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The Shrouded Hills

In the labyrinthine world of Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura, there exists a quaint, seemingly innocuous town that serves as the crucible for many an adventurer’s journey: Shrouded Hills. This hamlet, nestled amidst rolling hills and dense mists, is more than just a waypoint for weary travelers. It’s a nexus of intrigue, danger, and opportunity, hiding secrets and stories in its shadowed corners. Today, we’re taking a deep, comprehensive dive into Shrouded Hills, unraveling its mysteries, and arming you, dear reader, with knowledge that will transform your journey from mundane to legendary.

Embark with us as we dissect the various key locations, quests, unique characters, hidden treasures, and provide exploration tips that will ensure your time in Shrouded Hills is as rewarding as it is thrilling. Whether you’re a first-timer in the realm of Arcanum or a seasoned veteran looking to revisit the classics, this guide is your companion, your map, and your lexicon.

Key Locations#

Venturing through Shrouded Hills, you’ll find various landmarks and establishments that are integral to both the town’s ecosystem and your own adventuring needs. We’ll spotlight the must-visits and the why-hind-the-what of these locales.

Bank of Shrouded Hills: More than just a place to store your hard-earned coin, the bank hides its own secrets. Investigate thoroughly; the dividends may surprise you.

P. Schuyler & Sons: This trading firm is your go-to for gear, potions, and potentially, information. Befriend its proprietor, and the doors to beneficial exchanges swing wide open.

Shrouded Hills Inn: Every adventurer needs respite, and the inn not only offers a bed but also serves as a hub for gossip, leads, and the occasional clandestine meeting. Listen closely to the whispers.

Blacksmith: Quintessential for upgrading your armory or repairing your current gear. A blacksmith’s forge is the heart of any adventurers’ preparation.

Temple of Joachim: A focal point for those inclined towards the magical facets of Arcanum. The temple is not just a place of worship but a repository of arcane knowledge and a starting point for quests that can alter the course of your journey.

Quests in Shrouded Hills#

The fabric of Shrouded Hills is woven with quests that range from the mundane to the bizarre, each thread pulling you deeper into the tapestry of Arcanum’s lore.

Laying Low the Ghost of Bessie Toone: A spectral encounter that kicks things off with a blend of mystery and action. Unravelling this ghost story is your introduction to the depth of Arcanum’s quest design.

The Disappearing Dwarves: Dwarven miners are vanishing without a trace, and the answer lies deep beneath the earth. This quest is your invitation to the darker, more ominous undertones of the world.

The Bank Heist: Whether you choose to thwart it or take a more, shall we say, entrepreneurial approach, this quest has major ramifications on your standing in Shrouded Hills and beyond.

Delivery for P. Schuyler & Sons: Seems simple, but in Arcanum, even a delivery quest can spiral into a web of deceit, danger, and discovery. Keep your wits about you.

Unique Characters#

Shrouded Hills is populated with individuals, each more colorful and complex than the last. Engaging with them is not just about quest progression; it’s about peeling back the layers of Arcanum’s character-driven narrative.

Constable Owens: The law in these parts. His disposition towards you can swing from ally to adversary based on your choices. Navigate this relationship wisely.

Doc Roberts: A man of science and, potentially, a source of technological marvels. Whether you’re steamworks inclined or a devotee of the arcane, Roberts holds the key to advancements.

Bessie Toone (Ghost): The ethereal presence haunting Shrouded Hills has a story to tell. Listening and acting on it is not just an act of ghost-busting; it’s a deep dive into local lore.

Ristezze: A peculiar merchant with possibly as many secrets as wares. His inventory is eclectic, and his knowledge of the arcane and obscure is unmatched. Every conversation with him is a potential revelation.

Hidden Treasures#

The terrain of Shrouded Hills and its environs is strewn with concealed caches, guarded treasures, and arcane relics waiting to be discovered by the intrepid or the inquisitive.

Bessie Toone’s Mine: Beyond the ghostly tales lies a labyrinthine mine, rich with not just minerals but items of power and lore. Exploring its depths is both a challenge and a necessity for treasure hunters.

The Witch’s Cave: Rumors of a witch residing near Shrouded Hills have circulated for years. Finding her lair is a task unto itself, but the rewards, both material and mystical, are unparalleled.

The Ruins: Ancient rubble or the remnants of a civilization with untold power? The ruins near Shrouded Hills are a historian’s dream and an adventurer’s proving ground, with artifacts that defy understanding awaiting their next owner.

Exploration Tips#

Navigating Shrouded Hills and uncovering its secrets requires more than just a keen eye and a sharp sword. Here’s how you can maximize your time and ensure no stone is left unturned in your quest for glory and gold.

  • Talk to Everyone: Arcanum thrives on its dialogue and character interactions. Information is currency, and conversations can open paths you never knew existed.

  • Experiment with Skills: Whether it’s charming your way through a locked door or dismantling an engine for spare parts, your skills can unlock areas and items inaccessible through brute force alone.

  • Keep a Journal: The world of Arcanum is dense with lore and intrigue. Keeping notes of names, locations, and hints can be the key to unraveling complex quests or locating hidden caches.

  • Practice Patience: Rushing through Shrouded Hills means missing half its charm and all its secrets. Take your time, explore every nook, and savor the narrative and environmental storytelling.

Embarking on your journey through Shrouded Hills, armed with this compendium of knowledge, positions you uniquely to carve a path of legend through the world of Arcanum. Remember, every choice shapes your story, every discovery alters your destiny, and every encounter can be the difference between becoming a footnote in the annals of history or the hero of an epic that will be told for generations to come.

So, gear up, gather your companions, and step into the mists of Shrouded Hills. Adventure, in all its intricate and unexpected forms, awaits.

The Shrouded Hills
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