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A Realm Reborn Getting Started Guide

Embarking on your journey in the sprawling MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV), can be as disheartening as it is exhilarating. With the grand landscape of Eorzea beckoning, your adventure initiates in one of three principal city-states: Gridania, Ul’dah, or Limsa Lominsa. Each city is not only defined by its distinctive geographical and architectural charm but also by the unique guilds and legends that thrive within.


Nestled amidst lush, ancient forests, Gridania is a sanctuary of harmony, inviting those who are attuned to the melodies of nature. Classes beginning their saga here are the Archer (prelude to the Bard job), the Lancer (evolving into the Dragoon), and the Conjurer (the foundation for the treasured role of White Mage). Gridania is the ideal starting point for players who revel in the mystique of enchanted woods and the archaic councils governing them.


In stark contrast to Gridania’s verdant expanses, Ul’dah sits like a jewel in the midst of a sun-soaked desert. This bustling city-state is a crucible of commerce and cunning, where wealth and power are as fluid as the sands. Players commencing their odyssey here can choose from the Gladiator class, destined to become Paladins; the Pugilist, whose path leads to the Monk; and the Thaumaturge, budding Black Mages finding their potency in the weave of destructive spells.

Limsa Lominsa#

Perched atop towering cliffs overlooking the endless azure ocean, Limsa Lominsa calls to the heart of every adventurer with a yearning for the sea’s call. This city-state is a haven for pirates and sailors alike, with its society as tumultuous and unpredictable as the waves it watches over. Aspiring Marauders, future Warriors, and newcomer Arcanists, who eventually wield the forces of summoning as Summoners or strategize as Scholars, commence their legend here.

Character Classes#

Within the realm of Eorzea, your initial foray into the world of FFXIV is marked by the selection of a character class. This choice not only determines your starting location but also your journey’s initial flavor and combat style.

Battle Classes#

The realm’s combat practitioners can be broadly classified into four categories: Tanks, Healers, Melee DPS, and Ranged DPS. Each class offers a unique gameplay experience, from the stoic resilience of Tanks like the Gladiator to the devastating spells of a Thaumaturge.

  • Tanks are the bastions of any party, drawing the enemy’s ire and absorbing their blows to protect their allies.
  • Healers weave spells to mend wounds and shield comrades, ensuring the party’s longevity in the fiercest battles.
  • Melee DPS engage foes up close, executing swift and powerful attacks.
  • Ranged DPS assail their enemies from afar, using bows, guns, or magic to deal damage without reprisal.

Selecting a class is but the first step in the patchwork of your legend. Each evolves into a more specialized job as you progress, offering advanced skills and an enhanced role in the party dynamics.

Levelling Up#

Gaining prowess and strength is at the heart of your journey, and Eorzea presents a cornucopia of avenues to elevate your character’s level and abilities.


Embark on a myriad of quests ranging from the grand, sweeping narrative of the Main Scenario Quests (MSQ) to the smaller, but equally compelling, side stories peppered throughout the world. These quests are not only a primary source of experience points but also a window into the rich lore and vibrant communities within Eorzea.

Dungeons & Trials#

Group up with fellow adventurers to tackle dungeons, elaborate multi-area encounters with powerful foes and invaluable treasures. Trials present monumental battles against singular, formidable opponents, demanding cooperation and method to overcome.

FATEs and Levequests#

For those preferring a more transient engagement, Full Active Time Events (FATEs) dot the landscape, offering dynamic challenges that players can join on the fly. Levequests provide a versatile set of time-constrained tasks for a more guided yet flexible adventuring option.

Daily Roulettes#

Participate in Daily Roulettes, which randomly assign you to a dungeon, trial, or guildhest (short, instructional encounters focusing on group dynamics and combat strategies). This not only aids others in their quests but offers handsome rewards to bolster your own advancement.

Crafting Basics#

Beyond the clash of steel and the casting of spells lies the realm of crafting and gathering, a suite of professions as rewarding and engaging as any battle class. Mastering these professions not only provides you with equipment, consumables, and income but also extremeens your immersion in the world’s economy and community.

Disciples of the Hand#

Crafters harness materials to create a vast array of goods. From the protective allure of an Armorer’s plate to the potent mixtures of an Alchemist, each crafting class offers unique products essential to both adventurers and the world at large.

Disciples of the Land#

Gatherers venture into the wildest corners of the land to procure the materials at the heart of crafting. Whether it’s the precise strikes of a Miner, the keen eye of a Botanist, or the deep sea ventures of a Fisher, these classes form the backbone of Eorzea’s economy.

Crafting System#

Crafting in FFXIV is a game in itself, involving a strategic use of skills to create items and improve their quality. Each profession provides a distinct toolkit, demanding a mix of knowledge, approach, and the occasional dash of luck to master.

Housing System#

The housing system in FFXIV affords players the chance to own a slice of Eorzea, constructing personal or Free Company (guild) estates. These homes can be customized extensively, offering a tranquil haven from the rigors of adventuring or a bustling hub for social gatherings.

Acquiring a Plot#

Securing a plot in one of the housing districts is a venture that requires considerable investment and, sometimes, a stroke of luck due to the hotly contested nature of real estate in Eorzea. Participation in community events and a keen eye on the housing market are essential.


Once a plot is yours, the realm of customization is vast. From architectural styles to the minutiae of furniture and decor, players can create spaces that reflect their character or serve as a sanctuary for their Free Company members.


The housing districts are not just about personal space; they’re vibrant communities. Participating in neighborhood activities, visiting others’ homes, or simply enjoying the scenery adds another layer to the FFXIV experience, creating a sense of belonging and camaraderie among players.

A Realm Reborn Getting Started Guide
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