewmates can make use of the confusion.

  • Impostors: Use sabotages strategically. Trigger reactor meltdowns or lights off when you need to get people away from a body or break up a group that’s sticking together. Timing is everything.
  • Crewmates: Don’t rush alone to fix sabotages; it’s a perfect trap. Move in pairs or groups if you can and keep an eye on who isn’t helping.

Pro Tip: During a lights-out sabotage, hover around the switch room entrance. Impostors love to strike in the dark, and you might catch one in the act!

Keeping Your Cool#

Emergencies can be nerve-wracking, but staying calm is your best weapon. Overreacting makes you seem less trustworthy, whether you’re a Crewmate or an Impostor.

  • Count to Ten: Take a brief moment before you speak to gather your thoughts.
  • Stick to the Facts: People respect clear, factual information over emotional tirades.
  • Wear a Poker Face: Keep your voice steady. No matter what role you’re playing, sounding confident can sway the group’s perception.

Pro Tip: Practice makes perfect. The more emergency meetings you experience, the better you’ll get at reading the room and making smart decisions.

Handling emergencies and mastering the social dynamics in Among Us isn’t just about strategy; it’s an art form. Whether sabotaging as an Impostor or playing detective as a Crewmate, stay sharp, stay calm, and remember—it’s all in good fun. Grab your spacesuit, and may the best team win!

By following these tips and tricks, you’ll become a pro at managing the chaotic and thrilling situations that emergencies bring to the game. Happy sleuthing, spacefarers!

Among Us: Handling Emergencies#

Common Mistakes to Avoid#

Handling emergencies in Among Us can be a total nail-biter, especially when you’re trying to prevent the Impostors from wrecking everything. However, even seasoned Crewmates often fall into the same traps. Let’s go over some common mistakes and how you can avoid them.

1. Ignoring Sabotages#

One of the biggest blunders Crewmates make is ignoring sabotages. Sabotages aren’t just inconveniences; they’re designed to split up the crew and create easy kills for the Impostors. When you hear that alarm, stop whatever you’re doing and address it immediately.

What to do: If you see a sabotage warning, prioritize it. For O2 sabotage, two Crewmates need to go to both O2 panels quickly. For Reactor meltdowns, book it to the Reactor room as fast as you can. If you’re caught mid-task, communicate with other players if you can, so that someone takes prompt action.

2. Not Checking the Map#

The map isn’t just there for navigation; it’s a strategic tool. Not using the map to understand where everyone is can lead to missed opportunities to catch Impostors or save Crewmates.

What to do: Regularly check your map to see if there are clusters of Crewmates in one area or if someone is lurking alone in a part of the ship. Being map-aware allows you to quickly pinpoint where help is needed during emergencies or where suspicious activity might be happening.

3. Assuming Others Will Handle It#

Ever fallen into the bystander effect? This happens when you assume someone else will fix the issue, especially during emergencies. Spoiler alert: they often won’t.

What to do: If you’re closest to the emergency, step up and handle it. Don’t assume others will always take care of it. Being proactive can save your crew from a quick Impostor victory.

4. Grouping Too Tightly#

While sticking together isn’t inherently bad, too many Crewmates in one spot can lead to disaster. Impostors can execute stack kills, making it hard to identify the culprit.

What to do: While it’s good to have a buddy system, avoid large clusters. Spread out slightly while still keeping an eye on each other. This way, you’ll reduce the risk of a stack kill and have better chances of identifying any slip-ups by an Impostor.

5. Poor Communication#

Good communication is the backbone of a successful crew. Whether you’re on Discord or using the in-game chat, keeping each other informed is crucial to handling emergencies and catching Impostors.

What to do: Share what you see and know. If you’re heading to fix a reactor, tell your teammates. If you notice someone suspiciously avoiding emergencies, make a note of it. Clear, concise communication can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

6. Ignoring Security and Admin#

Security cameras and the Admin table are powerful tools to monitor crew activity and spot odd behavior. Ignoring them means missing out on valuable intel.

What to do: Make it a habit to check Security and Admin periodically, even if it’s just for a few seconds. Catching someone venting or finding inconsistencies in crew locations can be the smoking gun that helps you identify the Impostor.

Grappling with emergencies in Among Us requires a blend of quick thinking and smart strategies. Avoiding these common mistakes can give your crew a fighting chance, even when the Impostors are lurking in every corner. Keep your head cool, stay proactive, and don’t forget to communicate—your ship depends on it!

Among Us: Handling Emergencies
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