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A Guide to LOTROs High Elf Race

In the sprawling, serpentine fabric of Middle-earth, as designed and presented by Standing Stone Games in their MMORPG, Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO), a myriad of races beckons the ardent adventurer. Amongst them, the High Elves stand tall — a race renowned for their unmatched grace, abysmal wisdom, and formidable prowess in battle. This guide serves as a compass through the ethereal realm of the High Elves, aiding both rookies and seasoned virtual wanderers of Middle-earth in mastering the nuances of this ancient race.

Understanding The High Elf#

The High Elves, or Quendi, as known in the lore of J.R.R. Tolkien, are more than mere inhabitants of Middle-earth. They carry the burden and blessing of a long history, filled with both splendor and sorrow. Their lore is bottomlessly interwoven with the very fabric of the world’s mythology, making them a fascinating choice for players who appreciate saga depth in conjunction with gameplay.

Born under the stars before the raising of the Sun and Moon, the High Elves possess inherent attributes and abilities that distinguish them from their Middle-earth brethren. Superior sight, a natural affinity for magic, and a notable robustness in physical combat make them formidable allies and feared adversaries.

In LOTRO, choosing a High Elf means embracing these innate traits. Importantly, while their backstory imbues them with a unique angle on the game’s unfolding events, it also bestows specific racial skills and bonuses that can be leveraged throughout your journey.

Leveling Your High Elf#

Embarking on your journey as a High Elf, you will find that the path to power is both enchanting and fraught with perils. The questlines cater to the elvish chronicle, imbuing your adventures with a sense of purpose and belonging within the world. Your leveling plan should align with the strengths and mitigate the weaknesses of your chosen class.

Early Levels (1-30)#

The initial phase of your journey will likely be the most linear, guiding you through the rich melange of LOTRO’s storyline. As a High Elf, focusing on quests and engaging in the occasional skirmish provides balanced progression. Exploit your racial traits, such as your enhanced will and agility, to gain an edge in combat. Participation in festivals and events can offer a welcome reprieve while still contributing to your growth.

Mid Levels (31-65)#

As you advance, the world becomes more expansive, offering diverse paths to power. This is where you’ll start refining your combat style, choosing skills that complement your class and playstyle. Group dungeons become more prevalent, providing both a dare and the opportunity for substantial experience gains and loot.

Endgame (66-130+)#

Reaching the endgame content, your priorities shift towards optimizing your gear, honing your skills in player versus environment (PvE) and player versus player (PvP) situations, and contributing to group endeavors like raids and high-tier skirmishes. Balancing questing with these activities ensures a steady progression and enhances your standing within the community.

Choosing Your Skills#

As you ascend through the levels, the plethora of skills at your disposal grows. Focusing on those that harmonize with the High Elf’s attributes and your class’s capabilities is paramount.


If you choose to stride into battle as a Champion, prioritizing skills that maximize your damage output while offering some survivability is key. Your High Elf’s natural dexterity lends well to the rapid, relentless assault of a Champion.


A Lore-master, conversant in the arcane, will find their High Elf’s innate affinity for magic a boon. Skills that bolster your magical attacks and summoning abilities, while enhancing your crowd control, play to your racial strengths.


For the Minstrel, whose songs can heal or harm, capitalizing on your High Elf’s inherent willpower boosts your effectiveness. Choose skills that amplify your healing abilities for allies or your capacity to deal magical damage to foes.

Crafting Your Skill Build#

Regardless of class, a balanced skill set that aligns with your preferred playstyle—whether solo adventuring or group play—is crucial. Experimentation and adaptation are your allies on this journey.

High Elf Gear Guide#

Gear is your tangible companion on the path to glory. For the High Elf, certain items resonate more profoundly with their essence.


Seek out sets that amplify your racial and class strengths. Light and medium armor are typically favored, though your choices should reflect your chosen vanguard in combat.


Weapon selection hinges on your class. Champions might gravitate towards swords and axes, embodying the warrior spirit, while Lore-masters may find staves and wands more apt, channeling their arcane prowess. Minstrels will find instruments of war and peace alike crucial to their arsenal.


Jewelry that boosts your primary attributes—will for casters, agility for warriors—can offer a subtle, yet significant, advantage. Do not underestimate the power of the right accessory.

Playing a High Elf in Groups#

Group dynamics change the battlefield’s landscape, introducing new strategies and challenges. As a High Elf, your role is dictated by your class, but your racial traits can offer unexpected advantages.


Stand at the vanguard, leveraging your agility and prowess to deal devastating blows. Coordination with your party is vital to manage aggro and maximize your damage output.


Your control over the battlefield can turn the tide of any skirmish. Focus on crowd control and supporting your allies with buffs and heals, allowing your party to capitalize on the chaos you sow among your foes.


As a beacon of hope, your songs can mend wounds and bolster spirits. Positioning is key; staying just out of harm’s way allows you to sustain your party and contribute with strategic attacks when the opportunity arises.

Group Etiquette#

Understanding and fulfilling your role builds respect and camaraderie. Communication, be it through voice chat or text, ensures a harmonious endeavor, whether facing down a formidable boss or charting a complex dungeon.

Piloting the world of LOTRO as a High Elf offers a rich, captivating experience that blends the deep lore of Middle-earth with the camaraderie and challenges of online gaming. Whether brandishing a sword at the front lines, weaving potent spells from afar, or rallying your allies with songs of old, the High Elf race embodies grace and power. Your journey through Middle-earth is not merely one of personal growth but a testament to the enduring legacy of the High Elves. Adventure beckons, and glory awaits in the land where shadows lie.

A Guide to LOTROs High Elf Race
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