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AFK Arena: Hero Guide

Welcome to the ultimate AFK Arena: Hero Guide! Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, this guide is packed with essential tips and strategies to take your gameplay to the next level. Discover everything from Unlocking Heroes and identifying the Best Heroes for Each Role to mastering the art of Using Skills and Abilities Effectively. Dive deeper into Leveling Up Your Heroes and uncover expert Tips for Character Builds to create a powerhouse team. Let’s embark on this journey to dominate AFK Arena together!

Unlocking Heroes#

Unlocking heroes in AFK Arena is one of the most exciting aspects of the game. In this section, we’ll break down all the different ways you can expand your roster and get the heroes that make your team truly unstoppable.

Summoning at the Temple of Ascension#

The primary method of obtaining heroes is by summoning them in the Temple of Ascension. Here, you’ll use resources like Diamonds, Hero Scrolls, and Faction Scrolls to call new heroes to your side.

  • Diamonds: You collect these precious gems by completing daily quests, achievements, and events. You can use 300 Diamonds for a single summon or save up 2700 Diamonds for a 10-hero summon, which guarantees at least one elite hero.
  • Hero Scrolls: These are another way to get free summons. Collect them through daily, weekly, and event rewards. Like Diamonds, you can use one scroll for a single summon or ten scrolls at once for a batch.
  • Faction Scrolls: These work similarly to Hero Scrolls but give you heroes from a specific faction. This is super useful when you need a hero from a certain faction to complete your team lineup.

Friendship Points#

You can also summon heroes using Friendship Points. These points are earned by sending and receiving hearts from friends. It’s worth noting that Friendship Summons are a great way to get heroes for free; however, the pool mainly consists of common and elite heroes, so it’s not the best method for obtaining the rarest heroes.

Tavern Tokens#

Tavern Tokens are another currency you can use to summon heroes. Earn these tokens by participating in the Arena of Heroes and Legends’ Challenger Tournament. Tokens can be exchanged for a variety of hero-related items, but summoning heroes directly is one of the best ways to spend them.

The Noble Tavern: Stargazing Room#

For those feeling particularly lucky, the Stargazing Room offers a unique way to get specific elite heroes. This method requires Stargazing Cards or a substantial number of Diamonds. While it has a much higher cost, it allows you to target the exact hero you want, increasing your chances of obtaining powerful figures like Athalia, Ezizh, and other Celestial or Hypogean heroes.

Events and Rewards#

AFK Arena frequently hosts events and offers rewards that can net you free heroes. Keep an eye on:

  • Seasonal Events: These limited-time events often give you the opportunity to earn faction-specific heroes or even unique event-exclusive characters.
  • Monthly and Weekly Rewards: By simply logging in daily and completing quests, you can earn hero shards and scrolls necessary for summoning new heroes.
  • Campaign Progress and Achievements: Completing milestones in the campaign and hitting specific achievements can often reward you with hero scrolls, diamonds, and even full heroes.

Labyrinth Store and Barracks#

Don’t forget the Labyrinth Store and the Barracks under the “Store” tab. By earning Labyrinth Tokens from the Arcane Labyrinth, you can exchange these tokens for elite hero fragments and rare gear. Similarly, Gladiator Coins earned from the Legends’ Challenger Tournament can be spent in the Barracks to unlock powerful heroes.

In-Game Purchases#

Lastly, if you’re willing to invest some real money, there are always in-game purchases that can fast-track your hero collection. Special offers, monthly cards, and value bundles often include hero scrolls, diamonds, and even rare hero trial cards.

Unlocking heroes in AFK Arena is an adventure in itself, filled with strategy and a bit of luck. By utilizing all these methods, you’ll be able to create a diverse and powerful team to tackle the game’s challenges. Happy summoning!

AFK Arena: Hero Guide#

Best Heroes for Each Role#

In AFK Arena, building a well-rounded team is crucial for success. Each hero belongs to a specific role, and knowing which ones shine in their respective positions can make a big difference. Here’s a breakdown of the best heroes for each role: tanks, damage dealers, and support.


Tanks take the brunt of enemy attacks, protecting the rest of your team. They need to be tough and ideally have skills that absorb or evade damage.

1. Brutus
Faction: Maulers
Brutus is a powerhouse when it comes to tanking. His ultimate skill, “Last Gasp,” makes him practically immortal for a brief period, allowing him to withstand heavy assaults and protect your backline.

2. Lucius
Faction: Lightbearers
Lucius brings a mix of defense and healing to the table. His shield ability gives your team extra time to dish out damage, and his ultimate, “Divine Blessing,” can heal and shield the entire team, making him indispensable in tight spots.

3. Thoran
Faction: Graveborn
Thoran is your go-to guy if you love turning the tables. His “Retaliation” skill deals significant damage back to enemies, making him a great pick for dealing with heavy hitters on the enemy team.

Damage Dealers (DPS)#

Damage dealers focus on outputting as much damage as possible. They come in different flavors: burst, sustained, and area-of-effect (AoE).

1. Eironn
Faction: Wilders
Eironn can wreck enemies with his AoE skills. His ability, “Vortex,” pulls enemies together, making them easy targets for your team. Plus, his high mobility helps him dodge dangerous abilities.

2. Gwyneth
Faction: Lightbearers
When it comes to busting down single targets, Gwyneth is a star. Her arrows can cause severe status effects like stuns and burns, breaking the enemy’s formation.

3. Daimon
Faction: Graveborn
Daimon is an amazing sustained damage dealer. His “Blood Shield” ability drains life from enemies and translates it into shields, allowing him to survive longer while dealing steady damage.


Support heroes provide healing, buffs, debuffs, and other utilities that keep your team going strong.

1. Rowan
Faction: Lightbearers
Rowan excels at providing both heals and energy to your team. His coin flip ability stuns enemies or grants energy potions to allies, making him incredibly versatile.

2. Nemora
Faction: Wilders
Nemora is one of the best healers in the game. Her ultimate, “Wild Wonder,” heals all allies, and she also has a charming ability that turns enemies against each other.

3. Rosaline
Faction: Lightbearers
Rosaline isn’t your typical healer but her “Motivation” skill, which buffs the attack of the strongest ally, makes her fantastic in boosting your team’s damage output. Her constant following of the hero with the highest attack ensures that your strongest unit gets the maximum efficiency.

Choosing the right heroes for each role can make or break your success in AFK Arena. While many other heroes have their merits, the ones listed above are some of the best in their roles and can help you sail through most challenges. Keep experimenting and tweak your lineup to find the perfect balance for your team!

Using Skills and Abilities Effectively#

In AFK Arena, mastering your heroes’ skills and abilities is key to conquering tough battles and progressing through the game’s content. Each hero has unique talents that, when used right, can turn the tide of any fight. Let’s break down the fundamentals of using these skills effectively.

Understand Your Heroes’ Skill Sets#

First off, you need to know what each hero can do. Heroes in AFK Arena come with four main abilities:

  1. Ultimate Ability: This is a powerful skill that can change the course of a battle. It charges as the hero fights.
  2. Active Skills: These are typically offensive or supportive abilities used automatically during combat.
  3. Passive Skills: These provide constant buffs or effects without any manual input.
  4. Signature Item Abilities: Added strength unique to each hero, boosting their power when unlocked and upgraded.

Timing is Everything#

While the game automates most combat, understanding when abilities are activated can help you set up your team for maximum effectiveness.

  1. Ultimate Abilities: Timing these can be a game-changer. Make sure you’re using heroes whose ultimates can:

    • Heal: Like Nemora, who can bring your team back from the brink.
    • Crowd Control: Heroes like Tasi, who can put enemies to sleep, buying crucial time for your team.
    • Massive Damage: Such as Shemira’s burst, which can wipe out enemy groups.
  2. Combos and Synergies: Many abilities shine brightest when used together. For example:

    • Brutus’s invincibility can provide a perfect setup for Shemira’s ultimate, giving her time to build up her power safely.
    • Rowan’s stuns combined with Kaz’s high damage can lock down enemies while dishing out serious hurt.

Faction Bonuses and Positioning#

Heroes gain bonuses when paired with others from the same faction. You can get:

  • 3 of the same faction: +10% HP and +10% Attack
  • 5 of the same faction: +25% HP and +25% Attack

Additionally, placing heroes in the correct position is crucial. Frontline heroes like Lucius or Brutus should absorb damage, while backline supports and damage dealers like Belinda and Rosaline can operate safely from the rear.

Regular Upgrades and Gear#

Don’t ignore the importance of leveling up and equipping your heroes with the best possible gear. A well-geared hero:

  • Can release their ultimate faster.
  • Survive longer due to better stats.
  • Output more damage or healing.

Ensure your hero’s gear matches their role—tanks need armor, and damage dealers need attack-boosting items.

Adapt and Experiment#

Each battle can be different, requiring you to adapt your strategy. Don’t be afraid to:

  • Swap Heroes: Change your team composition depending on the enemies you face.
  • Test Different Combos: Some combos may not be obvious but become powerful once discovered.
  • Optimize Skills: Some heroes’ effectiveness skyrockets after unlocking their Signature Item and furniture abilities.

By mastering these tactics and continuously learning how each hero’s abilities work best, you’ll steadily climb the ranks. Dive into the game, experiment with different setups, and make sure to check out other guides for deeper strategies around specific heroes and enemy types.

That’s it! With these tips, you should be well on your way to making the most out of your heroes’ skills and abilities in AFK Arena. Good luck, and happy gaming!

Leveling Up Your Heroes#

Leveling up in AFK Arena is crucial for advancing through the game. Without strong heroes, you’ll find it tough to tackle harder stages and earn better rewards. Here’s everything you need to know about leveling up your heroes efficiently.

Basics of Leveling Up#

In AFK Arena, heroes gain experience (XP) which boosts their level. When they level up, their stats improve, making them more effective in battles. Here’s how you can level up your heroes:

  • Experience (XP): You get XP from campaign battles, quests, and AFK rewards.
  • Hero’s Essence: This is a special currency used for leveling heroes, usually obtained through daily quests and rewards.
  • Gold: Another resource needed for leveling up, which is plentiful in-game.

Best Ways to Gain XP#

Here are the top methods to earn XP:

  • Campaign Battles: Fighting through the main campaign is a reliable way to earn XP.
  • AFK Rewards: Your heroes earn resources even when you’re not actively playing. Claim these rewards frequently.
  • Daily and Weekly Quests: Completing these quests provides a steady stream of XP and other goodies.
  • Guild Hunts: Participate in hunts to earn guild points and XP.
  • Labyrinth and Peaks of Time: These modes offer great rewards, including XP, once you complete them.

Star Ratings and Ascension#

Heroes also have star ratings, which signify their potential power. The more stars, the stronger a hero can get. Here’s how to improve star ratings:

  • Ascension: Merge duplicate heroes or special items to enhance a hero’s star rating.
  • Hero Fusion: Combine lower rarity heroes to create higher rarity ones, improving their stats and star levels.

Prioritize Your Heroes#

You’ll collect a lot of heroes, but you need to be picky about whom you level up. Here’s a simple strategy:

  • Core Team: Focus on leveling your top 5 heroes, typically the ones you use the most in battles.
  • Role Balance: Make sure you level up a mix of tanks, damage dealers, and support heroes to have a balanced team.
  • Meta Heroes: Keep an eye on community forums and guides to know which heroes are currently the best in the game meta.

Resource Management#

Leveling up requires resources. Here’s how to manage them effectively:

  • Don’t Overlevel Low-Rarity Heroes: Resources are limited, so save them for your higher rarity heroes that have better long-term potential.
  • Use Smart Consumption: Spend resources only when you’re certain about climbing difficult stages or completing important missions.
  • Respec Feature: AFK Arena allows you to reset a hero’s level and recover resources with the ‘respec’ feature. Use it wisely if you’ve mistakenly over-leveled a hero.

Tips to Maximize Efficiency#

Here are some tips to make the most out of leveling up:

  • Check Bonuses: Sometimes, events give extra XP or resources. Keep an eye on these to get more value out of what you spend.
  • Utilize Fast Rewards: You can claim extra rewards a few times a day, which are useful for a quick XP boost.
  • Sync Levels in Resonating Crystal: Use the Resonating Crystal feature to keep your lesser-used heroes closer in level to your main team without spending extra resources.

Final Thoughts#

Leveling up heroes in AFK Arena involves strategy and resource management. By focusing on your core team and balancing resources, you can gradually transform your squad into a powerful force. Keep an eye on game events and community metas to stay ahead in the game. Happy leveling!

Tips for Character Builds in AFK Arena#

AFK Arena is all about building a powerful team to crush your enemies and collect loot while you’re AFK (away from keyboard). Getting those builds right can feel a bit overwhelming, but don’t worry! We’ve got some handy tips to help you out.

1. Understand Your Heroes’ Roles#

First things first: Know what your heroes are good at. In AFK Arena, heroes fall into several categories like tanks, damage dealers, and support. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Tanks: These beefy characters, like Brutus or Lucius, are your frontline defense. They soak up damage and keep your squishier heroes safe.
  • Damage Dealers: These heroes, such as Shemira or Ainz, are your heavy hitters. They need protection to do their job, but when they get going, they can wipe out the enemy team.
  • Support: Heroes like Rowan or Nemora provide healing, buffs, or crowd control to keep your team in top shape.

2. Team Synergy Matters#

It’s not just about individual strength; it’s about how your heroes work together. Heroes from the same faction often have bonuses, and some heroes have abilities that pair especially well with others. For example:

  • Shemira has a great partnership with Raine, who boosts Shemira’s damage.
  • Rowan’s stuns and energy regen work wonders with heroes who need to spam their abilities.

Balancing your team with a mix of roles ensures you can handle various situations, whether it’s overpowering an enemy quickly or surviving a drawn-out fight.

3. Focus on Core Heroes#

With so many heroes, it’s tempting to spread your resources thin. Focus on leveling up a core group of 5-10 heroes. Here’s why:

  • Resource Management: It’s expensive to level heroes, and you want to maximize your gains.
  • Versatility: A core group lets you handle different challenges by swapping heroes in and out.

Some essential heroes that fit into many team comps include:

  • Lucius: A top-tier tank with great survivability.
  • Shemira: Consistent damage over time, excellent for many PvE modes.
  • Rosaline: Follows a strong damage dealer and boosts their output.

4. Gear Up Wisely#

Gear makes a massive difference in AFK Arena. Prioritize equipping your heroes with the right gear sets based on their roles:

  • Tanks: Look for gear that improves health and defense.
  • Damage Dealers: Focus on attack power and crit rates.
  • Support: Equip gear that enhances energy regen and survivability.

Don’t forget to upgrade and enhance your gear. The higher gear levels can give your heroes the edge they need to win challenging battles.

5. Utilize the Resonating Crystal#

The Resonating Crystal is a game-changer. It boosts all heroes on the crystal to the level of your top five highest-leveled heroes. Here’s how to make it work for you:

  • Level Up Strategically: Raise your strongest heroes first. This way, any hero added to the crystal will benefit.
  • Swap Heroes: The resonating crystal makes it easier to test out new heroes without a massive investment.

6. Join a Guild and Participate in Events#

Active guild participation can give you access to valuable resources and advice from seasoned players. Engage in guild hunts and check out events regularly to collect hero fragments, gear, and other goodies.

  • Guild Hunts: Participate daily for extra loot and gear. It’s a great way to build up your resources without much effort.
  • Events: Events offer the chance to gather rare items and heroes. Keep an eye out for limited-time offers.

To sum it all up: know your heroes, build a balanced team, focus your resources, gear up smartly, utilize the Resonating Crystal, and engage actively with your guild and events. With these tips, you’re well on your way to dominating AFK Arena. Go out there and show them what you’re made of!

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