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5 MMOs with the Best Mount Systems
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Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games have long captivated players with their expansive worlds, complex storylines, and the lure of adventure around every corner. One aspect that significantly refines the captivating experience in these vast digital landscapes is the mount system. Mounts, in their myriad forms, not only serve as a means of swift traversal but also as a status symbol, a tool for exploration, and sometimes, a trusted companion on your virtual odyssey. It’s not merely about speed; it’s about the journey and the myriad ways you can undertake it. In this guide, we’ll submerge into the worlds of five MMOs that stand out for their exceptional mount systems, exploring what makes each unique and worthy of acclaim.

World of Warcraft: Collecting Mounts#

Azeroth: A Collector’s Paradise” could very well be an alternate title for Blizzard Entertainment’s venerable MMO. Since its inception, World of Warcraft (WoW) has prided itself on an ever-expanding compendium of mounts, turning the pursuit of these majestic creatures into an adventure unto itself. The game boasts hundreds of mounts, each with its backstory, appropriation challenges, and a special place in the hearts of collectors.

The real allure lies in the diversity and uniqueness of these mounts. From celestial dragons shimmering across the sky to monstrous, ground-shaking beasts that command respect, WoW offers a beast for every taste. Special events like the Time-Lost Proto-Drake hunt or the mysterious puzzle-solving for the Lucid Nightmare add layers of community engagement and mystery to mount collecting. Moreover, achievements, world events, and defeating formidable raid bosses can award players with prestigious mounts, making each purchase a testament to skill, perseverance, or sheer luck.

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of WoW’s mount system is the community it has fostered. Forums and social media groups dedicated to mount hunters abound, with experts guiding neophytes in their quest and sharing in the collective joy of each rare find. It’s this communal spirit, coupled with the thrill of the hunt, that cements WoW’s mount system as a cornerstone of its enduring legacy.

Final Fantasy XIV: Mounts and Minions#

In the realm of Eorzea, mounts are more than just transport; they’re companions on the road to heroism. Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) presents a mount system that not only accentuates the game’s saga depth but also its exquisite beauty and commitment to player choice.

Mounts in FFXIV come in all shapes and sizes, reflecting the game’s diverse universe. From regal chocobos that can be customized and raced, to ethereal entities that glide through the air, each mount adds a unique flair to the player’s journey. Special mounts tied to achievements and high-level content often come with additional lore, making them prized possessions that tell tales of conquest and bravery.

What sets FFXIV apart is its interaction system with mounts. Certain mounts can carry multiple players, fostering a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. Moreover, the game introduces minions, petite companions that follow players around, adding another layer of customization and personal expression.

The combination of mounts and minions illustrates FFXIV’s commitment to creating a vibrant, interconnected community where adventures are shared, and friendships are forged in the heat of battle and the thrill of exploration.

Elder Scrolls Online: Riding Across Tamriel#

The continent of Tamriel is an expanse of mystery, danger, and beauty. In The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), traversal through this enchanting world is enhanced by a mount system that prioritizes customization and growth alongside the player.

At the core of ESO’s mount system is the concept of training. Players can improve their mounts’ speed, stamina, and carrying capacity, making each mount a reflection of the player’s journey and play style. This progression system ensures that a mount is not just a tool for travel but a companion that grows with the player.

Moreover, ESO showcases a dazzling array of mounts, from the ethereal flame atronach horses to the majestic senche-tigers, embodying the game’s rich lore and diverse biomes. The possession of these mounts often involves engaging with the game’s vast array of content, from PvP battles to elaborate quests, making each mount earned a badge of honor and a memento of adventures past.

The focus on customization and growth in ESO’s mount system adds a personal touch to the game, making every journey through Tamriel uniquely your own.

Guild Wars 2: Mount Mastery#

Mounts in Guild Wars 2 (GW2) are not just about speed; they’re about mastery and interaction with the game world. Introduced in the Path of Fire expansion, the mount system in GW2 revolutionized travel and exploration in Tyria by making mounts integral to how players interact with the environment.

Each mount in GW2 comes with its unique abilities, from the high-flying griffon to the skimming sand shark, each creature offers new ways to inspect the world. These mounts are not merely given; they must be earned through exploration, puzzle-solving, and mastering challenging content. What sets GW2’s mounts apart is the Mastery system, which allows players to unlock new abilities and further enhance their mounts’ capabilities, turning them into indispensable tools for exploration and combat.

This emphasis on mastery and interaction elevates the mount system in GW2 from a simple convenience to a core gameplay mechanic, encouraging players to engage with the world in new and creative ways.

Black Desert Online: Taming and Breeding Horses#

In the world of Black Desert Online (BDO), the mount system takes a cue from reality, focusing on the equestrian art of horse taming and breeding. This system offers a deeply absorbing experience that requires knowledge, patience, and a touch of luck.

Players can venture into the wild to capture and tame horses, each with its attributes and skills. The real depth, however, lies in the breeding system, where players can breed their horses, passing on traits and potentially birthing a horse with superior abilities or even rare coats.

This hands-on approach extends to horse care, requiring players to manage their mounts’ health and stamina, further immersing players in the role of a horse master. The thrill of capturing a wild steed, the approach involved in breeding, and the satisfaction of nurturing your mounts are what make BDO’s system stand out.

Moreover, BDO features a dynamic, player-driven economy that values horses highly, making horse trading a lucrative (and competitive) venture. This introduces an economic dimension to the mount system, intertwining it with the game’s overarching sandbox anecdote.

Conclusion: The Journey Awaits#

Each MMO brings a unique flavor to its mount system, reflecting its world, its legend, and its community. Whether it’s the collector’s haven of WoW, the companionable roads of FFXIV, the customizable steeds of ESO, the mastery-driven adventures of GW2, or the engrossing equestrian life in BDO, these systems add depth, engagement, and a sense of wonder to the virtual worlds they inhabit.

Mounts are more than mere vehicles; they’re symbols of achievement, companions in adventure, and sometimes, a player’s best friend in the digital realm. They remind us that in MMOs, the journey is just as important as the destination, and often, much more enchanting. Embark on these worlds, and you may find that the mount you ride, or the creature that accompanies you, says more about your journey than you realize.

5 MMOs with the Best Mount Systems
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