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Viewtiful Joe: Unlockables and Secrets Guide

Welcome to the ultimate “Viewtiful Joe: Unlockables and Secrets Guide”! Dive deep into the vibrant world of Viewtiful Joe with our comprehensive guide, packed with everything you need to master those elusive secrets and hidden gems. Whether you’re on the hunt for hidden items, eager to unlock secret levels, curious about cheats and shortcuts, ready to explore fun Easter eggs, or seeking tips for uncovering every secret the game has to offer, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to enhance your gameplay and unveil the mysteries of Viewtiful Joe in style!

Finding Hidden Items#

Viewtiful Joe is packed with hidden items that can help you on your journey to save Silvia. From hidden V-Films to secret power-ups, there’s a lot to find if you know where to look. Let’s dive into how you can uncover these hidden treasures.

1. Smash Everything#

In Viewtiful Joe, destruction pays off. Make sure to punch, kick, and VFX Zoom everything. Breakable objects like crates, statues, and even some walls can hide useful items such as V-Films, which extend your VFX meter, or extra lives. If it looks like it could be broken, it probably can be.

Pro tip: Some walls don’t look suspicious at first. Keep an eye out for anything that sticks out or looks slightly different. Smashing these can sometimes reveal hidden pathways and goodies.

2. Use Your VFX Powers#

Joe’s VFX powers aren’t just for combat—they’re essential for finding hidden items too.

Slow: Slow down time to spot subtle hints in the environment. Sometimes you’ll notice small sparkles or reveals that you’d miss at normal speed.

Mach Speed: Use this to speed through areas and inadvertently smash hidden objects. Mach Speed can also set some crates on fire, revealing hidden items within them.

Zoom In: Zooming in can sometimes reveal hidden objects or paths that are otherwise obscured. Look closely at your surroundings when zoomed in to spot anything out of the ordinary.

3. Mimic Enemy Behavior#

Some enemies will interact with the environment in ways that can give you clues about hidden items. Watch how they move and where they attack. Sometimes, enemy actions can reveal breakable walls or hidden platforms. Imitate their movements or attacks in these areas to uncover secrets.

4. Pay Attention to Backgrounds#

The backgrounds in Viewtiful Joe aren’t just there to look pretty. They can offer crucial hints about where to find hidden items. Look for:

  • Unusual patterns
  • Flickering lights
  • Off-color segments

Anything that seems out of place might be hiding a secret.

Example: Early in Episode 2, you’ll notice a faint sparkle hidden in the background of the cinema set. Use your Slow power to see it more clearly and then jump to collect an extra life.

5. Revisit Previous Levels#

As you get new VFX powers and upgrades, returning to earlier levels can uncover items you couldn’t access before. Hidden items might require a specific power to reach, or a combination of powers to solve environmental puzzles. Don’t hesitate to backtrack once you’re stronger and have more abilities at your disposal.

Example: Once you have the Double Jump ability, revisiting Episode 1 can open up new vertical paths that were previously unreachable.

6. Secret Rooms#

Hidden rooms containing multiple power-ups or extra lives are scattered throughout the game. These often require a keen eye and sometimes a bit of puzzle-solving to access. Always check for hidden entrances behind destructible walls or in areas where enemies seem unusually concentrated.

Pro tip: Use your Slow power to reveal hidden switches in the environment that can open these secret rooms.

7. Pay Attention to Audio Cues#

Audio cues in Viewtiful Joe can sometimes hint at the presence of hidden items. A slight chime or a different-sounding punch/kick can indicate a breakable object or hidden switch. Listen carefully as you explore each level.

By following these strategies, you’ll be well on your way to uncovering every hidden item in Viewtiful Joe. Remember, always stay curious and keep experimenting with Joe’s powers—you never know what you might find!

Unlocking Secret Levels#

Hey there, Viewtiful Joe fans! Ready to dig a little deeper into the game and uncover some hidden gems? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newbie, unlocking secret levels in Viewtiful Joe can add a ton of replay value and excitement. Let’s break it down step-by-step so you can strut through those secret stages like a true hero!

1. What Are Secret Levels?#

Before we dive into how to unlock these levels, let’s talk about what they are. Secret levels in Viewtiful Joe are hidden stages that usually offer unique challenges, rarer enemies, and sometimes even new cinematics or story fragments. These levels aren’t part of the main storyline, making them perfect for players looking to fully complete the game or challenge themselves further.

2. Collecting Hero Points#

One of the first steps to unlocking secret levels is accumulating Hero Points. These are awarded based on your performance in each stage:

  • Defeating enemies stylishly
  • Using combos
  • Minimizing damage taken
  • Level completion time

Make sure to play through each level with finesse. Aim for “Viewtiful” ratings at the end of a stage to maximize your Hero Points. The more stylish you are, the more points you rack up!

3. Finding Secret Keys#

In various stages, you’ll come across hidden areas where secret keys are stored. These keys are essential for unlocking certain secret levels. Here are a few tips to find these elusive keys:

  • Explore Thoroughly: Check every nook and cranny. Sometimes the keys are hidden behind destructible objects or in hard-to-reach places.
  • Time Powers: Use Joe’s VFX powers like Slow and Mach Speed to reveal hidden paths or slow down obstacles that might be hiding the keys.

4. Completing Challenges#

Once you have enough Hero Points and keys, some secret levels can also be unlocked through in-game challenges. These could range from defeating a certain number of enemies to completing a level under a time limit. Keep an eye out for these extra tasks as you play through the game.

5. Purchasing Secret Items#

In the game’s shop, sometimes secret items become available as you progress through the story. These items might be the gateway to additional secret levels. Make sure to save up enough V-Points (the game’s currency) to purchase these when they appear.

6. Replay the Game#

Feel like you’ve missed something? Don’t sweat it! You can always replay the game on higher difficulty settings where more secrets and hidden items might be more accessible or plainly visible. Plus, playing on tougher settings can give you more Hero Points per stage.

7. Consult the Story Mode#

Finally, make sure to swim through the Story Mode dialogues and cutscenes. Occasionally, characters might drop hints or reveal cryptic clues that can lead you to discover hidden secrets and levels.


  1. Earn Hero Points by playing stylishly.
  2. Search for secret keys in hidden areas.
  3. Complete specific challenges inline with unlocking criteria.
  4. Keep an eye on the shop for secret items.
  5. Replay the game to uncover missed secrets.
  6. Pay attention to the story mode for hints.

And there you have it! Unlocking secret levels in Viewtiful Joe can be challenging, but it’s perfect for any player looking to squeeze every ounce of fun from this classic game. Use this guide to boost your heroics and uncover everything that Joe’s world has to offer. Happy gaming!

Using Cheats and Shortcuts#

In Viewtiful Joe, knowing some awesome cheats and shortcuts can make a big difference. Whether you want to breeze through tough spots or just unlock some cool stuff, these tips have got you covered.

Infinite V-Points#

First up, let’s talk about V-Points. These are crucial for upgrading Joe’s abilities and buying important items. Here’s a quick way to rack up those points:

  1. Replay Levels: V-Points are awarded based on your performance. Replay earlier chapters where you’re confident you can get high ranks. Higher ranks mean more V-Points.
  2. Combo, Combo, Combo: Focus on chaining attacks together to get high combo scores. The longer the combo, the higher the points.
  3. Enemy Drops: Enemies drop points when defeated. Use Slow-mo (VFX Power) to pick up every single one of them.

Unlock Scarlett Characters#

Want to play as different versions of Joe? Here’s how to unlock the Scarlett Characters:

  • Alastor: Complete the game on the “Adult” difficulty.
  • Captain Blue: Finish the game on the “Ultra V-Rated” difficulty.
  • Sexy Silvia: Beat the game once on any difficulty.

Each character brings a unique style to the game, so unlocking them is definitely worth it!

Skip Ahead with Level Select#

Sometimes, you just want to jump straight to the action. Here’s how to unlock the Level Select option:

  1. Complete the game on any difficulty once.
  2. After that, when starting a new game, the Level Select option will be available. This is super handy for practicing specific sections or just skipping levels you find annoying.

Slow-Mo Mastery#

Your VFX Powers are a big part of what makes Viewtiful Joe so fun. Mastering Slow-mo can give you a huge edge:

  • Deal More Damage: Slow-mo increases the damage of your attacks. Use it against tough enemies or bosses to take them down quicker.
  • Dodge Attacks: Enter Slow-mo when enemies attack to make dodging easier. You’ll see their moves coming from a mile away.

Remember, using Slow-mo drains your VFX bar, so keep an eye on it!

Avoiding Instant Death#

Certain areas are filled with insta-death traps. Here’s how to get past them without losing your cool:

  1. Observe Patterns: Many traps follow a set pattern. Watch carefully and learn when it’s safe to move.
  2. Use VFX Powers: Slow and Mach Speed can help you maneuver through tricky spots. Slow can give you the reaction time to avoid spikes, while Mach Speed can help you run across platforms that fall away.

Beat the Time Challenges#

Some levels have brutal time challenges. Here’s a trick:

  1. Skip Cinematics: Cinematics run down the clock. Pause and skip these when racing against time.
  2. Focus on the Goal: Ignore non-essential enemies. Defeat only those who block your path.

Secret Items and Power-Ups#

Look out for hidden items throughout the game. Here are a few pointers:

  • Secret Rooms: There are hidden rooms filled with V-Points and power-ups. Explore each level thoroughly and try using Slow-mo to spot entrances you might normally miss.
  • Breakable Objects: Smash everything! Many items like crates and barrels hide useful goodies.

Survive Boss Battles#

Boss battles can be a real pain, but these cheats can turn the tide:

  • Pattern Recognition: Each boss has a pattern. Learn it, avoid attacks, and strike when they’re vulnerable.
  • Use VFX Powers Wisely: Switch between Slow, Mach Speed, and Zoom In to exploit boss weaknesses.

There you have it! With these cheats and shortcuts, you’re well on your way to saving the day, Viewtiful Joe style. Go out there and show them what a true hero looks like!

Exploring Easter Eggs#

Welcome to the world of Viewtiful Joe, where hidden easter eggs and surprise references are sprinkled throughout the game. These fun little secrets can make your playthrough even more exciting. Here’s a rundown on some of the coolest easter eggs you can find while playing Viewtiful Joe.

Captain Blue Cameo#

Early in the game, you might notice a character who bears a striking resemblance to Captain Blue from another beloved Capcom game. This is a nod to the game’s vibrant crossover universe. Keep an eye out for him in the movie theater scene. He’s cheering right along with the rest of the audience before Joe is pulled into the movie world.

Classic Capcom References#

Capcom loves to reference its other games, and Viewtiful Joe is no exception. In some sections, like when you’re fighting through certain stages, you’ll notice posters or signs that hint at classic Capcom characters such as Mega Man and Street Fighter. These are subtle but such a treat for long-time fans!

Joe and Silvia’s Romance#

Viewtiful Joe isn’t just about fighting baddies; it’s also about Joe’s quest to rescue Silvia. If you pay close attention during cutscenes, you’ll catch references to classic romantic scenes from old-school action and superhero movies. It’s like a nostalgic love letter to genre films of the past – so keep an eagle eye on those dialogues and interactions!

Hidden Dance Floor#

In the Desperado Alley level, there’s a hidden room you can access if you hit a specific sequence of switches. Once inside, Joe busts out some sick dance moves on a glowing dance floor. This easter egg is purely for fun, but it’s definitely worth the effort to uncover. Try looking for switches that seem out of place or challenge your platforming skills a little extra.

Secret Message in the Credits#

Viewtiful Joe is known for its stylish and quirky design, and even the credits have a little surprise for the players diligent enough to watch all the way through. Near the end of the credits, there’s a secret message from the developers thanking you for playing and hinting at Joe’s possible return in future installments!

Voomerang Bonus#

The Voomerang is one of Joe’s coolest weapons, and there’s actually a secret way to upgrade it! In the Magnificent 5 level, hit all the flashing symbols in under 30 seconds without taking any damage. You’ll be rewarded with a supercharged Voomerang that has increased range and power. It’s a game-changer, especially for tougher bosses.

Secret Character: Alastor#

Want to mix things up a bit? If you beat the game on any difficulty, you can unlock Alastor, one of the game’s antagonists, as a playable character. Once unlocked, you can select him on the character screen and enjoy playing through missions with a completely different move set and fighting style!


These Easter eggs provide fun nods and rewards to keen-eyed players and fans of the broader Capcom universe. Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the game or a seasoned fighter, these small touches add an extra layer of depth and excitement. So next time you dive into Viewtiful Joe, keep an eye out for these hidden gems!

Enjoy your journey and stay Viewtiful!

Tips for Discovering Secrets#

Uncovering secrets in Viewtiful Joe can be a thrilling experience, but sometimes it can also feel like finding a needle in a haystack. If you’re ready to unveil some of the game’s best-hidden treasures, then buckle up! Here’s a handy guide with all the tips you need to become a master at uncovering secrets.

1. Use VFX Powers Wisely#

One of the coolest things about Viewtiful Joe is the VFX powers. They’re not just for flashy combat moves – they’re essential for discovering secrets. Here’s how:

  • Slow Motion (Slow): Activate Slow to reveal hidden spots and solve puzzles. Cracks in walls, hidden switches, and out-of-reach items often become much more noticeable in Slow Motion. Your screen might even give off a tell-tale shimmer.

  • Mach Speed (Mach): Use Mach Speed to break through certain barriers or to trigger environmental changes that can reveal hidden pathways or items. Sometimes you need to be super-fast to trigger secret platforms or enemies.

  • Zoom In (Zoom): This power isn’t just for looking cool! Zoom In on suspicious-looking areas or objects. Pay close attention to the details – the game often rewards curiosity.

2. Explore Every Nook and Cranny#

Every room and every corner in Viewtiful Joe might hide something valuable. Jump around, look behind objects, and don’t be afraid to explore unreachable places. Backtracking can sometimes reveal new secrets that weren’t accessible the first time.

  • Hidden Paths: The game loves placing secret paths behind what seem to be solid walls or floors. Look for spots where the environment seems a bit off or places where enemies are oddly located.

  • Background Elements: Check the background elements regularly. Sometimes, seemingly decorative parts of the environment contain hidden switches or platforms.

3. Defeat Every Enemy#

Smashing through every enemy isn’t just about racking up points – you might just get key items or unlock secret bonuses. Some enemies drop keys required to open hidden doors or can trigger the appearance of secret paths once defeated.

  • Boss Fights: Pay special attention during boss fights. Sometimes beating a boss in a specific way or within a certain time limit can unlock extra rewards or scenes.

4. Solve Environmental Puzzles#

Viewtiful Joe is packed with clever environmental puzzles begging to be solved. Keep your eyes peeled for interactive objects, sequences you need to trigger, or patterns you must follow.

  • Levers and Switches: Look for levers and switches that sometimes blend into the background. Activate everything you can and observe what changes.

  • Light and Shadow: Some puzzles involve using light and shadow to reveal secrets. Experiment with your positioning and VFX powers to see hidden messages or paths.

5. Pay Attention to Audio Cues#

Audio cues are sometimes your secret ally. Listen for unusual sounds or changes in music when you’re exploring. They can often indicate an area worth investigating or signal that a secret is nearby.

6. Check Your Inventory and Use Items#

Finally, keep an eye on your inventory. Sometimes, the items you collect can help you access new areas or reveal hidden secrets. Don’t forget to use your items creatively.

  • Collected Items: Revisit areas with newly acquired items. An item from the current level might be useful in an earlier part of the game.

By following these tips, you’ll maximize your chances of discovering all the secrets Viewtiful Joe has tucked away. So, don’t rush through each stage; take your time, enjoy the exploration, and remember, a true hero leaves no stone unturned!

Good luck, and stay Viewtiful!

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