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AFK Arena: Gacha and Summoning Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive AFK Arena: Gacha and Summoning Guide! Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to this captivating idle RPG, this guide is your go-to resource for mastering the art of summoning heroes. Dive into the intricacies of the gacha system, discover the best banners to pull from, and learn effective strategies for managing your diamonds and scrolls. Maximize your chances of summoning rare heroes with expert tips, and become more efficient in your summoning practices. Ready to enhance your AFK Arena experience? Let’s get started!

Understanding the Gacha System#

If you’re new to AFK Arena, you’ve probably heard about the “Gacha” system, maybe even cursed it a bit. It’s a core part of the game, and knowing how it works can save you a lot of headaches—and maybe even some money. Let’s break it down.

What is the Gacha System?#

First off, Gacha (pronounced “gotcha”) comes from Japan and refers to those capsule toy vending machines filled with random goodies. In mobile games like AFK Arena, it’s the main way you get new heroes. You spend “currency” to pull from a pool of potential characters, and what you get is random every time.

Types of Gacha Pulls#

AFK Arena offers several ways to summon heroes. Understanding each type can help you strategize and make the most of your resources.

  1. Normal Summon: This is your bread and butter. You use common scrolls or diamonds to summon heroes. You have a higher chance of getting green (common) or blue (rare) heroes here, but occasionally, you might land a purple (legendary) hero.

  2. Faction Summon: This more focused summon allows you to target a specific faction, like Lightbearers, Maulers, Wilders, or Graveborn. It’s great when you’re trying to build a theme team or get specific heroes for synergy. You use faction scrolls or stones here.

  3. Friendship Summon: A free option where you use hearts received from friends. This has a similar pull rate to Normal Summon, but it’s a great way to get extra summons without spending your premium currency.

  4. Stargazing Room: This is for the high rollers. You use Stargazer Cards or diamonds to get rare heroes and sometimes even exclusive ones. The chances are slim, but the rewards can be huge if you get lucky.

Currency Breakdown#

To roll the Gacha, you’ll need scrolls, diamonds, or hero-specific items. Let’s break them down:

  • Diamonds: You get these from quests, events, or (gulp) your wallet. Diamonds are the main currency for summoning in both Normal and Stargazing summons.

  • Scrolls: Common, faction, or special scrolls can be found in events, campaigns, and stores. They are specifically for the type of summon they represent.

  • Friendship Points: Earned by sending and receiving hearts from friends. It’s a free-to-play friendly currency.

Understanding Rates#

The chances of getting certain hero rarities in each type of summon matter. Here’s a basic idea:

  • Common Heroes: ~60%
  • Rare Heroes: ~35%
  • Elite Heroes: ~5%

The exact rates can vary based on updates or special events, so always check the in-game details before you spend.

Pity System#

The pity system is your game friend if RNG (random number generation) isn’t being kind. In AFK Arena, every 30 summons guarantees an Elite Hero. So even if you’re having a rough streak, you’re assured of something good occasionally.

Maximizing Your Pulls#

To get the most out of your Gacha experience:

  1. Save and Summon in Bulk: Summoning ten heroes at once generally increases your chances of landing high-rarity characters.

  2. Watch for Events: Summoning events might offer better rates or exclusive heroes, so tune in for those.

  3. Sync with Faction Towers: Use your faction summons during these events to boost your specific teams.

  4. Friends are Free Pulls: Maximize your friendship points by exchanging hearts daily.


The Gacha system may seem daunting at first, but with a little patience and strategy, it can be your best friend in building an unstoppable AFK Arena team. Happy summoning!

Best Banners to Pull From#

In AFK Arena, pulling from the right banners can make a huge difference in your success. With various banners available, knowing where to spend your valuable scrolls, diamonds, and faction emblems is crucial. Let’s break down the best ones you should focus on!

**1. Stargazer Banner: The Heavy Hitter#

Stargazer is a hotspot for getting Celestial and Hypogean heroes. These are some of the most powerful units you can add to your lineup. These heroes often come with rare and powerful abilities, making them essential for endgame content.

  • Pros: Higher chance for Celestial and Hypogean heroes, which are top-tier.
  • Cons: Requires a significant amount of diamonds, which can be costly and time-consuming to gather.
  • Best For: Players with a well-established team looking to pick up game-changers.

**2. Faction Scroll Banners: Targeted Pulls#

Using faction scrolls on faction-specific banners is a good strategy when you need heroes from a particular faction. If you have a balanced team but are missing a key hero from a specific faction, here’s where you should invest.

  • Pros: Increased chance of getting heroes from the faction you need, fewer random pulls.
  • Cons: Limited to the faction-specific heroes, not for getting Celestial or Hypogean heroes.
  • Best For: Filling gaps in your faction-based team.

**3. Guaranteed Elite Hero (F2P): The Safe Bet#

This banner guarantees at least one elite hero after every 30 pulls. For Free-to-Play (F2P) players, this is a consistent way to build up your roster without spending a ton of resources.

  • Pros: Guaranteed elite heroes, relatively low cost.
  • Cons: Pool includes all heroes, so higher chance of getting less desirable pulls.
  • Best For: F2P players focusing on gradually building an effective team.

**4. Limited-Time Event Banners: The Must-Try#

Every now and then, AFK Arena rolls out limited-time event banners. These often feature new or exclusive heroes with boosted drop rates. If an event banner ties into a hero you badly want or need, don’t hesitate.

  • Pros: Higher chances for specific new or powerful heroes.
  • Cons: Only available for a short period, can induce FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).
  • Best For: Engaged players looking to stay on top of the meta.

**5. Hero Choice Packs: The Strategic Pull#

Some banners offer a selection of heroes to choose from after pulling a certain number of guarantees. This can be very strategic if you’re aiming for a particular hero to complete your lineup.

  • Pros: Gives a choice after multiple pulls, higher control over who you get.
  • Cons: Requires a large number of pulls to get the choice option.
  • Best For: Players who know exactly which heroes they need.

**6. Normal Summon Banner: The Jack-of-all-Trades#

Last, the Normal Summon Banner is always available and doesn’t have the specialization of the others. It’s a bit of a gamble but consistently provides heroes and fodder you need for ascension.

  • Pros: Always accessible, includes a wide variety of heroes.
  • Cons: No increased chances for rare or specific heroes.
  • Best For: Early-game players needing a broad spectrum of heroes.

Final Tips#

  • Mix it Up: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Use a blend of different banners depending on your immediate needs.
  • Watch the Events: Keep an eye out for special events and time-limited banners. They can offer great value.
  • Be Patient: It’s tempting to dive into pulling, but waiting until you have adequate resources can increase your odds of success.

By knowing where to spend your resources, you can strengthen your team effectively and save yourself a lot of headaches in the process. Happy summoning!

Managing Diamonds and Scrolls in AFK Arena#

In AFK Arena, Diamonds and Scrolls are your gateway to unlocking powerful heroes, and managing them smartly can make a huge difference in your progress. Here’s the lowdown on how to handle these precious resources like a pro.

Understanding Diamonds and Scrolls#

Diamonds are the premium currency in AFK Arena. You can earn them through daily quests, campaigns, events, and sometimes as login rewards. They’re super versatile and can be used for summoning heroes, buying in-game items, or refreshing the store.

Scrolls come in different flavors: Factions Scrolls, Normal Scrolls, and the precious Stargazing Cards. Each type targets different hero pools, offering unique summoning opportunities. You earn these mainly through in-game events, campaigns, and sometimes as login bonuses.

Efficient Diamond Spending#

  1. Save for Tenfold Summons: Always save up to 2700 Diamonds for a 10-hero summon instead of single pulls. Tenfold summons guarantee at least one elite hero, which is a huge benefit.

  2. Prioritize Events: Check for time-limited summoning events that give you bonuses or increased chances to summon specific heroes. Splashing Diamonds during these events can significantly boost your roster.

  3. Avoid Non-Summon Spending: Be careful about spending Diamonds on refreshing the store or speeding up time-limited tasks. These are usually less efficient uses compared to summoning new heroes.

  4. Shard Compilations: Take advantage of events or buying hero shards, a way to guarantee hero acquisition which can be better than gambling all Diamonds outright.

Using Scrolls Wisely#

  1. Normal Scrolls: Use these for your regular summoning. They stack up fairly quickly from different quests and events.

  2. Faction Scrolls: These are great when you need heroes from a specific faction. Use them during faction-specific summoning events to maximize your chances based on current needs of your team composition.

  3. Stargazing Cards: These are rare and should be used with the Stargazing Room in the Noble Tavern. Target specific high-tier heroes that fit well with your team. Do not waste Stargazing Cards mindlessly; each pull is crucial.

Pro Tips for Diamond and Scroll Management#

  • Daily and Weekly Quests: Regular quests are your bread and butter. Always complete them to ensure a steady trickle of Diamonds and Scrolls.

  • Arena of Heroes and Legends’ Championship: Participate in these PvP events. Competing can net you extra Diamonds which accumulate over time.

  • Labyrinth Store: Prioritize buying hero soul stones or scrolls instead of immediate gratification items.

  • Resonating Crystal: Invest in the resonating crystal as it allows low-level heroes to match the level of your five highest heroes. This indirectly enables you to progress farther and faster, thus earning more Diamonds and Scrolls.

  • Check Event Calendar: Always keep an eye on the upcoming events to plan your resource usage. Saving resources for major events can yield better rewards.

Managing your Diamonds and Scrolls smartly is key to building a strong roster in AFK Arena. Be patient, strategic, and always plan your summons to maximize your returns. Happy summoning!

Maximizing Your Chances in AFK Arena#

So, you’ve dived into the world of AFK Arena and you’re hooked on hunting down those awesome heroes. But how do you up your game and get the best ones without spending a fortune? Let’s break it down.

Understanding the Gacha System#

First, let’s talk about the gacha system. It’s a core part of AFK Arena. You collect different types of scrolls and diamonds to summon heroes. Each summoning has a chance to get heroes of varying rarity — from common to elite. Elite heroes are the ones you want since they’re the strongest.

Save and Spend Strategically#

Before you spend all your scrolls and diamonds the moment you get them, take a deep breath. Patience is key.

  • Save for 10x Summons: While it can be tempting to spend scrolls as soon as you have one, it’s much better to save up and do 10x summons. It increases your odds of pulling an elite hero.
  • Events and Deals: Keep an eye on special events. They often come with better chances to get elite heroes or offer extra rewards. Log in daily and complete event tasks to maximize your gains.

Utilize Friendship Points#

Don’t underestimate the power of friendship points! These are collected from sending and receiving friend hearts. While friendship summons have lower chances of giving elite heroes compared to scrolls or diamonds, they’re essentially free pulls. Fill up your friend list and heart it out!

Explore the Noble Tavern#

The Noble Tavern isn’t just a fancy place for summons; it’s a strategic arena. Here are some tips:

  • Faction Scrolls: These give you a higher chance of receiving heroes from a specific faction you choose. If you’re building a specific team, these are gold.
  • Fateful Wishes: Whenever you do a 10x summon, it contributes to your summoning event progress that can eventually give you elite heroes as rewards.

Tap into the Stargazer#

Once you’ve progressed a bit in the game, the Stargazer becomes a crucial tool. It’s more efficient than regular summons but requires more resources.

  • Stargazer Cards and Diamonds: Save your cards and diamonds for the Stargazer when you have a good stock. This way, you can aim for those rare faction-specific heroes or even the Celestial/Hypergen heroes.
  • Smart Targeting: Focus on specific heroes that will complement your team rather than just going for random pulls. It’s all about strategy!

Climbing the VIP Ladder#

Spending money isn’t necessary, but if you do decide to invest a bit, wisely consider moving up the VIP levels.

  • VIP Rewards: Higher VIP levels give you more resources, better chances, and extra benefits — like free scrolls or diamonds. But remember, only spend what you’re comfortable with!

Optimize Your Team Composition#

While summoning is important, don’t forget to optimize the heroes you already have.

  • Team Synergy: Mix and match heroes that complement each other. Sometimes, a balanced team with strong synergy can outperform a team with just high-level heroes.
  • Leveling and Upgrading: Focus your resources on upgrading key heroes. Ascend your elite heroes to make them even more powerful.

Closing Thoughts#

In the end, AFK Arena is all about strategy and patience. The more you plan and think ahead, the better your chances of getting the heroes you want without blowing all your resources in one go. So, get out there, start strategizing, and may the luck of the gacha gods be ever in your favor!

Tips for Efficient Summoning in AFK Arena#

Summoning is one of the coolest parts of AFK Arena. Opening a new hero and leveling them up is super exciting! However, it can also be a bit tricky if you don’t know the best strategies. Here are some tips to make your summoning experience more efficient and rewarding.

Save Your Diamonds#

It can be tempting to spend diamonds as soon as you get them, but patience pays off. Save your diamonds for bulk summons instead of single pulls. Doing a 10-pull increases your chances of getting rare heroes and gives you better value for your diamonds. In AFK Arena, doing ten summons at once guarantees at least one elite hero, so it’s worth waiting.

Use Your Summon Scrolls Wisely#

Summon scrolls are valuable. Normal Summon Scrolls and Faction Scrolls should be used during special events or when you need heroes from a specific faction. Keep an eye out for events that offer boosted summoning rates. The timing of these events can vary, but participating can greatly increase the odds of landing the heroes you want.

Participate in Events#

AFK Arena frequently holds special events that offer extra rewards for summoning heroes. Before spending your scrolls or diamonds, check if there’s an ongoing event that can maximize your gains. These events often provide additional rewards like hero fragments, rare resources, or even entire heroes for meeting summon milestones.

Use the Tavern Tokens#

Tavern Tokens (Friendship Summons) are earned by interacting with friends in the game. Make sure to add active friends so you can maximize your daily friendship points. With these tokens, you can perform Friendship Summons, which is a great way to get additional heroes without spending your diamonds or scrolls.

Focus on Faction-Specific Summons#

Once you’ve built a decent roster of heroes, try to focus on Faction Summons. These allow you to summon heroes from a specific faction, making it easier to target the heroes you need to strengthen your team. You can get Faction Scrolls by participating in events and completing daily and weekly quests.

Space Out Your Summoning Sessions#

Don’t blow all your resources in one go. Space out your summoning sessions to take advantage of pity systems and summoning guarantees. For example, if you have 50 scrolls, don’t use them all at once. Spread them out across different events to see better long-term results.

Utilize the Hero Wishlist#

In the Noble Tavern, there’s a feature called the Wishlist. This lets you select specific heroes you want to increase the chance of summoning them. Make sure to update your Wishlist regularly with the heroes you need for your team composition.

Patience is Key#

Lastly, remember that AFK Arena is designed to be played over the long haul. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t immediately get the heroes you want. Keep strategically summoning, participate in events, and over time, you’ll build a powerful roster.

Happy summoning, and may you summon those legendary heroes soon!

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