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Aion: Leveling Guide

Welcome to your ultimate Aion: Leveling Guide! Whether you’re a new player diving into the enchanting world of Atreia or a seasoned veteran seeking to optimize your journey, this comprehensive guide has everything you need to level up swiftly and efficiently. From the crucial first steps in Starting Your Journey to discovering the prime Key Locations for Leveling, we’ve got you covered. Master the art of Using Abilities Effectively and learn the secrets to Managing Resources like a pro. Finally, accelerate your progress with our top Strategies for Fast Leveling. Get ready to soar through the ranks and conquer Aion with ease! Dive in and start your adventure today!

Starting Your Journey#

Welcome to the mesmerizing world of Aion! Whether you’re new to MMOs or a seasoned vet, this guide will help you get your adventure rolling. Let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Character Creation#

First things first, you’ll need to create your character. Open the character creation screen and prepare to be blown away by how custom you can get with your avatar. Here are a few tips:

  • Race Choice: You can choose between Elyos or Asmodians. Elyos are light and angelic while Asmodians are dark and fierce.
  • Class Selection: Picking your class is crucial. There are six primary classes - Warrior, Scout, Mage, Priest, Technist, and Muse. Each class has two specializations that unlock at level 10. For example, Warriors can become Gladiators or Templars. Pick what sounds fun and fits your playstyle!

2. The Starting Zone#

Once your character is ready, you’ll be dropped into the starting zone. This area is made to help you get familiar with the game mechanics. Make sure to:

  • Follow The Campaign Quests: Aion’s main storyline quests are great for gaining XP and rewards. They also guide you through learning to play your class.
  • Talk to NPCs: Non-player characters often have quests that provide valuable experience and items. Plus, they help you understand the lore.

3. Learning the Basics#

Aion has several core mechanics you’ll need to understand. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Combat: Combat in Aion is a mix of active skills and auto-attacks. Practice chaining your skills for powerful combos.
  • Flight: One of Aion’s standout features is the ability to fly. In the early stages, you won’t have free flight yet, but you will get gliding soon enough. Keep an eye out for glowing wind streams – they can boost your flight!

4. Leveling Up#

Leveling up is straightforward in Aion, but here are some pro tips:

  • Questing: Regularly check your quest log and focus on completing quests in your level range. Most of your XP will come from quests.
  • Instances: As you level, you’ll unlock group dungeons, called instances. They’re great for gear and XP, and they’re a ton of fun with friends.
  • Crafting: Gathering resources and crafting items can provide nice bonuses to your gear and help you level. Pick up a gathering profession early.

5. Gear and Inventory Management#

As you progress, you’ll collect lots of items. Managing your inventory is key:

  • Don’t Hoard! Sell or dismantle items you don’t need. Keeping your inventory clean helps you find what you need quickly.
  • Upgrade Gear: Use enchantments and manastones to strengthen your gear. This can make a big difference in battles.
  • Storage: Utilize your warehouse (bank) to store items you want to keep but don’t need to carry around all the time.

6. Community and Support#

Aion is a social game at heart. Engage with the community!

  • Join a Legion (Guild): Legions provide support, bonuses, and friendship. They can help you with tough quests and instances.
  • Ask for Help: The Aion community is known for being supportive. Don’t hesitate to ask questions in chat or forums.

That’s it for now! Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a powerful Daeva in Aion. Now, go forth and conquer!

Key Locations for Leveling#

When you dive into the world of Aion, leveling up efficiently can make your journey a lot smoother and way more fun. Here’s a breakdown of the best spots to grind levels, from the early days in your starting area to the more advanced regions. Let’s jump in!

1-10: Your Starting Zone#

Whether you’re an Elyos or an Asmodian, your first zone is tailored to help you get acquainted with controls, quests, and basic combat.

  • Elyos: Poeta

    • Must-Do Quests: Don’t skip the tutorial quests. They offer a hefty amount of experience and goodies to get you started.
    • Grinding Spot: In the Akarios Plains, keep an eye out for low-level mobs like Fungies and Kerubs. They’re simple, and respawn quickly.
  • Asmodian: Ishalgen

    • Must-Do Quests: Follow quests around Anturoon Crossing.
    • Grinding Spot: The area around Munihele Forest is packed with Daru and Sprigg mobs that drop useful items.

10-20: The First Step Outside#

Once you’ve completed your initial tasks, you’ll be transitioning out of the cozy starting area.

  • Elyos: Verteron

    • Must-Do Quests: Focus on the campaign quests. They usually offer better rewards.
    • Grinding Spot: Kabarah Strip Mine is great due to dense mob populations that respawn quickly.
  • Asmodian: Altgard

    • Must-Do Quests: Look for missions around Altgard Fortress.
    • Grinding Spot: Mosbear Snowfield is perfect. The mobs here are easy to farm, and you’ll find plenty.

20-30: Making Progress#

This is where you start to see some serious progress.

  • Elyos: Eltnen

    • Must-Do Quests: Prioritize the storyline in Eltnen Fortress.
    • Grinding Spot: Marla Cave and the surrounding areas are rich with enemies and a great place for XP farming.
  • Asmodian: Morheim

    • Must-Do Quests: Follow the campaign in Morheim Observatory.
    • Grinding Spot: Head to the Mosbear Snowfield for a wealth of targets.

30-40: Mid-Game Madness#

This is the phase where you’ll start encountering tougher enemies and need to be more strategic.

  • Elyos: Heiron

    • Must-Do Quests: Follow quests around the Heiron Observatory.
    • Grinding Spot: The outpost at Jeiaparan Village has mobs that give consistent XP boosts.
  • Asmodian: Beluslan

    • Must-Do Quests: Missions at Beluslan Fortress are your go-to.
    • Grinding Spot: Red Mane Cavern is a goldmine for XP. Just watch out for tougher bits.

40-50: The Grind Before the Endgame#

You’re getting close to the high-level content, but these levels can be a bit of a grind without a clear path.

  • Elyos: Theobomos

    • Must-Do Quests: Head to Jamanok Inn and follow the questline.
    • Grinding Spot: Thead Bog and Drakescale Valley offer mobs that drop key materials and good XP.
  • Asmodian: Brusthonin

    • Must-Do Quests: Vilmaneu Woods quests help you walk away with solid rewards.
    • Grinding Spot: Baltasar Hill Village has plenty of groups that are easy to farm for levels.

50+: Elite Zones on the Horizon#

Once you hit level 50, gear up for endgame content like instances, raids, and PvP zones. It’s a whole new world from here.

  • Elyos and Asmodian Shared Zones: Inggison and Gelkmaros
    • Must-Do Quests: Prioritize campaigns and instances like Fire Temple and Dark Poeta.
    • Grinding Spots:
      • Upper Abyss: It’s a bit risky, but the XP is worth it.
      • Inggison and Gelkmaros: Both zones have spots rich with elites that give thrilling challenges and massive XP.

Leveling efficiently in Aion means balancing quest completion with grinding. Follow this guide, and you’ll be soaring through the levels in no time. Happy grinding, Daeva!

Using Abilities Effectively#

So you’ve picked your class in Aion and you’ve got a bunch of shiny new abilities. Now what? Knowing how to use them effectively can be the difference between conquering your enemies and faceplanting in the dirt. Here’s how to make the most out of your abilities.

Know Your Role#

First things first: understand your class role. Are you a damage-dealer, a tank, or a healer? Each role has a different playstyle and uses abilities in its own way. For example:

  • Damage-Dealers (DPS): Focus on high-damage abilities, critical hits, and maintaining combos.
  • Tanks: Use taunts and defensive skills to keep enemies focused on you.
  • Healers: Keep an eye on your party’s health and use buffs and healing spells accordingly.

Master Your Rotation#

Most classes in Aion have a skill rotation — a sequence of abilities that maximizes your effectiveness, whether it’s damage, healing, or tanking. Google your class and “rotation” to find the standard one recommended by experienced players. Practicing until it’s muscle memory will make a huge difference.

Use Crowd Control Wisely#

Abilities like stuns, roots, and silences can turn the tide of battle. Use them to disrupt enemy attacks, especially tougher ones. However, these abilities often have longer cooldowns, so save them for clutch moments instead of blowing them early.

Mind Your Mana#

Mana management can make or break you in battle. Don’t spam your highest-cost abilities unless necessary. Keep an eye on your mana bar and use mana potions when needed. Also, some abilities help recover mana, so weave those into your rotation.

Positioning Matters#

The effectiveness of some abilities relies on your positioning. For instance, some attacks deal extra damage from behind or at a certain range. Move around to find the optimal spot to deal maximum damage or avoid enemy attacks.

Cooldown Awareness#

Each ability has a cooldown period — the time you need to wait before you can use it again. Mixing abilities with short and long cooldowns in your rotation ensures you’re always active. Keep track of which skills are ready to avoid downtime during fights.

Buffs and Debuffs#

Buffs enhance your abilities or provide defensive aid, while debuffs weaken enemies. Keep an eye on your buffs and make sure they’re active before diving into battle. Conversely, prioritize abilities that debilitate your foes to make fights smoother for you and your team.

Adapt to the Situation#

Remember that adaptability is key. Boss fights, PvP encounters, and even regular mob farming can require different strategies. Pay attention to what’s happening in real time and adjust your ability usage. Sometimes breaking out of your standard rotation for a well-placed stun can be the winning move.

Practice Makes Perfect#

Spend some time experimenting with your abilities in different scenarios. Test them out in solo quests, dungeons, and PvP arenas. The more familiar you are with each skill, the better you’ll perform when it really counts.

By keeping these tips in mind and putting them into practice, you’ll be on your way to mastering your abilities in Aion. Stay sharp and keep experimenting—there’s always a new trick to learn or refine. Happy questing!

Aion: Leveling Guide#

Managing Resources#

Alright, you’ve started your journey in Aion, and it’s fun to blast enemies and explore. But there’s something super important you should get a handle on—managing your resources. We’re talking about your health, mana, kinah, and even your inventory space. Let’s break it down step-by-step.

Health and Mana#

Remember: Your health (HP) and mana (MP) are your lifelines in Aion. Without them, you’re pretty much toast.

  • Health Potions: Keep a good stock of these. They can save your life in sticky situations. You can buy them from NPCs or craft them if you have the right materials and skills.
  • Mana Potions: Running out of mana in a fight sucks. Mana potions help you keep casting spells or using skills, so grab some of these too.
  • Resting: Find a safe spot and sit down to recover your HP and MP faster. It’s free and super useful when you don’t want to waste potions.


Kinah is the in-game currency, and managing it well can make your life much easier.

  • Quest Rewards: Completing quests is a reliable way to earn kinah. They also give you gear and experience, so don’t skip them.
  • Selling Junk: Your adventures are going to fill your bags with lots of items. Sell the stuff you don’t need to vendors. But be careful not to sell useful materials or rare drops!
  • Crafting and Gathering: These activities can be profitable. Gather materials you find in the world and either use them to craft items or sell them at the marketplace.
  • Don’t Waste Kinah: Try to avoid spending kinah on stuff you don’t need. Things like high-end gear can often be rewarded through quests or dungeon raids.

Stigma Shards#

These little shards are used to equip your Stigma skills, which are powerful abilities that can change how you play.

  • Collect ‘em All: You get Stigma shards from quests, loot drops, and sometimes as mob drops.
  • Don’t Overuse: Equip your Stigma skills thoughtfully. You can remove them, but it costs shards, so plan out your skills first.
  • Choosing Skills: Focus on skills that complement your playstyle. Whether it’s increased damage, better healing, or buffs, pick what enhances your strengths.

Inventory Space#

Managing your bag space is kind of like managing a closet. You need to make room for stuff you actually need.

  • Backpack Upgrades: Invest in expanding your backpack space whenever possible. It costs kinah or Abyss Points, but it’s worth it.
  • Sort Your Stuff: Pay attention to what’s in your inventory. Drop or sell things you don’t need. It keeps your bags organized and makes it easier to find important items when you need them.
  • Storage: Use the storage options in towns. Bankers can hold items you don’t immediately need, freeing up more bag space for adventures.

Crafting Materials#

These are crucial for making potions, gear, and other items.

  • Gathering Nodes: Keep an eye out for gathering nodes while you’re exploring. They give you the materials you need for crafting.
  • Crafting Professions: Choose a profession that suits your needs. Whether it’s alchemy, cooking, or weaponsmithing, commit to it to maximize its benefits.
  • Guild Support: Some guilds have shared resources or crafting stations. Join one to benefit from communal assets.

Abyss Points#

Earned from PvP and PvE activities, Abyss Points can be used for some pretty sweet gear.

  • PvP Events: Participate in PvP events and battles to rack up Abyss Points quickly.
  • PvE Activities: Some PvE quests and dungeon runs also give these points, so keep an eye out.
  • Spending Wisely: Use them to buy powerful gear, but remember, you can lose Abyss Points if you’re defeated in PvP.

Follow these tips to keep your resources in check, and you’ll find your journey in Aion a lot smoother. Happy adventuring!

Strategies for Fast Leveling#

Leveling up quickly in Aion can be super rewarding, but it requires some smart strategies. Here are some tips to get you to the top as fast as possible.

Focus on Campaign Quests#

First things first, in Aion, campaign quests are your best friends. Unlike regular quests, these are the main storyline quests and give tons of experience points (XP). They often unlock new zones and content, making them crucial for progression. Always prioritize these whenever they are available.

Chain Your Quests#

Another tip: chain your quests. This means picking up and working on multiple quests at the same time. Instead of running back and forth to complete one quest at a time, grab a bunch of quests in the same area and knock them out all together. It saves time and helps you rack up XP faster.

Dungeon Runs#

Dungeons provide some of the best XP in the game. Find a good party and start doing dungeon runs. Keep an eye out for repeatable dungeon quests too. These quests not only give you extra XP but also sweet loot. If you can, try tackling the dungeon at higher difficulties for even better rewards.

Make Use of Rested Experience#

When you log out in a rest area like a city, you’ll gain rested experience. This is a temporary XP boost for when you log back in. So, always try to log out in these spots to take advantage of boosted XP when you start playing again.

Join a Legion#

Aion’s version of guilds, known as Legions, can provide you with significant benefits, including XP boosts. Many Legions regularly organize group activities that are great for leveling. Plus, having friends to help and share tips with can make the grind more fun and efficient.

Optimize Your Gear#

Don’t neglect your gear. Better gear allows you to complete quests and defeat enemies faster. Always equip the best weapons and armor you can find. Spend some time on upgrades and enhancements, as they’re worth the investment for smoother and faster leveling.

Daily and Weekly Quests#

Don’t forget about daily and weekly quests. These quests provide a large chunk of XP and are only available once per day or week. Make a habit of completing these regularly.

Take Advantage of Events#

Aion frequently hosts events that can give you massive XP gains. Keep an eye on announcements and participate in these events whenever possible. They can provide valuable XP boosts, items, and other benefits that can speed up your leveling process.

Use XP Boost Items#

Finally, always be on the lookout for XP boost items. These can come from in-game rewards, special potions, or the Aion shop. Activating these boosts before a big grind session can significantly increase your leveling speed, often doubling or even tripling the amount of XP you gain.

By following these strategies, you’ll be soaring through the levels in no time. Focus on efficiency, take advantage of all the resources available, and watch those XP bars climb. Happy leveling!

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