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5 MMOs with the Best Fishing Minigames
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In the sprawling universes of MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online games), where the clash of swords, the whiz of spells, and the camaraderie of guilds dominate the landscape, there exists a serene, often overlooked facet that has captured the hearts of many a gamer: fishing. Yes, fishing - the ancient and universal pastime that has made its way from our earthy waters to digital realms, offering players a chance to unwind, gather resources, or embark on quests for the rarest catches the virtual seas have to offer. In this comprehensive exploration, we look into the fishing minigames of five standout MMOs, each offering its unique take on this tranquil activity amidst their action-packed worlds.

Final Fantasy XIV: The Art of Fishing#

In the enchanting world of Eorzea from Final Fantasy XIV, fishing transcends mere pastime to become an art form. Here, players can join the Fishermen’s Guild, embarking on a journey that’s both meditative and complex, mirroring the game’s rich lore and breathtaking landscapes. The game introduces a variety of rods and bait, each tailored for specific bodies of water and types of fish, making the experience pervasively intriguing and strategic.

What sets FFXIV’s fishing apart is its integration into the game’s economy and culinary crafts, where rare catches contribute to creating high-level potions and meals. Seasoned anglers can participate in the Big Fishing questline, hunting for legendary fish that require meticulous planning and patience to capture, akin to the epic quests of traditional MMO gameplay. The sense of community is palpable, with fishing competitions and collaborations to catch the elusive spectral fish during certain weather conditions, making it a uniquely engaging aspect of the game’s vast world.

World of Warcraft: Fishing in Azeroth#

In the ever-evolving realms of Azeroth, fishing stands as a timeless escapade, offering both a peaceful respite from the ongoing war between the Horde and the Alliance and a crucial gathering profession. World of Warcraft positions fishing as both a means to an end and an end in itself, with its simplicity serving as its charm. Here, players can sit by any body of water, cast their line, and wait for the telltale splash that signals a catch.

The allure of fishing in WoW lies in its unpredictability and the treasures that lie beneath Azeroth’s waters. From the elusive Old Crafty of Orgrimmar to the monstrous Dark Herring, the game offers a plethora of unique fish and items, making every fishing trip a potential adventure. Additionally, fishing aids in obtaining ingredients for cooking, alchemy, and even rare mounts, effectively weaving it into the game’s larger melange of professions and pursuits.

Elder Scrolls Online: Fishing in Tamriel#

Tamriel, a continent rife with war, magic, and intrigue, offers a contrasting serenity in its fishing minigame. Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) takes a nuanced approach to fishing, requiring players to match the bait to the water type—be it foul, river, saltwater, or lake—to maximize their chances of a catch. This attention to detail, reflective of the game’s overall emphasis on immersion and realism, elevates the fishing experience, making it both a skillful endeavor and a chance to appreciate the diverse ecosystems of Tamriel.

Fishing in ESO is more than a solitary pursuit; it’s a key to unlocking the mysteries of the unfathomable, with certain rare fish tied to achievements and the coveted Master Angler title, offering bragging rights and unique in-game rewards. Moreover, fishing parties or ‘fish-offs’ emerge as communal activities, where guilds and friends gather, chat, and fish together, embracing the game’s social fabric while enjoying the tranquil shores and rivers scattered across the land.

Black Desert Online: Extreme Sea Fishing#

Black Desert Online (BDO), known for its breathtaking graphics and detailed systems, ventures into the high seas with its fishing mechanics. Here, fishing is as dynamic and varied as the game world itself, with players engaging in everything from leisurely shore fishing to cavernous-sea expeditions aboard fishing boats, battling the elements and sea monsters for the richest hauls.

BDO’s fishing stands out for its AFK (Away From Keyboard) system, allowing players to continue fishing even when not actively playing. This feature respects players’ time, permitting a passively active participation in the game’s economy and resource gathering. The thrill of deep-sea fishing, in contrast to the meditative calmness of lakeside fishing, adds layers to the fishing experience, offering something for every type of player, from the casual to the committed.

ArcheAge: Fishing in a Sandbox World#

Fishing in ArcheAge showcases the game’s commitment to offering a sandbox experience where players dictate their destiny. Here, fishing is a lucrative career path, a competitive sport, and a high-seas adventure rolled into one. The game introduces freshwater and saltwater fishing, with each environment hosting a distinct array of fish that demand specific lures and tactics.

ArcheAge elevates fishing into a potentially perilous and highly lucrative endeavor, especially in the open waters where piracy adds an exhilarating risk to the quest for the most prized catches. Sports fishing, in particular, offers an engaging PvP (Player vs Player) element, where the chase for the biggest catch becomes a fierce competition. This integration of fishing with the game’s broader economic dynamics and social systems exemplifies the sandbox genre, inviting players to weave their chronicle within the vast, unpredictable canvas of ArcheAge.

5 MMOs with the Best Fishing Minigames
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