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A Guide to Warframes Relics

A Guide to Warframes Relics#

In the ever-expansive universe of Warframe, Tenno (players) continuously scour the cosmos for power, prestige, and the pieces to build their next awe-inspiring Warframe or weapon. At the heart of this endless pursuit lies the game’s intricately designed relic system—a cornerstone feature that entices warriors from every corner of the galaxy. Whether you’re a neophyte stepping into your first suit of armor or a veteran enshrined in the legends of the Old War, understanding relics is paramount to your journey. Let’s embark on a deep-rooted dive into the world of Warframe relics, exploring every facet from the ground up.

Understanding Relic Tiers#

At their core, relics are ancient artifacts containing blueprints and parts for some of the most potent weapons and Warframes in the game. These relics are categorized into four tiers: Lith, Meso, Neo, and Axi. Each tier correlates not just to the power level of the loot they potentially house but also to the progression of a Tenno through the star chart, the universe’s sprawling map.

  • Lith Relics are your entry point into the relic system. These are often found in early-game missions and contain components for building the less complex, yet still formidable gear.
  • Meso Relics represent the next step up, offering mid-tier rewards. They’re typically obtained from mid-level missions.
  • Neo Relics are the penultimate tier, requiring Tenno to engage in more challenging missions for a chance at their contents.
  • Axi Relics, holding the rarest items, demand mastery and readiness to face high-level adversaries and environments.

Each relic, when found, is sealed and must be opened through a distinct process known as a Fissure mission to reveal and claim its treasures.

Fissure Mission Mechanics#

Fissure missions are the only avenue through which the true value of relics can be unlocked. These missions entail a standard objective interwoven with the contest of closing a Void Fissure – a tear in space through which enemies from the Void emerge.

Upon selecting a Fissure mission from the star chart, players must choose a relic to bring along. As the mission progresses, Reactant drops from corrupted enemies. Collecting ten of these will crack open the relic, revealing its contents at the mission’s conclusion.

The twist, however, lies in cooperative play. Each player brings their own relic into the mission, meaning up to four different relics can be opened simultaneously. Upon mission completion, players are presented with the rewards from all unlocked relics, with the option to choose any one reward from the pool. This unique mechanic encourages squad play, significantly increasing the chances of obtaining the most coveted items.

Relic Rewards Explained#

The rewards housed within relics span a broad spectrum, from essential crafting components like Forma, reigniting the Warframe and weapons’ potential, to Prime parts – the pieces needed to construct the most powerful gear in the game.

Each relic contains a predetermined set of possible rewards, divided into common (bronze), uncommon (silver), and rare (gold) categories, with the rarity determining the drop chance. Prized items typically lay behind the rare classification, making them a rarer sight but all the more rewarding when acquired.

Moreover, relics can be refined using Void Traces, a resource obtained during Fissure missions, to increase the probabilities of uncorking the more scarce rewards. This system of refinement, extending from Intact to Radiant, allows players to strategically boost their odds based on their pursuit.

Advanced Relic Farming Strategies#

Arming oneself with an arsenal of relics necessitates a well-thought-out tactic, as farming efficiently can drastically reduce the time it takes to get the desired parts. Here, we burrow into tactics that can expedite your relic procurement and opening endeavors:

  1. Targeted Farming: Certain missions, particularly endless ones like Defense, Survival, and Excavation, are renowned for their relic drop rates. Focusing your efforts on these can yield a steady flow of relics.
  2. Syndicate Procurement: Leveraging your standing in the game’s various syndicates can also secure relics. Each syndicate offers relic packs for purchase, providing an alternate route to purchase.
  3. Refinement Tactic: Radsharing, a tactic involving four players all using Radiant (fully refined) versions of the same relic in a single mission, maximizes the chance of landing rare items. This requires coordination but is incredibly effective.
  4. Resource Boosts: Occasionally, Digital Extremes (the developer) releases resource boosters that can double the Void Traces collected, speeding up the relic refinement process.

The Void Trader Explained#

An elusive figure and a proprietor of rare artifacts, the Void Trader, known as Baro Ki’Teer, plays a pivotal role in the relic ecosystem. Arriving in the Relays every two weeks with a selection of goods, Baro trades exclusively in Ducats – a currency obtained by exchanging Prime parts at kiosks in the Relays.

His inventory frequently includes rare mods, unique weapons, and cosmetic items, making him a magnet for collectors and fighters aiming to embellish their arsenals. The cycle of relics to Prime parts to Ducats embodies a core gameplay loop for endgame players, accentuating the importance of mastering the relic system.

Parting Wisdom#

Embarking on the path to relic mastery in Warframe is a journey fraught with trials, tribulations, and, above all, treasures. The relic system stands as a testament to the game’s depth, offering a continually renewing dare that keeps the Tenno coming back for more. With the insights laid out in this guide, the hope is to arm you, dear reader, with the knowledge to helm the relic labyrinth more confidently, making each foray into the cosmos not just a battle for survival but a quest for the extraordinary.

Remember, in the vast expanse of Warframe, knowledge is as powerful a weapon as the deadliest blade or the most potent Warframe ability. Arm yourself wisely, Tenno.

A Guide to Warframes Relics
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