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Among Us: Crewmate Guide

Welcome to the ultimate Among Us: Crewmate Guide! Whether you’re a seasoned player or just getting started, mastering the role of the Crewmate is essential for your team’s success. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the crucial Role of the Crewmate and explore the Common Crewmate Tasks you need to know. Discover effective strategies for How to Complete Tasks Quickly and learn vital tips for Staying Safe from Impostors. Lastly, elevate your gameplay by understanding the importance of Reporting Suspicious Activity. Get ready to outsmart Impostors and lead your crew to victory!

Among Us: Crewmate Guide#

Role of the Crewmate#

Being a Crewmate in Among Us might sound easy, but there’s more to it than just completing tasks. Your main goal is to survive, complete all your assignments, and help identify any Impostors. Let’s break down how you can ace each part of your duty as a Crewmate.

Complete Your Tasks#

Tasks are your bread and butter. They range from simple things like swiping a card to more time-consuming ones like aligning engines. To win, Crewmates must finish all tasks before the Impostors eliminate enough players or sabotage the ship.

  • Prioritize Group Tasks: Tasks in high-traffic areas (like Electrical) should be finished when crewmembers are around. Strength in numbers helps deter Impostors from making a move.
  • Know the Map: Familiarize yourself with each map’s layout and where tasks are located. Knowing shortcuts can save valuable seconds and your life.

Running around the ship and doing these jobs also gives you important clues. Pay attention to others’ behavior and their task progress.

Watch for Suspicious Behavior#

Identifying an Impostor is like a high-stakes game of Clue. Stay vigilant and keep an eye out for strange or uncommon behavior from other players.

  1. Faking Tasks: Impostors can pretend to perform tasks. Keep an eye on taskbars, which show the collective progress. If someone “completes” a task and the bar doesn’t move, they might be faking it.
  2. Loitering Without Purpose: Crewmates usually rush to finish tasks, while Impostors might hang around aimlessly or move erratically.
  3. Vents: Only Impostors can use vents. If you see anyone jumping in or out, you’ve found your culprit.

Utilize Meetings#

Emergency meetings or discovering a body are golden opportunities to share what you’ve seen, heard, or inferred.

  • Report Clearly: When you call a meeting, be ready with specific information. Say where you found a body or what suspicious behavior you witnessed.
  • Stay Calm: Panicking can make you look guilty. Stick to the facts and ask clarifying questions.
  • Vote Wisely: Don’t vote someone off without sufficient evidence. Incorrect ejections can cost you the game.

Be a Team Player#

Crewmates need to work together to maximize their efficiency and safety.

  • Stick Together: Moving in pairs or small groups deters Impostors. If one of you gets attacked, the others can report and confirm the Impostor.
  • Communication is Key: If you’re playing with voice chat, like on Discord, keep information flowing. Share suspicions, completed tasks, and dangerous areas.
  • Alibi Check: Keep track of where others have been and what tasks they’ve claimed to do. Cross-checking alibis can expose inconsistencies and reveal Impostors.

Handling Sabotages#

Impostors have various sabotage abilities to throw Crewmates off balance. From shutting down lights to causing emergencies, each sabotage requires a quick response.

  • Fix Sabotages Quickly: Prioritize fixing serious sabotage situations like O2 depletion or Reactor Meltdown. These can end the game if not resolved in time.
  • Divide and Conquer: For less critical sabotages, split up. Some players can continue tasks while others handle the issue.

Tips for Success#

Here are a few bonus tips to round out your Crewmate skills:

  • Visual Tasks: If enabled, tasks with visible indicators (like MedBay scan) can prove your innocence. Don’t be shy about showing off!
  • Inspect Admin and Security Plans: Use these tools to monitor Crewmate and Impostor movements.
  • Stay Adaptive: Impostors will change their strategies. Be ready to adjust yours accordingly.

Playing as a Crewmate requires a blend of efficiency, keen observation, and teamwork. Stay sharp, stick with your crew, and you’ll have a higher chance of successfully identifying those pesky Impostors and keeping your ship in one piece. Happy sleuthing!

Among Us: Crewmate Guide#

Common Crewmate Tasks#

Being a crewmate in Among Us means you’ve got a ship to keep running and a killer to avoid. To survive and win, you’ll need to know your tasks inside out. Here’s a rundown of the most common crewmate tasks you’ll encounter.


Location: Multiple places (Electrical, Admin, Storage, etc.)
Difficulty: Easy
Goal: Connect the wires of the same color

Wiring tasks require you to match wires by color from one side of the panel to the other. Do this three times in different locations. It’s a straightforward task, but keep an eye out for imposters lurking while you’re busy connecting those wires.

Swipe Card#

Location: Admin
Difficulty: Medium
Goal: Swipe your card at the right speed

One of the trickiest common tasks is swiping your card in the Admin room. You have to swipe it at just the right speed—too fast or too slow, and you’ll have to try again. This task can be frustrating, especially if you’re rushing. Pro tip: swipe steadily and smoothly to complete it on the first try.

Empty Garbage#

Location: Cafeteria and Storage
Difficulty: Easy
Goal: Pull the lever to empty trash

You’ll need to take out the trash by going to the Cafeteria or Storage. Once there, pull the lever and watch the garbage fly out into space. It’s simple and even has a satisfying visual confirmation. Just be quick—these tasks can be prime spots for impostor attacks.

Fix Wiring#

Location: Multiple locations
Difficulty: Medium
Goal: Place wires into matching colored slots

Fixing the wiring involves connecting the same colored wires to their corresponding spots. You might have to do this in different locations around the map, but it’s straightforward. Usually, you get a new set of wires to connect each time you fix one spot.

Calibrate Distributor#

Location: Electrical
Difficulty: Medium
Goal: Align three spinning wheels in the same position

Electrical can be a dangerous room, but calibrating the distributor is essential. Here, you have to stop three spinning wheels in their proper positions by pressing a button at the right time. Each wheel must line up in the middle. It’s all about timing!

Fuel Engines#

Location: Storage and Engine rooms
Difficulty: Medium
Goal: Fill up the fuel can and transport it

Your mission is to refuel the ship’s engines. First, head to Storage to get the fuel can. Fill it up, then take it to one of the engine rooms to fuel the engine. This task might require a couple of trips depending on the map you’re on. Watch out for sneaky imposters, especially in the Engine rooms.

Download and Upload Data#

Location: Multiple locations (Download), Admin (Upload)
Difficulty: Medium
Goal: Complete the downloading and uploading process

Download data from one location – it can take around 8-10 seconds, making you vulnerable. Afterward, head to Admin to upload that data. The upload takes about the same time. This task sounds simple, but standing still gives impostors a chance to strike.

Knowing these common tasks and how to do them quickly can make you a valuable crewmate. Completing tasks not only brings your crew closer to victory but also builds trust among your teammates. So, get those tasks done and keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior!

Among Us: Crewmate Guide#

How to Complete Tasks Quickly#

Being a crewmate in Among Us might seem straightforward, but speed is everything if you want to avoid becoming ghostly space debris. Here are some tips to help you master task completion and keep your breathing privileges.

Know Your Tasks Ahead of Time#

Before you even start the game, take some time to familiarize yourself with the common tasks on each map. Knowing what kind of tasks you might face and where they’re located can save precious seconds. Here’s a quick rundown of areas and the typical tasks within them:

  • The Skeld:
    • Electrical: Fix Wiring
    • Admin: Swipe Card
    • MedBay: Submit Scan
  • Mira HQ:
    • Greenhouse: Clean O2 Filter
    • Reactor: Start Reactor
    • Laboratory: Assemble Artifact
  • Polus:
    • Communications: Reboot WiFi
    • O2: Monitor Tree
    • Office: Scan Boarding Pass

Prioritize Shorter and Common Tasks#

Some tasks take less time than others. Common tasks like “Swipe Card” or “Fix Wiring” are often quicker to complete than multi-part tasks, which require multiple steps and can be disrupted easily. Getting the shorter tasks out of the way first ensures you’re not vulnerable in critical moments. Plus, other crewmates might see you do these tasks and trust you more.

Combine Tasks by Location#

Efficiency is key. Group tasks by their location to minimize the time wasted traveling across the map. For instance, if you have tasks in Electrical, get them done all at once rather than coming back multiple times. Here’s a map-specific strategy:

  • The Skeld: Start in Admin (Swipe Card), head to Electrical (Fix Wiring), then to Storage (Fuel Engines).
  • Mira HQ: Begin in Greenhouse (Clean O2), then Laboratory (Assemble Artifact), and finish at Reactor (Start Reactor).
  • Polus: Start with O2 room (Monitor Tree), move to Communications (Reboot WiFi), and finish in Office (Scan Boarding Pass).

Understand Multi-step Tasks#

Some tasks need multiple steps. Split them logically to avoid unnecessary walking. For example:

  • Fuel Engines in The Skeld: Instead of filling up once and running to an engine, fill up both engines to minimize trips.
  • Start Reactor on Mira HQ: Memorize the pattern during the first phase to quickly complete the second sequence.

Stay Safe While Tasking#

Being rapid at tasks is futile if you’re easily picked off. Utilize the buddy system – stick with a partner when possible. This not only keeps you safer but also provides an alibi. If the lights go out, head for the Electrical room with a group instead of alone.

Use Pre-game Settings to Your Advantage#

Before diving into a match, make sure to check the game settings. The lobby leader can adjust task length and quantity. If you’re playing in a high-stakes game, request fewer long tasks to maintain a better balance between crewmate speed and gameplay challenge.

Practice and Memory#

Lastly, nothing beats good old-fashioned practice. Repeatedly playing the maps and memorizing the exact task locations and sequences will make you faster and more efficient. Over time, you’ll develop a rhythm, allowing you to complete tasks with muscle memory.

Final Thoughts#

Mastering task completion in Among Us not only keeps the ship running but also keeps your imposter detection senses sharp. Stick to these tips, keep your wits about you, and you’ll find yourself a crew MVP in no time. Happy tasking, and watch your back!

Among Us: Crewmate Guide#

Staying Safe from Impostors#

Welcome, Crewmates! As an innocent member of the spaceship crew, your mission is to complete tasks and stay alive. But with Impostors lurking around every corner, staying safe is a serious challenge. Don’t worry, though—we’ve got some handy tips that will help you keep your wits about you and avoid getting caught by those sneaky saboteurs.

Stick Together#

Rule number one in Among Us: there is safety in numbers. When moving around the ship, try to stick with at least one other Crewmate. Impostors are far less likely to make a move if someone else can witness their crime. Plus, if an emergency arises, more hands on deck mean you can solve it quicker.

Utilize the Security Cameras#

Security cameras are your best friend. On maps like The Skeld, head to the Security room where you can watch various areas of the spaceship. Pay attention to players behaving suspiciously, venting, or standing near critical areas without completing tasks. Watching the cams can give you an early heads-up on who might be the Impostor.

Use the Admin Map and Vitals#

On certain maps like Polus or The Skeld, you have access to an Admin map. This nifty tool lets you see where other players are, which can help you detect suspicious movements. For example, if you see someone jumping from one side of the map to another almost instantly, they might have used the vent system.

Similarly, on Polus, you can check Vitals to see if anyone has been killed. Knowing when someone has died can help you retrace recent Crewmate movements and potentially pinpoint the location of an Impostor.

Keep Tabs on Tasks#

Pretend to be a detective—watch who is doing tasks and how long it takes them. Crewmates have a task bar visible on the screen, which fills up as tasks get completed. Keep an eye on someone standing in front of a task yet the task bar doesn’t move. This can be a clear indication that they’re pretending to do a task—classic Impostor behavior.

Conduct Strategic Meetings#

Emergency meetings are there to discuss suspicions and share information. Don’t hesitate to call a meeting if you have solid evidence or noticed something off. However, continuous or baseless calls might irritate other players and can be counterproductive. Keep discussions focused, share any clues, and listen to others’ insights before casting votes.

Report Bodies Wisely#

When you come across a dead body, report it instantly unless you suspect the killer is nearby and might target you next. Timing can be crucial; reporting ensures the body is seen and can spark a valuable discussion. Be ready to explain where you found the body and if you saw anyone nearby.

Efficient Task Completion#

While staying safe is important, remember you still need to complete your tasks. Try to do tasks in groups and finish them efficiently. If you have common tasks with other Crewmates, team up to complete them together. This not only makes you a harder target but ensures the spaceship keeps running smoothly.

By sticking together, using tools like security cameras and the Admin map, and playing smart during meetings and task completions, you can stay one step ahead of the Impostors. Remember, it’s a blend of teamwork and strategy that will help you and your fellow Crewmates survive and succeed. Good luck out there on the ship, and watch your back!

Reporting Suspicious Activity#

In Among Us, whether you’re a crewmate trying to stay alive or an imposter trying to sabotage, knowing how to report suspicious activity is key to either survival or deceit. Here’s a breakdown on how to keep your wits about you and call out potential threats like a pro.

Recognize the Signs#

First things first, you need to recognize what’s weird behavior. Crewmates are focused on completing tasks, while imposters often fake tasks to blend in. Here are some red flags to keep an eye on:

  • Erratic Movement: If someone is wandering without a clear destination or aimlessly going back and forth, they might be trying to find a lone crewmate to kill.
  • Lingering in One Spot: If a player is standing still somewhere that isn’t a task location or a two-step task is completed way too quickly, they might be faking it.
  • Vent Use: Only imposters can use vents. If you catch someone hopping in or out of a vent, report them immediately.
  • Lack of Task Bar Progress: If a player claims they’ve completed tasks but the taskbar hasn’t moved, they might be lying. However, beware that recent updates allow for delayed task bar updates.

Using the Report Button#

When you see a body, don’t hesitate—hit that “Report” button. This action not only shows you’ve found a dead crewmate but also freezes the game, bringing everyone to an emergency meeting to discuss and vote.

  • Location Matters: Be specific about where you found the body. It’s easier to track player movements if everyone knows the exact square foot where the crime happened.
  • Provide Context: Mention what you were doing before finding the body. It builds credibility and helps others follow your narrative.
  • Check for Alibis: Ask where other players were to see if anyone’s stories don’t add up. Imposters often have a hard time keeping track of their fabricated locations.

Emergency Meetings#

Emergency meetings can be lifesavers—or game destroyers if used incorrectly. You get one per game unless you find a body. Use it wisely.

  • Suss Out the Suspects: Use these meetings to call out suspicious activity. Maybe someone’s seen venting, or two people were together but one didn’t see the other doing tasks.
  • Listen Up: Pay attention to what others are saying. Imposters might stutter, contradict themselves, or try to shift blame quickly.
  • Don’t Spam It: Calling constant emergency meetings without solid reason can frustrate your team and might get you booted out instead of the actual imposter.

Coordinating with Teammates#

In the heat of the game, communication is everything. Try to:

  • Stay in Groups: If possible, pair up with one or two other crewmates. It’s harder for an imposter to kill and get away when everyone is watching.
  • Remember Colors: It can be tricky, but try to remember who you’ve seen where. This helps paint a clearer picture when it’s time to discuss.
  • Keep Calm: Panicking or making wild accusations can hurt your case. Stick to the facts and share what you know calmly and clearly.

Common Tactics Used by Imposters#

Knowing how imposters think is useful. They often:

  • Self-Report: After a kill, they might report the body themselves to seem innocent.
  • Blame Others: They might try to look like a crewmate by calling out others for suspicious behavior.
  • Fake Alibis: They can team up with another imposter to create false alibis for each other.

By honing your ability to recognize and report suspicious activity, you’ll be an invaluable asset to your crewmates and a nightmare for imposters. Stay sharp, communicate clearly, and trust your instincts.

Among Us: Crewmate Guide
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