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Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story: Battle System Guide

Welcome to our Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story: Battle System Guide! Prepare to master the game’s innovative combat mechanics with our detailed breakdown. Ready to crush your enemies and level up your gameplay? Dive in as we cover everything you need to know, from Understanding the Battle System to the Best Strategies for Each Battle. Learn how to Using Abilities Effectively, manage your Health and Resources like a pro, and discover smart Strategies for Leveling Up. This guide is your ultimate companion for taking on Fawful’s minions and saving the Mushroom Kingdom in style!

Understanding the Battle System#

So, you’re diving into Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story and the battle system is starting to look a bit tangled? No worries, we’ve got you. Below, we break down the battle mechanics so you can squash those enemies like Goombas under Mario’s boots. Let’s get started!

Turn-Based Combats#

The game features a turn-based combat system. This means you and your enemies take turns throwing punches or using special moves. Your team consists of Mario and Luigi, and later, you’ll control Bowser too. Timing is everything here, so stay on your toes!

On Mario and Luigi’s turns, you get to choose between a few options:

  • Jump Attack - Press the button at the right moment to deal more damage.
  • Hammer Attack - Time your button press to unleash the full might of your hammer.
  • Special Attacks - More powerful moves that use BP (Bro Points). These require good timing for maximum effect.

Bowser has his own options:

  • Punch - Like the Jump Attack, timing your button press here is key.
  • Fire Breath - Hold the button and release to roast your enemies.

Each character also has the option of using items, defending, or running away.

Action Commands#

You won’t just press a button and sit back. The game uses Action Commands, which means you need to carefully time your button presses to maximize damage or reduce incoming attacks. For instance:

  • Jump Attacks: Press A (Mario) or B (Luigi) just before you land on the enemy.
  • Hammer Attacks: Hold and release the button when the hammer shakes the most.
  • Special Attacks: Each has its own mini-game requiring precision and timing.

Mess up, and your attack won’t hurt as much. Nail it, and you’ll do more damage or gain other bonuses.

Bros. Moves and Special Abilities#

As you progress, you’ll unlock Bros. Moves, which are team-based attacks using BP (Bro Points). These need both Mario and Luigi to work together, and they’re seriously powerful.

  • Green Shell: Soccer style! Kick a shell back and forth between the brothers to hit enemies multiple times.
  • Fire Flower: Time your button presses to unleash a blazing wave and burn foes to a crisp.

Bowser also has some special moves, like inhaling enemies to make Mario and Luigi take over the battle from inside him. Crazy, right?

Defending and Counters#

Defending is almost as crucial as attacking. Watch your enemy’s movements—they’ll give away hints. Then:

  • Jump to dodge low attacks.
  • Hammer to defend against an enemy charging right at you.

Mario, Luigi, and Bowser all have their own unique dodges and counter-attacks. With practice, you’ll become a pro at predicting enemy moves and turning the tables on them.

Leveling Up#

Defeating enemies earns you experience points (EXP). Once you get enough, you’ll level up. Your base stats like HP and BP increase, and you get to boost one attribute (e.g., power, speed, defense) more than the others. Choose wisely based on your playstyle!

Status Effects#

There are status effects that can both help and hinder you in battle:

  • Burn: Enemies take damage over time.
  • Poison: Similar to Burn, but usually inflicted on you instead.
  • Sleep: Can’t act until you wake up, but you can dodge attacks.
  • Stat Boosts/Reductions: Temporary increases or decreases to your core stats.

Keep an eye out and learn what each does!

In-Battle Strategy#

  1. Timing is Everything: Perfect your timing for maximum damage and effective dodges.
  2. Use Items Wisely: Keep an eye on your HP and BP, using items when necessary.
  3. Know Your Enemies: Many foes have patterns or weaknesses you can exploit.
  4. Balance Attacks and Defense: Sometimes playing it safe is the better move.

By understanding these core components of the battle system, you’ll be better prepared to take on the unique challenges Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story throws at you. Practice makes perfect, so keep battling and before long, those enemies won’t know what hit ‘em!

Best Strategies for Each Battle#

In Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, battles come in all shapes and sizes, from quirky enemies to grand bosses. Here’s your go-to guide for taking down foes and making the most out of each skirmish.

Basic Enemy Encounters#

Avoid Overkill: Don’t waste powerful attacks on basic enemies. Regular jumps and punches often do the trick. Save special moves and BP (Bro Points) for tougher fights.

Time Your Counters: Most enemy attacks can be countered or dodged. Pay attention to their tells. Timing your jumps and defense moves perfectly can make you almost invincible in these routine fights.

Balance Actions: Swap between Mario, Luigi, and Bowser regularly. This splits damage taken and can exploit enemy weaknesses. For groups of small foes, Bowser’s flame breath hits them all, whereas Mario and Luigi’s tag-team attacks usually focus on one enemy.

Mini-Boss Strategies#

Scout and Plan: Mini-bosses have more health and varied attacks. Spend the first turn figuring out their patterns. Use POW and DEF boosting items if needed.

Keep Healing Handy: Mario, Luigi, and Bowser all have special healing moves. Don’t be afraid to use them liberally. Special items like Ultra Shrooms can be lifesavers.

Special Moves: Mini-bosses usually require using special moves to do significant damage. For Bowser, this means mastering things like the Spike Ball or Fire Breath. Mario and Luigi’s special attacks like the Green Shell or Fire Flower can deal massive damage when used correctly.

Boss Battles#

Study the Patterns: Bosses have specific attack patterns. Learn them during your first encounter. They might take a few rounds to fully decipher, but once you recognize the signals, you can predict and counter their moves.

Use Defensive Items: Shields and Clocks are great for surviving tough rounds. Lowering a boss’s attacks for a few turns can make a significant difference.

Keep BP in Check: Ensure Mario and Luigi have plenty of BP (Bro Points) as their special moves are essential here. Bowser, on the other hand, relies more on SP for his powerful punches and breath attacks. Keep an eye on these and replenish when necessary using items.

Coordinate Attacks: Some bosses will have minions or parts that require simultaneous takedowns. Use AoE (Area of Effect) attacks from Bowser or the Bros to keep the fight manageable. Being efficient with your actions ensures you don’t get overwhelmed.

Giant Battles#

Touch Screen Mastery: These fights require you to tap, swipe, and draw quickly. Practice makes perfect, so hone those touch screen skills.

Watch Your Health: Giant battles can be long, so keep an eye on Bowser’s health. Using the Vacuum ability to inhale, then heal, can save you when things look dire.

Observe and React: Giant bosses telegraph their moves. Be ready to counter by swiping the screen or tapping the right spots. Each reaction leads to massive damage on your opponent.

Common Tips and Tricks#

Frequent Saves: Save your game often, especially before known tough battles. It’s frustrating to lose progress!

Upgrade Wisely: When leveling up, focus on balancing stats. High POW (power) is essential, but DEF (defense) and HP (health) shouldn’t be neglected. Mario and Luigi can also gain points in SPEED to often go first in battles, giving you the upper hand.

Use Badges: Don’t forget about equipping and using badges for Mario and Luigi. They offer boosts and special abilities that can turn the tide of battle. Experiment with different combinations to find what suits your playstyle.

Stay Stocked: Regularly check and restock your items. Mushrooms, syrups, and 1-Up mushrooms are essential, especially before big boss encounters.

Following these strategies will ensure you’re always prepared for whatever the Beanbean Kingdom throws at you. Ready those hammers and get smashing!

Using Abilities Effectively in Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story#

Alright, adventurers, buckle up! One of the most crucial aspects of conquering Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story is mastering your abilities. Both outside and inside Bowser, there’s a lot of power you can wield. This guide breaks down how to use these abilities like a pro, ensuring you can handle anything the game throws at you.

Mario & Luigi’s Abilities#

When you’re working with Mario and Luigi, you’ve got access to a treasure trove of skills, especially when you’re shrunk down and navigating Bowser’s insides. Here’s how to get the most out of their toolkit:

Jump: This ability isn’t just for platforming. In battles, timing your jumps correctly can deal double damage. Both bros can jump simultaneously to dodge enemy attacks. Practice makes perfect here — get your timing right to avoid taking hits and maximize your damage.

Hammer: Useful for heavier foes that resist jumps. Use the hammer to bash enemies with shells or armor. Also, the hammer is your best friend when counterattacking heavier attacks that can’t be jumped over. Stay alert and press the hammer button at just the right moment.

Bro Points (BP) Moves: These powerful moves require a little planning since they consume BP. Use them strategically to exploit enemy weaknesses. Moves like the ‘Super Bouncer’ or ‘Koopa Corps’ are super effective when you need extra firepower.

Starlow’s Help: Don’t forget that Starlow can lend a hand! Sometimes, you’ll need a hint or some guidance on what to do next. Pay attention to Starlow’s tips, especially if you’re stuck on a particularly tricky part.

Bowser’s Abilities#

Bowser’s gameplay is like the cherry on top. Flexing his muscles (literally and figuratively), you’ll need his unique abilities to overcome obstacles and enemies both inside and outside his body.

Punch: Bowser’s bread and butter. It’s great for breaking through boulders, tackling minions, and in battle, delivering a series of powerful blows to the bad guys. Press and hold the punch button for a well-timed strike that can cancel out enemy attacks.

Fire Breath: Bowser’s crowd control move. It’s perfect against groups of smaller enemies but also useful for puzzle-solving, like lighting torches. In combat, hold down the button to charge up and release a powerful flame blast.

Shell Defense: Ever feel like you need to tank incoming damage? With the shell defense, Bowser can tuck into his shell to protect himself from harm. Time this right to reflect enemy projectiles or just hunker down during a tough onslaught.

Minion Attacks: Bowser can call upon his loyal minions for different special moves, which are not just devastating but also look super cool. Moves like ‘Goomba Storm’ and ‘Shy Guy Squad’ can turn the tide of battle. They use BP, so keep an eye on your points!

Combination Moves#

Sometimes, Mario, Luigi, and Bowser need to work together to overcome pitfalls.

Bros Moves: As Mario and Luigi, you’ll unlock Bros. Moves that require both controllable characters to cooperate in battles. Moves like ‘Mighty Meteor’ or ‘Falling Star’ can pack a punch if executed correctly. Make sure to follow the prompts carefully for maximum damage.

Giant Bowser Battles: These are epic! You’ll occasionally need to beef Bowser up to enormous size for epic boss fights. Smash and bash with all your might, utilizing stylus controls to make sure that every hit counts.

Tips for Success#

  • Practice Makes Perfect: Don’t be discouraged by a few missed attacks. Keep practicing to get the timing right, especially for the more complex Bros. and Minion Moves.
  • Mind Your Points: Keep track of HP and BP and use items if needed. The right move at the right time can make a big difference.
  • Look for Patterns: Bosses often have predictable patterns. Learn these to time your jumps, punches, and defenses.

Master these abilities, and you’ll find yourself on top in every encounter. Whether you’re unblocking Bowser’s pipes or taking down Fawful’s minions, using abilities effectively is your key to victory. Now go forth and save the Mushroom Kingdom!

Managing Health and Resources#

In Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, juggling health and resources is key. Don’t worry if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed; you’re in the right place. This section will break it all down for you—like, bite-sized pieces. Let’s dive into health first and then tackle resources!

Health 101: Keep Those Hearts Pumping#

Mario and Luigi’s Health#

  • HP (Hit Points): This is your life bar. If it hits zero, guess what? Game Over for that bro. Keep tabs on this in battles using your HUD.
  • Healing Items: Mushrooms, Super Mushrooms, and Ultra Mushrooms are your besties. Stock up on these whenever you hit a shop. Always have a few on hand!
  • In-Battle Moves: Mario and Luigi have some handy moves like the Super Nut. This heals both brothers simultaneously but uses BP (Bros. Points). Use them wisely.

Bowser’s Health#

  • HP: Same concept here – Bowser’s survival depends on you managing his HP effectively.
  • On-the-Go Drinks: Bowser has his own set of items low-key tucked away. Syrup Jars and Hot Drumsticks can patch him up during fights.

Resource Management: Don’t Run on Empty#

Bros. Points (BP)#

  • Special Moves: Mario and Luigi’s special attacks drain BP. Moves like Fire Flower or Green Shell pack a punch but need BP.
  • Replenishing BP: Use Syrup Jars, Super Syrup Jars, and Ultra Syrup Jars to keep your BP reserves full.

SP (Special Points) for Bowser#

  • Power Moves: Bowser’s secret weapons, like his Fire Breath, use SP. Keep an eye so you don’t hit empty.
  • Fueling SP: Syrup Jars do double duty here. Don’t forget to stock them up!

Save Early, Save Often#

Last but not least, don’t underestimate the power of Save Blocks. They’re scattered throughout the game. Before diving into a tough area or a big boss fight, save your progress. That way, if things go south, you won’t lose too much ground.

Helpful Tips#

  • Junk Rarely Helps: Sure, you’ll collect a lot of gear and items but prioritize what you actually need. Don’t clutter your inventory; it’s easier to find crucial items quickly.
  • Go For Gear: Equip Mario, Luigi, and Bowser with the best gear you find. Better gear means better survivability.
  • Turn-Based Focus: Pay attention to turns. Use a turn to heal if needed. Waiting until a character is nearly wiped out can spell disaster.

Pro Tips: Don’t Forget These#

  1. Practice Dodge and Counter: Mastering these can save you precious HP and lets you punish enemies.
  2. Status Effects: Be aware of status effects like Poison or Sleep. Use items like Refreshing Herbs to get rid of them pronto.
  3. Experience Boosts: Utilize equipment and items that offer XP boosts. Leveling up not only increases HP but also BP and SP.

So, there you have it, a crash course on managing health and resources like a pro player. Stay sharp, stock up, and keep those bros (and Bowser) breathing and battling!

Strategies for Leveling Up in Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story#

Leveling up Mario, Luigi, and Bowser is crucial in Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. It makes battles easier, grants more stats, and helps you learn powerful moves. Follow these strategies to make leveling up a breeze.

1. Fight Every Enemy#

In Bowser’s Inside Story, skipping fights might seem faster, but battling every enemy gives you consistent experience (XP). This helps you level up more steadily without needing to grind later. Whether you’re on the surface with Bowser or inside his body with Mario and Luigi, take the time to battle.

2. Focus on Weak Enemies#

For quick XP, target areas with enemies you can defeat easily. Early areas like Toad Town Tunnels and Dimble Wood have weaker foes that give decent XP. The fights are quick, letting you rack up XP fast. Plus, they’re great for practicing your attack and defense timings.

3. Utilize Battle Challenges#

Complete specific actions in battles to earn extra points. For example, dodging attacks successfully or landing Excellent Strikes can reward you with bonus XP. Always aim for perfection in your moves to maximize XP gains.

4. Use the Right Gear#

Equip badges, accessories, or gear that boost your XP gains. Some items give you more XP per battle or after performing specific actions. Check shops frequently for new gear and equip the ones that enhance your leveling journey.

5. Exploit Bros. Attacks#

Mario and Luigi have Bros. Attacks that deal significant damage and often hit multiple enemies. Use these in battles to finish off foes quicker and gain more XP. Experiment with different Bros. Attacks to see which ones work best against various enemies.

6. Take Advantage of Bowser’s Minions#

When playing as Bowser, summon his minions like Goombas and Koopa Troopas in battle. They can help deal extra damage, speed up fights, and grant more XP. Using minions wisely can make a big difference in longer, tougher battles.

7. Perform Special Moves#

Bowser’s special moves, like the Vacuum Block, can also be handy in battles, not just for the battle itself, but for gaining extra items and XP. Use these moves strategically to end fights faster and collect more rewards.

8. Revisit Previous Areas#

As you progress, returning to earlier stages can be a breeze with your improved skills. Enemies that were tough before will now be easier to defeat, and you’ll gain some XP with little to no effort. It’s a great way to quickly level up.

9. Save Nervous Energy#

Don’t waste items unnecessarily; sometimes, saving that Ultra Nut or Syrup Jar can make a difference in a long boss fight. This helps you save coins and focus on leveling rather than worrying about restocking all the time.

10. Grind in Star Cures Areas#

Places where you get Star Cures are filled with enemies that give a solid amount of XP. Spending some extra time here to battle can set you up with more levels just before big fights. This helps you prepare better for tougher challenges ahead.

Bonus Tips#

  • Avoid Low-Reward Fights: If enemies give minimal XP, move on, as this won’t be an efficient use of your time.
  • Balance Characters: Ensure Mario and Luigi level up evenly to avoid one becoming a weak link, especially since they rely on combination moves.

By following these strategies, you’ll ensure a smoother journey through the Mushrooms Kingdom and beyond, keeping Mario, Luigi, and Bowser in top fighting form! Happy leveling!

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